There’s Sunshine Even When it Rains

Practice smiling and being “happy.” There’s a lot of people out there who aren’t so thrilled with sunshine so they may try to rain on your day. This is what you do. Laugh whenever you hear or see a cynical comment. Laughing is good for your soul and it makes us feel better. Remove negatives out of your day. Go take a warm bath or listen to some soothing music. People may think that they can ruin our days by using ignorance but they have to understand that they’re efforts are useless.

Be encouraged. Rain won’t hurt you, words can hurt if we allow them to seep in our thoughts, once we learn how to block them out then they won’t pierce out hearts. Remember this. Those who are dissatisfied with themselves will try to throw rocks at your glass house. Smile even if they can’t see your smile. Keep moving in the direction that helps you move closer to a better you. No one can really rain on our parade if we’re unwilling to let them do so.

Anyone trying to do something that generates attention or creates a positive change will be a target. Being a target in this case isn’t all bad but it can be draining if one focuses in on those who live to generate misery. They don’t deserve to receive the attention that they’re seeking. If they’re unwilling to be respectful and kind then leave them with their cynical comments and move on to those who are willing to be apart of growth.

Some people may believe that they will receive the attention they’re seeking by trying to knock someone down. A little rain won’t hurt but too much of it can do some damage. The Cynical ones help in some way. They will encourage you do go harder but they can also be a nuisance if they’re embedded in your thoughts. They can’t offer anything but unwanted comments so think of the good even when the bad tries to make its way at your door.

“Envy creates havoc but love creates hope.” Be hopeful even when it seems the chips are down. Not everyone who offers a cynical comment or says something we don’t want to hear is seeking to destroy us. Some could be going through some tough times and they’re not equipped to deal with them so they lash out. You don’t have to be dragged down by their issues but you can take a minuet to understand. If the behavior continues then you know that they’re dream killers and they can not be apart of your mission.

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Distance Yourself From the Negativity

Sometimes we have to learn how to remove ourselves from negative environments and keep our distance when it comes to negative people. Negativity drains our energy and if we’re constantly surrounding ourselves around it then that negativity could rub off on us. If a negative person is trying to invade your space then they should be aware of it. Perhaps they may not realize that they’re being negative but then again there’s people who want to throw negativity at you.

We will have not so good days and it’s not always easy not to feel a little grumpiness but it shouldn’t be that way all of the time. There has to be some time for positive thinking and communications. Sometimes we’re caught up in trying to make peace and which we should make peace but we shouldn’t allow anyone to fill our minds with negative thoughts. We can also be peacemakers by leaving the scene of a negative environment. If one refuses to be positive then they may be dealing with misery. They have to be willing to conquer that.

Sometimes no matter what one does or says, some people will want others to feel bad, they want others to feel exactly how they’re feeling. They will make cynical comments and even taunt their targets. That’s way too much negativity to deal with and although it can be difficult to turn the other cheek. It’s best to do so because you don’t want to follow their negative trail. Sometimes negative people try to test others just to see if they’re able to get a response.

Yes, one may want to respond, but the negativity will continue when that happens. Not everyone wants to be positive. Some may feel that being positive won’t get them what they want. Positivity comes with a smile. It feels better and one looks better when projecting it. Positivty can go a long way. No one knows just how much one may need some positive words to get them through their day.

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