I’m Doing What I’m Doing and it Includes Proceeding

There are many needs and there are many benefits. Where will the along’s be headed to next? The direction the pathway has opened up more than one door actually. There will be all sorts of transformations. It may appear as though the travel is alone most of the time but there are others observing what is to come. To be, to the being, to the transformation. The opinions aren’t diverting my path the noisemakers haven’t caused the “confidence” to lower. There is building occurring. Most will have to travel alone when on their journey.

The adversities occur but there is learning while the challenges arise. I’ve observed how many react to the environments and some have perceived my niceness as a weakness. What many have though of me=Tanikka Paulk I’ve used as fuel to continue to be driven to the up scaling motion. There are many visions looking upon me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve misjudged, have dished out their opinionated ways, and have thought that their actions could cause my decline. There is a purpose. There’s the continued directions and I’m in positions whee there is authority.

There is no time to be concerned about what others have to say about

(youTanikka Paulk). The attention should be focused on creating a better society, country, and world. “There are some of the most captivating historical moments shared presently and in the future.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is the need to guide and the sometimes need to follow. “Leadership” will involve such actions. Although there are some disagreeing about the decisions there will and should be continuing of. My purpose is to be fulfilled. The attitudes aren’t by any means controlling my actions. What shall be decided just shall be.

There is the desire to incur the finalization. Along the way there have been some modifications but there is rejuvenating occurring. There should be gladness because there will be more “law abiding.” That’s what this country needs. Completeness seemed to be far away but really is near. What some have hoped for they’ve found that their perceptions were off base. “The ones who are suppose to be along are and the ones who’ve tried to dismiss the purpose have been returned.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

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“Key Word Cooperation”

Here I am continuing to move in the purposely direction. The “gold and the silver” connected in the most imaginable ways. Yes I’ve been chosen and although there are some who’ve disagreed with the decisions the “Government” has made they’re refusing to back off there should be the “reaching” to the furthered heights. “Movement, movement. continued movements I say.” (Tanikka Paulk). Analyzed, visioned, thought of the next steps to be incurred. What have they expected of me=Tanikka Paulk? Could the question be what have I expected from People? Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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What’s Really in the World?

The world is filled with all sorts of corruption. What is the meaning of world. The Universe worldwide the globe. There is war and destruction mankind has tried to overpower the world. The very world in which God has created. No man meaning mankind is more powerful than the world. “There is the world the sadness of the Universal dysfunctions how can one conquer?” (Tanikka Paulk). Prayer is certainly the answer. To defeat the evilness one must remain whole. There certainly needs to be the keeping of “The Full Armor of God.” I’ve withstood but how much more shall my mind and body incur?

I’ve refuse to be defeated and although there are many trials to face my determination is too strong. Indeed it is. There is the continuous walk and oh there has been the discomforts but yet I’m still here. They’ve tried to suck the life out of me=Tanikka Paulk. How many have tried to control my very existence. The troubles are continuous and why won[t they allow my living to be peacefully? Actually I’m at peace it’s been “declared” but there is the annoying persons trying to prevent my mission. Am I to be troubled? God has declared my purpose but they’re without understanding.

The world is defiant. The wars cause so many to believe that war is just. Peacefulness peace is just. Their actions aren’t justified. To think that they are leans towards insanity. There is the fading of humanity. The world isn’t like Heaven at all. There seems to be some sort of misconception of what is. Scripture will explain about these generations. What have some caused? It seems as though they’ve caused demises. Trying to kill off “humanity.” There is less cares and the compassionate seem to be more difficult to find. There is the sufferings what have they caused?

What did God have to say about mankind and their destructive behaviors? There is a lot to be said in the “Word of God.” Too many are trying to limit reality thinking that they are all powerful when God has all power. The power is with God. Satan thought to attempt to overpower God but God punished Lucifer by sentencing the devil to hell. God has said what His instructions are and He has the ability to administer punishments in which mankind is able to administer. My continuation was and is ordained by God. Mankind can try to decrease but God can supply the increases. Going to the word is what I’ve done and will continue to do. Amen!

