Sometimes we Come in Contact Destructive People

Sometimes we find ourselves in some disasterous situations and we’re exposed to some destructive people. If we spend too much time with their ways could rough off on us. That’s why it’s often stated to surround ourselves with positive people. Sometimes we’re unaware of how destructive people are until it’s too late.

Dealing With Destructive People

When we find ourselves having to deal with destructive behavior. We need to be cautious but we should be stern so that they understand just how damaging their behavior is. We may not be able to control their actions but we can find ways to coexist with them. We can limit our time with them and keep our sanity. When people are destructive they may damage anyone they come in contact with.

Not everyone is loving andkind. Some have a lack of compassion and empathy so they may try to sabotage anything that resembles doing something positive. Their behavior will leave them in an unstable state. Living with a destructive person difficult and one will never know what they’ll come up with next.

We must protect ourselves and we should warn others about their behavior. Some may find themselves stressed when dealing with someone who demonstrates destructive behavior. Their actions could upset us and we may feel uneasy being around someone who’s destructive and wanting to damage others. We don’t have to tolerate the behavior. Sometimes we’ll need to distance ourselves from the destructive bahavior.

People who display such behavior may want to cause grief because of something they refused to deal with from past experiences. We don’t have to beat ourselves up because we’ve faced someone else’s issues. We don’t have to take them on. Taking on others issues will leave us fatigued. If we have to break for it then that’s what we’ll have to do. Keeping our minds healthy is inportant. Don’t allow destructive behaviors of others cause a meltdown for yourself and loved ones.

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Give Thanks in it all

We may not understand why people come up against us or why they would choose to waste their time trying to knock us down. The main reason it occurs has to do with their issues that they’re unable to deal with. We shouldn’t fret about it because they will have to deal with more than they realize. Give thanks when people misunderstand or use mean tactics. God is working somethings out in your favor.

We may feel as if we’re unable to deal with certain people or things but God has equipped us with strength that will get us through. The best thing to do when dealing with situations that leave us weary is to pray and pray for those who come up against us. Our prayers are heard and we will come through whatever comes our way. What others do to us has something to do with them. Praise in and out, up, and down.

If a person didn’t have “greatness” within them then people wouldn’t bother. We must remember that Jesus was ridiculed for being who he was. He endure great pain and he wept for us. If people were unconcerned about how they treated Jesus then they’ll be unconcerned about how they come up against us. We should be joyful and filled with love because God assigned something great for us and some become intimated by it.

Moving forward with our assignments will drown out the noise. The people who love us will love us and the people who don’t will show us. Even if a mother turns against her daughter. The daughter should give thanks. A mother is a blessing from God but God isn’t pleased with any mother who refuses to embrace tgeir child or children. Even when the relationship is in turmoil. We still should be “thankful.”

We may not be able to control what others do to us but we can do something about the way we deal with them. God knows what we go through and through our giving thanks and praising Him. He will rectify the situation and deal with all accordingly. Be of good courage and know that good is present even in bad situations. Blessings to all ūüôā

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Be Comfortable With Yourself

We all could use some improvement and we should be thankful being who we were created to be. It appears that a lot of people are uncomfortable being themselves. We can’t pretend to be anyone else when God designed the way He wanted to design. Yes, we can make some changes, but we should be happy with who we are called to be.

If we are ubhappy with ourselves then we should find the reasons why we feel that way. It could be tgat we’re really unhappy with our circumstances and not unhappy with ourselves. We should find the root cause to what’s making us feel uncomfortable being ourselves. We were given a purpose and we can’t and shouldn’t change.

It’s not about changing ourselves. It’s about improving ourselves. We should be thankful because there’s people who are going through hardships and never wanting to change who they are. If we love ourselves then we wouldn’t want to be anyone else. We should be comfortable in our own skin.

If we feel uncomfortable with our environments then we can either leave it or change what is making us feel uncomfortable. The majority of the time it’s our situation and environments that create our stress and may have some believe that changing themselves will change the situation.

An example of this is a husband who emotionally abuses his wife. Because of the abuse the wife is uncomfortable with her circumstances but not with herself. It’s not about her wanting to be someone else. It’s about her wanting her situation to change. We should be unaware that we can’t change people. People have to want change but that doesn’t they pretendto be someone else.

Even if we pretend to be someone else that doesn’t mean that we are. We should love ourselves enough to know that we are who we are. Loving ourselves will eliminate the thoughts of wanting to be someone else. First we must love ourselves. It’s really about changing our situation and not changing who we are. We can’t be anyone else but ourselves.

