Be at Peace By Eliminating the Junk

There are times when one really can avoid being in a stressful situation. The best way to do so is to remove the toxins. Avoid spending long periods with toxic individuals and in toxic “environments.” There will be some who will intentionally try to cause stress for others. If the environments which are riddled with toxins are online then spend less time online. Friendships shouldn’t consist of individuals who are trying to cause problems for others. Friends try to help one another and encourage one another. If they’re not doing so then they’re not friends and can be considered as toxic.

“A lot of people” may end up being under pressure because they continue to allow persons to cause havoc in their lives. There should be no tolerance for such behavior because individuals will continue doing what they’re allowed to do. There should be removals. If they’re on social media then there should consider blocking or avoiding the individuals altogether. No person should allow harassment and should report bullying as well as harassment. There are some who continue to be bothersome. They’ll continue attacking others perhaps to gain their attention or to get the individuals to cease whatever it is that the persons are displeased with.

“If the behaviors continue then there should be complaints filed and in some cases the persons may need to be sued.” Peace has to be generated somehow. It’s really sad that so many choose to harass others and not spend their lives engaging in positive activities. For some they haven’t yet discovered how to generate peace. There is no reason that any person should be bullied or constantly taunted on social media platforms or in any other area. The platforms should be held accountable if the bullying continues. Be at peace by limiting time spent online. Don’t allow any person to continuously cause distress in anyway.

Find peace and do what’s necessary in order to live peacefully. There are some who may not understand when communicated. If the law steps in then perhaps the individuals will stop doing what they’re doing. Yes, there was a time when navigating online wasn’t a hassle but these days so many take to platforms just to harass others. No need to engage in such activities and if there are no solutions then take another course of action. Find the most effective ways to remain sane.

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Do you Know me!

Hello everyone. How many times have we judged others based on what we’ve heard or what we think we know? Huh? Well, it happens all the tine, someone basing their information by hear say. When we do judge or misjudge. We can look like donkeys. Everyone makes mistakes but we have to think before acting.

Judging happens so often. It happens regularly in the on and offline worlds. A lot of virtual judging takes place. How well can we know someone on a virtual level? People can say anything and will say anything. People are getting bullied based on what someone says. It’s not fair and we really have to consider others.

The judging can ocur within families. An upset family member could say something about another and then the balls continues to roll. If they post it on social media people will immediately believe what’s said but won’t investigate first. “Get to Know Others Before Coming to a Conclusion.” It’s impossible to know someone based on a social media setting.

We may feel as if we know someone through emails, text messages, and through social media but really? We should get to know people outside of social media. Think about it. People can post anything on social media and on forums. If you never sat down with them then you’ll never really know them. We may become so in tuned with the virtual setting that we forget what reality is. Imagine you getting bullied because people said things that were untrue. How would you feel? Well, this happens so often, and it doesn’t just happen on social media, it happens in places like the church. Imagine that!

It’s amazing how people will settle for some information they never bothered to investigate. If you don’t know then ask and if you still don’t know then perhaps it’s not meant for you to know. It’s time that we try to get to know people and if we don’t want to get to know them then we should just let them be. Do you know me?!

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The Social Media Craze

Why is social media so popular? Social Media attracts millions of people and if you have a brand or business then you’ll definitely want to be connected to the most effective social media sites. Any business owner who isn’t connected to social media may find that their sales decline due to lack of exposure. Who wouldn’t want to gain exposure for their brand or business? Artists are starting to realize how important social media is.

Not only is social media important but being “social” is just as important. Those who are business minded or in business should know that there’s more to added your page or banner on sites. One must be willing to virtually socialize so that people get to know them and yes, that also includes entertainers, and promoters. Virtual promotion is a great tool. If one is unwilling to connect with others then they won’t see an increase in views and sales.

Artists must stay connected. Connecting with fans is a smart business move. The fans are the ones who make sure that artists stay relevant. They are the reason why artists are in the positions they’re in. Connecting with others will generate a personal relationship that’s needed on order to stay in the game. Some artists and entertainers may feel that there’s no need to connect with their fans but they’re wrong and if they’re unwilling to then they will be sitting in the back watching others rise.

Any one in business should use the most effective promotional tools. Their brands should stand out and they should be current. We’ve all heard of entertainers and artists being forgotten because they’ve been away from the scene so long. That just shouldn’t happen in business period. If one wants to continue to grow then they must be willing to stay up to date. In order to stay current they should be socializing on social media. Of course so many of them have busy schedules but when there’s time. Everyone needs to make a living and for those who have brands. You already know what it takes to keep that brand tight.

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Rise Above it all and Stand up

There’s certain cultures that are so full of togetherness. If one needs assistance then a whole group comes in for support. That’s how it should be. In fact “we” all should be like that. Come to the aid of another. Standing up for what’s right and knowing our rights. If we stand together then there would be less discrimination against certain races or circumstances. We can not pretend that sterotyping and profiling doesn’t exist.

Minorities are the main targets when it comes to rights being violated. We should read and stay up to date on social issues. The media may report some things that many may consider negative but they also can help spread the word. For instance, the Trayvon Martin’s case, the case received national attention because of the media. We became more aware of profiling and the media can also help settle some things down.

