She Knows how to add in Order to Incur the Necessary Developments

To build, achieve, live a dream or perhaps dreams is so amazing. There are more and abundantly discoveries. I’m fortunate to have been apart of what some could only hope for. “To have walked to runway, dress rehearsal, lighting is the changing over?” No! There could be some future “performances.” Possibly. There is the thought of the future! Builders want to move efficiently. They’re dedicated to the goals. There is progress even when there’s smaller progressions. Elevation is what individuals should want.

Additions there will be more added perhaps there were some trying to subtract for whatever reasons. They’ve caused some disruption but when there’s so much determination then one can really soar. My name may stand alone. The building occurs and although most of the time it seems as if I’m the only builder there;s the assistance. Motivated in order to reach one set direction to the other direction. There has been the pushing which is certainly better than the pulling. There is also the persistence.

Almost similar to the Tupac song “All Eyez on Me.” That’s alright if they’re interested in watching how movements occur. There will be more further developments. To develop is similar to a nest filled with baby birds. The mother bird is to help her young develop into adult birds. There is the feeding from the mother bird’s mouth and dropped into her young’s mouth so that the birds receive their nourishment in order to “be apart of growth.”

The ability to grow seems to have declined by “observation.” I’ve observed some refusing to allow the elevating of what can unify a nation. “Nation” continues to provide the services which will help communities grow. Recognizing others as directed by God the Father of Jesus Christ. There are many variations, strategies, methods to escalating. Actions are occurring. No matter how many noises are heard a person can decide whether to focus on the noises or proceed confidently.

I’ve chosen to proceed confidently. Allowing the positives to help with producing abundance. There is the “effectiveness.” Creating and have pieced together what some have feared. There are some afraid to allow their crafts to develop. A well developed craft could help others achieve their set goals. “Moving along proactive, crafty, magnifying how many will choose to do exactly what I’ve done or will continue to do?” (Tanikka Paulk). Although there were some wanting to force me=Tanikka Paulk into a decline. I’ve refused. Refusing to allow the disruptions to setback what can be sensationalism.


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I’m Seeking the Proper Solutions

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“Soaring Gloriously” (Tiki33) (Tanikka Paulk)

Attracted to Peacefulness on the Real

There are so many ways to experience peacefulness. Yes there could be the havoc but there is also the solitude. The best thing to do is to find where (donde)? the peace occurs. Although there’s exposure to harsh environments there are also ways to limit the time spent in such environments. Does one really need to accept what the others are trying to project? No. There are the troublemakers and what can one do about the ones trying to cause trouble? Allow the peace to enter.

Training the mind to become connected to positive thinking. Smiling is an awesome way to experience “the peace.” Being surrounded by peacefulness and allowing peaceful friends to be apart of our lives helps. “Yes I’d rather be apart of peace and enjoy the creations in which God has made so therefore there will be moments of enjoyment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve discovered that listening to soft music and the birds will help generate calmness.

There’s certainly lots to discover and what so many could be missing is the best ways to enjoy the solitude. Seeking and “have seek” to find the joyfulness in which so many aren’t trying to allow in. Reading also allows the stress to decrease. Less stress could incur better experiences. To experience such things is absolutely a blessing. How many are selecting to do so? It seems as though there are more wanting to cause disruptions when there should be more trying to build up.

What will tomorrow hold? Perhaps that’s “a question” so many have asked. One may never know what tomorrow will hold but should at least enjoy what today makes. I’ve made my way to such a place. To transform my mind to think on levels in which so many have refrained to think. Just consider the puzzle and how to finish putting the pieces together. Positivity will help one advance to levels in which they’re working to achieve. “I’d rather be positive but there will be times when there is less positivity at least there are the efforts to generate positivity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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I’m Qualified for That Mission

There’s too many People failing to understand that all persons aren’t equipped to travel on the journey. No matter how many times it’s explained there seems to be some refusing to accept that there will be no invitation. There’s certainly difficulties if there are many uncooperative People. There should be at least some consideration to understand. The focus is to accomplish the set goals in order to create stability. The economy certainly can use a boost. There are invaders and the ones trying to sabotage shouldn’t receive an invitation. “The ability” to understand seems to be far between some of the membranes.

The mission is to incur higher revenue. Imagine if budgets continue to dip then there could be individuals being laid off and suffering economical distress. How many are willing to assist how many really are concerned about growth? When there are achievements to accomplish then there should be cooperative People. Are they concerned about increases or are they simply focused on causing decreases. The mission shouldn’t be every person’s mission because there are some refusing to become “qualified”. There must be “visionaries” on such mission. That is right.