“The tragedies occurred and there were and will be many tears. The occurrences here on earth has built strength which is needed to proceed confidently. There is the battle between the “good” and the evildoers. They’ve sent out the weapons but will the weapons form? God promised that the weapons won’t but still mankind continues to send out their attacks. “My dedication to the word has helped me=Tanikka Paulk achieve more than mankind has considered.” (Tanikka Paulk). There is victory within and outer.

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Time Appears to be the Hottest Competition

So they’re still competing huh? There is the overly aggressive competition. The competitors seem to adhere to craze because they’re unable to resist competing against you=Tanikka Paulk. No matter how the moves are made the competition will always want to get in on what the visionaries are trying to do. A little competition is find and dandy but too much competition would cause changes in which some aren’t prepared to handle. There are lots of competitors trying to figure out what’s really “occurring.”

Where are “we” headed? Some are so focused on their competition that they’ve decreased their “rise!” What’s to be said about the competition? There’s no time to really focus on what they’re doing or saying because there’s so much to accomplish. If persons focused on what the competition has to say or do then they’ll lose out on the abundance. There’s more to this=tanikka paulk and that=Tanikka Paulk dreams. Just living the dreams isn’t enough. Tanikka Paulk.*

They’re tagging you=Tanikka Paulk and the meaning to that is they’re focused on the here and now! Some are crossing their arms thinking of the better ways to advanced from here to there. There has to be the upmost dedication, motivation, inspirational movements. I’m so thrilled to have the ones who’ve decided to along that way! My journey has shocked some caused some to think in ways others wouldn’t dare but no matter what the “thoughts” are I’m increasing.

Some of the travelers have been counted out. Why? They’ve demonstrated that they’re able to offer helpfulness towards the “abundance.” Abundantly can dream, discover, and explore. The explorers are taking the necessary steps to keep the “moves” hidden. “The realest they’ve ever dreamed of.” by: Tanikka Paulk. Actions, actions, actions! Right could be, should be, would be going or coming either way is alright! So competition step back because there’s light and there could be some thunderous sounds. Await!

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You Carry Greatness yes you do!

Continuing and believing yes my journey is filled with all sorts of adversities but I’m still confident. You=Tanikka Paulk were chosen and you=Tanikka Paulk are grateful. It’s a dedicated, motivated, continue to generate chick (meaning female). The critics continue to try discourage and I’m speaking about the individuals who are so focused on trying to find reasons why I should stop pursuing. Won’t.

Some yell out to stop but I’m refusing. Oh the competitors are a pain in my rear. I’m obviously a thorn in their side because they can’t seem to avoid bothering me=Tanikka Paulk. How will the next stages develop? Prayer that’s how. I’m continuing to remain faithful to God/Lord the Father of Jesus Christ. The attacks prove that I’m filled with greatness. Some could believe that one suffering so many attacks aren’t worthy to continue. The competitors rarely attack mediocre individuals.

My every move is monitored. They need, they want, they can’t seem to resist coming after me=Tanikka Paulk. No matter what I’m doing they will be waiting to see how they’re able to agitate. Anyway I’m moving along so that there will be greater progress. What I’ve already established I’m try to hold near. Amazing how many will try to take credit for a visionaries work. “Continuing to discover and explore the challenges prove that I’m headed in the right direction.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Live, grow, believe in the dreams. Some become discouraged because of what the hecklers are saying. They’re going to say whatever it is they think will cause a person to stop achieving. Move ahead and continue to fight because there will be great rewards. The troubling part is that my own race is the main group trying to prevent the excelling. Surprised? No. Crab mentality cause so many to believe that trying to pull down will make the pullers grow.

No matter what words are directed towards my path I’m going to keep going. How many have the courage to follow their dreams? It seems as though every person wants a piece of what I’ve created. Certainly takes strength to continue. They’ve tried to discredit oh my “goodness” they’re working harder to try to pull down when they should be trying to create more success for themselves. Good! That’s basically what they’re demonstrating.

