Be Careful Scams are Everywhere

There’s people who are lurking about for those with kind hearts. They may send a sobbing email or dial your phone. You should give to reliable charities. Use reliable sites. If you’re unsure about the validity of an email. You can search the address and if you feel uneasy about it then disregard it.

There’s people wanting you to hand them your hard earned money. They prey on those who they feel are naive or too trusting. We should give and help others but we need to be smart about it. If it doesn’t seem right then delete or block. It’s sad that people are preying on others and creating sob stories to generate sympathy.

There’s sites that will help raise money for situations, medical conditions, and for education. Those are the sites that should be used to ask for assistance. Sending emails to individuals may not generate the help that one may or may not need. There’s way too many scams circulating and it’s best to ask corporations, charities, or the media for assistance.

I’ve noticed a lot of the emails state that there was an inheritance given and the recipients are unable to collect the money so they need your help. Why would they send you money and why would they ask you for your personal information? That’s why people choose to select their favorite foundation or charity so they’re sure where their money is going.

Be leary when an email says Sir or Madame. If the email address looks fake then send it to trash or spam. A lot of email accounts will automatically send suspicious emails to spam. If you want to give to an organization, contact them personally, and allow them to give you a receipt showing your donation. Be alert not everyone is concerned about you losing your money.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially