Envy Destroys Relationships

When envy presents itself, it can really create an end to any relationship, it can cause deep pain. If one chooses to be envious of another’s accomplishments or whatever they have in their lives then they risk losing whatever friendship or relationship there is. People who are envious will intentionally hurt the persons their envious of.

They either want what they have or they want them to stop shinning. Once a person displays that they have an envious nature then it’s best to eliminate time spent with them. Sometimes we may find that the people closest to us are the ones who display envious character. We may feel pain because we didn’t expect them to make us feel this way. The best thing to do when dealing with envy is to acknowledge that it exist but refuse to allow it in our space.

People who are envious will be on the attack. They may not be suited for friendship or if they’re a relative then one may have to distance themselves from their relatives. We don’t have to accept being attackedin anyway and we certainly don’t have to accept envious attacks.

It’s unfortunate when people can’t be happy for people who are trying to advance. It’s something we will have to deal with and understand that envious people exist. Just like evil exist. We may feel disappointined and sad when we come in contact with people who are envious towards us but time will allow healing.

We can choose to remain cordial with those individuals who chose to attack us but we don’t have to tolerate their behavior. Envy destroys and it disconnects. Some people may not ever stop being envious. Some may perceive their envious ways as being good but they are so wrong. Protect yourselves against envious people. They don’t deserve to be apart of your life. Instead of displaying envy. People should choose to display love.

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Stay Away From the Toxicity

My goodness it seems everywhere we look there’s someone wanting to spill their toxins on us. We simply have to accept that we will come in contact with some toxic people. Some will be our friends and sometimes it’s a family member or spouse. We don’t have to fully avoid toxic people we simply have to limit our time with them. If one wants to keep their sanity then they will try their best to limit time with the toxins. If the toxins spill onto us then we will be consumed with all sorts of emotions that will lead us nowhere.

Some people may not understand why some choose to isolate themselves at times. They’ve probably came in contact with too many toxic people and need to breathe. Those toxins can leave us gasping for air. If we’re not careful we can be sucked in by a toxic person. They may try to hide their motives and they may try to create a smoke screen so that people are unaware of how toxic they are. If one analyzes then they will find out what is what and who is who.

Don’t allow them to invade your space because they will try to take away your health by filling you up with all of their toxic communications. If we don’t protect ourselves then we could end up being toxic ourselves and we could find ourselves laying in bed for days on end. We must build healthy relationships. Unfortunately so many relationships are unhealthy. Whether is a marital one, parental, or family relationship.

We don’t have to give our precious time to toxic behavior. We should keep our minds healthy and understand that sometimes no matter how hard we try. People will be who they are if that’s what they want to be. Of course some people can’t help it but there’s so many that will try to play on our intelligence. Do you know that there’s some people who will to convince others that they didn’t see or hear what they saw or heard? Don’t let (them) fool you. They may think that they’ve out smarted others but once people catch on. They won’t fall for those toxins.

We don’t need unhealthy relationships or friendships. We need to build genuine relationships.Unfortunately may not find out what’s genuine or not because people pretend well. That’s why it’s important that we remain  alert. Toxic people can catch anyone off guard and they can turn one’s life upside down if we allow them to do so. We all have something we need to work on but we also need to protect our minds and our health. If it seems to be a bit much then we may need to take a step back.

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Everyone Won’t be With you

Have you ever met a group of people that you had to go through some dysfunctions in order to realize that they mean you no good? We should try to see the good in people and when we find out no matter how we approach them they will throw bricks at us. That’s when we have to decide that they’re environment is the wrong environment to be in. Sometimes we have to withstand some environment in order to learn how to battle. Not with swords but with word.

Sometimes we have to learn how to deal with certain people but even when we figure out the best strategies. That doesn’t mean that they will be with us. Not everyone will like you. Some will hate you just because. There’s nothing we can do about people disliking us but no matter how others view us and dislike us. We shouldn’t feel the same way about ourselves. People who are filled with hate. Hate themselves so therefore we shouldn’t take it personally. Yes, it’s difficult when people not only dislikes us, but when they try to knock us down.

It doesn’t matter how many people turn their backs on us. We should still move in love and help others. It’s no fun when people try to shake you up but it can be helpful.It’s a learning experience. You learn what and what not to do. Everyone can’t hold the friend name because they have to friendship qualities. Embrace those who are willing to stand with you but don’t hate those who hate you. Hate won’t get anyone anywhere.

We will go through periods where we’re our best friend. Sometimes it takes some alone time in order for one to figure what is what. Just because say this or that. That doesn’t make it so.How many people claimed to be by your side when the going gets tough but they’re nowhere to be found when trouble enters. Therefore your you should select a trusted friend and for some of us that trusted friend is Jesus. You’ll never have to worry about him producing drama or not being supportive. Don’t be surprised when those you expected to be with you turns against you.

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We Have to do Better With Assumptions

Assumptions is the closest thing to judging. We’ve all passed judgement at some point but we should try are best to work on it. I may step on some toes here but I shall “keep it real.” A lot of the judgement occurs in the church. Yes, church folks seem to pass judgement as well as assume that something is or isn’t, that’s why so many run out of the church. Of course they shouldn’t do that but if people feel unwelcomed then they won’t come and the church needs church members.

