You Carry Greatness yes you do!

Continuing and believing yes my journey is filled with all sorts of adversities but I’m still confident. You=Tanikka Paulk were chosen and you=Tanikka Paulk are grateful. It’s a dedicated, motivated, continue to generate chick (meaning female). The critics continue to try discourage and I’m speaking about the individuals who are so focused on trying to find reasons why I should stop pursuing. Won’t.

Some yell out to stop but I’m refusing. Oh the competitors are a pain in my rear. I’m obviously a thorn in their side because they can’t seem to avoid bothering me=Tanikka Paulk. How will the next stages develop? Prayer that’s how. I’m continuing to remain faithful to God/Lord the Father of Jesus Christ. The attacks prove that I’m filled with greatness. Some could believe that one suffering so many attacks aren’t worthy to continue. The competitors rarely attack mediocre individuals.

My every move is monitored. They need, they want, they can’t seem to resist coming after me=Tanikka Paulk. No matter what I’m doing they will be waiting to see how they’re able to agitate. Anyway I’m moving along so that there will be greater progress. What I’ve already established I’m try to hold near. Amazing how many will try to take credit for a visionaries work. “Continuing to discover and explore the challenges prove that I’m headed in the right direction.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Live, grow, believe in the dreams. Some become discouraged because of what the hecklers are saying. They’re going to say whatever it is they think will cause a person to stop achieving. Move ahead and continue to fight because there will be great rewards. The troubling part is that my own race is the main group trying to prevent the excelling. Surprised? No. Crab mentality cause so many to believe that trying to pull down will make the pullers grow.

No matter what words are directed towards my path I’m going to keep going. How many have the courage to follow their dreams? It seems as though every person wants a piece of what I’ve created. Certainly takes strength to continue. They’ve tried to discredit oh my “goodness” they’re working harder to try to pull down when they should be trying to create more success for themselves. Good! That’s basically what they’re demonstrating.

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Built to Conquer and Rise

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Patiencetly Awaiting What God has Stored

No matter how mankind tries to make progressing difficult God will see each and every person through the trials if allowed in. So therefore despite the hardships which arise. I’m continuing to move forward and refuse to allow any person to take my faith in God and Jesus Christ away. So many are so lost and some may never find their way to the light. There will be many settled into darkness. It’s unfortunate that mankind administers a lot of attacks in order to either discourage or to try and gain whatever it is the person or person are pursuing. “I’m Confident Enough to Know That God Won’t Forsake and There Will Abundance When God is Ready.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Living here may incur many difficulties but there is no discouragement. Each day that I’m allowed to arise, I’m truly blessed, there will be completeness. Thr trials aren’t reasons to stop progressing and to stop being apart of movements. Yes, trying to move from one point to another is difficult but not impossible. The road blocks set are ways in which strength can be built. There should be elevating abut there will be individuals continuing to try and create a cease for many reasons. “There is no Defeat Here. I’m Unwilling to Think Defeat.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some may believe that trying to intimidate a person will stop the person from elevating. For some yes but for the strong they’ll continue on no matter how many are trying to prevent the elevating. We’re all given a gift or gifts and why should we allow what God has given to be wasted? There are so many afraid to rise up! So many fear what others will say. Of course there will be hecklers and doubters not wanting to witness “abundance.” The Determination will allow the progress to continue despite the situations occurring. The words which are projected shouldn’t prevent movements from occurring. The negatives can be removed and we should allow the positives to reign in.

So many appear to be focused on trying to stop what has already been ordained. Perhaps mankind is continuing to refuse to understand exactly what it is that God wants. For so many their beliefs may not be spiritually inclined. “It is the Bible Which Continues to Help my Porgressing Through Such a Difficult Journey.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). The focus is on making positive changes and finding the best solutions to the many injustices. Coming up against so many isn’t an easy task but through my faith. I’m continuing to move ahead. Some instances may seem slow but there will be rapid speeds and I’m sure that God nor Jesus will ever forsake.