There’s all sorts of organizations that assist minorities with all sorts of needs. One Organization which was founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton and it’s called the NAN (National Action Network). Partner Organizations is an organization that advocates for youth. Lets be real here. A lot of the targeting is projecting towards African American youth and they too should know their rights.

If minorities work together and assist one another then we will have stronger communitues. We’re challenged so that we can take a stand “rise up.” We never know how many lives can be saved by coming forward and speaking out about issues. Even the sensitive issues need some attention. “Unification” is what is needed. Some changes need to be made and we can do a lot with continued knowledge.

We’re strong and we should be connected. Another great resource is Social Media. So many are taking social issues to networking sites. It’s alright for us to speak about things that make us feel uncomfortable. We’ve seen and heard about many issues that affect other cultures and there’s a lot that affect minorities. “Stand up and Overcome.”

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How to be Positive When Exposed to Social Media Garbage

Social media has its pros and cons. It supplys us with the good and the bad. It can be a very informative platform or it can be a depressing and disturbed platform. Spending too much time on social media can be damaging to our mental health. That’s why some have chosen not to have an account or to delete their account.

Bullying takes place on social media and it can be a dysfunctional place at times. Even youth have chosen to spend little to no time on social media. Social media was designed to help individuals engage with one another and to provide us with information. It is now being used as a platform to harass and antagonize others. It doesn’t seem to provide protection for it’s members. Some sites may be concerned about users.

How to Stay Positive While on Social Media

The best thing to do when using social media is to spend less time there. If you’re a frequent user then you may want to lessen your time on social mefia platforms. When coming across demeaning or bullying comments it is wise to block or totally avoid the comments. If you witness something that is riddled with negativity then you should quickly think of something positive. It isn’t healthy to allow too much negativity in our minds.

If you find that social media is causing irritation then spend very little time there or none at all. Not everyone utilizes social media for business or for socializing. Some want to create disturbances for others because they believe that they’re anonymous. It can be overwhelming if it’s utilized too often.

There’s positivity on social media. Sometimes you will have to search for it and other times it’s right in front of us. The key is to disconnect from the negativity and find outlets that inspire as well as encourages socializing. A lot of teens have disconnected from social media because of harassment and bullying. It can be a negative place but there’s something positivity on such platforms.

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On a Serious Note

Social Media is a place where we can unwind and socialize. Well, gow sociable are we, it appears that things can be taken out of context? Things are said and then a spiral effect occurs. Are the tactics being used on social media fun play or is it bullying? It depends on what’s said and how it affects others. People may not understand how their actions can affect others. If there’s harsh criticism then it can create issues for the recipients. No one can know just how their actions can affect another. If it sounds disrespectful then most likely it will rub someone the wrong way.

It’s best that we respect one another and refrain from using tit for tat. The problem with social media is it’s a no rules kind of deal. Anything goes. A place where adults bullying adults and adults bully youth. Kind of pathetic right? For some it may seem fun but when it gets out of hand. There’s a gigantic problem. We all want to have some fun but we have to realize when that fun transform into bullying.

That’s why we shouldn’t spend too much time on social media and get involved in other people’s business. It can turn out to be a disaster. A little chuckles here and there is alright but if it starts to make people uncomfortable then we may need to dissolve those actions. We can get a lot done on social media and we also create havoc on there as well. Sometimes we take things to the extreme and refrain from caring about how others may feel about the communications that are posted on social media.

Spending too much time there can get us down. Not everything on social media is upbeat. If we find ourselves feeling uneasy then we should take a break from social media and find something more productive. Bullying is never the answer. There’s a difference between bullying and having fun.

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Bloggers and Writers Have to Deal With Bullying

No one deserves to be bullied but there seems to be a bullying increase when it comes to writers and bloggers. I remember reading a story about a writer who came across a fierce individual who though that the writer was too opinionated. Well, that’s an opinion in itself, and the writer suffered dearly because the person wanted to make their life miserable. They harassed, made mean comments, and even made the writer sick. Some may say that they don’t care what others say but is that really true?

Bullying is a serious matter and anyone doing it should seek assistance. People may bullying for varies reasons. Some may feel that the person deserves to be bullied and others do it just to be mean but whatever the reasons, It shouldn’t occur. It’s especially done in the online world. Some writers and bloggers have given up on their craft. That shouldn’t be. It clearly shows that people aren’t considerate and they want to see others suffer. What they don’t realize is that when they try to make others suffer they will receive the same.

I’ve heard so many stories where bloggers and writers have decided that they should leave their love alone. It’s so sad that people won’t allow others to do what they love. Bullying affects everyone. One has to think about their children.How would they feel if their children were being bullied? ¬†wouldn’t suggest anyone giving up what they love but I would suggest that they avoid those who have a bullying nature.

People seem to think that taking matters in their own hands will do the trick but it will only create bigger problems. Anyone being bullied will feel isolated and think that the whole world is against them. It’s important that not only bloggers and writers seek assistance when it comes to bullying but others should do the same. “A punisher ¬†will be punished themselves.” People may take part in bullying or stand by and watch others suffer through the bullying. No blogger or writer should stop what their doing. If they continue to do that then people will think that they can control anyone trying to do something great.

