The Increasing of Holiday Sales

Oh boy it’s that time of year once again! The holidays are coming up. There is so much to be thankful for and how many are geared up for the holiday festivities? Oh Thanksgiving will arrive soon and there will be plenty of eats for the families all over the world. Turkey, Dressing, and Mash Potatoes etc. Tables made with the festival decorations. Families gathering together connecting and reconnecting. That’s what holiday’s are for. After the great eats then the shopping can begin.

The shoppers will make their way to the malls and department stores. There will also be the online shopping let’s see if the sales will increase. There should be advertising so that shoppers are aware of the sales. Increasing sales will increase revenue which is needed. There’s the seasonal employment. Time to get ready to give and receive. Store hours will extend close to after “Thanksgiving.” Soon they’ll place Christmas decorations in and around the neighborhoods.

The malls will be filled with the decorations so that shoppers can enjoy their long hours of shopping. The holiday music plays in the background and the children are geared up to ride the little train as the parents wait until the train ride is over. They’ll be plenty of photo booths. Perhaps the jewelry sales will increase. The department stores will place their sales tickets on the racks. Oh what about the holiday sweaters? The airlines will be prepared to increase their ticket sales.

There will be flights from all over the world. There are so many animals in need, needing a special home, perhaps the pet sales will also increase. There has to be advertising so that the sales elevate. The “economy” can use escalating. The car dealerships will prepare for the holidays in order to increase the automobile sales. What about Pontiac? There’s also Nissan. Promotional sales will generate attractiveness because there are so many awaiting discounts.

The sales of electronics will get the attention of teenagers. Play Station, Remote control cars, Nintendo etc. Gamers will be geared to watch the sales so that they pick up their favorite games. Parents will listen to their children wanting a certain toy. Back in the day the Cabbage Patch dolls were on parents Christmas list. Online shoppers will be “awaiting” to see what sales will be on their favorite sites. There’s so much to choose from. Shoppers are ya’ll ready?

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Being Excited About the Brand

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Oh my Disturbed Technology

There’s so much going on. It appears as though technology has become wired. There are so many uses and there are so many individuals abusing technology. Just imagine persons running havoc inside of a device or devices. How will some manage such things? After being exposed to so much harassment they’ll probably want to explode. That’s why it’s so helpful to power down devices so that there can be experiences of peacefulness.

There should be protections so that hackers are unable to run havoc inside of devices. My device currently being used is filled with what some may call as trolls. They’re more than trolls actually. They’ll aggressive and annoying. They’ve caused so much disruption. I’m continuing to proceed but there seems to be periods of being annoyed. So therefore I’ve decided that shutting down the device is a great experience.

The joy of not having to deal with the trolling is a wonderful thing. They’ll constantly try to annoy and will watch be like a hawk. They’re so disruptive. How can one keep their calm when having to deal with the persons? Sometimes just sitting back and thinking about good experiences help.  What are they after? The breaches are the reason why they’re all there. Perhaps not all but there’s a lot of individuals in my device trying to see if they’re able to create an upset.

I’ve found that I’m beginning to not be so thrilled about technology. So spending less time on the device and online seems to help create rejuvenation. They may believe that I’m defeated somehow but no. There is joy in knowing that eventually I’m going to complete the necessary goals in order to generate mor progress. Soon enough their actions will receive the justice. “The technology is helpful but can be quite annoying when having to deal with the trolling.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

“My technology has suffered greatly but I’m seeking justice to gain back order.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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My Identity Belongs to me

That’s right! I’m not going to be labeled a victim but I’m certainly being victimized. There are some who may not feel comfortable in their own skin. Some could be suffering some sort of identity crisis. If any person tries to take a person’s name and information then the persons are committing identity theft. If they’re trying to access emails which they have no authority to then they’re committing identity and if they’re altering information online then they’re committing cyber crimes. Some may not be concerned about doing such things because they’re so use to getting away with trying to victimize others. There are some who feel that they’re so powerful that they can just take over not only a persons’s identity but try to take over their entire “life.”

“My identity (Tanikka Paulk)” has been stolen and the crooks are individuals who some may not expect to be so criminal. That’s right. They;ll go all into a person’s information, try to duplicate the person or persons, and will try to take on their identity. Some could be pretending to impersonate the person but are really trying to discredit the person. That is me. They’re like wolves of course but soon enough they’ll receive their punishment. Who do they think they are? Just thinking they can take on an identity and continue to cause trouble. Common sense should have told the individuals that an email isn’t there’s because the email address will have the person’s name and other identifying information.