What mankind uses to try to create evilness their actions will be used for good. There is goodness in a place when it appears as if darkness is settling. Light comes through and it is light which out shines the darkness. Darkness is separated from light and when mankind thinks that darkness will overpower light. God will prove mankind wrong. There are some refusing to even understand what we must accomplish in order to create further progress. We’ll be tested and challenges many times but if we’re faithful to what God has proclaimed then we’ll certainly make it to where we should be. What some fail to understand is that what is for a person is for a person. “What God Declares is so and Mankind can not Defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Chosen are the Qualified

Adversity Comes and Adversity Goes

“Making Progress and the Smile and Continues.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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There’s the Will and There Certainly is More Than one way

No matter how tough things seem. There will always be a way to get through whatever one is going through. Of course it isn’t easy to have to deal with so many challenges all at once but we’re all made “to conquer.” There isn’t anything that we’ll go through that we’re not able to withstand and what we think is very important. If one door doesn’t open then the next will. Holding on until the time is right. There has to be patience involved. Do not become discouraged by doors closing and being challenged. No journey will be an easy one. There will be a lot learned and a lot of growing occurring. We all must face the adversity. Some may become dismayed by having to deal with so much adversity and for some they’ve simply given up.

Don’t give up and don’t give in. There are other ways to solve the problems that we’ll surely experience. Not all will know exactly how to deal with all matters which arise. If we take the time to gather our thought then we’ll be able to get through the roads. A lot of people will try to block some because they’re trying to see how far they’re able to go. Being challenged at times can be annoying. There are some who refuse to back off. Even the ones who are constantly trying to challenge another can be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Taking the time to figure out just what tactics need to be used in order to find “development” can be quite helpful.

Too many people become discouraged because of what they’ve faced or will have to face. No person will be without problems. There will be some who will go through more problematic events than others. It’s not easy when there is so much to accomplish and there are many distractions but there are so many ways to overcome the distractions. A lot of people may not understand exactly how they’ll be able to manage all of the events that can take place in a one’s life. So many may end up ceasing whatever it is they’re trying “to accomplish” because of being overwhelmed by what occurs in life.

We should consider taking the time to elevate despite what will occur. There is absolutely no way of getting around problems. The problems will occur no matter how we try to avoid the problems. For some they’ve discovered that engaging in positive activities help get the persons through the challenging experiences. There’s a lot of people who are willing to listen when there seems to be some distress. Even when there appears to be a lot of distractions and other challenges it’s best to just proceed anyway. Of course there may be times when it appears as if the movement is slowed down. Some “movement” means there is some progress.

Not every person will figure out that there is more than one way to get through the matters which we’ll incur while on earth. There are some who have not only fallen but do not know exactly how to get back up again. Facing the obstacles will help a person grow. It would be “nice” if all wanted to be apart of growth and if all wanted to see all rise up!. Some will try to slow the process down or try to get individuals to stop making any progress at all. No matter what they’re saying, any person who wants to advance can do so, and should do so. The problems are meant to be solved and yes there will be times when we’ll need others to assist with solving the matters.

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Author’s Notes: Have faced many challenges as a writer, blogger, advocate and founder. No matter how many continue to be oh so challenging. I’m still continuing on and I’m not discouraged. Every person deserves to have dreams, to accomplish, and to become successful. My photo below. The Photo belongs to (Tanikka Paulk)


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There’s a way to Make it Happen


The path one takes could be long, short, or filled with all sorts of adversity. When we go through trial after trial we may think that we’re going down the wrong path. That’s not necessarily true. Difficulties create development and just because something is difficult that doesn’t mean that it’s not something we should be doing. Adversity is apart of life and it will follow us no matter what paths we take.

We shouldn’t fell despaired because things don’t seem to be coming together. It’s like a dance competition that’s coming up. There’s practice after practice. People are missing steps bit somehow everything comes together the day of the competition. That’s how things go sometimes.

