Staying Hopeful in a Society That’s Broken

There’s a lot that we’ll have to go through in life. Some of the issues can be solved right away while others will take some time. No matter what we go through we should continue to remain grounded and be filled with hopefulness. Avoiding despair is very important so that we don’t fall into depression. Unfortunately we live a very dysfunctional world that can try to break us down. Take away hope if we allow society to do so.

Being able to escape from the madness is important so that we’re not disconnected with ourselves. It’s important to find ways to stay “uplifted” in trying times is a must. A broken society can break “the people” as well. That’s why it’s important to be surrounded by some light. The world can seem dark and cold at times. With so many lacking compassion. It’s important to supply ourselves with “hopefulness.” Loving self helps alleviate some feelings of despair.

A lot of people feel hopeless because of the many challenges that they must face. We’re able to avoid challenges but we can find ways to deal with the challenges better. Meditating and reading scriptures is a great way to er when having to deal within┬áthe stresses within society. Being able to just “reflect” is very important. There’s a lot of motivational videos that can help get us through the tough times. Staying whole is important. If we dwell on societies issues often then we’ll start to feel drained. There’s always hope even when it seems as if the world is turning upside down.

Some become depressed with societies issues because they’res so settling down. We shouldn’t dwell on society issues too long. The dwelling can become frustrating. We should all our cares behind. Of course it’s difficult to not think about all of the problems that are in and around society but we must find activities that will occupy the mind.

Here’s a Post About Hope and Conquering

“Hopefulness Should be Here and There. Never Leave Hopelessness Behind.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hope and the Ability to Conquer

Sometimes the Loads Will be Heavy

Trying to pursue your dreams won’t be easy but if you never make any attempts at it then you’ll never know how much you’ll accomplish. Too many people listen to naysayers when it comes to pursuing their dreams. They hear so much negativity and then they start to believe it.Not me! I believe in going after those dreams and moving through the adversity. Don’t worry about the haters. They have a job to do. Not sure how much it pays but they work hard.

Here’s the thing, you have to be motivated and determined to succeed, yes you may have to work everyday. Once you’ve reached other levels you can work a bit less but you will still have to put in high levels of action. It’s important that you tune out those things that add no value to your journey. If not then those negative communications will be embedded in your mind and that’s something you don’t need. A great way to stay motivated is to listen to motivational messages and watch motivational videos.

No matter who tells you, you should give up, don’t listen. Those who never bothered to pursue their dreams will mostly be the ones to tell you to stop pursuing yours. Encourage yourself and surround yourself with “visionaries” and innovators. Don’t be discouraged when people start yelling all sorts of nonsense at you. They want you to stop but don’t. A lot of people would be down and out if they listened to what people had to say. You think Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, or Serena Williams listened to the naysayers? If they did then they wouldn’t be successful.

If your a “dreamer” then continue dreaming but put those dreams to use. Show people that you’re no pushover and that you’re capable of doing great things. Perhaps that will motivate some to do the same. Be courageous and stand firm. Adversity is apart of life and anyone that ever pursued their dreams knows that it’s apart of the journey as well. Never have a defeated attitude. If something goes wrong. Keep working at it until it goes right! Those who try to pull you down are already behind you. If they were ahead then they wouldn’t be trying to pull others down.

Sometimes you’ll have to work in a silent room with no one in there but you and your tools. You’ll have to distance yourself from those who only want to tear you down and that includes family members. Sometimes you may want to avoid picking up the telephone because the distraction could be on the other end. If you want a bright future then you’ll have to remove somethings from your life. Keep those positive ones around you. They will have no problem uplifting others. They are beneficial to your journey. Be strong, stay uplifted, and be encouraged.

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No Matter What you do and how you do it There Will be an Issue

No matter who you are and what you accomplish. There will always be someone who has an issue with it. It may not be easy to deal with at first but once we realize things just are then we will be able to look passed it. Our dreams belong to us but we must be very careful with them not everyone wants to see others excel. We should want to see one another do better, grow, and elevate. Steve Harvey said, “Stop Telling Your big Dreams to Small Minded People.” Pretty blunt but it’s clear what he was trying to express.

