You Talk a lot you Speak There’s Proof

Brain power. To have the ability to think and use the mind. If a person is speaking and another person is quiet then how can the quiet person claim to be the person speaking? Wonder? There are some thinking that they can become another. No. Impossible. Chuckles. Funny! To actually think that there are persons thinking that they can be “you” knocks me right off my feet. Indeed. I’ve observed the abnormal behaviors and some really need to find the help they need.

I’m talking, speaking, videos. My name is Tanikka Paulk imagine a man name Tanikka. Funny! Is his cycle on now? I’m residing in Miami Florida and yet most of the individuals are long distances away but they’re still trying to be you. Praying for the folks. Gosh. I’ve said I’ve asked what school did the individuals graduate from? Doesn’t require a lot of brain power to figure out that no person can become another. I’ve placed information to alert when the individuals tamper with “information” within messages. They failed.

Proof that the individuals aren’t thinkers. If a man thinks he can become a woman then he isn’t thinking. Yes there are procedures which supply the female parts but the man will be unable to give birth so therefore he wouldn’t be woman. If he wants to become a woman then he would be considered homosexual. Men are to be what God created the men to be. Woman is to be woman. Women are to be women. Wouldn’t a virtuous woman know that she can’t become another woman?

If a woman wants to become another woman is the woman saying that she’s tired of her husband? Are they thinking? No. obviously. Insanity is within the environments. “To think” that the talkative person can become the quiet person demonstrates that there is insanity. There are many tricks there’s the deceptions. Tanikka Paulk wants man. My sons are here because of God, their father, and their mother. I don’t want to become a man. I’ve used you be the athlete an the other to demonstrate that there was tampering. How did they know?

“She was and is herself.” (Tanikka Paulk)

You speak, you read “scripture,” you have videos. You posted Jesus words which are in red. Good. Goodness. You you didn’t create or aren’t apart of a breach. You’re able to speak to the world. The entire world can view and hear you speaking. Talking to the world. She her will minister and preach to the world. She her is female. How can the man become her?


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My Decision to Choose is my Decision Isn’t it?

They’re having difficulties adjusting to my decisions but whatever I’m deciding isn’t everyone’s business. I’ve heard the opinions and decided to continue to make my own decisions. There’s no slave papers on Tanikka Paulk. I’m trying to focus on further develops and although there will be disruptions there is still a decision to continue. What’s been said hasn’t caused the lowering. There are many who’ve tried to alter my “perception” but they haven’t. I’m choosing to continue, choosing to think positively, choosing to keep what I’ve decided under wraps.

There are some wanting to control my every move. Nope! they can’t have me=Tanikka Paulk. They seem as though they can’t function without me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be more decision making. I’m making and have made. I’ve elevated and yes they’ve tried to caused a cease. “I’m still viewing.” (Tanikka Paulk). Perhaps they’ve tried to view what could possibly come to Tiki=Tanikka Paulk. Really? There will be the receiving and my decision is to welcome the receiving.

Do they want to choose my path? Perhaps they do. “Yes folks should stay out of my business but I’m sure they can’t resist.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s love within and there will be love flowing about. Continuing to seek. My eyes have viewed so much and will continue to see the pathway ahead. My decisions shouldn’t be everyone’s decisions. They continue to want to control my every move. That’s why some of the moves need to be hidden.

How many have allowed others to make their decisions? I’m a thinker and will continue to think about moving ahead. No matter what is said, I’m already aware what should come my way, sometimes there will have to be traveling alone. Here I Tanikka Paulk am. Here in Miami thinking about all the moves needing to occur. The should, could, and the for sure. My “progress” has been on many minds obviously. They are unable to resist trying to hinder my pathway. Change.

“Already have it Right Here and I’m Going to have it When the Movements.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

Flip it Around and it was flipped. Tanikka Paulk “it”

You you YOU YoU you!YOU!

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What to do About the Disagreeable?

There are and probably will be many disagreeing about so many things. Some may not know why they’re disagreeing. There certainly is lots to achieve and there are some without any understanding at all. They way that some conduct their lives seems to be disappointing. “There’s more focus on the petty than there is focus on the important aspects.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many choose their battles wisely? Perhaps there are more arguments than there are agreements. Whatever to do when there are so many disagreeing?

