It’s Simply up to you

People will try all sorts of things to try and detour us away from what we’re purposed to do. Our purpose can not be prevented. We can slow down or speed up a bit but what’s been set for us will be. It doesn’t what people say or do. They can not stop the “devine plan.” We have to tune a lot of things out in order to advance to the next level. Sometimes we’ll have to disconnect from certain people so that we’re in a position to get more done.

God already knows what we will and will not accomplish. He gives us choices. Either we follow a plan or we miss out on opportunities that are designed for us. We will experience times where we wonder what’s next. Those are crucial times. We should meditate and pray. If one doesn’t believe in prayer then they should reflect so that getting off track is avoided. Delays will occur because everything won’t go smoothly. We will learn to adjust to mishaps that will occur on our path. Of course some wonders will occur because somethings won’t make sense at first.

The more we tune out things that could hinder us the better off we’ll be. People will try to stop us from proceeding. Once we build toughness. Their efforts will lessen. Everyone is gifted and have the ability to accomplish some great things. If we don’t allow ourselves to share our talents then we will be doing a disservice to ourselves and others. As time goes on. We will learn how to deal with certain situations better.

All the hoopla that goes on will lessen. When we’re on our journey we have to continuously embed positive thoughts into our minds. If not then we will become sluggish and feel despaired. Everyday we have to tell ourselves that “we can get it done.” If we refrain from encouraging ourselves then we’ll slow down for sure. Not saying that we won’t accomplish our goals but there would be tremendous delays.

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Until we Reach That Destination

We can’t rush the process. It doesn’t matter how much we want things to speed up. It goes the way it’s suppose to go. Our “purpose” is laid out. We simply have to accept whatever comes with it. Yes, some unsettling things can occur but we overcome them. We can reach our destination but it shouldn’t be rushed. There’s a lot of growing we have to do so that’s why it may seem slower to us.

We just have to pace ourselves. We need that time to develop and to gain more knowledge. There will be levels. Each level will require more from us. We may not like some of the things we’ll have to go through but it will be worth it once everything is complete. It won’t be easy and we may think things are going quite slowly. In actuality it’s going the way that it should. There will be less stress as rime goes by because we’ve learned how to adjust.

We will receive rewards here and tgere but our greatest reward will be when everything is finalized. We can’t expect “greatness” with a mediocre mindset. We must be determined but not so antsy that we miss the important. We must remain hopeful and know that we’ll come through it because we’re motivated and we’re driven.

We can experience successs but we can’t achieve it if we’re not willing to put in the work. Sometimes we’ll have to work extra hard in order to receive exactly what we need. Yes, we will feel fatigued, but it will wear off. We have believe in ourselves and keep looking ahead. Timing is very important. We don’t want to go ahead of ourselves but we don’t want to be lagging behind either. Even if the process started a little late in our lives. It still could be apart of the right timing. The important thing is to reach the finish line.

“You can Reach Your Destination With Determination”

The Process is Real

When we’re trying to be apart of “movement” we will go through all sorts of things. No matter how tough it is we shouldn’t give up! We have to go through those trials to develop. It will generate strength for “us.” “We” will understand more as the “process” continues. It will be difficult without a doubt but it will be worth it. Nothing worth waiting for will be easy. We will have to work hard for it.

Sometimes the process will be short or long. It depends on our travel. Some will be able to travel with us while others will either remove themselves or be removed. If it’s meant for us then we will continue on the path. Quitting shouldn’t be apart of the journey. Sometimes we may need to regroup and we shouldn’t feel disappointed when we do.

Even if we experience setbacks during the process. Those setbacks doesn’t equal defeat. A fall or two can be expected. Yes, we will become flustered, and we may feel fatigued but we should rest and get back on track. There will be times when we’ll enjoy the process and other times that so much.

If we really want to have “abundance” then we will need to work for it. “I” know all about that. We’ll meant some for a season, some will be seasonal friends, and some for a life time. It all works for me! Once we’ve completed the process. We should be in a position to help more and give more.

