Be Careful What you Step Into

Sonetimes people become overly anxious or greedy so they’ll poke tgeir nose where it doesn’t belong. They may be unaware of how much trouble their actions can cause. Once they’ve stepped into the confusion they may want to find a way out. They may not realize that their way out is repentance and admitting that they were wrong.

That’s why the bible speaks about greed. It can cause all sorts of problems. If someone’s life is in danger then we should step in but when we don’t mind our business. We can end up in a nightmare. Sometimes people become so desperate that they will pretend to be someone else in order to reap some benefits. Not realizing that they won’t benefit from anything.

We really have to watch ourselves. We can’t be anyone else but ourselves. We can’t live another person’s life. We can’t take over someone’s identity. Perhaps people refuse to learn this but we do reap what we sow. Some people are trying their best to fix their situation on their own instead of allowing God to deal with it.

When we try to fix things that are too complex for us on our own. We really do more damage than good. God can take care of any issue that we have. Prayer and repentance can help us gain our lives back. Sonetimes we don’t learn the easy way. We must learn the hard way. Minding our business seems to work. We don’t have to know everything. We don’t have to be apart of everything. We have to remove greed and just try to live the best way that we can. Sone may not realize how devastating our actions can be.

Once we’ve made mistakes and we realize them. We can ask for help with them and things can turn around for us. We can’t expect good things to occur with a dysfunctional mindset. As long as we’re here we have opportunities for improvements.

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Love Will Conquer all and Prayer Will Change Things

Love is so powerful and when people remove love and replace it with greed. There will be nothing but trouble.Anyone who claims to be in the Ministry or a child of God and refuses to teach or demonstrate love is a false prophet. God is love and He doesn’t honor hate. Greed is similar to hate because people won’t care who they throw down when greed presents itself. Greed is one of the deadly sins. Sin is sin. If a hateful person comes in contact with a person filled with love. They will try to run and hide and sit and wait in darkness.

God won’t allow the destruction to continue. He may allow us to go through trials but there’s nothing that we go through that is too great for us to bare. We can fight battles with prayer. Taking all our troubles to God and Jesus. People may come up against us but they will not win because God is always in control He never forsakes us. Don’t be amazed who will come up against you. It could be a mother, sister, or brother. If there’s bitterness then it will try to devour anyone who comes in contact with it. Prayer is our defense. Putting on the Armor of God is very important and without we can not win.

Running into a Church building can not save us. God looks at our hearts and if our hearts are filled with envy and destruction then no amount of Church will do us any good. Prayer and asking for forgiveness will put us exactly where we need to be. Evil exist but love conquers evil. Hate exist but love is more powerful. We must pray for protection. Pray for our children  and families. The enemy will try to attack us and he will send a army to come up against but with God’s words he shall be defeated.

Attacks will come but the will of God will prevail. When under attack we must pray and allow God’s words to flow within. Pray for peace and the removal for anything that is ungodly. We will continue to make mistakes because the flesh is flawed but as long as there’s breathe in our bodies we can ask for forgiveness and believe it in our hearts. Love one another if not then we will suffer again and again. Love conquers all.

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No Other Love Like Yours

Love is a beautiful thing, there’s all sorts of love, temporary love. There’s peaceful love. Everlasting love and desperation love but the love from our Father and His son is like no other. That unconditional love can be brought. We should love one another and love ourselves. The deepest love comes from our Creator and without putting that love into our daily lives and in our relationships. There will be no “prosperity.” Not everyone believes in God and Jesus’s love but if we just look around we should figure out that a Higher Power exist.

If we remove love then all will fail. Love conquers and it overrides hate. When love is removed from our lives. We become bitter and we face many, many challenges. It’s best to put God into it. Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins. Is love runs deep. No one can love us like that. Our spouse, relatives, and friends may love us but they can never love us the way that God and Jesus loves us. Listening the words from our Father and His son will make our lives better. Our bad situation can turn into a peaceful situation.

We can generate more peace by loving one another and removing hate. Some are so fueled by hate because they’ve either removed God and Jesus from their lives or they’ve never had them in their lives. Even when we fall their love covers us. They love us in the good and the bad. Some may only love us when we’re doing well. God and Jesus’s love stays whether we’re up or down. The unconditional love can bring us out of darkness.

Even when we’ve suffered a setback. They will hold us up and put us back to where we need to be. Now that’s real love. Their love is fake it never fades. It stays with us and even when we feel all alone. They’re love is still there. They never forsake us and who else will feel that way about us? Having the love from a partner or from our friends is great but God’s love and Jesus’s love is eternal. It carries us from here to there.

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Just Hold on God Will Reveal it

When people come up against you and try to discredit you. Don’t despair because God knows and He will make sure you’re bot swollowed up and Jesus will lead us to God. There’s no way that we can get to God without going through Jesus. The flesh will attack your character, try to bring you down, try to convince you that you have no worth. God doesn’t make mistakes and He would never create a worthless being. We all have worth in good and bad and in every season.

No one has the right to tell us that we can’t do something. If God said it then He meant it. God and Jesus never forsakes us. Never ever so the ugly words that come from our mouths can be rebuked in the name of Jesus. No man or woman can pull us my the hand and drag us to hell. We have every right to live in a peaceful dwelling. Never allow anyone to take your God given talent and bring you down.

We should feel confident within and give when we can. Help ourselves but help others as well. If we allow on minds to focus on everything thing bad someone has to say about us then we will become ill. That can be avoided if we replace the bad with good. Flesh can say anything but God and Jesus can transform us into heavenly beings. We may not always behave right, speak right, but we can do right.

Be confident and believe that you can overcome what people say you are and who they say you are. It’s what God says that truly matters. We should be happy with ourselves and others who try to help others in anyway that they can, we should be “cheerful givers.” Stop allowing people to dictate what we should be doing and not doing. If you took it to God and Jesus tgen there’s nothing to worry about. Be blessed.

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Still Blessed in it all

Don’t worry about the storms, the chaos around you, and who’s trying to do what. We can find calmness through our thoughts. We can generate peace where there seems as if there’s none in the atmosphere. We can smile and make someone’s day. Even when trouble finds us. We can still say, “I am blessed,” that’s right. There’s no need to sit in a corner with our heads hanging down.

There’s too much to live for. There’s good in every bad situation. There’s peace even when there’s noise surrounding us. It doesn’t matter what people say, what they do, and what they want to do. God has the final say. We should ferl good about giving and encouraging others to do better. Be hopeful and be happy. Consider ourselves blessed because there’s people going through something awful. Think about mother’s who have to hold tgeir dying child in their arms. If you’re in a position to help someone then do it.

We may complain about the smalkest things and not consider ourselves blessed. If you have a bed to lay in and water to drink and bathe in tgen you’re blessed. There’s people who would love to have a clean cup of water. When people come up against you consider yourself blessed. May soubd strange but if you didn’t have something within you. They wouldn’t bother. Greatness can either draw people together or it can make them irritated. Envy exist.

Call yourself “Blessed” because there’s favor. We can do some remarkable things. We have to believe that we can accomplish a lot of things through “faith.” It’s all good. Those troubles will leave and even through troubled times. We can bless someone. Through the chaos and the tirbulance be blessed. Be cheetful givers. Someone needs you today. We can make this world a better place. Believe and be blessed.

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As Long as God and Jesus is There

God and Jesus can soothe us when we feel the troubles around us. They can heal when we’re sick and comfort when we feel sorrow. When feeling overwhelmed with whatever it is that creates it. God and Jesus can fix it. We may not be able to understand and find solutions to every problem but they can.

Sometimes it takes deep meditation with our Creator and His son in order to generate son calmness. We may not understand why certain situations arise or why we have been selected for the frontline but we don’t have to bare it alone. If we place our thoughts on the words spoken by Jesus. We will surely feel comfort.

A friend or relative may not give us the comfort that we need and it is wise to seek the comforts from our  Heavenly Father. There’s a lot to go through in this world and we need some guidance. Man may not lead us in the right direction but God and Jesus will always lead us in the right direction. Faith that we’ll get through whatever it is that causes discomfort. We can get through it and there’s nothing that’s place on us that we can not bare.

