Make it a Productive one

Productivity is something we should all strive to be apart of. Being productive will change things for the better. If we’re not trying to reach our goals then we’re that accomplishing what we should be accomplishing. Wasting time on things that will add no value to our journey won’t lead us to where we need to be. Even if we do one thing that is related to our goals. It means that we’re being productive. If we indulge in those things that will lead us off course then we’ve settled for setbacks.

In order to accomplish more. We must go in silence and do things so that there’s no distractions. If we really want to make it to our destination then we may have to travel alone. There’s a lot of ways to be productive and refraining from those things that aren’t beneficial to us is one way. We’ll come across people who want us to become unproductive. They may do all sorts of things to make sure that we don’t reach our goals. We shouldn’t allow it but being distracted at some point does occur and when it does. We should immediately find a way to get back on course.

Some have disconnected from certain friends and family because they didn’t want them to achieve their goals. They may feel intimidated and when intimidation comes into play. It can discourage the ones trying to make “positive changes.” It’s important that we include those who are seeing eye to eye with our goals. Those who want us to achieve “greatness.” They’re the ones who will make sure that we’re being productive. Anyone trying to knock your goals is dangerous. They add no value to your journey and they may have to be in the dark about a lot of things.

Never allow people to hinder you from achieving. They may have omitted their dreams but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. Find the best techniques to use when it comes to productivity. Utilize your skills and obtain more knowledge. Visionaries will add value to other “visionaries” lives. They have common goals and they’re happy for one another.

We should “build” relationships with those who want to prosper. They want more than the standards, they want bigger and better things, they want to see others prosper. Those are the ones who should be on our team. The ones who are out for themselves can’t add value to any team. Teamwork requires building a foundation. A foundation that others can benefit from. We can’t benefit from people who want to being others down. Those are the ones with the crab mentality.

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