Go Through the Storms

We can’t expect to move towards our destination without going through some storms. We have to go through the pain, lessons, and experiences. Of course it won’t be easy but with “Faith” we can excel. The resistance from others will occur. Either we make our way through it or we give up. Giving up should never be an option.

The more we go through the more experience we’ll obtain. Anytime we stand out. It will irtitate someone somewhere. We can’t do anything about what others will do or say but we have control over how we will handle it. When we understand that the difficulties will be there. We’ll know how to deal better. When we hit a road block. We should quickly think of a solution. How will we get through this?

We’re capable of overcoming. Our minds have to be trained to think of overcoming. We have solutions but we have to find the best ones. No one who lived their dreams avoided storms. If they really want them to come true then they will work at it. They will do what it takes to reach their goals. It doesn’t matter how many people want to squash them.

When we experience complexities we develop. Developing should occur while on your journey. We should learn what to do or not do. Of course we won’t know that at first but we will learn. Life is filled with all sorts of challenges. Some may not know how to deal with them effectively. When we find ourselves in a storm. We should take a step back and think of ways to move forward. Move in a direction that will allow us to make the progress needed.

We shouldn’t become consumed with stress. There’s a way and if we’re unable to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves then we will need to regroup. There’s nothing wrong with regrouping. If setbacks occur, that doesn’t mean that failure occured, it means we needed to redirect those actions.

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If it Takes Numerous Times so be it

Every successful person has failed at something. True failure occurs when we don’t try at all. It’s alright if something didn’t work the first time, second time, or even the third time. We shouldn’t feel hopeless when things seem to be falling apart. What that happens it could mean that things are really coming together. In order to be great one has to be willing to take some punches and fall again and again.

Being a success at something means absolutely nothing if one is unwilling to give back. We can succeed but we have to remain “hopeful.” People may laugh at one’s way of doing things or at the time frame it took them to reach a certain level. The most important thing is that they reached the finish line. There’s a whole lot of people who had to try again and again before they got it right!

Never be discouraged if you have to try over and over. A determined person will keep going no matter what. Setbacks are apart of life but if we dwell on the setbacks then we’re unable to get ahead. We must rise above the challenges and keep moving upwards. Our attitude about our journey is very important. We can not a a defeated mindset. That would cause us to feel fatigued and want to give up.

Too many people give up after the first attempt. They’re probably fearful of failure and refuse to try again. Well, sometimes it will require that we try numerous times before we get it right, if one really wants it to happen then they’ll “Make it Happen.” Giving up shouldn’t be an option. If a break is needed then take a break but don’t give up. We can accomplish great things but we must be willing to give it our all. Stay motivated and believe in yourself. Those dreams can come true when one puts their mind to it.

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What’s Stopping you

Being fearful to start something thar can irritate a lot of people is understandable but not going for isn’t wise. We should live our dreams. We should take those risks. Yes, things will be difficult, but that’s expected. Too many people end up regreting not doing the things they love. Anyone who’s ever gone after their dreams knows that it won’t be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it.

It takes courage and determination to stay on that path. Some may try to get those “dreamers” to stop dreaming. If you’re trying to live your dreams. Do not pay attention to the noise. The boo’s, the criticism, and heckling will come. If one’s vision is small then people wouldn’t bother. It’s those big dreams that irritate people. We should continue with our dreams. For those who haven’t started yet should start right away.

Yes, it will take time, but it will be worth it. There will be all sorts of insults thrown around but when you think about the destination. The insults will be laughable. People will probably that your dreams our way out there. They may try to make you believe that it can’t be done. Don’t listen. When people refused to live their dreams. They will tell others that their dreams are impossible.

It’s possible. We should listen to motivational videos and positive communications. If we allow the negatives to embed in our membranes then we will start to slow down and may consider giving up. Don’t allow any of the trash talking to stop you from moving up. Think about how many people can be helped through the actions of others. Our dreams can inspire a lot of people to go for it. We should be inspired by ourselves and we should be inspired by others.

Never think that you’re not capable of doing something complex. We can do more than we allow our thoughts to gather. We can achieve great things. If we don’t try then we’ll never know what we can accomplish. We’ll have to push ourselves. That’s alright. Pushing ourselves will build a better us.

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Just Because They say it Doesn’t Make it True

Yes, when you try to chase those dreams, you’ll be chased. Be prepared to be unappreciated and come in contact with raging voices. That’s alright. No one accomplishing their dreams by listening to “naysayers.” When we first start out we may not understand this but as time goes on we become immune to the negativity. If we want to move ahead then we must block a whole lot of things out. There will be individuals that will try to make us feel as if we don’t deserve success.

If we work hard then we’ll receive those things that we work hard for. Trying to reach “greatness” comes with a lot of pain, disappointment, and setbacks but as time goes on. It gets easier. We can’t allow noise to stop us from succeeding. If we take steps each day then we will get ahead. No one should want to stay at the bottom. Yes, people will try to pull those who are trying to live their dreams down, but a strong individual will keep going even when a fall occurs.

No matter how rugged the road becomes. One should keep moving. Risks are apart of life and they’re certainly apart of the journey. It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand that with effort we all can get ahead. Everyone has talent and we should allow it to “shine.” If one doesn’t want to move forward then they shouldn’t try to stop those who are trying to do so. The higher one climbs the more they may come in contact with the irritated.

We shouldn’t have to dim our lights just because it irritates others. We may lose friends and some supporters but those who truly want to be with us will. We shouldn’t stop accomplishing our goals because we face adversity. We have to develop so we will come in contact with some difficulties. As long as we desire to get better then we will. We must ponder on good thoughts and spend time with people who support us.

Trying to follow our dreams will require that we work extra hard. We’ll learn to be great problem solvers. No one can stop us from elevating but ourselves. There’s so much that we can accomplish is we tune certain things out. It’s important that we find those things that will help us stay motivated.

“Shine Your Light”

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Determination Will get us There

If we’re determined to “Make it Happen” then in all likelihood it will happen. Determination consist of efforts that generate a goal or bettering one’s life. Without :determination” we won’t achieve whatever it is we’re trying to achieve. Sometimes we may want some things to happen but are unwilling to make to put in the work it takes to make them happen. We can’t sit back and not put in the effort. Sometimes we’ll have to work long hours in order to achieve our desired goals. It isn’t easy but if we don’t then we may not reach our destination.

A dreamer doesn’t just dream, they’re driven, and they won’t give up. We come up with ideas and there’s nothing wrong with that but an idea becomes viable when we do something with it. If we just think about it then it has no life but when we put it in motion then it becomes apart of a plan. Talking about doing something and actually doing are two different things. If we want our ideas and visions to blossom then we must act on them. If we want to them grow a bit quicker then we may want to keep a tight lid on them.

Unfortunately there will be people who want to steal those ideas but if we’re determined then we won’t allow that to happen. When we’ve put in the work to make things happen for us. We should be appreciative because we’ve worked for it. Our sweat, tears, and pain are the reasons why we reach our destination. Without any pain we probably wouldn’t grow. We should experience some growth while on our journey. We should learn more and become wiser. Determination is key.

If we’re not determined enough then we won’t accomplish enough. We will have to encourage ourselves, “self motivation, a lot of that will go on while we’re in search of our “greatness.” Our rewards will come after the work is done. We will feel some aches and pains will is to be expected when trying to do extraordinary things. We can’t stop moving when storms arise. We have to learn how to get through them and right. Fight to the finish line. Take action. Continuous action is necessary in order to achieve (Excellence).

“Be Determined and go After it”

Take Risks it’s Worth it

We don’t have to stand still. There’s so much that we can accomplish but in order to accomplish those complex things. We can not be fearful. We have to take risks at some point in our lives. If we don’t then we will miss out on son will take opportunities and we’ll regret it if we do.

If you ever though about doing something that will take more from you then you’ve thought about risks. Some may not want to take risks because they fear failure. If there’s no effort then we have failed. If we really want something then we will do what it takes to obtain it.