One can choose to be indulge in the disagreements or try to offer some peace. There certainly needs to be more peacemakers. How many are willing to be apart of peacefulness? In some instances it seems as though there needs to be mediation. There are some going way too far when it comes to a person’s decision making. There should be the ability to choose. However there are some thinking as if they’re little children. Some children appear to be wiser. What are they disagreeing about? Perhaps there are many reasons why some have chosen to be knuckle heads.

Mostly competition seems to be the reason. There are so many focusing on competitiveness instead of focusing on elevation. The ones continuing  to display such behavior could stress themselves out by doing so. There should be focusing on further achievements but there are some allowing the enemy to have their minds. “Such behaviors can cause weakness but if there are more decisions to think prosperous then they’ll notice major positives. “Perhaps some will think on an intellectual level when they’ve experienced uniqueness.” (Tanikka Paulk).

The competition can actually be an distraction. There are some withholding their own growth because they’re focused on what another person is apart of. There should be more unity but there seems to be more disconnections because of the line of thinking. “Thoughts are extremely important but how many are truly thinking?” By: Tanikka Paulk. Put on the thinking caps and excel! Lots to discover and there are many areas to explore so why aren’t People discovering? Time continues to proceed and no person can stop what God has designed. There is to continuation to see what will occur next.

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Surrounding Ourselves Around Positive People is Important

Imagine being around a group of negative people everyday. Can you imagine what that would do to one’s mental health? Negativity is like a dumpster filled with overflowing trash. That’s why motivational speakers are constantly insisting that we find people who have the same or similar goals as we do. We all have bad days but there’s some who are never or rarely positive. Those are people we should limit our time with or avoid altogether.

Positivity will help us along the way. We can get more done when we surround ourselves with positive people. If we find ourselves around negativity then we should quickly find some positive words or information to process. We don’t want negative thoughts to be embedded in our minds. It can eat away at us like a disease. We can choose to accept negative communications or not. Sometimes we intake way too much information. We can discard some of it, especially if it isn’t beneficial to us, and if it won’t add any value to our lives.

Sometimes people are unaware of how negative they are and once it’s brought to their attention they try to work on it. There’s some who may choose to be negative over being positive. We can separate ourselves from the negative bunch. We should find positive activities to engage in. That will help us if we’re constantly being exposed to negativity. The world won’t be filled with all positives but we should digest as much positivity as we can.

Some of us are living in environments where there’s more negativity than positivity and the behaviors end up being apart of us. If we find that we’re becoming negative then we should find activities that will generate positivity for us. Our mental health is important and it can be affected by being surrounded by too much negativity. We should try to engage in healthy conversations.

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Somethings Don’t Belong There

We can control how we perceive things. Our thoughts are very important and we should fill our minds with positivity and enlightening information. There’s a lot of junk floating around, especially on the internet, if it isn’t positive then it won’t add any value to our lives. People are entitled to feel and say what they want to say for the most part. Sometimes noise is generated to get someone’s attention.

That’s why so many choose to read inspiring quotes or listen to inspirational music because negativity runs rampant. We can choose what we listen to and we can choose what we watch. We may not always say positive things but we should at least try to. Surrounding ourselves around positive people is important. It’s beneficial to our mental health.

We simply can’t expect to live positive lives if we’re surrounded by negativity. Our minds need to rest. When our sights are on dysfunctional information. We become what we receive. So it’s important that we find healthy activities to engage in. Reading information that’s full of jate can make us irritable. When we expose ourselves to enlightenment. We feel rejuvenated and our minds become healthier.

Not all communications are useful. Some of it is junk that should be tossed in the trash. More and more people are turning to yoga and meditation so that their minds become clear and the stress leaves them. Listening to unhealthy communications can leave us stressful.

If we continue to dwell in places that are negative then we will suffer greatly. We can quickly tune out negativity. As soon as we see something negative we should quickly think of something positive. Our minds are wired to think about the negatives more than the positives. That’s why it’s important to fill it with positive thoughts. Motivational material and videos can help us be more positive. Positive thinking can take us far but negative thinking can hinder us. We should want our minds to stay healthy. We have to do what we can to make sure that it happens.