“Be Yourself and Love it”

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Do we Have Compassion for one Another

Do people really care? Some do and some don’t. Where is the compassion? From bullying to hate. :Spread the Love.” People should be embracing one another but instead their finding a reason to hate on others. What about kind words and helping one another? Is it so hard?

A kind gester seems to be rare these days. There was a time when people cared. Now, people are more concerned with other people’s lives. more focus should be on getting our houses in order. ¬†It appears that some are geared towards being entertained but not geared towards love. Love covers so many areas. It helps others achieve and prosper.

It’s as if kindness is thrown out the window. No encourage but loads of discouragement. No togetherness but plenty of segregation. Life would go a lot smoother7 if people were more compassionate. If they allowed people to live their lives and showed some love.

Some people may feel inadequate because they rarely witness compassion. There’s rudeness and criticism but what about solving some issues? We could do better. We all can do better. Instead of constanly croticizing how about embracing? Different techniques should be used when it comes to people’s lives. We can’t always be harsh. Love has to make its way in.

Some people rather kick people instead of helping them up.  People are going off the deep end and refusing to demonstrate care. The world could use more love. The hostility seems to increase. Some may not feel complete and that could be one of the reasons they lack compassion.

We have to live our own lives. We should love and be concerned about others. God wants us to love and help others. Should we be trying to tear one another down? We shouldn’t but that’s exactly what’s happening. Perhaps a revelation will come and people will allow the love to flow. Let’s see what happens.

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We Have to Stand up for Ourselves Somehow

Bullying has always existed. Jesus was bullied, he experienced taunting, and he was hated. If Jesus was bullied then we’re certainly gone to be bullied in someway. Bullies are hurt and damaged people. They’re not really that tough. They may want others to believe that they are but deep down there’s the wounds. Bullying is a serious issue in today’s society. Not everyone knows the best way to “conquer” it. Some victims are afraid to stand up to bullies. Usually bullies are group formed. They may not want to take someone on alone so they form groups to attack their victims.

Bulling is a big problem within the school system and online. Duncan A. US Secretary of Education ¬†(2015) said, “Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school.” It’s hard for an adult to remain focused when being bullied let alone a child. Bullying is also a major problem with technology. ¬†How can one stand up to bullying and bullies? Sometimes ignoring works. A lot of bullies are seeking attention. In some cases a bully may need a hug and to know that someone cares.

If we allow bullying to continue then it will corrupt our society as well as our communities. Most bullies are fearful and what works with fear? Love removes bullying. Love conquers all things. It’s love that they may be seeking. To feel loved and appreciated in someway. The fear is connected with the anger and when they’re angry they will lash out at the closet person to them. A good way to stand up is to call a bully out. Let them know exactly what they’re doing and let others know.

Most bullies want to remain hidden and aren’t up to challenges that involve lots of people. People turn their heads when it comes to bullying but they’re not thinking that bullying can affect them also.In fact just watching someone being bullied affects us. By not standing up the bullying can continue to go on. We have to analyze what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Are we dealing with the need affection bullies or are we dealing with the attention seeking bullies?

The way that we stand up all depends on what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Bullying causes severe issues and it certainly needs to be addressed. Some bullies are dealing with underlying problems that we’re caused in childhood and lead up to their adulthood. Sometimes it takes a professional to help the bully become whole again and other times it takes a whole lot of love. Whatever the reasons for the bullying we all should take a stand. We can’t always remain silent. Remain silent only when necessary but other than that. We should be take a¬†stand.

Both teens and adults are suffering with bullying on and offline and anyone having a social media account is bound to experience some form of bullying. It’s almost like an epidemic. Bullying causes wars and it makes our society dysfunctional. It can be tackled but everyone must be on board with tackling it. It’s easier for bullies to bully through technology because they don’t have to face the victims. They’re approach is formed through technology and the bullying is assisted with the keyboard.


American SPCC (2015) Bullying Statistics and Information

Duncan A. US Secretary of Education

“Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school

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Some Call Them Haters and Some may Call Them Miserable

When one comes across people who aren’t too pleased about their assignment and what they’re trying to accomplish then they will have to learn how to deal with these people in the best way possible. Oh no, it won’t be easy, and there may be times when one wants to grind their teeth. Trying their very best to hold back words. ¬†People who work hard at trying to bring others down aren’t happy people because if they were then they would be occupying their time with something positive.

