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That’s right! I’m not going to be labeled a victim but I’m certainly being victimized. There are some who may not feel comfortable in their own skin. Some could be suffering some sort of identity crisis. If any person tries to take a person’s name and information then the persons are committing identity theft. If they’re trying to access emails which they have no authority to then they’re committing identity and if they’re altering information online then they’re committing cyber crimes. Some may not be concerned about doing such things because they’re so use to getting away with trying to victimize others. There are some who feel that they’re so powerful that they can just take over not only a persons’s identity but try to take over their entire “life.”

“My identity (Tanikka Paulk)” has been stolen and the crooks are individuals who some may not expect to be so criminal. That’s right. They;ll go all into a person’s information, try to duplicate the person or persons, and will try to take on their identity. Some could be pretending to impersonate the person but are really trying to discredit the person. That is me. They’re like wolves of course but soon enough they’ll receive their punishment. Who do they think they are? Just thinking they can take on an identity and continue to cause trouble. Common sense should have told the individuals that an email isn’t there’s because the email address will have the person’s name and other identifying information.

Person’s committing identity could be order to pay a fine and receive jail time. “The ones who commit cyber crimes and mail tampering could be sentenced to federal prison and if they’re career criminals or apart of organized crime then the persons should go to federal prison.” There could be persons apart of the NBA who are committing such crimes. If the prosecutors had no problem sending Michael Vick to prison then the prosecutors shouldn’t have nay problem sending NBA players and others who participated in such criminal activity. 10 years could be their sentencing.

There are some who enter into the criminal world and may not know how to come out due to desperation. Some will continue until they’re put behind bars. There are some who may not understand exactly how they’re actions can not only laid the persons in prison but could destroy an entire nation. There are some who do such things in order to gain and some simply don’t  have any common sense. It’s obvious that there are a lot of bad people in the world but there are some who are just use to being powerful mainly because of money. Money can not buy everything. “My Identity was and is Stolen but I’m Advocating to get it Back.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Apr 13, 2016 – My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m the founder, creator, and organizer of ‘The Remarkable Person Project.’ I’m a writer and blogger. A mother of 5 Sons Named Christopher, Corey, Cornelius. Courtney and Cameron Paulk. 

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Tanikka Paulk

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“Oh yes. The Crab Mentality is Real. Be on Alert. Still Blessed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Unfairness and the People’s Rights Being Violated

It’s a lot of unfairness going on within society. There’s a lot of people who are unaware of their rights. Everyone has “rights” and although they’re sometimes violated. The rights are there. Some who are in positions to explain what the rights are may withhold the information. Doing so is an injustice. There’s a lot of injustices taking place and so many in positions to lead and protect all people are refusing to do so. There’s a certain group of people who have and continue to have their rights violated.

They’ve suffered injustices and continue to face discrimination. If the behaviors continue then we’ll continue to see a decline within society. Attention is needed on such matters. There has to be some defending going on. Some have lost their lives while their rights were being violated. Even the ones incarcerated have rights. Of course, they’re human beings who have made mistakes, and they too are being violated in despicable ways.

It’s important to become knowledgeable about rights. Knowing what the rights are can decrease certain situations from occurring. Some may become fearful to speak up and out. We shouldn’t be afraid of mankind. Of course for the ones who faced being questioned in a stern manner may feel intimidated. For instance: A teenage boy or girl being harassed by an authority figure such as a law enforcement officer.

The justice system needs a makeover and there needs to be some reviews on corruption. Not every authority figure abuses their power and violates citizens rights. There’s a lot of people who truly believe in “fair treatment” and there’s also a lot who refuse to supply fair treatment to others. There certainly needs to be some “improvements.”

Even if individuals are behaving disorderly. They’re rights should be given. Some may not be concerned about their rights until they face a situation where rights are violated. No child should have to face having their rights being violated and there’s a lot of proof of such incidents taking place. There needs to be some sensitivity courses supplied for the ones who hold authority positions. Perhaps then some of the injustices will be lowered.

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Receiving, Giving Away, and Appreciating

In life there will be a lot of receiving. The receiving of what is needed but there’s a lot of giving as well. Some may not witness everything that is given. We don’t have to share everything given to others. “Life” is to be appreciated and some may not appreciate at all times. There will be days where it seems as if gloom as made its way in. No matter what arises we should continue to remain hopeful. There should never be all receiving and we’ll also need to be careful with too much giving.

Not all giving will be appreciated. Even if it’s not appreciated we shouldn’t stop giving. Making contributions to society is important. Even if the contributions are small. Even the poor are required to give. Not all giving includes money. Sometimes time will be more appreciated than money. Life can be unpredictable and at any moment we can receive blessings. In order to receive blessings we’ll have to go through a lot of trials. When the time is right we’ll receive more then we’ve received before.

Some will try to hinder blessings but what’s for us is for us. No amount of resistance will prevent the blessings from arriving. We must understand when we expect certain things to occur and another direction comes into play. If the timing is off then we’ll have to wait for the right timing. Once we’ve experienced what needs to be experienced then we’ll receive. Some may expect to always receive and never consider giving.

There has to be some give and take in life. We’ll have to work for some of the abundance and other times we’ll receive gifts from previous works we’ve done. There should be no despair if “destinations” are taking longer than expected. Eventually we’ll reach the position we’ve been working for.

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Reform Transform and ReBuild

Oh what can so many say about society? There’s a lot to say but there has to be more to it than speaking about the troubling society. Starting with the “social issues.” There’s plenty alright. Probably too many to even think about tackling. We often find ourselves going in circles. Dealing with a vicious cycle. The same old methods that don’t work being utilized. Well, will society get any better, not with the mentalitythat’s within society?

What can we do?

1. Change the way we Think.

2. Assist in Some way.

3. Use Compassion.

4. Display Empathy.

5. Encourage the Youth to Live Their Dreams.

6. Give.

7. Be More Supportive.

8. Stop Being Overly Competitive.

9. Remove the Crminal Mindset.

10. Add More Protection.

Society is riddled with crime. It’s not just in one state. There’s criminal activity within society and there’s plenty of online criminal activity. Cyber attacks are criminal. Perhaps adding more protection for citizems. Especially law abiding citizens. The ones who vote and are eligible to vote. It’s funny how citizens are mistreated. Prisoners may seem as if they have more rights.

Those methods create a harsher society. Society won’t get any better with all the corruption. Political corruption and the very ones who are suppose to assist are engaging in some of the abuse. How can citizens do right when the law is refusing to do so?

There’s all sorts of unethicsl practices going on. Racial divisions and religious wars. Cyber bullying and abuse within media circuits. No wonder society is in a fix. The whole United States needs a makeover. All of the dysfunctions in office. Perhaps the mentally disturbed can solve some of the social issues. It appears the ones appointed to do so are busy focusing on things that they shouldn’t be so focused on.

While the criminals are lurking about committing crimes. The law abiding citizens are being harassed and attacked. Well, perhaps one day society will get better, as long as the actions that are taking place now continue. We’ll continue to see a decline. No unification just continued disconnections. Just thinking about all of the issues within society can generate a headache. Prayer warriors need to pray continuously.

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I’m Afraid Society Isn’t Ready for Some Common Ground

Sometimes just looking at the word society is insane. Thinking about all the injustices and all of the dysfunctional behaviors. The good thing is. It appears that the youth are behaving better than the adults. Hooray! If we think society is in a fix try cyber space. Oh my gosh. Did they just throw all the loonies in cyber space or what? Yes, they’re on social media, let’s just say that Facebook seems pretty calm.

What can we do

We can and should pray. That’s about it. We certainly can’t change how others think and we can’t be held accountable for their actions. “To Each His or Her Own.” Absolutely. Perhaps “rebuilding” our circle. Being more cautious when connecting. We may not be able to change the dysfunctions in society but we can control how we think and what doesn’t deserve our attention. No attention for the rude, insulting, disrespectful. Just going about our way and helping the kind and compassionate ones.

If they’re being called on stage, their names being called, and they’re receiving lots of gigs they’re probably the kind and compassionate bunch. Who needs to bother with the ones who dish out stress? Why add more stress in our lives? The make up of society these days has created more introverts. Makes my stomach churn.

Adult bullying and childish behavior. Some unnecessary stuff. Oh, oh, oh. Individuals controlling others from cyber space. Absolutely insane. What? That’s just how dysfunctional society is. Just a bunch of mess piled together. Let’s not talk about the racism which further disconnects two set groups of people. African Americans over there and White Americans over here. Sounds like the 60’s. Well, whoever said that racism was over, if they did then they lied? It’s difficult to keep cool when there’s a whole bunch of insults, racist remarks, and attacks coming at a person but prayer certainly helps.

Imagine how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would deal with some of these people. “We Shall Overcome.” The thoughts are, when, but when? All the marches and rallies and we’re still in a pickle. That’s  right. Still fighting the old good fight. Not to mention same race racism and discrimination. With all the injustices. It’s hard to believe that there’s any existing functional people.

More Information About our Dysfunctional Society Below

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Stand up for the People

We all know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that stood for equality. He believed that everyone deserved to be treated fairly. Where are those beliefs today? Do we just turn away from those things that could help us grow and prosper? Leadership seems to be tossed out while everything goes hay wire.

People all across the world are becoming victims of injustice and bullying. Whether it’s authority figures or citizens but lives are being affected by the tormenting related to bullying. Shouldn’t everyone be considered to have worth? Why are some treated unfairly and others treated with respect? Lots of questions that no one wants to answer. The sad part is no one wants to deal with the issues that plague our society. Sweeping those issues under the rug won’t make them go away. We had to deal with inequality, civil rights violations, and threats amongst a group of people. Today those issues exist but things have deepened.

People are becoming too fearful to speak out about important issues. Youth violence, black on black crime, and injustices within the justice system. We can yell, “Take a Stand” but until the fear is removed. There will be silence. Not only people are afraid to speak out but some may not be concerned about many of the issues that create a more dysfunctional society. The concern doesn’t hit home until it hits home. Too many lives are being affected by not dealing with issues before they become gigantic. We can nip some of the issues in the bud before hand and other issues will take a little more work.

We need church leaders to be more active within the communities. There certainly needs to be more leadership. The police are continuously asking for assistance with matters that plague our communities. We can’t just think that those issues will just go away.

We’re in a time where youth are no longer respecting one another or respecting anyone who disagrees with them. Youth violence is at a all time high. Shootings occur everday and a young life is taken due to ignorance. The youth seem to be enraged but enraged about what? That’s what we need to find out. We can overcome a lot of these issues if we stop pretending that they don’t exist.

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Debates About “Black Lives Matter” All Lives Matter

So many become enraged over the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” If no one understands why others are upset about it then they’re not thinking deeply. Others may perceive the phrase saying that only black lives matter. When all lives matter so the phrase could create some racial tension. It’s all about perception. There’s nothing wrong with saying that black lives matter but it would be respectful to say that “All Lives Matter.” All lives matter to God and lives should matter to us.

First off even when the phrase being spoken all over the world. People shouldn’t try to initiate a race war. There’s been attacks behind the phrase and other communications that some may perceive as disrespectful. We should be trying to contribute “peace.” I suppose no one considers civil rights or all that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went through to create peace and to stop segregation. Dr. King wanted all races to unite. It was an advocate for not only African Americans but for “unification of the races.” There will always be someone who wants to get things jumbled up.

We must use our peaceful minds and not be enslaved by negativity. Lives matter even when the phrase is used. Just because it isn’t stated all of the time that doesn’t mean that people are saying that all lives aren’t important. It’s just that African Americans have faced so much discrimination and sometimes the emotions run high so others may perceive that they’re not caring about other races. Not true. There’s been so many deaths related to hate. If love settles in a place then people wouldn’t be so racially hostile and there will be more “calmness.” Anyone trying to start a race war is setting themselves up for failure.

We should respect our culture and we should respect others as well. Some people are so in tuned with drama that they’ll try to initiate a race war and then run and hide. Even if one wasn’t born in the 50’s or 60’s. They should have civil rights history. President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Medgar Evers history. A peaceful mindset can detour us away from thinking that it’s a race battle. It’s not, everyone has a right to show concern for their culture, that doesn’t mean that they’re not concerned about others.

When a group has been through so much they become emotional and they want solutions. We don’t need any added problems. We all can live together peacefully. We should love everyone and stop perceiving that there’s hate because a certain group states concern for their people. Slavery is over but discrimination remains and it needs to cease but the reality is. Discrimination will be here because of people’s mindsets. Love is what we need. We can all leave peacefully if we put our minds to it.

“Unification is Something Dr. King Taught. He Wanted Peace for African Americans and for People of all Color.”

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What a World we Live in

We live in a society that is riddled with hate. A selfish society and it would be worse if there was no love at all. It’s hard to imagine our world being without love. No compassion or no empathy. This would really be turned upside down. Instead of people trying to lift others. They’re trying to pull down. Some may not have a care in the world.

