The Necessary Changes for Further Growth

There will come a point of time when making a decision to move from one place to another is necessary. Change is a good thing however some changes may not be welcomed. Some fear excelling and moving from their comfort zone. We should want to be apart of “growth.” to learn new things and meet new people. One may never know just how much a joy a change can generate. Of course it’s difficult not knowing what will occur. Not knowing if things will turn out just right.

We simply have to make a decision to move forward. Staying in one location may not be what’s best. There may not be any growth in a present location. Some choose to travel across the globe to experience different cultures and to engage in different activities. For some it’s a career move or even a better living move. Whatever the reasons are to move ahead. The “decision” should be though out.

Taking a risk is something so many may not want to do. There can be a lot of regrets if risks are taken. Staying in the same position isn’t growth. Moving from here to there may just generate what’s needed. Some get so stuck in what they know and refuse to explore. At some point there should be some exploring taking place. When the time if fitting there should be some traveling going on.

Greeting new people and enjoying fun activities. Helping others and being surrounded by “positive people.” Perhaps for some it’s a whole new life. Transforming from what was to what is. Out with the old and into the newness. There should be some growing taking place. Recognizing where to settle is an important decision. Once decided then there should be some “preparations” to do so.

No one should feel bad about wanting and moving ahead. Leaving some behind is necessary. In fact some really need to move forward and go alone but end up with company. Life comes with all sorts of decisions and we may not always make the best decisions. If we’ve considered the pros and cons and the pros outweigh the cons then the move is right.

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Reflect on What’s Next

Sometimes we have to sit back and think about our next move. What we’ll do next. Where are we going to be most effective? Sometimes we have to shift our focus from one area to another. If we’re less effective in one area then another area may need our attention but we must think first and consider what’s best.

Reflecting on things will help us develop the proper strategies so that we’re able to achieve more. We may need to shut off everything in that are except the tools we need for the reflection. Once we’ve decided where to go then we should head there and do as much as we can. Sometimes we will have a little to work with and that’s what we’ll need to use.

When we begin to realize exactly what we need to be doing then we will soar. No interuptions will be followed because we’ll be so focused on getting things done. We should be focused on the improvements. We should reflect on those things that will help not only ourselves “grow” but others as well. If one area seems to be on the same page then we should spend more time there.

When our reflections are up to par. We will rise and handle numerous things at one time. We can really get ahead when we seek out those things that will offer the most growth. It’s alright to spend some time on those things that aren’t as beneficial but not too much time.

There’s a lot that we can do with “reflections.” We must remain focused and driven. Find what works and find the best solutions. There’s a lot to accomplish in this,world but we have to want to accomplish them. We can’t just sit back and hope for the best. We have to make the best happen. Do you love to reflect on things?

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Push Foward With Confidence

One doesn’t have to look for adversity. Adversity can find anyone but adversity doesn’t have to beat us down. It can knock us down, set us back, but it doesn’t have to defeat us. We should have enough strength to push forward. It doesn’t matter how many problems invade our lives. We shouldn’t allow them to hold us down. We should become stronger and hold our heads up high.

Sometimes we have to block out anything that will disrupt our “movement.” We can go forward but we’ll have to release somethings. There’s troubles all around us and we have a choice what we want to do with them. We can hold on to them or we can try to solve them. All of our issues may not be solved at once but they can be solved.

Although setbacks may occur. We shouldn’t allow them to be embedded in our thoughts. If our thoughts are off track then we will have difficulties moving. Taking one step at a time is apart of movement and movement is apart of growth. Once we realize that setbacks doesn’t mean that we’ve been defeated then we will realize how important steps are.

Some people may be afraid of any type of movement but we shouldn’t be. To move and push ahead we’re progressing. Progression helps us prosper. It helps us develop. We can’t grow if we stand in the same position. We must rise and push our way through, up, and higher. It doesn’t mattet how hard it gets. We should be bold and create opportunities for ourselves. We can accomplish a lot but we can’t be fearful of creating steps that will lead us to prosperity.

Allow ourselves to develop and ti be molded will please us. There’sa whole lot opportunities for us but we can’t grab hold of them if we’re not willing to grow. Push, push, push your way through and get over to the side that will offer “abundance.” We can do great things but we have to move towards them.

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Action on top of Action Equals Action

In order to generate something. There has to be “productivity.” We have to take action in order to obtain change. Depending on what type of change we’re searching for depends how the change we’ll receive. We must use our minds to develop the positions inwhich we seek. We can’t expect something to occur without action.

Even if the process takes longer than expected. We should still move in the direction that will produce positive changes in our lives. Sonetimes we’ll need to be forceful. We must refuse to give up. Make headway even if some days seem to be slower than others. Action is necessary when trying to achieve something. An idea flourishes through continuous action.

“If we want to obtain then we’ll have to go through pain” (T. Paulk). Going through pain will strengthen us but we must allow it to do so. We can’t expect “greatness” without going through adversity. Our actions depend on how far we’ll go. If we want to overcome then we will need to let some things go. Sometimes it’s old habits and sometimes it’s people who try to weigh us down in life.

Action can occur lightly or it can occur in large quantities. Whatever we decide will depend on how much distance we’ll generate. We can’t be afraid to take action or at least we should remove the fear. Our lives can change at any moment. We must be prepared to act. Everyone views action in their own way. They’re perceiving whatever they believe action is.

Our decisions determine whether we’ll win or fail. Giving up on our dreams is failing. Keep moving despite obstacles is winning. Movement has to occur if we want to advance. We can accomplish some great things by moving. Sometimes our actions will entail moving at a slow pace. That’s alright, as long as we’re moving, that’s what’s important.

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Focus on the top and Stop Focusing on the Bottom

Can you imagine how much time we waste on things that aren’t important or at least not beneficial? Well, we do, and it hinders and sets us back . We should really be focused on growing and trying to make a better way for ourselves and our families. What people should remember when they’re trying to reach a goal, goals, or on an assignment is that people will have something to say. They’ll have something to say in whatever one decides to do. What we have to realize that the focus shouldn’t be on them because they’re not added value.

If it doesn’t help us grow then it’s something we don’t need in our lives. Sometimes we have to look pass things. Not saying we should completely ignore people but we should continue to stay on the path that was assigned to us. Yes, people will have their opinions, but that’s all they are. If people opinions could pay our wages then maybe we should be concerned. Our focus should be on getting better and rising above the mess.

The challenges we face will help us get through whatever we’re going through. We should create a road that will lead us to the top and stop focusing on the bottom. We can’t expect to do something great and not receive the roars from the crowd. There’s people who want us to get better and there’s people who are secure with themselves and can’t accept that people are meant to be achievers. If we choose not to grow then that’s on us but for those who are trying to do so. They should be able to do so.

If we keep allowing people to dictate what we can and can not do then we’ll never accomplish anything. What people say isn’t what we should focus on. We should care about “progress.” If there’s no progress and no movement then we’re in the same position and we should refuse to be still. We should believe in ourselves and allow ourselves to make a difference that will not only better our lives but the lives of others.

If people are unwilling to inspire and help others make their way then they have aren’t build for the travel. Sometimes we have to let people off ┬áthe elevator. Not everyone is equipped to grow with us. We shouldn’t want to stay in the same position. We should try to elevate as much as possible. The bottom is no place to be but reaching heights is a good feeling. No one can take away our purpose because God gave it to us.

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