Taking risks takes courage. A courageous person takes risks knowing that there’s a change they could fail. Even if failure occurs. Trying once again wouldn’t hurt. We shouldn’t be afraid that something will go wrong. We consider all the things that can go right. We can accomplish son great things if we just “step out on faith.” Once fear is removed we will move quickly towards those things we want to accomplish. We have “greatness” within us. We have to believe that we can and will do those things that may seem impossible to others. If we believe that we can then we can.

Yes, some will try to hinder us, but determination will get us there. We have to tune out the noise and go fourth. We never know how much we can accomplish until we make a decision to take the risks.

Risk taking takes a whole lot of courage which we can develop. If no one pushes us. We have to push ourselves in order to make it to a higher level. If we don’t take risks then we will become consumed with disappointment and frustration because we refused to take the leap. There has to come a time in our lives that we do those thing that will create development and will create better living for us.

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Don’t Become Dismayed When People Come up Against you

Understand that people will come against anyone trying to do something important, great, or something that will help yourself as well as others. Don’e be dismayed. It’s as if you’re in training. One has to generate a tougher skin when pursuing their aspirations. Not everyone will be happy for you and be prepared to stand alone. Even when it appears that you’re alone. Your thoughts shouldn’t fall on negatives thoughts. It’s never easy when trying to “live your dreams.” People will even come up against those who give to others. They’ll be upset because they may feel as if they were left out.

Keep moving. It doesn’t how many people come up against you and how many don’t believe that believe in you. As long as we believe in ourselves that’s what truly matters. Don’t be amazed who will come up against you. Even those in your household will do so. Don’t give up on what you believe you be doing. Too many people give up because of fear. Fear that they won’t be accepted or that people won’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish. The fear has to be removed so that one can proceed in pursuing their goals. Don’t listen to the barks concentrate on getting the job done.

If we stopped doing what others don’t want us to do then we will become consumed with regret. We’ll regret that we didn’t do what we love or what could help a whole lot of people. Yes, there will hecklers, and people taunting you but a lot of them are people who didn’t or were to fearful to pursue their dreams. We can’t base our decisions on what others will say or think. We must do what’s best for us or follow what we believe in. No one can force a person to do or not do. Of course we can listen to some of the advice that heads our way but we shouldn’t take in all advice. Some of it won’t be worth taking in.

If one wants to succeed in what they’re doing then they will have to tune out a lot of things. Focus on trying to better themselves and reach what many may consider impossible.Nothing is impossible through God and Jesus. We should certainly pursue those things that will help others. There will always be someone who disagrees with what one is trying to accomplish. No matter how tough it gets and how many times you’re knocked down. One must get back up and go harder than before.

Facing adversity is apart of life and it certainly will be apart of pursuing something great. Don’t be dismayed if those who you thought would be supportive turns against you. One may never know who will be there for them or against them but there’s always someone who believes in (you) and that person should be (you). People coming up against us should make us stronger and yes, well want to shed some tears, but that shouldn’t detour us from wanting to accomplish our goals. Don’t be fearful of the journey.Learn from it and “grow” from it. By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk)

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The Believing is in the Believer

Can we get the most complex things accomplished? Of course we can but it’s done through believing. Believe that achievements are within us. Being confident doesn’t mean that one is boasting but it does mean that they have a belief that things can be accomplished. It’s their faith that drives them to take the risks. One without it may not take the risk because the “faith” isn’t there.

Our gifts deserve to “shine.” Why shouldn’t they. God didn’t give them to us to keep them hidden. If we doubt ourselves then others will surely doubt us. People want to know if we believe in ourselves. Fear hinders us and it sometimes comes to visit us but we can kick it to the curb. Believing goes along way. It builds bridges for so many of us to cross.