Sometimes all we can do is smile and wave. Hoping that it bounces on others. Perhaps people have grudges because they feel their life isn’t so grand. They just aren’t happy. We have enough challenges within our society. We certainly need the extras. It’s a bit sad that we’re not able to be friendly or encourage others.

We certainly can use an “lift up.” Bring a little joy where there’s a whole lot of rain. There’s so many things that we can do to make society better. We can generate a lot of positive changes. Shouldn’t we want to live in a better society? I certainly would. Wr,don’t have go around skipping and holding hands but we can offer some hope.

There was a time when people were so intuned with helping one another. They seemed to be more concerned. Even their conversations were filled with liveliness. What happened? Did we become more robatic? Perhaps people are so consumed with stress and they don’t feel like greeting or helping others. We certainly can’t expect to strive without some compassionate.

People may not understand how effective love is. It can create some of the deepest changes. It can turn a gray guy to blue. We certainly have a tough society. People are either too busy or they’re just not concerned about others. Whatever the reasons are. We really need to tighten things up. Make some dtastic changes. Living in a bettet world is a dream.

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Rise Above it all and Stand up

There’s certain cultures that are so full of togetherness. If one needs assistance then a whole group comes in for support. That’s how it should be. In fact “we” all should be like that. Come to the aid of another. Standing up for what’s right and knowing our rights. If we stand together then there would be less discrimination against certain races or circumstances. We can not pretend that sterotyping and profiling doesn’t exist.

Minorities are the main targets when it comes to rights being violated. We should read and stay up to date on social issues. The media may report some things that many may consider negative but they also can help spread the word. For instance, the Trayvon Martin’s case, the case received national attention because of the media. We became more aware of profiling and the media can also help settle some things down.

There’s all sorts of organizations that assist minorities with all sorts of needs. One Organization which was founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton and it’s called the NAN (National Action Network). Partner Organizations is an organization that advocates for youth. Lets be real here. A lot of the targeting is projecting towards African American youth and they too should know their rights.

If minorities work together and assist one another then we will have stronger communitues. We’re challenged so that we can take a stand “rise up.” We never know how many lives can be saved by coming forward and speaking out about issues. Even the sensitive issues need some attention. “Unification” is what is needed. Some changes need to be made and we can do a lot with continued knowledge.

We’re strong and we should be connected. Another great resource is Social Media. So many are taking social issues to networking sites. It’s alright for us to speak about things that make us feel uncomfortable. We’ve seen and heard about many issues that affect other cultures and there’s a lot that affect minorities. “Stand up and Overcome.”

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Dealing With Someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder

Anti Social Personality Disorder is a mental condition which is one of the hardest conditions to treat. What makes Anti Social Personality Disorder hard to treat is. 1. The one diagnosed with the condition refuses to go to therapy 2. Refuses treatment. So anyone having to deal with the manic episodes, unrudely behavior, and impulse control issues will need therapy themselves.

A person with this disorder usually doesn’t think before reacting. They’re easily irritated and are cruel. When the mania wears off. They may display gentleness. It won’t last long. They rarely plan ahead and are great manipulators. Anyone dealing with them must be on guard. Hoping with someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder is draining. I should know because my husband was diagnosed with the condition about a little over 6 years.

It’s one of the worst mental disorders I’ve ever seen. Possibility due to the fact that the person refuses treatment. In order for me to keep my sanity. I pray and listen to spiritual music. Just because someone has Anti Social Personality Disorder that doesn’t mean that they can not be somewhat functional. My husband is a Correctional Officer which may not help with the condition but he seems to enjoy being an Authority figure. Most imates are diagnosed with Anti Social Personality Disorder.

A person with the condition aren’t very keen on Authority. They can get into lots of trouble on their jobs but because of the diagnosis. They’re able to kerp their jobs but may be reprimanded. Anti Social Personality Disorder also consist of angry outburts. Anything can set them off. Living with them may be unbearable. It is justed to stay in seperate homes or seperate sleeping quarters.

Sometimes people end up feeling sorry for them and that could cause them to be more dysfunctional. One must be firm and have a take no mess attitude so that they’re not ran over. People with such personalities will try to take advantage of others. They’re very self obsorbed. Most of the time they take action if it’s beneficial to them. A person with the disordet could normally be a kind and gentle person but due to disorder it’s basically not a reality.

If you’re dealing with someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder then you may want to find positive outlets. It’s not easy dealing with someone who has this mental condition but either we find ways to deal with it or we remove ourselves out of tge situation. We must protect our mental health as well.

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