Just Hold on God Will Reveal it

When people come up against you and try to discredit you. Don’t despair because God knows and He will make sure you’re bot swollowed up and Jesus will lead us to God. There’s no way that we can get to God without going through Jesus. The flesh will attack your character, try to bring you down, try to convince you that you have no worth. God doesn’t make mistakes and He would never create a worthless being. We all have worth in good and bad and in every season.

No one has the right to tell us that we can’t do something. If God said it then He meant it. God and Jesus never forsakes us. Never ever so the ugly words that come from our mouths can be rebuked in the name of Jesus. No man or woman can pull us my the hand and drag us to hell. We have every right to live in a peaceful dwelling. Never allow anyone to take your God given talent and bring you down.

We should feel confident within and give when we can. Help ourselves but help others as well. If we allow on minds to focus on everything thing bad someone has to say about us then we will become ill. That can be avoided if we replace the bad with good. Flesh can say anything but God and Jesus can transform us into heavenly beings. We may not always behave right, speak right, but we can do right.

Be confident and believe that you can overcome what people say you are and who they say you are. It’s what God says that truly matters. We should be happy with ourselves and others who try to help others in anyway that they can, we should be “cheerful givers.” Stop allowing people to dictate what we should be doing and not doing. If you took it to God and Jesus tgen there’s nothing to worry about. Be blessed.

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Just a Matter of Time

If we don’t give up, we’ll discover some glorious things, we will engage in remarkable opportunities. Giving up shouldn’t be apart of our vocabulary. If we want to do great things then we will need to push harder and develop strength. It doesn’t matter what heads our way. We can accomplish a lot of things if we focus on them and if we believe that we can. Believing in ourselves is very important and if no one else believes in us. We shouldn’t discourage ourselves. Too many people give up on doing some remarkable things because they feel as if it can’t be done. They either have little to no faith.

Even if we get off to a rocky start. We’re able to get to reach the finish line. Don’t allow setbacks to discourage you from accomplishing goals and to live out your dreams. Imagine what we can accomplish if only we remove fear and those negative thoughts that love to weigh on our minds. If the going gets tough. Don’t stop try to figure ways to make the process a bit easier. Life is challenging so we all know that a lot of tasks will be challenging as well. It may be difficult to be positive at times but we need positivity. It will help us along the way.

“When you find something you love. You’ll go all out and give 100 percent.” Dream, dream big, strive for excellence. We all could use improvements and when we travel the road to excellence. We will grow and become stronger. It takes strength to live out your dreams. It takes courage to start the process. We all have a purpose and it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Everyone has a talent and a gift but some choose not to expose it.

Sometimes aggression will need to take place in order to advance. We shouldn’t just want to see ourselves “progress” but we should want to see and help others progress as well. If we all give a helping so many of us could do the unexpected. There’s a lot that we’re capable of doing but it can’t be done if we don’t “believe.” Believe that you can achieve. Believe that you’re a conqueror. We conquer through love and dedication.

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Believe That you Deserve to Advance

If you’re trying to advance in your life or career then you already know that you will come across challenges. Removing the fear is necessary, when fear comes into play, it’s hard for anyone to get to the next level. There’s nothing we can do about challenges but how we deal with them makes the difference. Some people are afraid to grow. They fear that failure will meet them but if there’s no attempts to create “movement” then failure is a sure thing.

Yes, advancing will take a lot of work, but it’s rewarding. We should want to be apart of the growth but not everyone has the confidence to go for it. It helps to have a support system that will encourage you and others to move forward. A lot of people deserve to have a better career and to have a fulfilling life. Our mindsets sometimes leaves us without certain things. We may think that we’re unable to “progress.” Of course if you believe you can’t then you won’t.

Hard work breaks down to smart work. In order to advance one must be willing to put in the work and they have to be willing to learn more. Staying in the same position won’t create advancement. There’s people who will try to stop you from advancing but their attempts won’t prosper if you’re confident in what you’re doing. One can’t go without determination. Having that “determination” will get you closer to the position you’re working so hard to obtain.

Find the best techniques and it’s wise to listen to motivational messages and watch videos that will help you stay motivated. Don’t deprive yourself of positions and areas that will help you “improve” in life. Anyone who tries to do better deserves opportunities. Trying is a big part of succeeding. Advancing will occur in time but if there’s no confidence it won’t go the way one would expect.

Believe that you’re capable of getting better and achieving even the most complex tasks. Some days will require that we work harder then others but it will be well worth it. Don’t despair if something doesn’t right. It eventually will and then you’ll notice that the road gets smoother. We have to believe in ourselves even when it appears no one else believes in us.


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Beware of Dream Killers

Not everyone will want to see you accomplish your goals and follow those dreams. There will be some who are envious of your talents. If they searched within themselves then they can find their light so that they can shine it on the world. Some have chosen to try to knock others down because they felt intimated by someone’s dreams and goals. When God has a plan, There’s nothing no one can do to try to stop it. Those who you expect to be supportive nay turn their backs on you. They may not understand why you’re trying to do certain things. Your dream isn’t for everyone.

When you realize that someone is trying to throw a wrench in your dreams. That’s when you should be very careful not to give them details on where you’re headed. If you listen closely to their words. They will tell you exactly where they stand and if you observe their actions then that will show you exactly what they think of your dreams. Sometimes people will become angry because they didn’t come up with the ideas that you’re projected. That’s why a lot of people will say that one should keep their ideas to themselves.

We should expose our gifts and being able to come up with unique ideas is a “gift.” If you feel the need to try to tear someone down because they’re doing something you’re afraid to do or something you can’t do then you need to chill out! When you use all of your energy to stop someone from trying to get ahead. You will wear yourself down so whatever you think that you’re accomplishing won’t be “successful.”

I’ve read numerous stories where people were being sabotaged because they had great ideas. Take Martin Luther King Jr. for example. He wanted everyone to unite and to love one another. He went through a lot and his family was put through a lot because he has “A Dream.” It appears that doing good isn’t something everyone wants to see or hear but when you do something they don’t agree with. They won’t let it go.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. What’s the lesson? Be careful With Your Ideas. There’s Always Someone who Isn’t Happy About Them.” Not everyone wants you to make it and that’s so unfortunate because there’s plenty of room at the top. A person doesn’t show security when they’re working extra hard to try and bring others down. We should be happy that people are trying to get ahead, make a positive difference, and get better. If there’s continuous hindering going on then we won’t be able to “rise.” That is absolutely shameful.

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