The Last run

We never know where life will take us. That’s why we should act, take charge, and go for it. Allow that talent to “shine.” Well, one of the largest shows on Fox will be making its last run, American Idol. It certainly incurred lots of success but things must come to an end. American Odol placed a lot of people in awesome positions. Singing careers flourished.

We shouldn’t be afraid to take that risk. We never kbow where our dreams will take us. It can take us further than we’ve ever imagined. There’s plenty of opportunities out there but we must know which ones are for us. Once we find that suitable opportunity. We should embrace and keep moving. We never know exactly where an opportunity will show up.

It could happen at any moment. Ot hapoen today, tomorrow, or the day after. We’ve clearly seen how many opportunities American Idol has goven so many people. Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and more. Although Jennifer Hudson went 7th. She became a “success.” Sometimes a loss is actually a hidden win. Yes, what we may view as a mishap, may actually be a blessing in disguise.

We shouldn’t feel bad when something didn’t go as planned because something better could come along. That’s right. A closed door doesn’t mean a thing. There’s an open door that’s just for us. So, don’t despair when you’re directed elsewhere, that different direction can be the right direction. So many people give up because they feel as if things have taken a turn for the worse. That doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

A setback can actually be a push up. Sometimes we have to move back in order to move forward. That’s how it is sometimes. One last go at it doesn’t mean greater things aren’t ahead. We must remain hopeful go after those things that will help us grow.

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Take Risks it’s Worth it

We don’t have to stand still. There’s so much that we can accomplish but in order to accomplish those complex things. We can not be fearful. We have to take risks at some point in our lives. If we don’t then we will miss out on son will take opportunities and we’ll regret it if we do.

If you ever though about doing something that will take more from you then you’ve thought about risks. Some may not want to take risks because they fear failure. If there’s no effort then we have failed. If we really want something then we will do what it takes to obtain it.

Taking risks takes courage. A courageous person takes risks knowing that there’s a change they could fail. Even if failure occurs. Trying once again wouldn’t hurt. We shouldn’t be afraid that something will go wrong. We consider all the things that can go right. We can accomplish son great things if we just “step out on faith.” Once fear is removed we will move quickly towards those things we want to accomplish. We have “greatness” within us. We have to believe that we can and will do those things that may seem impossible to others. If we believe that we can then we can.

Yes, some will try to hinder us, but determination will get us there. We have to tune out the noise and go fourth. We never know how much we can accomplish until we make a decision to take the risks.

Risk taking takes a whole lot of courage which we can develop. If no one pushes us. We have to push ourselves in order to make it to a higher level. If we don’t take risks then we will become consumed with disappointment and frustration because we refused to take the leap. There has to come a time in our lives that we do those thing that will create development and will create better living for us.

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More Important Things to do

We have to figure out what is really important. Sometimes we get caught up in things that won’t add value to our lives. That causes us to lose focus. There’s so many things that need our attention. If it isn’t beneficial in some way then we probably shouldn’t bother with it. We can waste a whole lot of time on things that won’t help us advance or get better.

Time doesn’t stop. The days seem to go by so quickly and some days seem to slip away from us. We should be more concerned about situations that will help us grow.Trying to make the best out of life requires us to seek the importance.

Family, caring, giving. Those things are important and when we focus on others things. It takes away from focusing on the important things in our lives and in life period. We may have to take some time to ponder on what is really important to us. Who’s important to us and that should be our focus. Caring about people and giving are important things.

Some may not see it that way but that’s how it should be. Loving one another is important. We should embrace the people we care about and better our situation and lives. Some of the other things can go to the back burner. It can wait or it doesn’t have to be on our agenda at all.

We should set goals so that accomplishments occur not only for ourselves but for others. There’s opportunities to grow and isn’t that inportant? It’s important to someone somewhere. Our lives will feel fulfilled when we focus on the important things. Those goals that will help us move up and succeed. We can’t move to another position without carrying some of the important aspets of life. When we decide what’s important and what’s not, we’ll accomplish more, we’ll have more experience and knowledge.

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It’s Work Alright

When looking on the “outside” it may easy on the “inside.” Oh but it’s not. Not at all. There’s some peeking in and waiting to see if you’re going to “Make Things Happen.” What will one do? Well, work and hustle, let’s be clear here. Hustling is a form of working. It’s working in a nontraditional sense. Completing projects and tasks. Some days it requires working past 3 a.m. They won’t believe it until it’s done.