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Focusing on What can Offer Growth

If any person continues to focus on what others are saying then they’ll find that they’re unable to meet the goals. There will be lots of People trying to cause disruptions and how many are willing to join in? It seems as though there are more individuals focused on decreases instead of increases. There should be gladness when it comes to “growth.” The ability “to grow” in anyway is truly a blessing. It’s better to proceed with confidence and determination and refuse to be pushed to the side. I’ve had to face so many continuing to cause a cease with the purpose in which God has instilled. They’re quite confused and really need to check themselves.

What I’ve already accomplished can not be taking away. They’ll try over and over to create setbacks but one must “be determined” enough to make continuous progress. Yes, trying to live any dream isn’t easy. the critics will have their say. Some will become aggressive and they’ll use the meanest words in order to cause a decrease in bravery. There must be a winning attitude presented. What’s said shouldn’t force any person to move backwards there should be upward motions and elevation occurring. No person will be without adversities. There will be many trials to face. How persons deal with the trials truly matter.

The words spoken aren’t going to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop moving towards “my designed purpose.” They’ve already said a lot. Some can’t keep their mouths closed. Distractions are what so many continue to try to project. There are many reasons why the persons will try to do so. For some they’re not wanting to see rises occur. Some may not want to see certain groups get ahead. The main reason why some are having difficulties is because they’re unwilling to accept. My purpose was given to me=Tanikka Paulk by God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve been challenged many many times.

The time is now when there should be focus on providing the best avenues in order to create further “achievements.” What about the younger generation? Is there no concern about what they’re going to do? What was and is designed for persons is. “They don’t seem to understand that it was and it is.”(Tanikka Paulk). They’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk) out of my purpose. It’s a wonderful thing that I’ve found the best ways to deal with the critics and others. There should be movement occurring. How about that=Tanikka Paulk? Yes, what so many have done has caused some sort of delay but what God has declared they’re unable to prevent. Alright!

The lies told probably will continue but what will they offer me=Tanikka Paulk? They’re offering very little by projecting such actions. I’m going to accomplish what I’ve set out “to accomplish.” There will be goals met. The distractions haven;t added the necessary value. “I’m still believing in self and I’m determined enough to proceed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes, the competitors will continue to display their silly antics, what will they gain? I’m moving forward and so should the others. There should be more willing to take the necessary steps in order to incur the breakthroughs. Determination is it.

Oh it was good and it is. Oh yes that it was “good” and it is good. Oh yes indeed it was Tanikka me=Tanikka Paulk and it is Tanikka me=Tanikka Paulk.

There was and is Light. Light is continuing to Shine Amen! (Tanikka Paulk)

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What is God Saying About the Actions?

Made in God’s imagine. While observing the behaviors it’s really difficult to imagine how some are made in God’s imagine. There seems to be the most abnormal behaviors. Born into sin but some really need to check themselves. The finger pointing, the judging, and the misinformed. What will the individuals come up with next? One can’t quite tell. Just observe what takes place on social media. Some individuals appear as though they’ve lost their minds. “Through observations I’ve noticed that there are so many envious ones.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

Imagine being a writer and being up against the most critical People. No matter what area I’m in online there will be some wanting to nag me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ll constantly being attacked. No writer should have to experience such things but there are some experiencing the cynics. On my journey there are so many saying whatever it is they want to say and they can be pretty cruel. God isn’t pleased with such behaviors. God will become angered by the behaviors.

How does one deal with individuals constantly attacking? 

The best way to deal with the individuals is to proceed. There shouldn’t be much focus on what is being said because what’s being said isn’t adding any value. God will discipline the individuals. Imagine being harassed everyday. Some would explode. The way I’m able to deal with the matters is to pray and give thanks to God. There certainly is enough annoying behaviors but there are lots to accomplish. There shouldn’t be focus on outrageous behaviors. The more one is in tuned with the behaviors the more they’ll continue.

I’ve been patient and will continue to be patient. There are some I’d rather not deal with. I’ve never heard of so many People watching every move a person makes. They’ve tried so hard to stop my journey from occurring but I’m still continuing because of God. It’s better to proceed then to give in to the persons. Yes, I’ve been annoyed, and yes I’m determined enough to proceed. Thank goodness.

