Social Media Advertising

People are finding creative ways to advertise on social media. Social Media is a neat way for one’s business to gain exposure. How much is too much? When advertising one should be careful not to force people to watch, click, or buy products. That could detour potential customers. Overly advertising will cause people to find less aggressive business approaches.

It’s important to stray away from harassing potential customers. No one is obligated to purchase anything they don’t want to purchase. You never know  who wants to make a purchase so it’s vital that good business practices are taking place when it comes to your business. Social Media can sometimes be tricky. Be creative but don’t refrain from being forceful.

Use social media sites that will allow you to gain more exposure. Some social media sites are ineffective when it comes to advertising. Try to build a customer base by being friendly and understanding. Understand what services and products people are looking for. Refrain from using sites that add little production for customers.

Social Media isn’t the only way to advertise your business but it’s the most ineffective in today’s world. A lot of business owners have hurt their business because they became overly excited on social media. They introduced harsh tactics and refused to demonstrate fairness when it came to their business. If  business owners are  friendly, caring, and have great services and products then the customers will come.

A lot of business owners like to use Facebook but they should also consider Twitter and Google+. Entertainers may want to put Instagram on their list. Whatever works, that’s what business owners should stick with, put some of those social media sites to the test. When you find one that offers more success then that’s the one you’ll want to use the most.

Social Media is popular and people are seeing what businesses have to offer. Use creative punch lines. To the point descriptions and it doesn’t hurt to offer free services. You can reach millions but you must observe what customers are interested in. If the products or services aren’t in demand then the business won’t flourish. So take advantage of social media and give the customers productives they can use.

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Quiet Please!

Have you ever said, “quiet please,” well it something we either said or thought about it? Sometimes you really don’t feel like hearing chatter, noise, and nonsense. It seems to be plenty of it all across social media sites and in the “real world.” There comes a time when you get tired of all the hoopla. Some things aren’t necessary. Why do people feel they have to fight? Sometimes we have to sit back and mediate.

If we’re always exposed to noise then we won’t be able to hear what God is saying. If we’re always in some drama then we won’t get opportunities to spend time with “peace.” My goodness who doesn’t enjoy their peace? It’s obvious that some people rather be in confusion. We have to grow and learn from our experiences. Sometimes social media is annoying. It was suppose to be used for one thing and now it’s used for something different.

One thing I’ve learned is, be careful who you allow in your circle, some aren’t meant to be in your life at all. They may cause trouble that keeps going on and on. When is enough simply enough? Battles continue, people are becoming irritated, and it’s annoying (just raised my voice). Social Media seems to draw drama. It’s almost as if they get paid for people virtually fighting, bashing, and attacking others.

To be honest, it does create more money for them, the more people drawn to it the more money the founders make. They could care less if people are fighting and attacking one another. It’s best to allow things to settle down because one can’t always try to speak on it. In time people will realize that bullying and acting out won’t get anyone anywhere. You don’t get compensated for that. Is it not a waste of time?

A lot of people do it because they’re trying to cause trouble for others but really they’re creating issues for themselves. Who needs that stress? There’s better things to do then to surround ourselves with “bad company.” Some people are too busy being happy and they have no time for foolishness. That’s basically what it is. If you find yourself being surrounded by people who just want to cause trouble then you should pray for them and keep it moving. They’re simply trying to stop the flow and hinder your “journey.”

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Somethings are a Blackout

Sometimes we end up shaking our heads with all that arises in this world. People being virtually attacked, others being envious, and environments becoming gloomy. What next? Who knows? No one can predict what people will come up with next. I wonder if social media suffered a blackout, how would people react, what would they do?

There would be ni so clues for them to spill out. Isn’t amazing that people get a kick out of making other people’s lives miserable? What has this world come to? Are people going “mad?” It appears so. Perhaps the whole network should go black. How would people handle that?

Sometimes it’s best to step away. Take a break so that you don’t blackout. No dizzy spells. Finding those peaceful places and gaining some sunshine would help. We don’t need to suffer from craziness due to too much social media exposure.

Don’t become a victim. No one needs to weep because people can’t stop charging at others. When will we unite? Probably won’t happen but shouldn’t we try? Who can afford to blackout because of ridiculous behavior? Lets be apart of unification. Are you ready for that? Again!  Probably not. It would help ro put some effort in it.

What are people trying to accomplish. Are they setting up their own plan? Have they misinterpreted what’s being said? Social media is getting out of hand. What ever happened to the friendly atmosphere? Puzzled. Perhaps things wil get better rather quickly. At least that’s what some are hoping.

I wonder if a blackout occured, how long would it stay that way, would things change afterwards? We could only be so hopeful. The way things are going, we could face more chaos, that’s “not good at all.” We don’t need it. We could do without it. There needs to be some “peace”on social media and all around us.

“Allow the Light to Shine Through us”

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Bye Bye Social Media

People are deciding to take a hike when it comes to social media. There was a time when social media was a hang out for teens. The teens have migrated to other sites like Kik, Instagram, and Vine. They’re no longer interested in Facebook. I know this because I have teenagers. They think Social Media has gone to the dogs. Well, they at least think this about Facebook, they’re curious about adult behavior. Although some of them are young adults, they’re puzzled about adult attraction to some of these Social Media sites, I can understand their views.

Social Media seems to have no rules. Some add more protection than others. Of course we could use some moderating on Social Media. It seems no one really cares what goes on in the Social Media scene. Maybe some do but either are afraid to show it or just don’t want to get involved. Social Media can be a great place, a loving atmosphere, and a real way to connect.

Some adults have admitted to taking long breaks from Social Media. They either became bored or annoyed. It seems family connections and frienships have suffered through Social Media use. Being exposed to anything for long periods of time can be damaging, especially if the environment is chaotic. Those environments are unhealthy.