If people really thought positively then they would understand that anyone can try to reach the top. There’s no need to fret because we’ve all be given a gift and it’s up to use to seek it or not. Mike Routen said, “Never never never give up on your dreams!” It doesn’t matter how tough it gets or who says this or that. We have to keep moving. If we don’t pursue we’ll be disappointed and filled with regret. Although trying to pursue goals and dreams are difficult. That shouldn’t detour us and we should be grateful that we’re in a position to pursue them.

Just because some people are displeased when others are trying to elevate in some way that doesn’t mean that people should give up. We can’t live for others. We must live for ourselves and do what’s necessary. No one can please everyone.That’s something we have to remember. If we settled for less then we wouldn’t have the best. We can’t do or stop doing things just because someone doesn’t like it. We should be inspiring others to pursue their passions.

There’s people right now who have chosen to let their dreams go because they wanted to please others. They were more concerned with what people were saying then with living out their dreams. It’s unfortunate because they probably would have contributed some great skills within society. We have to remember that people will always have something to say about whatever. That’s how it is but that shouldn’t cause us to be fearful of pursuing what we love.

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Utilize as Many Sources as you can

There’s money to be made but we have to know where to search and what is best for us. For some having one source of income will be sufficient but for others they will need to combine numerous sources in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s basically what it’s like being a freelancer. We have the flexibility but we must not rely on one resource. It can be unpredictable and we never know when clients will stop paying or sites go under so putting more eggs in the basket is smart.

Some days we’ll do pretty well and others may seem a bit slow. That’s how it is sometimes but there’s comfort in knowing that we can pick up and go anytime we need to. We shouldn’t settle for less when we can have the best. We should do some research to find what options we have when we need to combine resources in order to make a living. At times it can be quite challenging and other times it’s as simple as ABC.

We’ll learn that sometimes we may have to take on tasks that may seem tedious. If we want to move we’ll have to accept somethings that many may laugh at but we’re looking for end results. Sometimes you have to start small in order to get the big fish. Don’t despair when there’s a little coming in at some point. More will come with continuous effort. Having many resources down’t mean that you have to work yourself to death. You can work fewer hours and still make a living.

As long as we try to do something then there will be production. If we don’t give up then we’ll see “progression.” There’s progress even when the movement is slow. There’s action taking place even when it doesn’t seem like it. We can make good on doing many tasks and those tasks may not require us to drain our energy. So don’t think that you’re not accomplishing anything when you’re doing freelance work.

You can accomplish a lot,especially when you put many resources together, it can make a big difference. Don’t worry about the traditional workers laughing at you. They don’t realize that freelancers are on to something.

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Getting Over the Adversity

Everyone goes through something. Some face more challenges than others. What we go through could either make us stronger or could take a lot out of us. We will shed those tears and we may allow doubt to make its way in but we shouldn’t allow it to have a permanent residence. Although we must face trials. Trials are meant to teach us something and we should go through them with stride. Just because we weep that doesn’t mean that we’re weak.

It takes a lot of strength to endure a lot of the things we have to endure in this world. We’ll come in contact with people who will teach us lessons and they’ll even cheer us on. We shouldn’t forget those people who help us along the way. We shouldn’t forget those who add value to our lives. Everyone needs help and for those who think that they don’t. They will soon find out that they’re wrong.

“Encouragement” helps us get through those tough times. Even if there’s only one person to encourage us to do better. That makes a world of difference but we shouldn’t refrain from encouraging ourselves. We should be our biggest fans. It’s not easy dealing with the situations and circumstances that’s handed to us but we’re able to come through them. We can stand up tall and claim “survivor.” Surviving is the most rewarded experience.

