Clap Those Hands and Stomp Your Feet

There’s music around. Life is to be enjoyed and if you’re not enjoying it then you need to find out why. There’s no time to waddle in misery. We have to “shine.” Raise those hands up and give thanks for your life, your children’s life, and your families life. If you were able to get out of bed this morning then that’s something to shout about. Clap, clap, stomping.

Some people aren’t happy because they’ve convinced themselves that they don’t deserve to be happy. If we just think of one thing that has added value to our lives then we will begin to form happiness. Not everyone wants to see us happy but we shouldn’t dim our lights to please others.

We should be “hopeful” not hopeless. It makes no sense for us to sit around and feel as if we’re not accomplishing anything. If we’ve done one thing each day. We should be thankful for that because some aren’t able to do anything at all. Perhaps we should listen to more upbeat music or talk to happy people.

We should surround ourselves around people who are uplifting. Clapping our hands help lift our mood. So many people are going through hard times and they could use some encouragement. It doesn’t take a dime to encourage someone. We may go through trials but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel joy.

If we just hold on then things will turn around. We don’t have to live someone’s else’s life. We should focus on our own. If we’re in a negative environment then we need to find a positive outlet. Where’s the happy people? It seems that unhappiness is the norm. When people are happy they want to see others happy. That’s why it’s important that we smile. It canake us feel better. We should supply our minds with good thoughts. Listen to positivity and tune out the negativity.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially