Political Debates and Foolish Hate

Politics play a very big role in all sorts of arenas. It consist of radical, insulting, and degrading communications. How does that make the people feel comfortable? All we can do m vote for the most experienced candidate. Interesting. Well, the mess continues, some presidential candidates will say anything. They may rarely speak on a spiritual level. Sounds as if they need to put Jesus in their debates.

Besides the politics. People seem to be going mad about people’s non political views. Let me be frank. People seem to be dipping in other people’s business which can generate political terms and views. It seems it’s a continuous thing. The uproars and all. Perhaps people should consider staying out of people’s business. Just a suggestion.

Back to the whole political hoopla. It seems like this political journey is like a bad joke. I mean,what’s going on, the bashing is insane? What are we to make of this? Don’t know. A very wealthy man may be our next President and for some that is concerning. He’s a business man but can he do what’s best for the US? Once again. Interesting. We have to wait and see what happens.

The Political candidates aren’t quite setting a good example for us but it is what it is. Sometimes we just have to work with some who neef some tweaking. Perhaps things will get better down the road. Pray it will. It’s so unsettling watching them attack one another. It’s as if they’re on social media. Debates happen on social media and politics live there as well.

The back and fourth and rolling of the eyes. Talking about political candidates standing at the podium. Some grunting their teeth. Of course they want to win but gosh. Why stoop so low? What is this world coming to? It’s a mess and hopefully political candidates will get it together or at least remove the ridiculous bashing.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially