Remain Focused in Order to Become More Accomplished

Oh no can’t lose the focus there’s way too much to accomplish. There should be more and more develops shouldn’t there? Yes, yes, yes! So therefore there will need to be blocking out the noise. Noisemakers could disrupt what needs to occur. There could be a lot said but does any person have to listen to what’s being said or even posted? No! Movements continue and focusing should continue. There’s a lot or areas to cover so how many are traveling currently? There are lots and lots. Some are unable to be seen but they’re coming along should all come along? No!

Eventually there will need to be a breakaway. If there’s is any desire to arrive at a certain destination then there has to be a decision to let the passengers off. Saying “goodbye” will need to occur. Some will certainly be displeased with having to be told that they aren’t allowed “to continue” to travel. On some journey’s there are none traveling and there will be times when the person will have to travel alone. Progress is what’s right! I’m exploring and certainly have discovered what some have thought I’d never discover.

Thinking of the many ways to make it from this position to that one (Tanikka Paulk). Here I am and soon there I will be. Oh how some are anxious to know exactly what’s planned. There’s no need to know at this time (Tanikka Paulk) because there are so many in tuned with trying to sabotage. Oh the competition seems to be ongoing. “Yes there has to be focus in order to achieve what really needs to be achieved.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Determined. Some may have thought that I’ve lost my motivation but the motivation is still here.

I’m firm enough to stand up for my dreams. Competitors will try to intimidate but it’s up to me=Tanikka Paulk whether I’d allow their intimidation tactics to work. There was a decision long ago to remain confident and proceed on my journey in which God had already declared. Some have forced their way on my path but there will have to be the projecting “of boundaries.” The keep away sign. There are some who shouldn’t be allowed to travel because they are disruptive and will try to dismantle my progress.

“Advancement Could Intimidate Some but That Doesn’t Mean That There Shouldn’t be any More Progress.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Dream Anyway Someone Will Always be Disappointed

It doesn’t matter how many people disagree with one’s dreams. We should dream anyway. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Everyone can’t handle our dreams and visions. Some won’t understand and others won’t care to understand them. It’s ubfortunate that people refuse to believe that anyone can accomplish greatness. We all have talents with us.

Of course not everyone will want to put in the work that’s necessary to “advance” Some will be so riddled with insecurities and it produces chaos. They may feel as if some people don’t deserve to be successful or some have more talent than they do. The fact remains that some people will demise others for embracing their visions. Even if people come up against you. It doesn’t mean stopping should occur. We have to keep going and be determined.

Talent is everywhere. It’s in every city and state. We can find it all over the world. Some may choose to hide their talents and that’s decision but for those who allow their talents to “shine” shouldn’t be reprimanted for it. We should encourage others to follow their dreams. There’s plenty of room at the top. There’s more people trying to pull dreamers down and it’s ridiculous.

We can accomplish a lot if we assist one another. There’s no need for envy. Because people receive so much flack for takibg action. A lot refuse to share the gifts that God has given them. People shouldn’t be fearful, they should feel good about wanting to help others, and wanting to advance. It can be discouraging when there’s little to no support. It can weigh anyone down when people try to hinder dreams coming true.

We shouldn’t be discouraged. Our goals deserve to be accomplished. No one should give up on their dreams and they should especially not give up on them based on what others are saying. Feel the need to kerp going. Stay motivated and driven. If we don’t act. We will certainly regret it.

“Pack Your Bags and Travel to Unknown Destinations” T. Paulk

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Getting Business Done With Repetitive Action

When there’s so much to do no one should have time for nonsense. Alright, a little horsing around is okay, but when it’s time to get to “business.” It’s that time. If we want to get somewhere then we have to move. If we plan on making achievements then we will have to put the play aside for the time being.

How many are trying to reach the top? Well. We can certainly do that if we make progress day after day. Some days are filled with less production but we shouldn’t allow continous unproductive activities to take place. We must encourage ourselves to “make things happen.” There’s business decisions and there’s goals that need to be taken care of. How can we do that when our focus is on things that won’t help us excel?

Those activities that will steer us away from our goals will need to be tossed to the side. There’s 24 hours in the day and we should use them wisely. When the business time and day is finished then the play can take place. In order to reach the top. We have to work. Well, maybe not so hard, but smart. The smart thing to do is to put the noise aside. If we don’t then we will lose time and fall far off track.

There’s so many ways that we can get things accomplished. We could get more accomplished with removing those things that will prevent us from reaching heights. There’s a reason why we put in the work and make moves every single day. When we have a plan set in place. We can either go with it or stop trying to pursue it. If we really want to get ahead then we must believe and stay motivated. A dreamer and business minded individual can accomplish great things through repetitive action.

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