He’s Coming Home

On the way. It’s his break from school and it’s time to get more business done. He will relax but he has a lot of things to take care. Soon there will be another in college. Time sure flies. I was so excited to see my second oldest. He certainly transformed. He has more hair on his head and more facial.

He deserves to have a break. All of that studying and being trapped in a dorm. He needs a change of scenery. I wonder how long it will take for him to meet up with his friends.? There should be those downtimes. He has a pretty long break. We will see what other business venture we can get a hold of.

I wonder how his brothers will react when they see him. I just can’t believe how much he’s matured. They can’t stay small forever but I must admit that it’s nice seeing him blossom more and more. The ride up was quick and we’re doing a bit of sightseeing. It makes a difference to hash out differences with a loved one and continue to get things done.

I think so many of us are under stress and we haven’t handled it very well. That happens but once we get back on track. It’s all good. It feels good when we hear that our children are making a difference or trying to improve. Of course not all of them will give their best but they still have time to improve. I pray that my younger ones will get back on task.

Hopefully another “breakthrough” will occur. I pray it will. We can use all the “hope” we can get. We shouldn’t feel hopeless but there will be times that we just want to scream. That’s another story.

It’s a rewarding feeling seeing so many young African American men going to college and trying to get ahead. We need more trying to pave the way. There’s so many out there feeling lost. We need to find effective ways to bring them to where they need to be.

Featured Belongs to Tiki33 T.Paulk