Person’s committing identity could be order to pay a fine and receive jail time. “The ones who commit cyber crimes and mail tampering could be sentenced to federal prison and if they’re career criminals or apart of organized crime then the persons should go to federal prison.” There could be persons apart of the NBA who are committing such crimes. If the prosecutors had no problem sending Michael Vick to prison then the prosecutors shouldn’t have nay problem sending NBA players and others who participated in such criminal activity. 10 years could be their sentencing.

There are some who enter into the criminal world and may not know how to come out due to desperation. Some will continue until they’re put behind bars. There are some who may not understand exactly how they’re actions can not only laid the persons in prison but could destroy an entire nation. There are some who do such things in order to gain and some simply don’t  have any common sense. It’s obvious that there are a lot of bad people in the world but there are some who are just use to being powerful mainly because of money. Money can not buy everything. “My Identity was and is Stolen but I’m Advocating to get it Back.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Apr 13, 2016 – My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m the founder, creator, and organizer of ‘The Remarkable Person Project.’ I’m a writer and blogger. A mother of 5 Sons Named Christopher, Corey, Cornelius. Courtney and Cameron Paulk. 

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Tanikka Paulk

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“Oh yes. The Crab Mentality is Real. Be on Alert. Still Blessed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Darkside of Technology

We depend on technology so much that we forget about other activities. Technology is very beneficial but it can also cause a whole lot of grief. It can be used to communication all over the world or it can be used deceptively. A lot of times technology is used to bully others. It’s pretty sad how it’s meant for one thing but used for something so harmful.

Our devices aren’t save. There’s many intruders lurking about waiting to get into our devices or get their hands on them. There’s no solid way to protect our devices. We can try to take percautions but somehow a very determined snoop will find away. No one values privacy anymore. There’s apps on top of apps that tell us that we’re protected. Sometimes those apps are just as malicious.

The hacking is outrageous but there’s apps that will alert us when we’re receiving suspicious or harassing phone calls. Those apps are beneficial because a caller could gather your personal information once you’ve picked up the phone. We really have to be careful. Our phones are mini computers. Unfortunately we live in a world that’s riddled with deception so we have to kerp our eyes and ears open.

Our devices and computers are so sensitive. Someone somewhere wants to view our information. So we should have some protections on our devices and computers. Although the protection isn’t 100% guaranteed it certainly helps. Too many people’s information has bern compromised because they either didn’t have the protection or they were careless with their information.

We rely on our mobile devices and we may spend more time on them so we need to treat them sensitively. We shouldn’t be too paranoid but a little may help. People are curious and they want to see exactly what you’re up to. They may work hard trying to find out as much information as they can.

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Escape From the Everyday

We live in a technology driven society. A place where lives are controlled by social media outlets and sophisticated phones. There was a time when we didn’t have any of these things and we were more sociable. There has to be a time when we get away from these things and enjoy different scenery. If we expose ourselves to nothing but technology and the online world then we may lose our concept of the real world. Technology is very useful. It’s used just about everywhere but if it’s over used then things can become distorted.

Some have decided to spend less time on social sites and online. They’ve learned that too much exposure can decrease their productivity. If we want to live productive then we may need to limit our time with technology. Some of us have to use computers and phones in order to make a living but if we can do without it for at least a little while then we should. There’s other things that may need our attention and although social sites and other areas online can help. It can also create issues if overused. We should use it in moderation if it’s a hobby but when we need it to work then we may need to spend more time with technology.

We should put aside some time to have some fun. Enjoy what nature has to offer or go somewhere different from our usual destination. It’s nice to be able to use our touch screen phones and laptops put we should put them aside to gather our thoughts and engage in other activities. We can become consumed with what happens on social media sites and what occurs all over the world wide web. It can leave us exhausted and that’s something we can avoid. Sometimes these sites are used to take away from whatever we need to get done.

If we need an escape then we should take it because over use can make us weary. Some may choose a few days out of the week to leave home so that they’re not so in tuned with their devices. Powering our phones down is a great way to generate some peace. We don’t need to b e available all of the time and if there’s an emergency then one can always leave a message. It’s alright to take some time out and spend it elsewhere. Somewhere that won’t require us to have our devices in hand.

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Be Careful Scams are Everywhere

There’s people who are lurking about for those with kind hearts. They may send a sobbing email or dial your phone. You should give to reliable charities. Use reliable sites. If you’re unsure about the validity of an email. You can search the address and if you feel uneasy about it then disregard it.