What About Assuming

Oh my goodness. Those assumptions keep making people look silly. Assuming is a donkeys game. If you don’t know then perhaps ask. If the person or people don’t want to tell then that’s a clue that it’s none of your business. It’s just as simple as that. People are quick to assume things because they need a pick me up. They need some “entertainment.” That’s it. Once they assume. They run with it, it’s no different than the telephone game, everything gets mixed up that way.

A lot of people have lost good friendships and relationships because assumptions made their way in. We will assume but we have to learn how damaging assumptions can be. People aren’t here today because of assumptions. The old “giving people the benefit of the doubt” seems to have gone out the window. People have been bullied based on assumptions. Assumptions can turn in to lies. It’s funny how people will believe a lie quicker than the truth.

All it takes is for one person to say so and so did this or that and wait a few hours. Oh boy. A gang of people will start retaliating against the person even if they don’t have the facts. As we grow we will learn how to collect facts instead of listening to hear say. Hear say is something that creates a whole lot of grief. It has caused segregation and anger. Those assumptions can be damaging. Assumptions assassinate characters.

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Having Real Friends is a Blessing

Sometimes we’ll find out that those who we perceive our friends are really enemies in disguise. That’s why so many people consider God and Jesus their best friends. They will never turn away from you and they will be there no matter what happens. It’s so sad to say that a lot of people are only out to get what they can get so they will pretend to be your friend. They’re looking for personal gain. We should continue to love people but be careful because not everyone is friendly.

Some people are so giving and have a heart so people may perceive that as a weakness and try to take advantage of others. It’s similar to the homeless woman and her friend being so trusting that she allowed a man to take off with her car. Everything she owned was in it including her dog. All she could think about was the dog. We can be so trusting and think that people have our best interest at heart but on reality they’re only trying to obtain something from us.

Real friends won’t try to harm you in any way. They will respect you and want what’s best for you. If they’re trying to bring you down in some way then they’re not real friends and that’s why so many choose to be their own friend. They rather spend time with themselves than to constantly run into people who only care about themselves. We have to love ourselves enough to understand it’s alright to protect yourself from people but we have to socialize so we can’t totally cut people off.

We keep learning and sometimes we have to be careful who we really consider as friends. We may think that they’re our friends but they may have a motive and agenda. There’s way too much hate. Hate will only create a wall between mankind. We should be filled with love and understanding.

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We Can’t do Anything About it

We might as well face the fact that people will talk. Yes they will make up things. Yes they will judge but what’s important is how we feel. We should be comfortable with ourselves. It doesn’t matter who you are. People will judge you and they will misjudge you.

Jesus was judged, he was persecuted, and hated. Ignorance occurs where there’s no understanding. If you don’t follow the crowd or if you’re doing something that generates attention then people may say that you’re “weird.” What that really means is that you’re “different.” If they don’t know much about you then they may make up things about you.

That’s why so many choose to be very private. Some people are use to judgements and others are not. We should live our lives. No one is immune from the gossip. Jesus suffered through it all so who are we? Not everyone will like us. Not everyone will understand us. We won’t always be accepted. If we focus on what’s best for us and what we should be doing then we’ll be less focused on what others have to say about us.

Anyone taking a stand will receive stones thrown at them. They will receive flack. If you plan on standing out then expect to receive negative attention. Of course we may get a little bothered at first but as time goes on we will develop that tough skin.

It’s funny how some people will know that what they’re saying makes no sense but they’ll say it anyway. That’s why so many choose to stay clear of so many people. We shouldn’t stop associating with people but we should be cautious. We should understand that everyone won’t be on our side.There will be those who are against us no matter what. That’s how it is. The best thing that we can do is pray.

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Deception Revealed

There’s so many people that need assistance, there’s the homeless, and those who have health conditions but what about those seeking help in the most deceptive ways? We all have gone through or are going through something. One of the most irritating things is when people use deceptive ways to receive help. They may try to say that bills are one amount but they’re another. They may use tactics to try to make people feel guilty for not helping them.

It’s one thing to need help, we’ve all needed or need help at some point, but to be manipulative is just wrong. Pretending to help others but wanting the money back is not really helping. Borrowing is one thing but when something is given. It shouldn’t be expected back. Of course there’s a heart for those that truly need help but for those who are trying to trick people in order to receive it will be “exposed.”

Some people will pretend to allow families to stay in their home but have a motive. They may see them as opportunities to gain. Gaining deceptively won’t last. You’ll be surprised who’s willing to make you look like a fool. There’s no hand outs, who wants to throw money away, well people do it but I’m not sure if they really want to do it? There’s nothing wrong with giving and being kind but we have every right not to allow people to take advantage of us.

When people try to make things look one way when it’s really another. They’re doing a disservice to themselves because it will come out. It can be difficult when one knows that another is being deceptive but they have to put on that I’m stupid face. Asking for help would be an easier solution than trying to do underhanded things in order to receive help. We can do things in order, tell people how we feel, do it in a respectful way. I think I’m getting tired of people taking advantage of situations and others . Thinking they have a right to do so. What and who gave them the right?

No one can Help Everyone

Some people may not understand that one person can’t save the world and they shouldn’t try. While that person is burnt out everyone else will go about their way. Helping others is something we should do but we can not do it all. If anyone expects one person to do it all then they have lost their marbles.

It’s unfortunate that people will try to take advantage of other’s kindness. What they expect from others, they may be unwilling to do themselves, so therefore they shouldn’t pressure anyone to do it all. If a person helps one group of people then another group gets upset about that and they expect the person to get it done. What about others trying to help their community, their people, help with something?

If people can’t understand that no one can help every race, every person, help the entire world then too bad. It’s impossible. People should do what they can and feel good about it. They shouldn’t expect too much from anyone because people get tired. They’re only human and it appears there’s a whole lot of takers and not too many givers.

Sometimes we have to ignore somethings. Those who are cynical, rude, and ungrateful shouldn’t receive the same as those who are kind and appreciative. When we help others. We must help ourselves as well. For the people who constantly put themselves second, third, or at the bottom. It’s time that you look out for yourself.

People will take advantage of your kindness. They may preceive it as a weakness it’snot a weakness. Saying “no” is alright. Help those that appreciate it. Not everyone is caring and have compassion for others. If you can’t help them then don’t. No one should fall on their face in order to please another.

Some won’t care no matter what. They may hold their hands out and refuse to even offer a “thank you.” We must find some solitude. No one is like the energizer bunny and another thing. Live your life as you see fit because people will try to run that to. No one can live another person’s life. If you can’t help them then move on to those who appreciate the help.

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Envy Destroys

Have you ever came in contact with an envious person or people? They’re like a disease that has no cure. They cause pain, destruction, and they try to destroy those who they feel threatened by. It’s a shame because there’s some very talented people and they’ve allowed their talents to go to waste because they felt envious. Those who are filled with envy aren’t secure with themselves. If they were they would have no need to be envious of another they would “love” to see others grow.

Some may want to receive all the attention and when they feel that it’s not happening they will try to destroy people who they feel are receiving it. An envious person is controlled by that spirit and sometimes they may not even recognize what they’re doing and other times they’re so use to doing it. It becomes second nature to them. You may not know who’s envious of you at first but eventually it will come fourth. Once you recognize the envy, you can figure  out how to deal with it, sometimes family members will display this behavior. There’s nothing you can do about the family part but you can limit your time  with them or in some instances staying away from them will create better health for you.

If people just understood that we’re all placed here for a reason and there’s purpose within all of us. We can shine without trying to bring another down. It can be painful when you find out that the people who are suppose to be on board with you are the ones behind the scenes trying to wipe you out. They may use tactics that are hard to spot at first but they will reveal themselves. Your true friends are God and Jesus. They will never ever forsake us. They love us unconditionally.

Love is so important, without it hate will spill all over, that will cause more destruction that will affect lots of lives. Embrace people because you never know when you’ll need them. Forgive those who have done you wrong because if you don’t, it will eat you up inside, without love it would be hard to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to have peace within. That’s a beautiful thing. Allow love in your heart and enjoy the ride. envy has no place here.

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Pretending to be Supporters

Wow! Really? When some people pretend to be supportive just “smile.” We’re born to face challenges and just because we go through them that doesn’t mean we have to allow them to hinder us. Some people are challenging in their own way but when we understand who they are we’re able to deal with it better. Why pretend? People have their own motives. For some it’s because they want money and so they decide to be underhanded. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from people who we know mean us no good and sometimes we just have to play the fool.

When they say they’re your ally but they’ve showed you different. Back away slowly and keep your “Moves private.” Talk about the sunshine or whatever they’re not interested in. Simply keep going with your real allies and be happy about it. It amazes me how people can stare you right in your face and pretend to be on your side but working against you. It will reveal itself or someone will get mad and tell. Whatever. Throw some good on them.

When they go left, go right, when they say no. Say, “yes,” and so on and so on. When they ask you what your plans are. Say, “I don’t know”, let them think that you trust them but you really don’t. Every time you try to make that move, they say, “I’ll see about that,” wow! Does that sound like an ally? Nope! Some people are so miserable and I feel sorry for them because they’ll always be alone and single.

Don’t pretend to be an ally when you’ve demonstrated enemy behavior. Don’t pretend say and you’re a “Priest, Evangelist, Minister and Woman of God” when you’re trying to hold your daughter back. I believe that this shall pass. No man can stop “God’s Plan.” Oh they can try but God intervenes. Know who your allies and enemies are. Stop thinking that you have more power than God. No one does. He will set the record straight and if you think you’re lonely now. You’ll be alone and wondering where everyone went. We’re suppose to love everyone. Love our enemies and those who come up against us.

“A mother can carry a child in the womb and have absolutely no connection with their child.”

“Keep your enemies close so that you can watch them slip up.”

“Don’t vent to the ones that claim that you can trust them.” They just want the information so that they can reveal it.”

“If you want to know where the snake is. Look in the backyard. It’s either in the backyard or they live under the same roof.”

“Some doors should stay shut.”

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