Accept the process. Grow from it and live life to the fullest. A journey consist of learning and pulling up as many as we can so that we have better communities, cities, and a better society. It doesn’t mean much if we’re not willing to help others. Our process should include that. We can’t go around it but we can go through it. Much love!

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At the Right Time

All we have to do is be patient and things will come together. We may have one idea of where we want to end up but God can put us in another direction that is more fitting for us. Our timing may not be the right time for us to be where we need to be. If we’re in the midst of a dysfunctional situation. We don’t have feel despaired. Our turn around could be near but we must do what is necessary to make sure we “receive.”

We may come in contact with people who will help us along the way. They may be there for a reason, a season, or for a long time. We shouldn’t rush things. God’s timing is the right kind of timing. He knows what we need. He knows when we’re in need. We will face troubles but we can set out to travel on the right path. If we rush “the process” then we will be out on something great.

Too many people get caught up with rushing things because they’re in a difficult situation. Difficulties are apart of life and we either “grow” from them or we suffer from them. Our directions could be off if we’re not thinking clearly. A twisted mind could set our right way into a dark way. If we take some time to think and allow God to do what He needs to do then we’ll be alright.

We may feel that our way is the right way and sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong. Even if we make a mistake when it comes to our destination and where we need to be. We can get back on track. We have opportunities to make it right. Obtain what is needed in order to “advance.” Our patience is so meaningful. We can use it to our advantage. Waiting isn’t a bad thing. Our wait time can be the best time.

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It’s Your Path Feel Good About it

We’re destined to do something. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what that is. We may stumble about trying to figure our way out. We may even try to stuck some of the things that we’re destined to do. It will find it’s way to us and then we’ll have no choice but to hold on to it. Embrace your path, the road that will lead you to a place of “greatness,” we shouldn’t run from it. We should run towards it. Everyone has a “gift.” We shouldn’t try to take or destroy someone’s gift or gifts. Allow yourself and others to utilize their talents. Be courageous enough to “live out your dreams.”

When we’re chosen to do something. We don’t have to worry about how we’re going to get it done. It’s already laid out for us. We’re in the right place at the right time even when it doesn’t feel as if we are. If we slip and somehow move away from that path. We can quickly get back on. We may have a bit of a setback but we can make our way towards our destination. Even if others try to give us a difficult time about our path. We don’t have to be despaired because we were placed on assignment and no one can do anything about that.

There’s all sorts of people who stumbled before they made it to their God given talent. Let’s take Michael Jordan for instance. He didn’t get basketball right the first time. He had to try, try, and try again. That meant he practiced until become good at it and he became “successful” because it didn’t give up. Difficulties doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It simply means that we will have to work a little harder. Sometimes we’ll have to go through a whole lot of pain before we reach our destination.

Some may tell us that we should give up because they see that it’s too difficult. Most of the time those are people who were to fearful to live out their dreams. So they may feel better telling others that they should do the same. Don’t do it. In order to have something spectacular. You’ll have to put in large amounts of effort. We can do great things but some of choose to do the minimum and that’s the choice that we have. Don’t settle when you can have the best.

There’s a lot we can do in this world. If we believe that we can. Our mindsets a lot of times gets in the way. Those thoughts can either take us to “greatness or they can take us to destruction. Once we start thinking and believing that we’re capable of doing great things then we will. We should spend time with people who have experienced the same or similar challenges that we’ve experienced but still made it to their “purpose.” Life is filled with all sorts of trials but we can overcome them. Don’t allow what others say or do to detour you from “your greatness.” Be encouraged and know that you’re here to “Make Things Happen.”

“If it Moves you Then do it. We can’t get There by Speaking Alone.” (T. Paulk)

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How to Tell That Your Dream is a Great one

Sometimes we come up with ideas and have a vision but never seek it. Once a vision is in motion, it can either flourish, or it can stand still. Once a vision displays brightness. It will attract attention some of it wanted and unwanted. When your vision consist of “greatness” it will generate lots of attention and it may not please all. That’s alright because no one can please everyone. We shouldn’t stop dreaming and living our passion because some people are irritated about it.

