The Writer and the Adventures

Where are the “writers?” Writing is certainly like therapy. Writers are expressive people and some have extraordinary lives and there’s others that live unpredictable lives. It doesn’t matter what sort of life a writer lives as long as their passionate about their work then they’re on the right path. One has to feel good about what they’re doing and it doesn’t matter how much struggling they have to endure as long as they know where they want to go. Everything will be on the “rise.’

Can Anyone be a Writer?

Anyone can be a writer but not everyone wants to be one. Some people aren’t that interested in writing about stories and adventures but they may be great at telling them. Writing can be as simple as ABC or it can be quite difficult depending on what type of writing one chooses to be apart of. I choose to write on a variety of topics and love to project boldness. Whether it be fiction or nonfiction if one wants to try their hand at writing then I would suggest that they “love” it.

Some writers may feel insecure because some people may tell them that they’re not writers. Anyone who receives compensation for writing is a writer. There’s some writers that chose to be unseen and there’s some writers like Toni Morrison who wants to inspire others to tell a story or the story. Toni Morrison said, “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.”

Whether you’re a writer or not. Be passionate about your work and inspire others to achieve their dreams. We all could use some inspiration and someone wants to take the leap but something could be holding them back. They may need some encouragement. You never know who needs it so it’s best to project inspiration and watch who affects.

Writing takes my breath away. It allow me to express exactly what I want to say. I’m intrigued by it. I adore it and I’m passionate about it. Even when I’m feeling a little low. Writing will get me going. I can go to far away places and I’ve seen many faces. Writing is within me and it really makes me feel.

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Inserted Quote by: Toni Morrison