The best way to deal with a hater or a person trying to bring you down is to pray for them. They’re dealing with their insecurities and aren’t coping well enough to stop their behavior. Imagine someone having to deal with a mother and a husband trying their very best to stop them from accomplishing their goals because they feel insecure and unfulfilled in some way. We all have talents and gifts and if we decide to not utilize them then that’s on us but don’t try to drag someone down who chose to go after their dreams.

Some people will pretend to be supportive while working on sabotaging everything a person tries to accomplish. Insecurities can ruin relationships and it can tear people apart. We should keep those who are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives in our daily prayers. Not everyone wants to see others blossom. They may not feel happy with not living up to their full potential so they have to try to weigh one down in order to make themselves feel better.

I would suggest that one keep going and in fact they should work harder to reach their goals and to help others “rise.” We may not be able to fix those who are insecure about their lives and their accomplishments but we can try to inspire them by showing them that they can’t stop our “shine.” It’s quite sad when having to deal with people that are using crab mentality, especially if they’re close to the individual or individuals they’re trying to drag under.

Do you know that some people will work harder to bring others down than they will on their jobs. It appears that haters work 24/7. It’s as if they breath dysfunctional. If you’re dealing with something like this then you may want to pray and find positive outlets to get you through the (sour minds gang). They need some prayer and need to find a way to make their lives better. If you’re creative in someway then you already know that some people won’t be pleased with it. For those who love seeing other people better themselves and ‘grow.” You deserve around of applause.

Not everyone is built the same and some are so filled with troubles that it spills onto everyone else. This will occur if we allow it to occur. Sometimes just giving them a look of disappointment will at least let them know that they’re so wrong. If you find that people are working overtime to weigh on you then you should work overtime to “build.” The crab mentality is a way to keep others down and why would anyone want to be down? Shouldn’t we want to advance, grow, and “prosper?” Well, I suppose some people feel as if they don’t have it in them so they rather spend their time trying to throw a wrench in someone’s dreams.

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Sometimes you Have to Encounter Others Insecurities

We will come across some people who will dump their insecurities on us. They may try to convince us that we’re not enough or that we’re incapable of completing certain tasks. If we listen to them then we won’t become success. Their thoughts shouldn’t be our thoughts. There will be people who may not understand what we’re trying to accomplish and that’s alright. We can’t control what others do but we can do something about the way we handle those with insecurities. Of course all of us have felt some sort of insecurity but we’ve learned how to not channel it.

We don’t have to accept dysfunctional behaviors. There’s always a way to remove it out of our lives. If we don’t remove it then it will continue to grow and that could create a meltdown for us. It can be difficult dealing with egos, insecurities, and envious behaviors but it’s in the world so we will have to deal with it at some point. We can’t allow it to take us down. Some people are so unhappy with themselves and they will try all avenues to weigh us down.

If they’re insecure then it’s alright for us to suggest that they try to work on their insecurities and of course a professional may have to step in if they’re unable to work on it themselves. People who are envious will want us to stop what we’re doing. They may not be happy with our success so they will try to throw stones at us. Their tactics may hurt but it shouldn’t break us. In fact when others are being envious when it comes to our accomplishments, it really shows that we’re on the right path, people won’t go out of their way to bring someone who doesn’t have what it takes down.

We should try to spend limited time with people who refuse to respect our decision to follow our dreams. If they’re unable to encourage us or they refuse to stop putting us down then they don’t need to be apart of our journey. Everyone has said somethings that they should’ve, either out of hurt feelings, or because of anger but it means a lot when we realize it and we apologize and move forward. If we try to uplift one another then more people will be willing to expose their talents.

Insecure people don’t want to see others blossom so they may try to sabotage someone’s path. We don’t have to loft them but we don’t have to accept their behavior. We shouldn’t stop trying to pursue our dreams just because we come in contact with insecure people. We should keep going and keep believing in ourselves. It doesn’t matter who refuses to believe in us. We shouldn’t be on board with their thought process. Our mindset is what will help us get to where will need and want to be.

Sometimes we get distracted by the noise and the hurt that comes along with pursuing our dreams. If we believe the negatives then we’ll be unable to complete our journey. We should surround ourselves around positive people and do what it takes to “Make Things Happen.” It’s not easy dealing with the mess but if we want to get somewhere then we’ll have to make our way through the crowd. We should be confident and understand that not everyone wants to see us “rise.”