If your dreams, visions, and ideas include helping others and making a positive difference then why shouldn’t one go fourth with them? Those who are fearful of being left behind may behave insanely because they fear that you’ll go on ahead without them and in some cases one may need to do so. When a vision is large. It will be a bit complex and it can take some time to reach the next level of the vision. Yes, one will come across resistance, in fact there may be a lot of it. Those are clues that your vision is meaningful.

People may want to claim it as their own but as long as you have proof that your vision belongs to you then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It’s unfortunate that people aren’t willing to come up with their own ideas but we will have to deal with all sorts if things and dealing with difficult people is one of them. Just because we face adversity while living our passion that doesn’t mean that we should give up on them. We should believe that we will be successful in every area.

Anyone who decides to take a risk will come in contact with some resistance. We may find it near or far but it’s something that happens. A grand dream will make people want to get involve somehow. They may not ask to be involved but they may force their way in. We have to be stern about our vision. We do not have to allow anyone to be apart of our dreams who are in no position to be apart of it. We should be very protective of it and not allow anyone to take what we’ve worked so hard for away.

Once people feel that your dreams will generate something golden. They will want a piece of it. We should share but we have to be careful with our decisions. If people refused to be with us when we were in the lower process then we may not want to being them on board. Anyone who can’t walk with you when you have very little shouldn’t be apart of the completion. We’ll realize who can and will be part of our visions. It’s important to choose wisely. “A big Dream Will Generate a Crowd.”

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Never Allow Anyone to Take Your Dreams Away

Come up with some ideas and have a vision and see how many people try to claim them as their own. Be creative and see how many people dislike you for it. Do amazing things and see how many people encourage you. Well, this is the world we live in, a vicious and cruel world. A place where selfisness seems to be the norm. Be careful who you trust with your dreams.

Unfortunately not everyone is genuine. As soon as you supply them with the information. ¬†They will take it as their own. That’s why proof is needed. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your vision but what’s upsetting about it, is that some will pretend as if they’ve worked towards the vision, pretty sad. Sometimes we try to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t try to take our vision away. Visionaries have difficulties trying to put together their vision ar times. There’s always someone waiting to tear it down.

Register your vision somewhere so if anyone claims it. You will have proof that it belongs to you. Instead of peoppe assisting others. They rather make it difficult for those who are trying to make a positive difference. It isn’t fair but it’s something we have to deal with. Imagine going through heartache and pain to make a vision come true and going through more because of envious people.

People have every right to dream and no one knows exactly what a person goes througj to get to where they are. Instead of giving people a hard time perhaps try to make this world a better place. Never allow anyone to stop you from dreaming. Never allow anyone to take your “vision” from you. Protect it and the people involved in the vision. Visions opens up doors. They’re blessings and no one had a right to destroy or at least try to destroy them. Our gifts belong to us and God has given each one of us a gift.

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Live Your Purpose

We’re all here for a reason. Some will live their “purpose” and others will just throw it away. We should be thankful that we’re here to give our testimones. Those testimones can help so many. Some feel ashamed to give their testimonies but God wants us to share them so that others will know how good He is. We should know how good God is because His son Jesus died for our sins. Jesus washed our sins away.

Even if you’ve messed up again and again. We can get back up and get back on track. Don’t allow your gifts to go to waste. People will try to tell you that it’s impossible to do certain things. Don’t believe it. Feel comfortable with your God given talents. God gives us what He wants us to have and our gifts were given to us for a reason. Why should anyone hide what God has given them?

Don’t be discouraged by a failure. Not completing something at one point doesn’t mean that one can’t complete it later. We have to believe our capabilites. We can do some awesome things but we must believe that we can. Your gifts are blessing others. Living our purpose will do more than we can even imagine. Be stubborn with your purpose (meaning let no one stop you from living it).

