Believe That it Will Happen

Trying to reach another level requires a whole lot of patience. Success doesn’t happen overnight but it happens through preseverance. We have to believe that we will achieve our dreams. Even with challenges it’s possible. There will be some slow days and there will be those fast pace days. We should appreciate all days

What we experience will either byild us or break us down. If we want to rise above then we should look at our experiences as ladders. We should want better and without those challenges we probably wouldn’t get better. Accomplishing even one or two goals can make a difference.

Sometimes we become impatient because our desired success level doesn’t happen as rapidly as we hoped. Don’t despair when things move a bit slow. Growth still occur with slowness. A lot of people have expectation issues. They expect things to happen right away. In most cases that doesn’t occur.

Giving up shouldn’t enter our mindset. We should be “encouraged”and know that we’ll have to deal with adversity. We will face adversity. In some cases lots of adversity but although that will occur. We should keep going. Keep believing. We’re working towards something.

Don’t lose hope when it comes to your dreams. Don’t listen to those who are incapable of adding value to your destiny. Not everyone will want to see “advancement” but that doesn’t matter. We have to progress and shine despite the obstacles. Smile through the hard times. Our dreams aren’t shattered when there’s setbacks. They could be delayed and this happens. Even with delays. There’s ways to make it to our destinarion.

As long as we’re hopeful and confident that we’ll succeed then we’ll succeed. It doesn’t matter how many people tell us that we’re incapable. We should tell ourselves that we are. Embrace your dreams and surround yourself with dreamers and visionaries.

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Everyone can Reach the Top so Let’s get it Done

Don’t just take yourself to the top. Take others with you. Take who stood with you when the going got tough. Bring along the “anoited.” Remember those who listened to you when you gave them positive communications. “Love one Another.” We can build something strong. There’s no room for kicking a brother man or sister in the rear.

Encourage one another to reach their “greatness.” Never settle for the minimum when you can reach the maximum. We should feel “good” about inspiring others. When we coke in contact with those who try to discourage us. We should focus on the road ahead and keep enjoying the journey.

Some may not believe in helping others but they should. We should want to create a solid foundation for others. Why wouldn’t anyone want to see others “prosper?” It’s time to “rise.” We should keep climbing to the top. Project positive words and smile while doing so.

Show that you care about people. “There’s room for everyone.”  So come on and display your talents, your brands, your products and more. We must continue to work together and “build” one another up. Up, up, and away.

Calling all entrepreneurs, musicians, and Entertainers. Writers and Authors. Let your light shine. Shine oh so brightly. We’re capable of doing great things. We “all” have talent and we don’t have to hide it. Allow yourself to get better and encourage others to do the same.

Be happy when others make progress and achieve their dreams. Don’t fret if you haven’t reached your goals as of yet. As long as you keep pushing. You can make it if you try. Don’t worry if the money hasn’t reached you. It will come when you push on. We should want to continue to work on our craft. It will all work out. Believe it will and it will.

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What are you Working With

When most people view success. They imagine a large home and lots of money but rarely do people view success as accomplishments. Anyone starting something will need patience. They must understand that the money will come later but until then they must “pave the way.” Most people are trying to work with what they have. Yes, they may want more, but until that happens. They have to do whatever it takes to get to the next level. Penniless and all.

People may laugh at those who are trying to live their dreams. They may think that they’re crazy for taking the risk. Oh well. If no one climbs then no one will make it to the top of the hill. You have to crawl before you can walk and sometimes the take off is pretty slow but then things speed up. Patience is very important and of course there will be times when we want things to hurry up and come together. We can’t rush things. Everything will fall in place at the right time.

So if we have to work with a little then we have to make the best of it. Some days we’ll move like the speed of lighting and other days it will be like a snail but no matter how fast or slow we go. We should remain true to our dreams and keep moving. There will be setbacks and we may feel weary but we can’t give up. No matter how many tears are shed. So what if people feel that you’re unsuccessful then that’s their opinion. As long as you feel successful then you’re successful. If you made any improvements then that’s success.

Not everyone will try to live their dreams. Some are either afraid of failure or they’re afraid of moving backwards not realizing that they have the capability to move forward. For some of us. It will take many, many, years before we make that giant step. Sometimes those opportunities won’t come right away so we have to use whatever we have at the time to make something happen.

It doesn’t matter what pace you’re utilizing. You must keep moving and don’t worry about what others have to say because they can’t see what’s in store for you. You may not have much today but soon the rewards will come streaming in. Just having the courage is enough.

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Give it Your Best Shot

The going gets tough but that doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing your aspirations. We shouldn’t give up and in when we’re challenged. If a break is needed then take it but you wouldn’t be satisfied if you gave up. We all have to go through something. Sometimes we’re hit with force. That could have something to do with needing to become fierce.

Are strength is built through adversity. We learn better problem solving. It doesn’t how hard you’re hit. You should get back up and do it again. Make improvements while traveling the journey. It’s a live in a learn situation. Be determined even when you’re challenged.