There’s no need for us to stress about whether our paths are right for us. If you feel as if it’s something you should be doing then do it. No one can say what’s right for us. We have to do what we feel is best for us. Once we get over the thoughts of failure. We’ll feel better about our chosen path or paths. People will have their opinions about our decisions and choices but that doesn’t mean we have to go with what they’re saying. If it’s meant for us then there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Don’t avoid paths because their difficult. In fact we should want our paths to challenge us because that will help us grow. We should want to get better and learn more. The easy route what help us in anyway. Those challenges will do more for us than we can imagine. Although we may become irritated about having to go through so much.

We can’t fall into the trap of not being capable of succeeding. A lot is expected of us and that’s why things may seem so difficult. Difficulties shouldn’t be a deterrence. It should motivate us to work harder. We should push ourselves and if we don’t then others will.

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Stay Cool in Tough Times

We will be tested and sometimes we’ll be pushed. Pushed so hard that we want to speak out. We have to know when we should be vocal and when we should be silent. We shouldn’t be pushovers but we must know when it’s best to let things slide. People will come at us and they may try to knock us off our feet.

The best way to stand against any attacks is to wear the armor. One may say, “What Armor? The Armor of God. We can’t fight flesh. We may not win but with God on our side we will come through it. Sometimes we’re pushed to help us grow. We may need tougher skin for our assignments. Not everyone that comes at us with words or whatever they use that may upset us. Some doing unknowingly and others due to insecurities.

Of course our thoughts may race when we’re exposed to cruelty or negativity but we can overcome those things. If one is spiritually filled then prayer would be the best defense. Sometimes no matter what we say or do people will disagree or become angry about it. Some people may choose to be vocal and there’s times when we need to stand up. If our actions will make it worse then it’s best to be silent.

A lot of the times people will move on when there’s no response but of course there will be some determined individuals who jab and jab. The best thing we should do with them is to pray. Soon they will realize that it’s best to live their lives and enjoy what life has to offer them. If people are dissatisfied or unhappy then they may try to take their frustrations out on others. It can be anyone so if you’re one of them you may not want to take it personal.

In order to keep peace. We may need to keep our tongue from moving. Meaning to be quiet and let the chaos surpass us. We can’t always solve problems on our own. We need some help. Our help comes from the Lord. He knows when attacks will head our way but He wants us to trust Him. If we’re filled with anger then our thought process will become distorted. Sometimes we just have to let things take their course and in time it will cease.

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If it was Easy Everyone Would be Doing it

Trying to reach certain goals isn’t easy. It can be downright difficult. Some easiness may occur but for the most part it can be tough. If trying to pursue our dreams were easy. A lot of people would try it. Some may be fearful or refuse to go head to head with adversity so they refuse to pursue their dreams. Life isn’t easy and we shouldn’t expect our dreams to be easy.

When we reach our final destination then it will be easy. Some challenges may occur but we should be well developed by then. Sone goals scare people off and that’s unfortunate. Difficulties isn’t for everyone. It’s pretty sad that others rather miss out on opportunities because they feel that things would be too hard. Toughness is apart of living. We can’t avoid the difficulties so why should we avoid pursuing our dreams?

The easy roads are far in between. We may come across some of the easy but all in all we will have to face that adversity. No one should discourage another from trying to pursue their dreams. In fact we all should encourage one another to go for it despite how hard it maybe. Trying to reach certain goals will require us to give it our all. Not everyone is willing to do so. Pursuing our dreams is worth it and although we may feel fatigued at times. It’s still worth it.

If we had it easy then we probably wouldn’t develop and reaching certain goals requires development. We shouldn’t want to stay in one position. Growth is a wonderful thing to be apart of. When we face battles while trying to reach our greatness. We will become stronger for the next set of goals and we shouldn’t be fearful of them. Don’t be discouraged when the difficulties arise. We get theough them and we learn a lot more. Never give up on Pursuing Your Dreams. A lot can be accomplished when the fear is removed.

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Giving Thanks for the Wonders of Life

We never knowknow where we’ll end up. We go through experiences that could prepare for the next phase in life. We’re constantly learning. When we go through things that seem like drawn out battles. We shouldn’t seem them as downfalls but they’re the door to something better.