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No it’s not Easy

We should be kind and loving to one another but is it easy? Not! It isn’t easy but if we’re hateful to the people who display hate towards us then we will be in the same position. Feel the wrath that none of us want to face. I’ve seen people being bullied, attacked, and harassed. Some people will refuse to stand up for those who face bullying of any kind because perhaps they’re afraid to be attacked themselves. If it right? No it isn’t but that’s their choice whether they want to get involved or not.

I remember a Pastor saying that he had a difficult time with the “turn the other cheek.” He explained that he wasn’t quite there yet. I’m not sure if he was able to every overcome it or not. He’s no longer here to tell his story. I do understand his thoughts, especially when you experience people constantly being mean towards you, but if we want to please God then we must find a way to deal with mean and hateful people. It does disturb me to read and hear about teens who have lost their lives because of bullying.

With today’s technology it’s especially difficult because technology makes it easier for bullying to take place. Even if people do things that we don’t like or even think they should be punished for. It isn’t our call to do so .What one does to another will come back to them. It’s sad that our society believes that being cruel to others is the way to get things accomplished but all it does is produce a more dysfunctional society.

The best way to deal with people who are cruel is to pray for them. I have to admit that I’ve felt anger when people do harmful things to me but I’m continuously learning that retaliating against them will only cause more grief for myself. I simply go in a quiet room and meditate on something good and try my best to not give energy to those who have no care. “Love one Another is what God and Jesus wants from us and it’s best to try to please them then to try to please people.

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The World is Filled With Misunderstanding

We have to face some of the most challenging things. We will have to deal with difficult people and those who may not see our worth. There will be times when we feel the pressure and pray for an ending to those issues that plague us. The world is filled with hope, hopelessness, and despair. There’s anger, sadness, and bitterness. When we don’t understand something we tend to approach it in the wrong manner and that’s what our world is filled with today.

There’s more and more people being subjected to isolation because they’ve been exposed to the evils of the world. In order to protect themselves. They find a solitude place and spend their time away from people which isn’t good but it can help to keep their sanity. If something or someone can’t offer you a bit of peace then they may not be worthy of your company. People are no longer taking the time to find out what is what. The game of assumptions is being used all too often to make a decisions.

Too many people are misunderstood and when that happens ignorance comes into play and then those persons are subjected to abuse. That’s why it’s important that we think before we act. We never know what is until we find out details. Sometimes we base our decision making on feelings and what we perceive something to be. What we may perceive ¬†may not actually be what’s happening or happened.

When we have a bunch of angry people walking around. We find violence. Violence is apart of anger. Don’t guess find out the answer or answers. We’re all guilty of this. We will jump to conclusions and then a mess is created. The world we live in is filled with guessing games and the communication is far and between. If we think before hand then we’ll come across better results. Our mind can play tricks on us and that could result in a danger zone.

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Everyone Won’t be With you

Have you ever met a group of people that you had to go through some dysfunctions in order to realize that they mean you no good? We should try to see the good in people and when we find out no matter how we approach them they will throw bricks at us. That’s when we have to decide that they’re environment is the wrong environment to be in. Sometimes we have to withstand some environment in order to learn how to battle. Not with swords but with word.

Sometimes we have to learn how to deal with certain people but even when we figure out the best strategies. That doesn’t mean that they will be with us. Not everyone will like you. Some will hate you just because. There’s nothing we can do about people disliking us but no matter how others view us and dislike us. We shouldn’t feel the same way about ourselves. People who are filled with hate. Hate themselves so therefore we shouldn’t take it personally. Yes, it’s difficult when people not only dislikes us, but when they try to knock us down.

It doesn’t matter how many people turn their backs on us. We should still move in love and help others. It’s no fun when people try to shake you up but it can be helpful.It’s a learning experience. You learn what and what not to do. Everyone can’t hold the friend name because they have to friendship qualities. Embrace those who are willing to stand with you but don’t hate those who hate you. Hate won’t get anyone anywhere.

We will go through periods where we’re our best friend. Sometimes it takes some alone time in order for one to figure what is what. Just because say this or that. That doesn’t make it so.How many people claimed to be by your side when the going gets tough but they’re nowhere to be found when trouble enters. Therefore your you should select a trusted friend and for some of us that trusted friend is Jesus. You’ll never have to worry about him producing drama or not being supportive. Don’t be surprised when those you expected to be with you turns against you.

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