Some people suffer tragedy after tragedy and they show strength by continuing to tell their story. We end up further when we go through those complexities. When we face those long days, we should be thankful for them, those days add something that we really need. We can rise above it all but we must have the mindset to do so. Sometimes we have a pity party. The Why me syndrome. That could cause us to suffer a decline if we don’t quickly release it from our thoughts.

Making progress is something we should want. Being able to get over those things that have created setbacks for us is truly a blessing. Forgiving those who have hurt us deeply will release a lot of pressure off our hearts and minds. Taking steps to get to the next level is apart of the process. I’ve cried many nights and worry invaded my territory but I’m getting better. The more I pray the better it gets. Don’t despair when you have to face adversity. Adversity builds us up. Take it and allow it to create a better you.

“Allow Adversity to Build and Create a new you”

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Everyone can Reach the Top so Let’s get it Done

Don’t just take yourself to the top. Take others with you. Take who stood with you when the going got tough. Bring along the “anoited.” Remember those who listened to you when you gave them positive communications. “Love one Another.” We can build something strong. There’s no room for kicking a brother man or sister in the rear.

Encourage one another to reach their “greatness.” Never settle for the minimum when you can reach the maximum. We should feel “good” about inspiring others. When we coke in contact with those who try to discourage us. We should focus on the road ahead and keep enjoying the journey.

Some may not believe in helping others but they should. We should want to create a solid foundation for others. Why wouldn’t anyone want to see others “prosper?” It’s time to “rise.” We should keep climbing to the top. Project positive words and smile while doing so.

Show that you care about people. “There’s room for everyone.” ┬áSo come on and display your talents, your brands, your products and more. We must continue to work together and “build” one another up. Up, up, and away.

Calling all entrepreneurs, musicians, and Entertainers. Writers and Authors. Let your light shine. Shine oh so brightly. We’re capable of doing great things. We “all” have talent and we don’t have to hide it. Allow yourself to get better and encourage others to do the same.

Be happy when others make progress and achieve their dreams. Don’t fret if you haven’t reached your goals as of yet. As long as you keep pushing. You can make it if you try. Don’t worry if the money hasn’t reached you. It will come when you push on. We should want to continue to work on our craft. It will all work out. Believe it will and it will.

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Understand Your Vision

Others may not understand where you’re headed but you have to understand where you’re going. Those around you may not want to understand your vision because God didn’t give it to them so they may be reluctant to stand with you. You’re purpose belongs to you and if people are upset about your “vision” then that’s too bad. No, they don’t have to understand, be supportive, or follow you but you should “never give up” on your dreams no matter what.

As long as you’re breathing. You have an opportunity to reach way up high and find exactly what you were meant to accomplish. Anything out of the norm will turn eyebrows up and that’s alright. Remain focused and stay clear of those who douse negativity on your purpose. They’re the ones who refused to do what they love to do so seeing you do it makes them feel bad.

There’s husbands that refuse to support their wives dreams because they feel insecure and aren’t where they want to be in life. Our chooses are our chooses and just because one refused to utilize their talents. That doesn’t mean that you have to. Keep being inspired and demonstrate to others that you refuse to give up. Giving up shouldn’t be apart of your vocabulary.

If no one encourages you do move towards your destiny then you have to do it yourself. It won’t be easy trying to make your way to your destination but it will be worth.Close your ears to communications that encourage you to stop what you’re doing. Fearful people will try to talk others out of their dreams but their opinions are just that. They’re opinion about what you’re doing has nothing to do with your journey. If they want you to stop then show them that you’ll keep going. “Believe That you Deserve to be Apart of Greatness.”

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Life is filled With the Why’s and the How’s

We may fill our thoughts with why did this occur and why did it go this way? Well, there’s a reason for the why’s, we will have to go through something in order to get to something great, but we shouldn’t question God’s process. He knows what we need and exactly how to get it to us. We’re the ones who want to rush and become impatient. We may not understand at first how this or that happened and how we got to point A or point B but if we have “faith” and believe that God and Jesus will see us through then we should already know.

