Stop Wasting Time Trying to Compete

If we’re confident enough then we won’t be focusing on competing against others. Too much competitiveness can be dangerous. We should focus on bettering ourselves and doing what we love. Spending our lives trying to compete against others will leave us feeling inadequate. We’ll feel unhappy and miserable.

Life should be filled with joy and happiness not filled with low self esteem. We should be confident in ourselves. Believing that we can be apart of awesomeness. Our lives aren’t complete when we focus on who has who has what. We will do things differently so we should desire to be “different.” We never know what someone had to go through to obtain what they have or are trying to obtain. We all can’t have the same things.

Trying to compete will leave us fatigued. There’s nothing wrong with bettering ourselves but if we’re doing it to out do our brothers and sisters then we will be dissatisfied. In order to feel complete we must be happy with ourselves. We can’t put ourselves down by focusing on what others have. Our focus should be on creating a better life for ourselves. Competing can wear us down. A little competition could be healthy but if competing is non stop then there’s a problem.

We should want to stay mentally healthy and if we’re so focused on competition then we could suffer mentally. We are who we are. We can make changes but we can not change who God created us to be. Too many people lose themselves by thinking they’re not adequate. We can perform better by focusing on what we need to do to create a better living. Wasting time on being a competitor for too long will not only drain us but it will keep us unbalanced. There’s so many opportunities awaiting us but we will end up missing them by focusing on competition.

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