We may feel as if somethings are too difficult to face but that’s not so. Life will generate challenges and some are bigger than others. Even if we suffer pain through them. We can find healing through the comforting words from God and Jesus. We shall be restored.

Sometimes we have to spend long periods alone. Alone with God’s words and alone to gather our thoughts. We live in a troubled world so we need to break away from those troubles. We can become consumed with thoughts of wanting everything to come together on our time. It simply doesn’t work that way. God’s timing is the perfect timing. Those problems may find us tomorrow but once we trust God and Jesus to handle them our worrying will fade. We will face all sorts of adversity but as we become more spiritually connected. We can deal with them a lot better. That’s what “faith” does.

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Stay Cool in Tough Times

We will be tested and sometimes we’ll be pushed. Pushed so hard that we want to speak out. We have to know when we should be vocal and when we should be silent. We shouldn’t be pushovers but we must know when it’s best to let things slide. People will come at us and they may try to knock us off our feet.

The best way to stand against any attacks is to wear the armor. One may say, “What Armor? The Armor of God. We can’t fight flesh. We may not win but with God on our side we will come through it. Sometimes we’re pushed to help us grow. We may need tougher skin for our assignments. Not everyone that comes at us with words or whatever they use that may upset us. Some doing unknowingly and others due to insecurities.

Of course our thoughts may race when we’re exposed to cruelty or negativity but we can overcome those things. If one is spiritually filled then prayer would be the best defense. Sometimes no matter what we say or do people will disagree or become angry about it. Some people may choose to be vocal and there’s times when we need to stand up. If our actions will make it worse then it’s best to be silent.

A lot of the times people will move on when there’s no response but of course there will be some determined individuals who jab and jab. The best thing we should do with them is to pray. Soon they will realize that it’s best to live their lives and enjoy what life has to offer them. If people are dissatisfied or unhappy then they may try to take their frustrations out on others. It can be anyone so if you’re one of them you may not want to take it personal.

In order to keep peace. We may need to keep our tongue from moving. Meaning to be quiet and let the chaos surpass us. We can’t always solve problems on our own. We need some help. Our help comes from the Lord. He knows when attacks will head our way but He wants us to trust Him. If we’re filled with anger then our thought process will become distorted. Sometimes we just have to let things take their course and in time it will cease.

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The Power of Prayer

Prayer can get us through the toughest of times. It can keep us sane. Prayer generates peace. When faced with adversity. We should pray non stop. We should pray when things are going well. There’s so much going on in the world and we’re unable to control what occurs. We can pray for those who are suffering and for healing.

Whatever we go through in life we’re able to heal from it. God won’t put nothing on us that we can not bare. In troubled times prayer is the answer. I would hear my grandmother prayer and worship. It kept her sane. She witnessed a whole lot and dealt with so much. Prayer kept her strong and it does the same for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t pray. Prayer is uplifting, peaceful, and generates joy.

The best prayers are done in silence when there’s no one around. We need quality time with the Lord and get to know Jesus better. He was the one who died for our sins. The world may be chaotic but we can find some peace in it. Sometimes we need to spend time with alone in order to become more spiritually connected. We’re here because of God and we’re able to get through trials because of Him.

Even the most painful events can feel less painful through “prayer.” Our hearts will ache, our minds will turn unhealth thoughts, but prayer can cease those things. When we pray. We become less fearful. Our less levels go down and we feel so much better. “Prayer Changes Things.” We shouldn’t be riddled with all sorts of stresses. If we take the time to give God some time then we will notice changes for the better.

The world is filled with good and evil. We should pray for ourselves and those who come up against us. We will have to face trials and there’s no way of getting around it. When we set aside some time to pray. We become stronger and we’re able to handle situations better. Prayer works. It makes the days less stressful.

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Fighting Difficult Battles

Some will go through battles some of the toughest battles and others will have it easier. Life can be unpredictable and we may not understand why we have to go through certain things at first but in time we will realize why we went through so much. Preparing for battle requires that we put on the armor. Sometimes we’ll go through battle after battle. It may seem as if we barely have time to breathe.

We develop strength and we’re molded when we battle. It’s a process and training period. We may not be happy with the process but it will only make us stronger. Sometimes we try to avoid going through certain processes because we don’t want to feel pain. Sometimes we suffer through more pain depending on the situation. Battles will be painful and life is sometimes painful. We may come in contact with enemies who want to see us torn to pieces.

We must remain strong and keep fighting. Sometimes it may seem as if we’re battling alone. We’re never alone. God is with us at every moment. He allows us to go through somethings so that we will develop. If we didn’t experience some of what life has to offer then we wouldn’t grow. It’s not easy having to fight but it will teach us what we need to learn. It will cause us to rise above.

We will have to find a way to defend ourselves against the attacks. The attacks in our home, on our jobs, and a lot of time in the Lord’s House. We will find out that even the one’s closest to us will end up trying to battle against us. That’s when we stay in constant prayer and meditate so that we’re able to get through it. It won’t be easy and there will be times when we become very upset but in time we’ll learn how to deal better.

As long as we’re in training. We’re learning so we shouldn’t expect to have it all together but we should be getting better. We’ll be challenged often and we must understand that. We should be discouraged when enemies and those who we thought were with us come up against us. This happens and we have to find the best ways to deal with it. Are you facing a battle or battles?

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Prayers and Meditation is Needed

The world is forever changing and we will have to face some of the heartless. In those times when trouble comes up against us we will need extra shielding and “prayer.” We weren’t promised that we wouldn’t go through troubles and face adversity but we’re promised that we would be supplied with the armor of protection. God gives us the choice to choose whether we will want with Him or we will leave Him out of our lives. If we want to receive any peace then we need to keep God and Jesus near.

Evil exist and some may perceive that their wrongs aren’t actually wrongs so they may come up against those near and far. If one has removed God from their lives then they won’t see how to be right with anyone. Prayer is our solitude, it helps us when times are good and bad, it keeps us close to God. Praying in silence with no distractions is the best way to hear what God says. Asking Jesus to help us get through our days will help with carrying loads.

When people try to come up against us we must realize that we’re not fighting with the flesh but we’re fighting against principalities. It may not be so easy for those who aren’t spiritual to understand but James 1:19-20 says,”My dear brothers and sisters take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen slow to speak, and slow to anger, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

Through anger comes destruction if not controlled. We will get upset and angry but we shouldn’t allow our anger to cause harm or to create war we’re in times where we must pray harder and longer. We must remain strong with the word because evil exist and although we won’t be filled with all good. We can overcome the attacks that are orchestrated by Satan. We all have the capabilities to allow Satan to use us and he does so when we’re most vulnerable. We should remain quiet and listen to what God tells us. We can place the “Armor of God” on when we’re under attack.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is real. The way that we get through it is by being close to God and Jesus and using the weapons that we’re provided. We must pray continuously and ask to cast out anything that doesn’t create peace and will create malice and destruction. When we come up against others we are being sinful. God says that avenge but that vengeance belongs to Him. If we need to feel is wrath then it will provided by the Living God and not by any man, woman, or child.

When attacks are headed our way. We should think about what Jesus went through. Satan wanted to temp Jesus but because Jesus had strong faith and he is the Son of God. Satan was unsuccessful with his tactics. He works harder on us because of our sinful nature but although we may sin. God forgives us when we ask and have it within our hearts. Thank God. We should also consider what Job went through. Job was full of “faith” and he went through trial after trial but he remained faithful and received more than he had before.

We’re tested and we go through processing periods. We will face adversity and that’s apart of life. It helps us to be strong but not every attack is made for that. Some attacks are formed through envy and are formed because someone or others may not want to see us prosper. We should pray for them and pray for everyone. There’s nothing that God will allow that’s too great for us to bare. God can do all things and with Christ we can do all things. God can step in at anytime and He isn’t pleased when we take things in our own hands when dealing with His people. We should pray and allow God to deal with it accordingly.

Sometimes are hurt draws in destruction. Bitterness is a gateway and we cause people to come up against us or we’ll come up against them. That’s why it’s necessary that we pray and pray deeply. Our prayers aren’t unanswered but of course not all prayers are answered in our timing but in God’s time. We must continue to have faith that God will work things out and continue to love one another so that we don’t try to condemn ourselves.

“Let the Peace Flow in Through Love and Understanding”

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