When there’s growth then there will be more stability. There could be less homelessness but so many are so focused on their selfishness that they’re unable to visualize. There is more than dreaming occurring. There is no time to waste on babysitting the insecurities in which so many seem to project. The ones believing in the abundance are the ones qualified to travel on the journey. A visionary should consider and observe the qualified. Most of the time the person will have to travel alone. Having too many hanging on could result in delays. “To consider the most effective ways to assist the economy is what is needed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve encountered persons continuing to cause havoc because they’re really afraid of prosperity. The challenges and adversities could create greater strength but too much pulling and there could be broken bridges. They’re not looking ahead there seems to be some continuing to look backwards. There should be further developments. There should be positive thinking and sights on what will help the entire world. Some have confused themselves by refusing to see what is in front of People. Look closer and there could be “connections” beyond imagined. “There will be accomplishments in which some could be taken back by. It’s the wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Transitioning From one Stage to Another

Don’t be Surprised as to who Receives Abundance

“The ray of hope begins with developing a positive mindset.” (Tanikka Paulk)

A Bright Attitude Towards Greater Achievements

So many may have discovered that trying to achieve more can be quite difficult. There could be a lot of individuals trying to create a cease but through determination one can continue on the path in which their destined to achieve. No matter how difficult “the journey” becomes there can be lots of success achieved. For some the thoughts of achieving is quite exciting and for others they may not be so interested in what is achieved. In order to remain focused on the right path there will need to be removals.

To remove distractions is necessary. However no matter what one tries to achieve there will be times when distractions make their way in. Some may choose to complete less because of fatigue due to having to come up against the doubters. “Headed Towards Remarkable Greatness and That’s What’s Been Designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. If they’re focusing on disruptions then they’re not trying to move ahead. Some determine one’s success by dollars and cents and others view success levels as moving towards the upper ladders.

If there is continuous actions then a person can create heights so many heights. “There will be noise surrounded by the vision but continue fourth despite what’s said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk. We’ll have to learn to inspire self. Waiting on others to provide the inspirations isn’t what should be done. There may not be too many willing to project inspiration. Some will even go as far as to project discouragement so that there is either a slowdown or an end to what the person or persons are trying to achieve.

Be Encouraged 

Yes, there will be lots of individuals yelling and projecting ugly words. Allow “encouragement” in and listen to positive sounds and witness the positivity. Some environments will be exposed with misguided information. There are some so determined to destroy what is clearly suppose to be. Perhaps more should be focused on the end results. Focused on what will add value and not the subtractions. When pursuing there will be a lot of individuals upset because they’ve refused to live their dreams.

If they’re not pleased with what’s occurring then we certainly don’t have to stop what we’re doing in order to please individuals whom never be pleased anyway. The opinions will float about and there will be a lot of chatter about what is going on and what a person should or shouldn’t do. Remain focused on the important areas. The dreams, visions, and ideas can be surrounded by light but there must be less time spent in dark areas. “If what’s being said adds no value then there shouldn’t be any focus on what’s being said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Oh yes too Determined to Turn Back

There’s Progress Even When it Appears to be Declined

Everyday that effort is projected “the progress” continues. There will be progress even when the progress is minimized. Putting fourth effort is necessary in order to complete not only tasks but to complete a journey. It’s a beautiful thing when we’re allowed to move along the journey. Some may experience slowness because there’s so many disruptions. If the determination is there then one can proceed and become even more effective. There’s no worries when we’re in progress.

To be able to progress to another level is a blessing. Not all will appreciate being able to progress or be productive. “The Noise Will Occur but Focus Will Allow one to Continue on the Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is work to be done and of course there will be times when the focus is withdrawn. No matter how many distractions are presented, it’s better to just proceed, or restart. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing setbacks. Every person has gone the the ups and the downs. Remaining confident is so important.