So many of us have been through some of the harshes challenges but we made it through. We stood firm and captured what we needed to capture. We can’t grow by standing still so we have to endure somethings that will make us move. Adversity is our foundation and we should be thankful for it. Thankful for the molding and for the shifting.

When it’s all said and done. We’ll figure out why we had to go through certain challenges in our lives. Some of them occur from our doing and others to get us to where we should be. Life can be unpredictable and even when we get knocked down. We should get back up with praises. The journeys of life generates strength for us.

Some of us need more lessons so that we’re prepared for a position that’s created for us. We can’t be placed in certain positions and not be prepared. We have to endure some long and painful experiences for the assignment that we’re called to complete. We may fret when we’re going through but in time we will realize that those experiences are necessary.

We learn to be patient and we learn how to handle things effectively. God wouldn’t put us through anything that we’re not capable of overcoming. Sometimes it is difficult for some to overcome because of their mindset. They may allow those challenges to defeat them first through the mind and then through the body.

Life will challenge us and some of the challenges we’re prepared for and others we have to prepare for. We should appreciate the experiences because they could lead us to the best opportunities. Life can kick us when the sun doesn’t shine but it can offers us some wonderful and joyful memories. We should be encouraged and don’t allow adversities to dicourage us from “movement.”

“Overcome by Storms and Transforming”

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Changing Paths can Occur

We never know when we’ll have to travel a path we never would’ve considered traveling. Some paths will help us grow and others can stunt our growth. Sometimes our paths will change so quickly that we barely have time to think. Some have traveled dark paths and others have traveled paths filled with light.

Sonetimes we have to make a decision to turn around when the road gets rocky. It doesn’t mean that we’ve given up. It just means that we decided to protect ourselves and others. Life can be unpredictable. We may receive a sign that we need to stop altogether or that we should proceed with caution.

We shouldn’t feel bad if we have to change paths. Sometimes it’s for the best. If we feel right about a path and it’s the best thing for us then we should consider stayinh on that path. It’s not easy to travel on a path that’s filled with hurdles but it just may be worth it. Some paths are built to make us stronger and to mold us. Those are the paths that we should cherish.

Don’t be afraid to take a path that will take long. There’s a reason that a long path is created. We want something quick to occur but quickness doesn’t mean better. As we close our eyes, we may see some of the things within our path, whether good or bad. We should appreciate it.

We may laugh. We may cry. All in all it should be worth it. We won’t go through anything that we’re unable to bare. Our loads may be heavy but those heavy loads could teach us a lot. We should be “thankful” for the lessons. It doesn’t matter how many tears fall. We should be encouraged and continue fighting to accomplish something worth accomplishing. Don’t feel despaired when you’re chosen for a rough path. Be grateful because you’re being prepped for something great.

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It Takes Courage to Live Your Dreams

Not everyone can or will try to grab hold to their dreams. Adversity is apart of one’s dreams. There’s no way of getting around it. It takes a lot of courage to stand alone. It also takes courage to go in the other direction. The road won’t be easy but if one is determined then they will conquer what they’ve set out to conquer.

Having courage doesn’t always appear right away. Anything worth having will take hard work. Some days will seem longer than others. That’s what the journey consist of. People will tell you to turn around because of their fear. No one should give up on their dreams. Even if one has to take a step back. That’s alright but they shouldn’t throw their dreams out the window.

There’s way too many people who refuse to take that risk and achieve what they’re capable of achieving. ┬áIf you don’t do what you’re passionate about then you will regret it. It’s better to conquer that fear than to be fueled with regret. Doing what you love will produce better results than settling.

We don’t have to settle for less. We should try our best to achieve those dreams. It isn’t easy at all but it’sworth it. You will face troubles while traveling on your journey but all those trials will create a better you. Sometimes the road will become rocky. You may shed tears but they will try up and you’ll be back at it again.

I encourage anyone to live their dreams because we only come this way once. Those one person conversations will take place. You will have days where you have to uplift yourself but that’s apart of living anyway. Go for it and despite what people say about living your dreams. You shouldn’t give up on them. Be brave and go for the passion.

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