Envy is Like a Disease

Envy can destroy our surroundings and the people who will stand for us. One of the saddest things is when a husband is envious of his wife. When that happens it create a world filled with pain but it can also wake up a wife. Another sad thing is when a mother is envious of a daughter.

What people fail to understand is that we all have talent. If one chooses to earn a degree then we should be happy for them. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t earned something. There’s other ways to blossom. Husbands should be encouraging and supportive. It can sometimes be hard to do if there’s a disconnect but spouses shouldn’t go against one another.

If people could only look within themselves and realize that we’re all special. There’s too much fire and not enough water. If God gave all of us a gift then why are we intimadated by other people’s gifts? We should embrace one another and encourage one another to “shine the light.” We can do some great things when we remove envy.

If we focus on getting better then our minds won’t allow us to feel envious of another’s accomplishments. If a husband can’t encourage his wife then someone will want to encourage her. We can’t continue dimming lights. We all have something to offer. Smile and be glad that God has “blessed” us with gifts. Some may use their gifts to do no good but we all gifts that can help others.

It’s very disappointing when people don’t appreciate our talents. We should appreciate what’s been placed inside us. We should nuture those gifts and shine. We don’t have to hide away because some people are intimidated by our talents. If we do that then we’re doing a disservice. It’s unfair to make someone dim their light because of fear and intimidation. God doesn’t want us to hide. He wants us to tell our stories and help others. If people are trying to bring you down then they must see “greatness.” Don’t hinder someone’s growth. Encourage them to elevate.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially