Keep Smiling and Keep Going That’s What I’m Doing

There will be a lot of people will be quite challenging but there are so many ways to get around such individuals. The first thing to do is to have a positive mindset. To think about the ahead and that what’s behind. Remember if they’re trying to pull down then they’re behind. Could be on my behind. It appears as such. There are a lot of people who aren’t quite confident enough to think for themselves and may refuse to try and “discover” their own ideas. They’ll try to hinder a person from getting ahead but if there is enough determination then there is are ways to move pass the persons. So many become intimidated by what so many continue to try and do. For some they’re not quite on the road of stability meaning their mindset is off.

It’s very important to proceed although the adversity is present. The ones who continue to give others difficulties are either seeking attention or just wanting to irritate the persons. There are some who believe that if they annoy a person enough then they’ll receive whatever it is they’re seeking. If we stop to pay attention to every noisemaker then we’ll end up being far behind. The noise will occur because there are some who can not resist trying to get next to another. They’ll say whatever it is they want to say but eventually their day will come. It’s best to continue with the “accomplishments” and not be in tuned with what outsiders are trying to do. If what they’re doing or saying adds no value then don’t bother.

Too many people end up losing out on “not only opportunities” but they’ll lose their whole identity because they’re so in tuned with trying to destroy others. Some are overreacting and will become mentally unstable because of their thinking. The problem is that so many continue to try and compete in areas in which they have no business competing in. They’ll come up against others and find that they’re in a sticky situation. The key is to continue on the right track and not be consumed with individuals who refuse to add any positivity. Some are so miserable and want others to feel the same way so they’ll continue their antics day after day. In the end they’ll end up destroying themselves.

For some they’re so use to being at the top and can’t stand to see others rise up. For some they could be disturbed. Not wanting to be left behind so they’ll try to alter one’s perception in order to gain control or power. “The powerful one if the Creator which is the Father of Jesus Christ.” There are some who may never find the results they’re after because of the way that they think. Their line of thinking is the cause of the individuals being way behind. If they’re continuously trying to knock a person down then the person is on the right track. “Just keep the smile and continue on the journey and eventually there will be a finish.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Uphill Battle as a Writer and Blogger etc.

There are many challenges that come along with Writing and Blogging. The greatest challenges is the competition. So many are so in tuned with competing it’s as if they’ve lost their minds. No matter how troublesome the career path can be. There is no stopping until the time is right. There is rewards with the career path but getting to the greater rewards may take sometime. There may be setbacks but through “continuous action” a writer and blogger can become quite successful. There’s a writer who received lots of wealth but not without going through many challenges. The writer touched based on how so many refuse to tell others about the difficulties that come along with writing.

Some may perceive writing as an easy career but for so many the career path is quite stressful and the reasons they’re hanging in is because they’re in love with the “career path.” Not every person will be able to deal with all of the adversity which will come along with traveling on a writing journey. There’s a lot of successful bloggers and some are highly successful because of the way they’ve chose to blog. The celebrity bloggers are the ones who will make a hefty sum because so many are addicted to drama. Wanting to know what’s occurring in celebrities lives.

There has to be passion for the career. A lot of patience as well. Some may become fatigued while trying to accomplish certain goals and that’s why rest is so important. Is quite difficult to become success when there is little rest being achieved. There’s nothing wrong with taking rest. Rest is advised by doctors and is also discussed in the Bible. That’s just how important rest is. Even writers who work online need their rest. Trying to accomplish too much at one time can incur a burnout. Being passionate about any craft will produce “some form of success.” Loving the work being created is a plus.

Although it’s difficult to be challenged often. The thoughts of the rewards generate a smile. Eventually all of the efforts put in will pay off. The key is to continue going even when there’s doubt from others. Not everyone will appreciate the gifts which were supplied before birth. Some will be criticized for their gift. Writing is a gift and some may think they’re incapable of being a great writer but writing is not only a gift but acquired. There are courses in which a lot of writers or persons who want to be writers can take. A lot of writers choose to take creative writing courses. “Don’t Give up on any Craft Because of What the Critics Will say. Continue to aim Higher.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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All we Have to do is Keep Going and Remain Hopeful

Sometimes we may wonder why things aren’t coming together the way that we would like them to. There’s reasons for that. It may not be time or we’re not remaining focused but if we keep going. The right door or doors will open up. We can’t force it but in time actually what we need will arrive on time. If we pursue the things that are right for us and the things that we love. We will do just fine. Having “hope” is very important. We shouldn’t give up because things seem to be going slow or not going exactly as we planned.

Even when we plan things they can fall through. We shouldn’t be discouraged if it does. We can make it through and although it may take longer than we would like it to. We can accomplish it anyway. Having setbacks is apart of life. We should be encouraged even in our darkest hours. Our time will come when we will be in a position that will offer us better living.

It takes time. It takes time to develop “greatness.” That won’t happen overnight and we shouldn’t feel bad if it doesn’t. Think how long cheese takes to develop. Life’s Goals will take a lot longer. Anything that requires a lot from us will take time to marinate. Sometimes we become over anguish and we try to rush things. We quickly find out that we should avoid rushing things.

We can succeed but we must put action in place. Without any action there will be no “progress.” Sometimes we’re not ready for the “Big Dream” until later in life. We shouldn’t feel bad if we become successful later in life. It could be God’s way of molding us. Until we’re ready, we won’t receive that gigantic reward, but we can continue working towards it.

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We the People Will Thrive

Oh yes! We can accomplish some great things when we set our minds to it. Speak it to existence and it will be. There’s no need for us to put one another down. We can lift ourselves up and others. There’s “hope” and although things may seem rough at times. We’re in positions to stand firm and “Make Things Happen.” Yes indeed. Do you know how much we can accomplish if we “unite?” Have you ever considered it? If not then perhaps you should.

We’re not put on earth to just soak up some sun. We’re here to make a difference, help others, and to grow spiritually and educationally. With each step, we’re making progress, with each action we’re getting close to our destination. Advancement occurs with continuous action. If we put those great minds together then we can overcome those obstacles that have been keeping us back. We can’t expect positive changes with a negative mindset.

A little competition is healthy but too much can drive people mad. Perhaps working together would be more effective. Coming together as a people, unifying, and creating new ideas is something that will make our world more beautiful. We can accomplish a lot on our own but we can accomplish more together. “Unification” is what we need. Some may be too stubborn to team up with others and make this world a better place.

We can’t be filled with greed. Greed is awful and it will only weigh us down. We should be willing to help one another achieve “greatness.” We need to economically advance, advance socially, and educationally. Progress is hindered when we refuse to assist others even in the smallest forms. A little here and there can create “abundance.” If we all chipped in then we will see more advancements. Be willing to help others even if you have very little. We can create “prosperity” but we can’t do it through selfishness.

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What’s Stopping you

Being fearful to start something thar can irritate a lot of people is understandable but not going for isn’t wise. We should live our dreams. We should take those risks. Yes, things will be difficult, but that’s expected. Too many people end up regreting not doing the things they love. Anyone who’s ever gone after their dreams knows that it won’t be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it.

It takes courage and determination to stay on that path. Some may try to get those “dreamers” to stop dreaming. If you’re trying to live your dreams. Do not pay attention to the noise. The boo’s, the criticism, and heckling will come. If one’s vision is small then people wouldn’t bother. It’s those big dreams that irritate people. We should continue with our dreams. For those who haven’t started yet should start right away.

Yes, it will take time, but it will be worth it. There will be all sorts of insults thrown around but when you think about the destination. The insults will be laughable. People will probably that your dreams our way out there. They may try to make you believe that it can’t be done. Don’t listen. When people refused to live their dreams. They will tell others that their dreams are impossible.

It’s possible. We should listen to motivational videos and positive communications. If we allow the negatives to embed in our membranes then we will start to slow down and may consider giving up. Don’t allow any of the trash talking to stop you from moving up. Think about how many people can be helped through the actions of others. Our dreams can inspire a lot of people to go for it. We should be inspired by ourselves and we should be inspired by others.

Never think that you’re not capable of doing something complex. We can do more than we allow our thoughts to gather. We can achieve great things. If we don’t try then we’ll never know what we can accomplish. We’ll have to push ourselves. That’s alright. Pushing ourselves will build a better us.

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How to get Ahead

Anyone who’s ever tried to do something out of the norm knows the difficulties that can enter into their life goals. We can find ourselves feeling a bit worn out due to resistance from those who aren’t too pleased with the path we’ve chosen to take. We simply have to find ways that will work for us. If we don’t then we won’t be able to accomplish any goals.

The resistance will come. It doesn’t matter who you are. We have to go around it. If one way didn’t work then try the other way. The best way to get ahead is to remove toxicity. Toxins will create havoc and will slow one down tremendously. Blocking out the negatives is necessary. Our productivity will be lowered if we’re focused on the negatives.

We have to put in maximum effort and avoid those things that won’t help us elevate. If we stick to those things then we will make some headway. It really doesn’t matter who wants us to stop what we’re doing. We shouldn’t give in to it. We can’t expect growth to occur when we listen to naysayers. We will be challenged and we have the capability to “overcome” those challenges.

Our mindsets have to change. Thinking about positive events will help us stay focused so that we can elevate. Sometimes we’ll need to shut off everything but the lights and whatever source we’re using to work with. There will be times where we are extremely productive and there will be other times when we’re not as productive.

The key is to keep moving as some may say, “grinding.” We can’t allow the worldly things to prevent us from creating a future for our families. Getting ahead means putting somethings aside or away. We will have to let some people off the train. For those who are willing to assist us. We should keep them aboard. Whatever we decide. We should make sure that it’s something that will offer us “growth.”

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The Higher one Rises the More Resistance They’ll Face

Anyone trying to make progress or follow their dreams will face some resistance. Not everyone will be happy for those who are trying to better themselves and others. Some will be so irritated that they try all sorts of things to hinder “dreamers.” Just because some may not like our vision that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to make it happen. We’ll never be able to please everyone and we shouldn’t try. If we listen to the negativity then we won’t continue pursuing our dreams.

Too many people have missed out because they became fearful when it comes to allowing their dreams to shine. If we are so in tuned with what others think then we will put our dreams away. The fact is, people will say all sorts of things, people become envious when it comes to people doing extraordinary things. If we really want to achieve then we will do so by looking pass the boo’s and fighting our way through the crowd.

Although trying to pursue or dreams won’t be easy. We shouldn’t even consider giving up. Those who are irritated with our dreams probably have given up on theirs. We can not do anything about people not wanting to move up but we can do something about our “rise.” We must do all that we can so that we’re not at a standstill. We can’t move forward if we’re constantly focused on how hard pursuing our dreams will become.

There’s talent within all of us and it’s up to us whether we want to utilize our talents. It’s sad that so many talented people refuse to allow their talents to shine. No matter how tough it gets, we should keep trucking along, we never know what an impact we can make. There’s nothing we can do about people trying to stop us but we shouldn’t stop ourselves.

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Each day Creates Success

Some may laugh at those who’ve decided to step out and embrace their dreams because they stated late. A late start doesn’t mean that one isn’t capable of achieving just as much as one that started out early. We can do some great things but we must have the mindset that will allow us to do so. Everyday gives us that opportunity to grow and “prosper.’

When we accomplish the smallest task, we’ve achieved success, probably not the sort of success we want to achieve but it still falls in that category. We can achieve greater success but it won’t able so quickly. We will have to be patient so until then we must use each day to make progress. Progression occurs once we start, we keep moving, and we stay determined. Determination is a big part of success. Determination will keep us going and will help us accomplish complexities.

We shouldn’t take advantage of the days that are given to us. In each day something can be accomplished that will help us get closer to our goals. Goal setting is important but even when we’ve planned for those goals to occur. They may not occur exactly when we want them to. That means that there’s risks. Life can be risky but we must have faith that we can make it to our destination. We must utilize the time we have in a day to make something happen whether big or small.

Little steps will get us to where we want to be and although it may take longer. Longer doesn’t mean that we won’t get there. In fact sometimes we have to take our time. Rushing could land us where we don’t need to be. Taking our time to accomplish our dreams and our visions isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t matter how many people perceive it to be so. We must do what works for us. So be thankful for the days and try to do something that will create a better for you and your family.

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How to be More Successful

In order to generate an success We must be willing to seek the best avenues and we must be determined. Sometimes it takes working more than one task or performing more than one job. Success comes when we’re productive. Even if we complete one task, we’ve accomplished success, there’s different levels of success. Depending on what level we want to reach will determine how hard and long we’ll work towards it. We may work at a minimum level or we may put fourth maximum effort.

We must stay motivated and driven if we want to be successful. Refusing to give up must be in the plan. We don’t have to win them all but we should want to be victorious. Consider our future and our children’s future. No successful person received their success without some pain. The pain helped them develop. If one isn’t willing to take the pain and the ruggedness that comes along the journey then they don’t really want it. Some may not obtain success because they may try to find the easy ways to obtain it. There are no easy ways to obtain success.

We have to go through those trials in order to reach that desired level. We should strive for the very best and we simply don’t have to settle. Settling will keep us oppressed and that shouldn’t be something that we want. Success won’t happen overnight. It can take years and years before one even sees the glimpse of where they really want to be. Don’t shy away from it be determined to live better. We don’t have to be stuck in a runt. We can achieve great things but we must “keep moving.”

The top Ways to Reach Success

  1. Be determined and if you Believe in Prayer Then Pray Continuously.
  2. Work harder.
  3. Listen to Motivational Speeches and Watch Motivational Videos.
  4. Remove Toxicity.
  5. Refuse to Give up!

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Determination Will get us There

If we’re determined to “Make it Happen” then in all likelihood it will happen. Determination consist of efforts that generate a goal or bettering one’s life. Without :determination” we won’t achieve whatever it is we’re trying to achieve. Sometimes we may want some things to happen but are unwilling to make to put in the work it takes to make them happen. We can’t sit back and not put in the effort. Sometimes we’ll have to work long hours in order to achieve our desired goals. It isn’t easy but if we don’t then we may not reach our destination.

A dreamer doesn’t just dream, they’re driven, and they won’t give up. We come up with ideas and there’s nothing wrong with that but an idea becomes viable when we do something with it. If we just think about it then it has no life but when we put it in motion then it becomes apart of a plan. Talking about doing something and actually doing are two different things. If we want our ideas and visions to blossom then we must act on them. If we want to them grow a bit quicker then we may want to keep a tight lid on them.

Unfortunately there will be people who want to steal those ideas but if we’re determined then we won’t allow that to happen. When we’ve put in the work to make things happen for us. We should be appreciative because we’ve worked for it. Our sweat, tears, and pain are the reasons why we reach our destination. Without any pain we probably wouldn’t grow. We should experience some growth while on our journey. We should learn more and become wiser. Determination is key.

If we’re not determined enough then we won’t accomplish enough. We will have to encourage ourselves, “self motivation, a lot of that will go on while we’re in search of our “greatness.” Our rewards will come after the work is done. We will feel some aches and pains will is to be expected when trying to do extraordinary things. We can’t stop moving when storms arise. We have to learn how to get through them and right. Fight to the finish line. Take action. Continuous action is necessary in order to achieve (Excellence).

“Be Determined and go After it”