We should be thankful that God trusted us with the gifts He’s given us. Even if we get a late start. That’s better than no start at all. It doesn’t mattet how slow we’re going as long as we’re moving. There’s so much that we can accomplish while we’re here. Don’t feel despaired if you’ve suffered setbacks. That will occur. Keep believing that you will make it to your destination. Embrace your purpose. Allow those gifts to “shine.” Remove the fear and “Live Your Purpose.”

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Don’t Become Dismayed When People Come up Against you

Understand that people will come against anyone trying to do something important, great, or something that will help yourself as well as others. Don’e be dismayed. It’s as if you’re in training. One has to generate a tougher skin when pursuing their aspirations. Not everyone will be happy for you and be prepared to stand alone. Even when it appears that you’re alone. Your thoughts shouldn’t fall on negatives thoughts. It’s never easy when trying to “live your dreams.” People will even come up against those who give to others. They’ll be upset because they may feel as if they were left out.

Keep moving. It doesn’t how many people come up against you and how many don’t believe that believe in you. As long as we believe in ourselves that’s what truly matters. Don’t be amazed who will come up against you. Even those in your household will do so. Don’t give up on what you believe you be doing. Too many people give up because of fear. Fear that they won’t be accepted or that people won’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish. The fear has to be removed so that one can proceed in pursuing their goals. Don’t listen to the barks concentrate on getting the job done.

If we stopped doing what others don’t want us to do then we will become consumed with regret. We’ll regret that we didn’t do what we love or what could help a whole lot of people. Yes, there will hecklers, and people taunting you but a lot of them are people who didn’t or were to fearful to pursue their dreams. We can’t base our decisions on what others will say or think. We must do what’s best for us or follow what we believe in. No one can force a person to do or not do. Of course we can listen to some of the advice that heads our way but we shouldn’t take in all advice. Some of it won’t be worth taking in.

If one wants to succeed in what they’re doing then they will have to tune out a lot of things. Focus on trying to better themselves and reach what many may consider impossible.Nothing is impossible through God and Jesus. We should certainly pursue those things that will help others. There will always be someone who disagrees with what one is trying to accomplish. No matter how tough it gets and how many times you’re knocked down. One must get back up and go harder than before.

Facing adversity is apart of life and it certainly will be apart of pursuing something great. Don’t be dismayed if those who you thought would be supportive turns against you. One may never know who will be there for them or against them but there’s always someone who believes in (you) and that person should be (you). People coming up against us should make us stronger and yes, well want to shed some tears, but that shouldn’t detour us from wanting to accomplish our goals. Don’t be fearful of the journey.Learn from it and “grow” from it. By: Tanikka Paulk ¬†( Tanikka Paulk)

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There’s a way to Make it Happen


The path one takes could be long, short, or filled with all sorts of adversity. When we go through trial after trial we may think that we’re going down the wrong path. That’s not necessarily true. Difficulties create development and just because something is difficult that doesn’t mean that it’s not something we should be doing. Adversity is apart of life and it will follow us no matter what paths we take.

We shouldn’t fell despaired because things don’t seem to be coming together. It’s like a dance competition that’s coming up. There’s practice after practice. People are missing steps bit somehow everything comes together the day of the competition. That’s how things go sometimes.

There’s no need for us to stress about whether our paths are right for us. If you feel as if it’s something you should be doing then do it. No one can say what’s right for us. We have to do what we feel is best for us. Once we get over the thoughts of failure. We’ll feel better about our chosen path or paths. People will have their opinions about our decisions and choices but that doesn’t mean we have to go with what they’re saying. If it’s meant for us then there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Don’t avoid paths because their difficult. In fact we should want our paths to challenge us because that will help us grow. We should want to get better and learn more. The easy route what help us in anyway. Those challenges will do more for us than we can imagine. Although we may become irritated about having to go through so much.

We can’t fall into the trap of not being capable of succeeding. A lot is expected of us and that’s why things may seem so difficult. Difficulties shouldn’t be a deterrence. It should motivate us to work harder. We should push ourselves and if we don’t then others will.

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