A lot can be accomplished if we just allow security to be apart of our lives. Insecurities will mess go against us. It doesn’t accomplish a thing. Our faith will determine whether our goals will occur or not. If there’s little faith then there’s little progress. Progression will happen when we believe it will. Our minds have to remain focused on “determination.” There’s no progress if there’s no belief. Sometimes we allow those negative thoughts to seep in. We shouldn’t do it but it happens.

It”s possible to block those negative thoughts out and although it may not be easy times. It can be done. Growth occurs when we decide that we want it. If we want to elevate then we need to transform in a positive manner. Great things can be accomplished when we believe and receive those things that will help us “grow.” Stand on faith and allow doubt to walk away. Doubt isn’t our friend. It will cause setbacks and could stop us altogether.

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It Will Happen so be Prepared

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve or what you’re doing. There will always be someone who will judge, hinder, and be envious. Anyone who decides to dream will find themselves under attack. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a spiritual journey or whatever you’re passionate about. People won’t like it but it doesn’t mattet.

We can’t stop dreaming because someone or people disagree with it. No one can stop a dreamer but a dreamer. The attacks that come up against those who follow their dreams doesn’t mean that they’re on the wrong path. It simply means that they’re going in the right direction. People wouldn’t bother with something if it didn’t have greatness in it. Don’t be discouraged if attacks head your way. Continue with the (vision) and be glad that you were chosen on a very special assignment.

People will try to discourage. They could be testing you or they could just want the process to cease. We shouldn’t stop giving, helping, or sharing because some people are dissatisfied. No one can please everyone. Someone will be disappointed and some may even project hate. If that happens don’t despair because that will be something they have to deal with.

Keep going and believe that you’re capable of doing whatever you’ve set out to do. In time those who were agitated about those dreams will want to get on board.When people don’t understand or care to understand, they tend to misjudge, and they become angry. It happens.

Not everyone thinks the same. One may see great potential in a dreamer and another may not see it at all. As long as we believe in ourselves that’s the most important thing. It doesn’t matter who wants us to stop what we’re doing or who tells us to turn back. I was told that. Don’t do it. Those who didn’t or refused to live their dreams will try to stop the dreamers from dreaming.

“Shine so Bright so They Can’t Help but Notice the Shine.” T. Paulk

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When There’s a lot to be Accomplished you Have to Mentally Block Things out

Whenever you’re trying to accomplish something. There may be noise and if you expect to accomplish anything you will need to block the noise out and keep moving. The Life Jolie 2015 says, “But seriously, when it comes to the noise that is thrown at us from other people, it is so important not to get sucked in.” People’s opinions, their lack of support, and their shouts should not prevent us from accomplishing whatever it is we need and want to accomplish. If we keep our focus on the noise then we won’t be able to focus on the important things and that’s making headway for our future.

No matter what we do. There will be noise whether it’s on our jobs, in our homes, or in another destination. We will either fall into the noise trap or we will keep moving and forget that it’s going on. The fact is, people will try to hinder us from doing something, and they may try to get us off course but it shouldn’t detour us from the path. So many will give up when there’s too much noise and when people are trying to bring them down. We can’t control what others say but we can do something about how we react to whatever they’re trying to do.

Noise happens whether we want it to or not. Anyone trying to prevent you from doing something that will better your life are noise makers. Noise makers exist and we should be aware of this. Giving up on whatever you’re trying to accomplish shouldn’t be within your thoughts because you’ve faced one of the challenges that come along with doing something out of the norm. Even if movement is slow it should still occur. No amount of noise should detour a person from reaching their destination.

“The Noise is There to get you off Track. Ignore and Proceed.” Don’t allow anyone to stop you from performing or obtaining what you deserve. It doesn’t matter how many noise makers come out to yell at you. If we remain positive and think about how far we’ve come then we will be able to “block out the noise.” It doesn’t matter who says what or what occurs. We can not allow our journeys to fade because noise continues to occur. Keep living and dreaming. Always remember that those making the most noise aren’t trying to build they’re trying to tear down. Proceed with your goals, dreams, and reach your destination.

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Quoted Source: The Life Jolie (2015) Living the Pretty Life. Why you Need to Block out the “Noise.”