When you have a goal. You really want to reach it. We all want to feel accomplished. While they’re looking from outside. We’re working from the inside. It’s very rewarding when there’. giving and acknowledging involved. We want to be success so we will go that extra mile. It’s difficult when there’s little to no support. The truth is. People won’t feel confident until they see some results. That’s how that goes. Trying to get to those end results won’t and isn’t easy.

We will have to push ourselves and there will be times when we not necessarily want to give up but we will be so fatigued. Anytime one chooses to make their dreams come true. They will have to accept that hard work will be involved. People could cheer you on or boo you all the way to the end.

It really doesn’t matter who is for us or against us. We shouldn’t stop pursuing those goals and having the desire to achieve. We should put in the work but we should also make sure that there’s rest involved. We can’t accomplish great things with little energy. If you ever want to pursue your dreams.

Make sure you believe that it can be done. Find the best techniques to utilize so that those goals happen. Sometimes we suffer those setbacks and we become discouraged. Never discouragement to get a hold of you. Our thoughts are inportant and replacing them with positive thoughts will help us reach our destination.

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We Simply Have to Keep Going

It doesn’t matter what life throws our way we have to face whatever it is we’ve been given to deal with. If we have a setback then we regroup and then proceed with our tasks. We sometimes become immobilized by trauma but a traumatic experience can lead us to where we need to be. Nothing in life worthwhile will come easy. We must push ourselves a little harder and refuse to be defeated.

If we settle for staying in one position then we may miss out on golden opportunities. It’s important that we move about in life. We experience challenges that will mold us and help us grow. Standing still and waiting for the right moment just won’t do. Sometimes we have to walk, run, hop or skip to get to the next level.

We can’t expect too many things to happen without “movement.” Our goals and anything that we want to accomplish has to be done through continuous action and the ability to transform. Our hopes and dreams can’t come true if we’re unwilling to go after them. Some days may require that we make more effort than the previous days. Whatever we do. We must have the will to keep going. Sometimes allow our minds to convince us that we shouldn’t reach for the best so we settle for the least.

We shouldn’t feel unworthy of the best. Our hard work and dedication will be recognized but we must keep climbing up the ladder. We have the ability to do great things for ourselves and others. Opportunities can be sent our way but we have to want them.Don’t hesitate to take action.

Move in the right direction and experience what you’re destined to experience. Continous effort will generate results. We may not be where we want to be but with movement we will be further than we were yesterday. Believe that it’s possible to reach the top of the hill with lots of effort. We may not give it our all every single day but with movement. We will be lead in the right direction.

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Make Decisions That Will Help you and Others Grow

People will have their opinions. They will want to control what is done but they shouldn’t make decisions that ill hinder others and prevent “prosperity.” If it will help develop you and others then it should be apart of our lives. Some people will allow the dysfunctions to carry on trying to hold things together. If a person can’t uplift, encourage, and appreciate what others are trying to accomplish then perhaps there needs to be adjustments.

We should be able to handle other people’s growth. Shouldn’t we want the best for our communities and for others around us? Even if a million people tell us to stop doing something. That doesn’t mean we have to stop or we should stop. If it will benefit people then it should continue going strong. Appreciate that other people are trying to get better and help others gain.

We should base our decisions on the ability to progress. If people are trying to detour you from progressing and you give in then you’ve made a bad decision. Let us start encouraging ourselves and others. Courage people to make decisions that will help produce growth. There’s a lot that we can do but if we continue to discourage others from moving ahead then we’re not making great decisions.

There’s no need to try to convince people to not be apart of continuous growth. Let others make decisions that will “build” foundations. If we want to make a decision that isn’t consider the norm then that’s alright. We never know where we may land.Our decisions could create abundance and shouldn’t people want abundance?

We all are dreamers. Dreamers of something. In order for communities and our  society to grow we have to change our way of thinking and a great way to do that is to stop allowing people to hold us back. We may not always make the best decisions but we should at least make some decisions that will assist in someway.

Lets start uplifting and encouraging people to reach the top. Our opinions are just that but our decisions can be life changing. Think “abundance” and think about how much we can accomplish with making the decision to encourage. Encouragement goes a long and so many of us can do a whole lot by not allowing others to control our decisions that will help us be better people.

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