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The Many Attempts to Produce Takeovers

Why is it that so many believe that their in positions to takeover in areas in which there is demonstration that their efforts are powerless. Some seem to think that they’re in positions to takeover God’s authority. “How many are apart trying to takeover the missions and movements?” A lot. Are the persons effective? No! If there are expectations to achieve a more stabilized economical system then the persons trying to prevent such events from occurring should be removed. Which means that sending the individuals to state or federal prison is more likely necessary.

There should be decisions to create more positive changes but there seems to be so many highly disconnected. There’s way too many injustices occurring and there needs to be some intervention. The ones being apart of disconnecting the unification which is necessary in order to create further stability within communities, neighborhoods, and society shouldn’t be apart of the mission or path. Whatever it is that the “leadership” seeks should be allowed. Most leaders will want to create positive changes however there are some refusing to do so and perhaps some would consider the individuals as dictators.

“It’s the best path in which the necessary changes shall occur in order to witness a more connected groups of communities.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There will always be the competition and some continue to demonstrate their over competitive ways. There should be continuous actions in order to produce what is needed. The desire to create further growth is so. They’ve tried so many times to create a cease. “Why should the actions in which will add no value continue?” (Tanikka Paulk) The persons shouldn’t be allowed to continue to try and tear down the buildings.

There should be continuous motions. What will occur will certainly be effective and will assist so many. To think that so many would rather tear down instead of rising up! They’ve caused havoc and what are the ones in authority going to do about what has occurred? There seems to be some actions towards stopping the individuals from sabotaging. “The journey will continue despite what is placed before the person in the said leadership position-positions. There are some spitefully and could cause some to become very irritated. The dreams, visions, and ideas will continue to prosper.

Leadership “Tanikka Paulk”

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Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

What oh What are They Doing?

Oh my ‘goodness.” Some just can’t resist coming up against the writer, blogger founder and advocate named Tanikka Paulk. I’m going to explain just what they are doing. Let’s see. Altering my information, Harassing me=(Tanikka Paulk), bulling and inside of my devices causing havoc. How can any claim good when they’re inside of devices, altering information, and sending hatefulness to my devices? Chuckles. They’re making some inmates appear to be angelic. Really? There are some who continue to be so irritating but I’m refusing to give the persons my undivided attention. “Some Need to Rehabilitated and There are way too Many not Receiving What’s Needed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

They will attack, bully, harass and disrupt. They are mean, hateful, and will send all sorts of insults through my devices. They have altered “my information” and continue to monitor my every move. Perhaps soon enough there will be the supplying of consequences so that the individuals receive the help that’s needed. There are some who should be incarcerated because of their refusal to stop committing cyber crimes and other crimes. No person deserves to be severely bullied. There are a lot of youth who had to deal with all sorts of bullies. Some have taken their lives. So unfortunate that so many continue to be nuisances.

There should be more willing to create a better society. There are so many who insist on being problems and rarely are finding the solutions. Some really don’t deserve to be in my circle at all. Through the many observations, I’ve discovered that no matter what a person does, There will always be some individuals who insist on coming up against certain persons who want to become better individuals. There are some who deserve to be sent on the other side of the world because they’re not going to stop being evil. “The Injustices are Real and how Many are Willing to Make Sure the Injustices Receive the Attention the Injustices Need?” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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I’m the Writer, Author, Poet. Blogger, Founder and Advocate/Activist and my Name is Tanikka Paulk. My Photo Below

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Photos Belong to Tanikka Paulk Tanikka Wilson the Same.

“Mi Familia Cinco Ninos.” Tanikka Paulk’s Ninos. By: (Tanikka Paulk)

My Family 5 Boys. Tanikka Paulk Boys

My Poetic Expressions From the Heart

What is it that we see?

There seems to be some very lost

What are so many doing and at what cost?