The Productivity

Being productive is a very rewarding experience. Not all will desire to be productive. There are some continuing to try to decrease productivity. Even less than an hour of productivity is apart of progression. On the journey there is a lot to discover. There’s a lot to deal with and for some the load has been more than enough. Thinking positively helps to keep the focus. “I’m so determined to arrive at my destination. Indeed I am.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes, so many have tried to cause a cease but I’m not going to settle.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hanging on to my Dreams, Ideas, and Visions

I’m continuing to learn myself more and I’ve also observed just how some are willing to operate. My dreams aren’t any other’s dreams. what I’ve created doesn’t belong to any other person. There are some who’ve decided to try and take away my vision. When one expects to achieve more then they’ll fight for whatever it is they’re trying to pursue. Unfortunately there are some refraining to work on their own dreams and visions. There certainly has to be bravery. Not all will have enough courage to even start. “I’m Pleased to be Able to Experience the Journey and Discover Even More.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There’s a smile because I’m aware what God declared. Yes, mankind has tried to destroy what was already declared, and I’m sure there has to be some frustration but there’s joy because I’m living my dream.” By: Tanikka Paulk. To think about the end results keeps my focus and I’m wanting to be even more successful. Success certainly comes in  many forms. What one perceives as success another may not. I’m so pleased to be able to have opportunities and I’m sure there’s more to come.


The Time Continues to Move

There ‘s rapid speed and there’s steadily movements

Soon there will be many changes and some may not accept

My focus is to arrive where I’m destined to be

What is chosen for one may not be for another

There is great rewards when pursuing a dream or two

What I’m achieving may not be for Teddy, Peggy, or Sue

My journey shouldn’t consist of so many

There is way too much to accomplish and there’s no time for the petty

I’m proceeding and it is good

My crafts are my own and I’m not giving the crafts away

Poetic Piece written by: Tanikka Paulk


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I’m Going Where I’m Going

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What Occurs Here Shouldn’t be Placed on my Shoulders

Perhaps not all understand that we’re not equipped to have every problem weighing on our shoulders. However we can withstand a lot at one time but too much and we’ll become fatigued. It’s quite obvious that so many believe that I’m able to deal with all the problems and assist every person. If every person did their share then we’ll be better off. No person should expect a person to try and assist the entire world. No person should even try to do so. It’s important that there is rest. If there isn’t sufficient rest then we’ll break down.

For some they’re always dealing with matters in which are very challenging. There’s a lot of individuals very challenging. Sometimes we’ll need to break away from the areas in which cause tremendous stress. It’s certainly not easy when we’re having to deal with so many issues and when there are few understanding. Of course there are so many having strength but there will be times when it appears as if we’re not as strong. Every person will have their times when they’re not in the mood and not wanting to even interact with the outsiders.

There’s no way that we’ll avoid problems. There are ways that we’ll able to deal with the problematic events in a more appropriate manner. Yes, it’s so unsettling when we’re coming up against so many. Why are so many so difficult to deal with? Perhaps there are so many going through trial after trial. Not all persons will know how to deal with the many trials we’ll have to face here on earth. “There will be Hardships but how we Deal With the Hardships Will Certainly Make the Difference.” By: Tanikka Paulk

If we’re patient then we’ll find that what is occurring will decrease and eventually fade. Knowing how to deal with problems more effectively will reduce the stress level and increase enjoyment. For some it appears as if everyday is filled with some form of challenge. It certainly takes strength in order to get through the storms. Facing the problems head on may help but having way too many problems can cause fatigue and way the mind down. Dissecting the problems and taking some time out to rest will allow persons to manage their problems better. “I’ve been challenged many times but I’m remaining in tact. Thank God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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In Time all Matters Will be Rectified

It’s the Greatness Which so Many Attack

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Go Harder and Stronger

It doesn’t matter how many people come up against us. If we give up on what we love and what we dream to be then we will be miserable. Not everyone will be pleased with our efforts or achievements but we shouldn’t stop speaking out or stop trying to reach our goals. The more that’s comes up against the more we should fight. It takes strength to continue going on through the storms. Even when we think that we’re walking alone we’re not.

Never allow anyone to stop you from living your dreams. Unfortunately there’s people that are waiting to knock us down to our knees. Some are very determined to do so but we wouldn’t build strength if we don’t face those trials. No one who has achieved their dreams have avoided going through challenges. Too many people have given up because they felt as if their efforts were in vain. Not true. It may seem as if the road is long and rough but it’s the destination that one is trying to reach.

Of course when one is going through the storms they may think that they’re not making any progress because what they’re going through. Progress occurs when there’s effort. With no effort there will be no “movement.” Despite the obstacles one should keep fighting, and yes, it may be a long fight but when it’s all said and done it will be well worth it. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves up will allow us to try again and again.

It’s unfortunate that people will try to sabotage our dreams but that’s apart of adversity. The adversity will come and sometimes it will come in waves and other times it will occur so often that we wonder if we’ll ever get through it. People will want a visionary to give up because they may be intimidated. The more we “uplift” ourselves the more we’ll achieve. Sometimes we may need to step back and try again and again.