Who hasn’t been challenged? We all have at some point. Some of us may face continuous challenges but we learn how to dissect them. Sometimes you have to uplift yourself and tell yourself that you’re capable of completing those goals. Not everyone will have the support system that will encourage  us to aim higher.

Don’t feel despaired when you have to face difficulties when you’re trying to accomplish something. Easy won’t produce growth but the toughness will. We have to be challenged in order to learn what we need to learn and to make our way to greatness.

Be encouraged and keep moving. There’s always someone wants to see us “succeed.” There’s also those who would rather see us fail. Not everyone will want see you aim high but not shouldn’t stop you from doing so. If you’re being pulled down then find a way to climb back up.

Challenges shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you love. They are there to help you advance. We’re all capable of living our dreams but we have to be prepared to come across some rough spots. If we think we won’t face problems while pursuing our dreams then we’ve fooling ourselves.

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Beware of Dream Killers

Not everyone will want to see you accomplish your goals and follow those dreams. There will be some who are envious of your talents. If they searched within themselves then they can find their light so that they can shine it on the world. Some have chosen to try to knock others down because they felt intimated by someone’s dreams and goals. When God has a plan, There’s nothing no one can do to try to stop it. Those who you expect to be supportive nay turn their backs on you. They may not understand why you’re trying to do certain things. Your dream isn’t for everyone.

When you realize that someone is trying to throw a wrench in your dreams. That’s when you should be very careful not to give them details on where you’re headed. If you listen closely to their words. They will tell you exactly where they stand and if you observe their actions then that will show you exactly what they think of your dreams. Sometimes people will become angry because they didn’t come up with the ideas that you’re projected. That’s why a lot of people will say that one should keep their ideas to themselves.

We should expose our gifts and being able to come up with unique ideas is a “gift.” If you feel the need to try to tear someone down because they’re doing something you’re afraid to do or something you can’t do then you need to chill out! When you use all of your energy to stop someone from trying to get ahead. You will wear yourself down so whatever you think that you’re accomplishing won’t be “successful.”

I’ve read numerous stories where people were being sabotaged because they had great ideas. Take Martin Luther King Jr. for example. He wanted everyone to unite and to love one another. He went through a lot and his family was put through a lot because he has “A Dream.” It appears that doing good isn’t something everyone wants to see or hear but when you do something they don’t agree with. They won’t let it go.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. What’s the lesson? Be careful With Your Ideas. There’s Always Someone who Isn’t Happy About Them.” Not everyone wants you to make it and that’s so unfortunate because there’s plenty of room at the top. A person doesn’t show security when they’re working extra hard to try and bring others down. We should be happy that people are trying to get ahead, make a positive difference, and get better. If there’s continuous hindering going on then we won’t be able to “rise.” That is absolutely shameful.

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We can Avoid Somethings

Somethings are avoidable while others are not. Somethings we should avoid and others we need to face head on. Everything that seems damaging isn’t. Some issues are presented to build us. Mold us and etc. We need to face those life builders. They could be very beneficial when traveling on our journey.

Of course we may not want to take it all in but we need that toughness without we caold crumble. One area could be more challenging than another but we must accept the challenges. Life is filled with them and when you’re traveling on your journey. You will definitely have to deal with them.

Avoidance is necessary sometimes but it isn’t all bad if we didn’t avoid certain situations. Some of those challenges are lessons we need to learn in order to advance to the next level. We’re not effective until we learn whatever it is we need to learn. Sometimes this will occur right away and other times it will take longer.

It’s alright if we don’t get it at first. That happens. Getting it at some point is what really matters. We can’t declare ourselves as stupid if we didn’t pick on a lesson or two. That’s why we’re constantly learning. Some are too afraid to face certain challenges and it would be difficult to earn that way.

We all have to go through something in order to get somewhere. There’s no easy roads but there’s some beautiful moments that can be apart of a story. The difficulties could help others get to where you’ve already traveled. It could encourage some to face the adversity and become a better person and a “survivor.” We’ve all survived something. We can’t live in this world without troubles.

The difficult roads are paved in order to develop something greater. Bigger and brighter than before. The light becomes brighter every time we pass a level. Yes, it’s hard, and in some instances thoughts of leaving it incomplete may enter. Quickly get rid of it so it doesn’t stay embedded in your mind.

“If you Want to get Better and Stronger Than you Will Need to Face Adversity.”  (Tiki33 T. Paulk)

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Somethings Aren’t Worth the Bother

There’s no easy roads to success. No easy travels to a destination filled with “growth.” We’ll be challenged, and we will hear the noise, but what we should do is keep going. Yes, there’s people who won’t make it easy for us, but we shouldn’t allow their disturbances to hinder our growth.

Although it won’t come easy. No one should consider stopping. If there’s a fork in the road and you decide to pick it up. You may just miss your mark. You don’t have to stop for everything. It’s best to choose your battles wisely. Of course there’s somethings that can’t be ignored but foolishness doesn’t need attention.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to become distracted by things that aren’t worth a bit of attention. We get all hot and bothered by silly communications. There’s people who truly believe that their jobs consist of making trouble. People who do that may be intimidated by those who are trying to head ahead. Some people will try to slow the process down.