Cyber bullying seems to make it’s way on every Social Media site. Some sites are set up in a way that some may not attempt to be aggressive. Some users have felt disrespected when it comes to Social Media. It’s not the sites but the users. If compassion floated all around these sites then there would be less issues. Until founders jump in and stop the chaos, it’s possible it could continue, hopefully people will want to get along because they’re tired of the battles. What does Social Media offer you?

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Did you Have fun?

Oh sometimes people enjoy having fun with us. It could be amusing to them but what if the tables turned? How would they feel? I suppose if something like that happened then they would wonder why? It could possibly happen. They may get some laughs off of people trying to fight the paparazzi off. Could you imagine trying to escape from some insane people, those people trying to bully you, I’m sure one can’t imagine that?

It sounds crazy? But is it really? You never know what can happen. It seems as if people are entertained by the craziest things. That’s why we must keep our eyes open. The one’s who we think are suppose to be for us. They could very well be the one’s trying to spook us. Well, either way, we all reap what we sow. Sometimes the pranks and jokes turn out to not be so amusing to the ones being pranked or the one’s being the “butt of the joke.” Ha, ha, ha! Well, some people probably got a laugh, and others probably just enjoyed being on the sidelines.

People often forget when they say, ” You Reap What you sow.” It all seems as if it’s a vicious cycle. You did this to me and now I’m going to get you back. One never knows what a person goes through unless they’re there 24/7. Anyway. The pranksters will eventually figure out that they can’t prank people and get away with it. Small pranks are probably harmless but what if the pranks went beyond? I suppose people are just trying to have some “fun.”


Imagine What Celebrities go Through

Celebrities have to deal with people every single day. They’re chased, harassed, and bashed. It must be a scary thing when they’re somewhere and people are trying to tug on them. They receive weird phone calls and people trying to gain their attention all day and night. You don’t have to be a celebrity for them to do that. They’ll do it if they think you have something to offer them or if they’re upset with you.

It must be a headache not having any privacy. Annoying people trying to invade their lives but on the other hand they need those people in order to make a living. Sometimes they just go too far. What’s wrong with them? Don’t they have anything better to do? Probably not. Lets not get into the social media world. They will find some way to try to get someone down. The best thing to do is stay clear of those who are just “drama queens and kings.”

Pretend to close your eyes. Why? So that you won’t see them. If it’s drama riddled then you may want to go the other way. There’s no need for unnecessary stress. The people who try to invade people’s lives that way are called the “paparazzi.” You better believe they’ve caused a lot of grief for some folks. Remember the Princess Diana tragedy? Princess Diana and her friend was trying to get away from the paparazzi when the car crashed. That was a sad moment in time.

Celebrities and high profile figures are still dealing with the paparazzi. Some have became outraged because of the tactics that are used to gain photos and whatever they desire. I’m sure dealing with them isn’t easy. In fact I know it isn’t but they exist and we have to learn to deal with them. So many were jailed because of their odd behavior when stalking celebrities. Halle Berry has to deal with them but she stands up and which she should. She’s trying to protect her children. The paparazzi can either help or hurt.

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Is it Worth it

A lot of people are becoming well known through social media. I viewed a show called the Westbrooks and it made me think how social media affects people. Is it worth hanging around social media when it creates stress. One of the sisters on the show was weeping because of the comments she views from some of her Instagram fans or haters which ever one prefers.

Where does the social media career path lead? How did this whole think come about? Lets face it, people can be cruel, and it seems social media has no boundaries. I’ve read numerous articles where psychologists claim that too much social media exposure causes depression. Too much of a whole lot of things can cause a meltdown.

If social media is causing more heartache than happiness then one should consider limiting their time on social media or getting rid of it altogether. No social media site is worth risking one’s mental health. If it isn’t beneficial then social media needs to be on your keep away list. Of course not all social media sites are the same. Some sites will set “boundaries.”

Those social media sites that allow dysfunctional behaviors to persist are allowing it because they benefit from it. There’s a particular social media site that seems to have very little rules. Can you guess what site that is? Did you say, “Facebook,” you were right.

Not protecting members could lead to numerous lawsuits. I’m not sure if founders are concerned about that but they should be. The fact is, the anonymity allows people to use bullying tactics in order to intimidate members, sad but true. Should people be concerned when signing up to social media sites? Yes, the risk of private information being exposed is high, and there’s not enough safety measures.

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The Best way to Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people exist, some of us are in contact with them everyday, but how do we deal with difficult people? Of course they will make you upset at some point but the best ways to deal with them is to ignore them. Yes, ignoring them will give you a peace of mind, don’t allow them to push your buttons because they will try in fact they love trying to push anyone’s buttons.

If ignoring them doesn’t work, and they’re on social media then you should block them, you don’t want them trying to harass you, or try to prank you. If blocking them doesn’t work then you may want to leave the social media site that’s filled with difficult people. Some people are going to be difficult no matter what.

If you want peace, find places where there are little to no difficult people, there’s plenty of places that have happy people circling about. Difficult people could create havoc on and offline so spend little time with them. If you’re the praying type, pray for them, prayer works. Some people are unaware that they’re difficult and in that case, you should tell them, and perhaps they will turn things around.

No one wants to deal with a difficult person or people. They will cause fatigue. Some people have lost “awesome friendships” because they were so difficult. Why spend your life dealing with that when you can spend it “smiling” and “happy?” Don’t allow difficult people to weigh you down.

If a particular social media site has “a lot of difficult people” then it’s best to go where there’s “positive people.” You will be “happy” and good things will happen for you. Don’t be filled with irritation and aggravation because you’ve came in contact with a lot of difficult people on a particular social media site. Where there’s bad apples. There’s good apples and you will be so “thankful” when you spend time with “loving” people.

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