Stand up for Others but Protect Yourself

We should stand up for others. Try to encourage others to have the courage to speak out and up. Some people are so afraid of being verbally attacked that it causes them to pretend as if things are happening. The person who chooses to stand up may receive punches for doing so but it’s better to say how you feel then to allow certain things to keep taking place.

We live in a time where people will try to punish others because they didn’t like something they said or did. That’s not what speaking out is about. It leans towards trying to solve issues. For example, a kid being attacked because people didn’t like their choices, that happened on a particular social media site.

If you want to say it on social media but you won’t say it when you look a person in the eyes then that’s being a coward. Even when people verbally attack us. We must forgive them. Whatever we do. We will receive chastising for it. It may not be today but it will be at some point. We know adult bullying occurs and it’s sad but it’s especially sad when children are being harassed and attacked. Could you imagine how many adults would sit back and say nothing at all?

Some people are afraid to speak out about social issues. You never know what people will say or do. It reminds me of the man who received donations when he was walking to work every single day. He was harassed, threatened, and verbally attacked. The man was a hard working man and he’s a nice guy but that didn’t stop people from trying to harm him. It’s amazing. If people don’t like you, are envious of what you’re accomplishing, or just want to be entertained in a devious way. They will try to bring you down but that shouldn’t stop us from standing up.

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Are Toxic Friends Really Friends

Have you ever came in contact with someone or people who are really toxic? They drain your energy but you try to give them chance after chance. Sometimes you have to close the door because no matter what you do, they will come up with something that will give you a migraine, it’s unfortunate but it’s in their character and personality.

It could stem from their childhood or it could just be that they have a dangerous competitive spirit. Anyone who has a friend like that needs to sever the friendship in order to protect their mind. The deeper the friendship, the larger the exposure to the toxicity, that sort of friendship is so unhealthy. You can try your best to assist them but it won’t work. They want what they want at any cost.

Don’t feed into their tactics, they may set traps for you or others, due to their selfishness. Imagine coming in contact with a large group of toxic people. It can make someone feel depressed if they allow it. Toxic people may not care that they’re that way and some of them are that way because there’s no one around to give them the desire to change. They remain toxic and they continue to lose good friendships.

If you have a loving heart then you’ve probably came in contact with some toxic people, it’s as if they seek those who are “giving,” and those who will tolerate a lot. No one has to put up with that, if the person or persons are unwilling to change, it’s best to walk away. Life should be enjoyed and we have enough to deal with so dealing with toxic people can be avoided. Of course you won’t always avoid them but you can avoid them most of the time.