Not everyone deserves to hear a response. Some need to hear it straight and others need to hear silence. If they can only offer disturbances then perhaps silence is what they need. We will have to come against something but how we deal with it makes the difference. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

If it isn’t beneficial to your journey then keep it moving. Not everyone wants to see others elevate. Those who aren’t comfortable with someone’s “rise” will try to kick them in the rear. Oh yes, everyone has come across some difficult being, that person or persons that causes your eyebrow to raise.

Even if one gets distracted, they should get back on track, no one should stop a soul from trying to do better and create a positive change. Believe that you can overcome and continue to learn what and who should receive attention. The battle isn’t ours but we sometimes get caught up in trying to handle them. “Our travels will teach us what we need to know.”

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It’s Best That They Don’t Know

When you find yourself having difficulties trying to get things done. It’s best that you find the most “private” ways to do that because there’s so many watching other people’s moves and they find pleasure in trying to hinder those moves so one has to be smart about those moves. Not everyone will be happy for us and we have to keep in mind that misery tries to make others miserable. Sometimes we have to learn to be “silent.” That’s right.

It doesn’t mean that we’re shutting people off or out but it does mean that our silence means to “stay out of my business.” I often imagine how celebrities deal with people always invading their lives. I remember seeing Kanye West’s daughter asking the paparazzi not to take her pictures. They didn’t listen of course but they should’ve allowed her to enter her dance class in peace.

I suppose that’s why so many celebrities wear disguises when they head out. Perhaps there’s a lot of them that enjoy all of the attention. When people go all out to try and make other miserable then that’s when it’s no fun. If you have plans and ideas, it’s best to keep them private, not everyone wants you to succeed. Some people may not want you to succeed at anything. Especially if they have a very competitive spirit.

It’s great when you have people around you who are willing to help you “change the game.” They will help you make your moves privately and that generates a “smile.” We may think that other people will have the same heart as us but it’s not so. We simply have to continue to learn what works and find the best solutions to the problems. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do. There will always be someone who disagrees.

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Keep on That Track

Who said it would be easy? Someone probably did but they were wrong. It’s not easy trying to follow your dreams and traveling on your journey. You’ll come across some wolves and they will want to devour you. You may meet people who want to guide you in another direction so that you don’t meet your goals. You’ll face envious people, who would rather see you fall on your face, and they may pretend to be a friend.

When traveling on your journey. You will face all sorts of challenges but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. If following your dreams was easy then everyone would be trying to pursue it. It’s not easy and someday’s it will be downright tiring. Yes, you will feel fatigued, the fatigue is just an example on the toughness. It’s well worth it. You will receive rewards along the way so don’t think that there’s nothing but challenges. There’s more to your journey.

You will find those who want to grab your attention and there’s nothing wrong with communicating a bit but if they aren’t willing to lift you up then it’s a waste of time. There’s a lot of people in the world who gave up because they faced adversity. Adversity is something that we all should face. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t learn and grow. Don’t feel bad when people don’t understand the travel. It’s not for everyone.

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You will have to let some off and you’ll pick some up. Pick up those who are willing to add and not subtract. If they’re full of negativity then they’re not the ones you need to have traveling with you. There will be those alone times. You may feel as if you’re the only one in the world. You’re not but it could feel that way. Keep pushing your way through the bumps. You were made to “soar.”

“Dream and Live it”

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Instead of Bashing What About Helping

Some people can’t help but be competitive, perhaps I should say, “they won’t stop being competitive.” There’s so much talent in this world and everyone deserves to allow their talents to shine. So why do people have a hard time dealing with seeing others do well? It’s about insecurities because those who truly believe in themselves have no reason to try to make others fall. If you know you’re good at something then why would you feel the need to try to bring others down?

No one can can take all the “shine.” Some people are so full of doubt that they will do some silly things in order to make others look bad. God gave each and everyone of us a gift and it’s a shame that people will try to make others stop sharing their gifts with the world. It’s as if people will fall ill for helping others. Of course no one can help everyone but if you’re not going top help then don’t try to knock others down.

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There’s so much room at the top and it seems that people aren’t really taking that into consideration. They should. If they did then we wouldn’t hear about all the envy that takes place. Some may say, “they don’t want to see you doing better than them.” Wow! That’s some statement. It’s a waste of time to try to bring anyone down. If you know you can do this or that then do what it takes to get it done. No need to blame others for things that didn’t work out. Just pick yourself up and go for it. Allow the world to see what you can do.

When people try to bring you down, it’s known as the “crab mentality,” actually people are intimidated by your progress or success. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t attempt to do underhanded things, that insecurity is something else. So many people have missed out because they couldn’t resist trying to outshine someone. They end up being in a miserable state because they were bashing instead of congratulating.

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