Great achievers and visionaries went through trial after trial but they decided not to give up. They wanted to succeed and came across resistance but kept on doing what they believe they were meant to do anyway. That’s how it should be. We shouldn’t have to give up because people are pleased with what we have to offer. Some won’t understand our journey at all and no matter how we try to explain it. They may never understand it. Our visions aren’t for everyone to understand. We simply have to take the good with the bad. The bitter with the sweet and keep remaining “hopeful.”

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The Truth is not Everyone Wants to see it

So you’re doing something out of the norm and you’ve noticed that some aren’t too pleased with it. Well, that’s alright, not everyone is happy for those trying to elevate. Some aren’t happy within so they may become irritated by those who are trying to make a difference. We’re all set out to do something. We have greatness within us but not all will choose to project it.

Some people have been down in the dumps because they’ve came in contact with others who are just miserable.  Every time they see you or others come up with some great idea. They become irritated. Why? Well, they didn’t come up with it, and they’re upset that you did. We can’t control what people will say or do but we can choose to move forward and do what’s best for us.

Sometimes people are so upset with themselves it surfuces on the outside. We can’t stop doing what we’re purposed to do just because people are irtitated by it. We can’t live for others and they can’t live for us.. The goal is to irritate others so much that they’ll quit. Don’t give up on your dreams because the crowd makes noise.

In fact is a good sign when they do. If it wasn’t big then no one would notice. Too many people turn back because they listen to what others have to say. Some advice can be accepted and others we should try to tune out. Not everyone will understand our “vision.” In fact it’s not for everyone to understand. For those who love it, great, and those who don’t that’s fine. We can’t stop achieving because people want us to.

If you want to do something spectacular then you will have to learn to put somethings to the side. We can’t listen to everyone but we should listento sound advice. Constructive criticism. Not nonsense. If you love it then why not go for it? We never know how much of a difference we can make by doing what we love.

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Find Other Ways to get it Done

There’s many ways to go about doing things. We should find the best ways, the most effective ways, and those ways should produce “abundance.” Sometimes we try to accomplish something but there’s a fork in the road and we wonder how in the world are we going to get around it. The best way to get around obstacles is to regroup and rethink. We may have to take some time to think about which way we would like to go. Once we’ve declared what will work best. We must stick with it. In order for us to create success. We have to be willing to deal with the good and the bad. We have to have continuous action.

A setback doesn’t mean that a failure has occurred. It means that we may have to try whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish one more time. If we try the second time and it still didn’t work then we need to try it again until we’ve hit the gold mine. Yes, it make take a couple of tries before we’re able to complete the task at hand. If one way doesn’t work then we should try another way. The most important thing is reaching to that desired place. We want to advance and we need to find the most effective ways to make that happen.

We shouldn’t be discouraged when something falls through. It could be the timing. If the timing is off then it won’t happen. It has to be fitting so we may become disappointed until we understand why things went they this or that way. As long as we’re putting in effort. We’re achieving. We can’t achieve anything by standing still. There has to be some sort of “movement” going on. We can conquer a whole lot but we must be willing to go through some storms in order to do so.

“Be Like a Tree and Grow”


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Have to Keep Moving

If you believe you can overcome and you believe you can achieve then you can. Our mindsets are important. A mind filled with hopes and dreams can accomplish many things. If we want it then we will have to figure out a way to obtain it. Continuous effort will produce results.

We shouldn’t become discouraged if our progress is slowed down. A slow movement is still a movement. Great things can be achieved through persistence. Believing in self goes a long way. Of course it would be nice if others believed in us but the most important thing is that we believe in ourselves. Even when the hurdles make their way in our lives. We can overcome.

Everyday that we wake offers us an opportunity to grow. We can become stronger and wiser. We should allow the brightness in. Enjoy our days and complete a task or iwo. Hard work can produce a lot for us. We don’t always have to work hard. We should find the smartest way to work. We’re given gifts that we can decide to use or not.

Time moves quickly but we’re able to get a lot done in a short time period. In order to make a lot of progress. We may have to tune somethings out. Meditating will help us work better and it will help us feel better. Even when we face challenges. We can push through them. We can win battles by having faith. A dream doesn’t occur with hopelessness. It occurs with”hope.” We may have to push harder than most.

We must accept that a lot may be required from us. There’s a way to solve an issue. As we grow. We’ll figure the best solutions to our problems. A dreamer doesn’t quit. Their minds continue to ponder. Their hearts grow stronger. They’re believers and achievers. Believing it can be done is apart of “greatness.”

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