There’s people wanting you to hand them your hard earned money. They prey on those who they feel are naive or too trusting. We should give and help others but we need to be smart about it. If it doesn’t seem right then delete or block. It’s sad that people are preying on others and creating sob stories to generate sympathy.

There’s sites that will help raise money for situations, medical conditions, and for education. Those are the sites that should be used to ask for assistance. Sending emails to individuals may not generate the help that one may or may not need. There’s way too many scams circulating and it’s best to ask corporations, charities, or the media for assistance.

I’ve noticed a lot of the emails state that there was an inheritance given and the recipients are unable to collect the money so they need your help. Why would they send you money and why would they ask you for your personal information? That’s why people choose to select their favorite foundation or charity so they’re sure where their money is going.

Be leary when an email says Sir or Madame. If the email address looks fake then send it to trash or spam. A lot of email accounts will automatically send suspicious emails to spam. If you want to give to an organization, contact them personally, and allow them to give you a receipt showing your donation. Be alert not everyone is concerned about you losing your money.

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Sharing Information Helps Companies but not the Consumers

Companies make money sharing our information but sharing your personal information could be damaging. Are companies really caring and being considerate when it comes to  their customers? Sharing information could land in the wrong hands and you never know who’s waiting to mess you up. It’s important that companies as well as consumers protect themselves. There’s a lot of people who are desperately wanting your information for their personal gain. Companies are helping them do that. ( 2009) states; Your personal information—everything from your shopping habits to your health history—can be available to creditors, employers, landlords, insurers, law enforcement agencies, and, of course, criminals. All they need to do is tap into the public and private databases that gather, buy, and sell your vital statistics.

There’s more and more class action lawsuits popping up because companies are being careless. By allowing consumers information to land in the wrong hands, companies are setting themselves up to fall, they’re in the business to make money but should they do that risking consumers well being? They want to gather information about you and then sell that information. That’s why people should really try to avoid surveys.

How many of you have taken a survey that claimed to compensate you but when you complete their questions, they tell you that you didn’t qualify, that’s right?They already received the information they wanted and now they refuse to compensate you. It’s a rip off and a scam. They just needed that information. So they earned and you lost. You lost your information and they were the ones being compensated.

Technology and Privacy

We should be more aware. We should learn to be more proactive when it comes to our privacy. Using technology has opened the door to our privacy being exposed. People lurk about searching to gather what they can. Banks are tired of it and it seems that people are finding more ways to gather what they can on someone. We should protect our devices and our computers. There’s always some gimmick. Some way to scam members, and customers. We have to be careful there’s some jobs that will refuse to protect their workers information and sometimes they’re information is stolen.

People and companies are becoming desperate and they want your information. They want to share it, steal it, and use it against you. Protect yourselves. It’s not being paranoid when it comes to protecting your identity and your information. You won’t believe who’s willing to try to get your information for their personal gain. Be careful who you share your information with. Those close to you aren’t an exception to that rule.

Source: Consumer Report .Org 2009. “Big Brother is Watching”

“Your personal information—everything from your shopping habits to your health history—can be available to creditors, employers, landlords, insurers, law enforcement agencies, and, of course, criminals. All they need to do is tap into the public and private databases that gather, buy, and sell your vital statistics.”

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Long vs Short

Lets be real here, the world wide web is a fast paced environment, people want it quick and easy. They may not want to spend a whole lot of time reading. They want the information and want to move on. There’s writers and bloggers who prefer to write long posts, articles, and to give us detailed information and there’s nothing wrong with that but the fact is, people want to move quickly, they want to be able to browse around and that means spending less time reading.

A lot of people use the internet for entertainment and they would probably prefer not to read long, extra long posts, if they want to move quickly they don’t. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t provide detailed information, you should but if it’s too long, then it’s a bunch of words not receiving the attention they deserve. I prefer to keep it short. Yes, I would rather read shorter versions of something on the web, I don’t want to read 5 pages when I could have received the information in 2 pages.

Some writers and bloggers get flack about writing short posts or blogs but who wants to stay on one piece for a long time when they could’ve shortened the time? This world is a fast paced one. The web means we need to move from here to here, navigate around, and browse quickly. I’ve seen posts so long that it made my head spin. If it’s too long then the readers will move on.

That means that the writer and blogger has wasted their time on more when they could’ve provided less. Less isn’t always acceptable but on the web it’s the next best thing. People’s attention spans are shorter or should I say, “they seem shorter, it is what it is. They want it like fast food. They want it “quick,” yes indeed. They want you to provide the “action” so that they can go on to the next episode.

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