Stand up and keep going. Don’t allow others to dictate your life. Stand up when it comes to bullying. Bullying has caused a lot of grief for writers, bloggers, teens and adults. It continues to happen on websites, social media, and in schools. It’s a disgrace that adults would take part in it but that just shows what’s rattled up inside of them. Fight your way through the bullying and stand up to bullies. No one has to tolerate it. We have a right to do what we love and to make a positive difference.


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Make Some Noise and Move

Alright, alright, alright. Are you ready? If not then get ready. It’s time to “Make Things Happen.” Lets “share,” “love,” and “grow.” What can social media sites do for you? They can offer exposure. Isn’t that why so many land on social media? Indeed it is. Why aren’t people taking advantage of these useful tools? They should use sites that will help them “elevate.”

There’s no need to sit there when interacting should be taking place. Start sharing not just your work but the work of others. Socialize as if you were in the real world. There’s more to it than liking sprees. Help others “grow.” We should want to see others achieve. If there’s a way then we should go that way. It’s time to move forward not backwards. Going up not down.

There’s no room for envy. We should want to help one another. If you’re on social media then use it. If there’s no interaction then there’s no “movement.” We can accomplish great things but “we” must be willing to do so. Lets get going and “rise.” Social has a lot of pros and there’s so many sites out there. You don’t have to stick to just one.

“What are you waiting for?” The time is now. We don’t have to wait. We can reach the top if we’re willing to do so. There’s no room for hating. Appreciate one another because everyone needs help from time to time. “Be Bold and be Confident.” Lets put in the work. Follow our dreams and continue to “Dream big.” Don’t you want to be apart of “growth?”

I’m ready. How about you? Lets take this movement to a different level. We’re capable of so much. We can do things that we may have previously thought we couldn’t do. We’re “Awesome.” We have to believe that we deserve it.

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It’s Funny That way

If you want t know how things will go down. You might want to test some things out. For example: write something that you say you’re don’t to do but don’t do it. You’ll be amazed how a spouse can find out the information on social media but claim that they don’t have a social media account. Interesting. How do you suppose they found out that information without being on social media? It it could be that they have a bogus account or could someone be supplying them with that information?

If someone is supplying them with information that they think is true then who? In most cases it’s a female, females are more inclined to tell what they think is going on, or if they’re trying to sabotage something. I supplied a post saying that I was going to have lunch with a friend but guess what? There was no friend, well I did have lunch with my oldest son on October 30th because October 31st was his birthday and I gave him some money for his birthday so he said, “thank you.” If someone was listening which people are. They would pick up on the male voice.

What happens is, the spouse assumes that his wife went to lunch with a friend which there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s always assumed that it’s the opposite sex. We jump right to the negative instead of the positive. Sometimes you have to see where people are coming from. The spouse may become anger and try to get his wife back for the things he thought she did and end up damaging himself. Or vice versa, the wife could think that her husband was meeting up with someone, and she could try to retaliate, but in reality he was’t seeing anyone. She ends up damaging herself because she assumed that he was doing something. That’s why people are told about proof.

Always be leery when someone you don’t know or someone you know is always coming to tell you what your spouse did. Sometimes you can find out a lot of things through social media but everything isn’t true. People are constantly saying things about people that aren’t true but in hopes that they will damage them in someway. That’s why a lot of people will say that they don’t trust anyone because every time they look around someone is doing something to them. There’s two people that can definitely be trusted and that’s God and Jesus.

Note to all: Be with someone who respects you, who cares what you think, and who listens to you. A person that’s willing to listen to you is attentive to your needs. You know what that means? They “love you.”

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Some People Really Need a Tune out

If you haven’t gotten to the point wh where you no longer give a hoot what people have to say then you should. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying positive people and caring people but giving time to trolls is a waste of time. We lose valuable time when we allow people that could care less whether we’re breathing some of our world. Some people live their lives trying to block others from their “purpose.”

Anyone who works online will see the trolls trying to gain attention. They’re cynical and they want others to get down on themselves. Some may consider them haters but they may not be haters at all. Some of them are simply looking for some attention. A lot of people have mentioned how annoying trolling is.

Trolling is annoying but one can’t spend their lives worrying about what people say. People can say what they want. Not really. They can criticize, laugh, and try to bring others down. It’s up to us whether we allow them to bring us down. Some thrive off of ruining someone’s day. Misery wants some company.

Sime things have to be addressed but choosing the right battles is important. If it’s total nonsense then it should be ignored. If people are afraid that others will get ahead then they will try to do anything to disrupt your “journey.” It’s amazing what some will come up with.

If you want to enjoy life then you should surround yourself with happy and positive people. Ignoring the trolls will generate some peace. Of course some are very determined to try and weigh others down. How,about praying for them? No one should want to deal with trolls but at some point. One will have to address them.

Finding the best way to address trolling is important. If you handle it wrong then watch out! Anyone who blogs or uses social media knows what trolls can do. Troll seems harsh but it simply means that they follow people in order to provide their cynical comments.

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