Sometimes our faith wavers. We may allow doubt to enter our minds and that could create a hindrance for us. When that occurs we will face all sorts of obstacles and that will slow our process down. What’s meant for us is meant for us so while we spent precious time on the why’s and how’s. We’re creating blocks. We must get to a point where we allow things to just flow. Yes, we’ll go through pain, and yes we’ll face hardships but those are developing tools that are necessary in life.

We can’t possibly think that we won’t go through trials. The trials are suppose to be learning experiences and if we don’t learn then we’ll go through the same ones again and again until we get it. Everyone has asked why? Why this or why that? Once we remove the why, we’re able to clearly see what’s in front of us, and we can live productive lives. Life is filled with the expected and the unexpected. When we come to the unexpected we may become fearful. Fear can create a lot of problems for us. Fear causes people to lash out and it creates doubt.

“What Helps Remove Doubt?” “LOVE”

We may ask why are we filled with fear? Fear comes in when our faith isn’t strong. If we believe that we’ll get through those storms then we will. Faith will remove doubt and that also removes why’s. We can’t forget the how’s. Not everyone will believe in faith, God, Jesus and they may continuously question why this or that happened. We all have and we may in the future but when our faith gets stronger and stronger we think before asking those questions. Sometimes we make problems worse by over thinking and becoming fearful.

“Allow the Process to Take Place and be Thankful that you Have Been Selected for the Journey.”

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Having Real Friends is a Blessing

Sometimes we’ll find out that those who we perceive our friends are really enemies in disguise. That’s why so many people consider God and Jesus their best friends. They will never turn away from you and they will be there no matter what happens. It’s so sad to say that a lot of people are only out to get what they can get so they will pretend to be your friend. They’re looking for personal gain. We should continue to love people but be careful because not everyone is friendly.

Some people are so giving and have a heart so people may perceive that as a weakness and try to take advantage of others. It’s similar to the homeless woman and her friend being so trusting that she allowed a man to take off with her car. Everything she owned was in it including her dog. All she could think about was the dog. We can be so trusting and think that people have our best interest at heart but on reality they’re only trying to obtain something from us.

Real friends won’t try to harm you in any way. They will respect you and want what’s best for you. If they’re trying to bring you down in some way then they’re not real friends and that’s why so many choose to be their own friend. They rather spend time with themselves than to constantly run into people who only care about themselves. We have to love ourselves enough to understand it’s alright to protect yourself from people but we have to socialize so we can’t totally cut people off.

We keep learning and sometimes we have to be careful who we really consider as friends. We may think that they’re our friends but they may have a motive and agenda. There’s way too much hate. Hate will only create a wall between mankind. We should be filled with love and understanding.

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That’s Right You’re a Star

Go right ahead and “shine your light.” No one can dim it. We have every right to let the world witness our talents. Yes, people will try to dim your light, and yes they’ll give you some flack about it but so what. If you don’t “pursue your passion” you will regret it. You don’t want regret to weigh on you. You’re a shinning star. If no one believes in you. You need to believe in you.

Don’t allow anyone to stop you. Even if you fall. Dust yourself off and get back on track. It won’t be easy. Some days it will be downright weeping. Yes you will weep. You may scream and yes, someone will think you have lost your mind, don’t worry. Give it your all. Shine, shine, shine. That’s right. You can shine without being boastful. You can let the world know that you exist.

The doubters will try to get you to turn back but don’t. If they didn think you were awesome then they wouldn’t ask you to turn back. Pray, you will have to fight, not physically but mentally. Don’t get discourged. Someone will want to shine some negativity on your dreams. That should make you go harder. There will be times when you stay up late. That apart of the journey. If you want then you have to go after it.

It doesn’t make sense to hide your gifts. It doesn’t how many people try to get you to stop. You can’t. You will have to encourage yourself. Be brave and know that there will ne at least one who sees the brightness in you. Medidate and allow yourself to breath. Don’t over do it but don’t under do it either. Focus on the road ahead. You may feel as if you’ll never get to that point but you will. Believe that you have what it takes.

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