Time continues to move along

The sounds of a clock and the thoughts of the most strong

So many seem to be in a space where there is no exit

Darkness has taken over so many

Perhaps there are some willing to come out

Although there are many troubles around

The actions of so many hasn’t gotten me=Tanikka Paulk down

There is progress anyway and yes I’m “continuing” on my journey

Poetic Piece Written by: (Tanikka Paulk)

From the Poet, Writer, Author and Blogger

It appears as though humanity is in some sort of trouble. So many seem to be in a very dark place. The compassion seem the s to be so far behind. It’s amazing how so many would rather try to knock others down instead of lifting up. Perhaps a lot of the ways aren’t of Godly nature. There are some who may feel bad about  their actions but some will not feel bad at all. The world is in a mess. How can fingers be pointed but never take a look in the mirror at self? Some are certainly out of place. Even when it appears as if so many are trying to cause a disruption. I’m “choosing” to continue on and I Tanikka Paulk know that God will see me=Tanikka Paulk through. God/Lord the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things.

Through my journey, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of adversity to face, some which is produced by mankind. Not all will want to see a climb occur. There are some who are certainly like crabs. They’re waiting to pull any person down who seems to be in a path of excelling. Not fair at all but in order to get through determination must be within. No matter what’s said or done. A person must have the will and drive to continue on despite what occurs. Unfortunately there are so many who simply aren’t “confident” enough to advance in anyway. There will be some who self hate and they’re the ones who are unable to love any person at all because they’re not loving self.

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Not everything that is seen by the eyes is actually what is so. Sometimes the eyes can deceive in someway. Meaning that our sight may think we’re seeing one …

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There’s the Will and There Certainly is More Than one way

No matter how tough things seem. There will always be a way to get through whatever one is going through. Of course it isn’t easy to have to deal with so many challenges all at once but we’re all made “to conquer.” There isn’t anything that we’ll go through that we’re not able to withstand and what we think is very important. If one door doesn’t open then the next will. Holding on until the time is right. There has to be patience involved. Do not become discouraged by doors closing and being challenged. No journey will be an easy one. There will be a lot learned and a lot of growing occurring. We all must face the adversity. Some may become dismayed by having to deal with so much adversity and for some they’ve simply given up.

Don’t give up and don’t give in. There are other ways to solve the problems that we’ll surely experience. Not all will know exactly how to deal with all matters which arise. If we take the time to gather our thought then we’ll be able to get through the roads. A lot of people will try to block some because they’re trying to see how far they’re able to go. Being challenged at times can be annoying. There are some who refuse to back off. Even the ones who are constantly trying to challenge another can be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Taking the time to figure out just what tactics need to be used in order to find “development” can be quite helpful.

Too many people become discouraged because of what they’ve faced or will have to face. No person will be without problems. There will be some who will go through more problematic events than others. It’s not easy when there is so much to accomplish and there are many distractions but there are so many ways to overcome the distractions. A lot of people may not understand exactly how they’ll be able to manage all of the events that can take place in a one’s life. So many may end up ceasing whatever it is they’re trying “to accomplish” because of being overwhelmed by what occurs in life.

We should consider taking the time to elevate despite what will occur. There is absolutely no way of getting around problems. The problems will occur no matter how we try to avoid the problems. For some they’ve discovered that engaging in positive activities help get the persons through the challenging experiences. There’s a lot of people who are willing to listen when there seems to be some distress. Even when there appears to be a lot of distractions and other challenges it’s best to just proceed anyway. Of course there may be times when it appears as if the movement is slowed down. Some “movement” means there is some progress.

Not every person will figure out that there is more than one way to get through the matters which we’ll incur while on earth. There are some who have not only fallen but do not know exactly how to get back up again. Facing the obstacles will help a person grow. It would be “nice” if all wanted to be apart of growth and if all wanted to see all rise up!. Some will try to slow the process down or try to get individuals to stop making any progress at all. No matter what they’re saying, any person who wants to advance can do so, and should do so. The problems are meant to be solved and yes there will be times when we’ll need others to assist with solving the matters.

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Author’s Notes: Have faced many challenges as a writer, blogger, advocate and founder. No matter how many continue to be oh so challenging. I’m still continuing on and I’m not discouraged. Every person deserves to have dreams, to accomplish, and to become successful. My photo below. The Photo belongs to (Tanikka Paulk)


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