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Live a Fulfilled Life

We should try ro be happy. It starts with loving ourselves and others. There’s always something to be thankful for. Yes, we may have off days, but it doesn’t remain. If we practice smiling then that will help put us on the right track. We’re here to live, grow, and to help others. Our lives shouldn’t be consumed with nothingness. Live and be free. Love stronger and work towards comfortable living.

We should engage in activities that will bring out the best in us. We should do the things that will drive our passion. When we’re passionate about something we will give it our all. Even when we face adversity we will cope better when we’re pleased within. The joy will come out and float in the atmosphere. So live. Live your life the way you want to but if it creates turbulance then you may want to make some changes.

Be at peace. When we’re at peace we won’t allow those who display envious behavior to get us down. We can wave and smile and give thanks. We’re here for a purpose and we’re not here to be down and out. We can do so many things but if we don’t feel good about ourselves then we probably won’t accomplish them. We should give thanks for being able to “rise.” Aren’t we blessed?

Enjoy the days. Be expressive and tell others when they’re doing a good job. It makes us feel better and the one who receives the compliment will feel good about themselves. Allow joy into your life. We can feel comfortable with what we have while trying to make a better life for ourselves. Meaning a more stable and financially secure life. That’s somethingto work towards.

When we’re faith filled we tend to feel good and want to do more. When we remove fear our lives get better and we “prosper.” We should want to see others prosper. We should want to elevate. Continue to grow and learn. Think prosperity and abundance. Be joyous and think positively.

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Exposure of the Slaved Mind

Sometimes our minds become conditioned to believe certain things. When we’re exposed to a negative environment for long periods of time, we become enslaved to that environment, our minds become conditioned to receive negative thoughts. Reading negative comments and listening to negative communication can effect our minds. We become what we’re exposed to. Negativity can come through all avenues. We can hear it on the news, in our homes, and at church.

We must cleanse the mind by exposing it to positive reading, positive people, and positive communications. There’s positivity everywhere even in the toughest of neighborhoods. We have to be exposed to more positivity. Replace hate communications with loving communications. We may have to practice being positive. Let’s start with encouraging one another. If we continue to draw our minds towards the hate then we will be enslaved to negative thinking. Being a slave of the mind is like an incurable disease.

It’s time that we start surrounding ourselves around positive people. We should want to have connections that will “uplift” us. The more we’re exposed to positivity the better our lives will become. We can’t expect to live in comfort if we’re unwilling to “transform.” It may not happen overnight but in time we will get there. If everyone is willing to take a few steps each time. We can make a big positive difference. We should be loving one another not hating. We have to change our mindsets.

Our neighborhoods will flourish if we start thinking differently. Our thoughts have a big impact on our lives. As soon as we make the decision to “change” we’ll see our world in a different light. Change doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes awhile but some change is better than none at all. We can help one another get there. It’s time that we change our thoughts and help the ones under us change the way they think. Some may wonder how are we suppose to do that. We can demonstrate it and through our demonstrations. They may be willing to make some changes whether minor or a complete turn around. This can occur through love and embracing. Don’t be a slave to your mind.

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Giving and Positive Living

We should all want to live a positive life. We should love and help others when we can. Surrounding ourselves around positive people will create happier living. We can’t expect to be productive when we’re surrounded by negative people. That will make us feel depressed. Being positive produces positive living. It helps us to be more productive.

If will filled with positivity and we’re happy then we’ll feel good about giving so that others can have a better. We should try to be happy and have good thoughts. This doesn’t always happen but we should at least try. Being upset and disconnected won’t make us feel satisfied. We can’t be our best in such conditions. It’s a great feeling when we’re able to lend a helping hand. Our days can be better with positive thoughts and we can feel better with a small.

Not allowing positivity in can really put a damper on our day. Of course bad days will come our way but we can feel better when we think about things that offer joy. Our friends can help us feel better by offering some of their positive communications and calming energy. It’s important we live lives that aren’t always riddled with stress.

When we’re stressed we’re unable to think clearly so it’s important that we surround ourselves in peaceful environments. Living a better life can occur through joy filled actions. If we’re consumed with negativity. We won’t flourish and we won’t prosper. When we’re feeling good. We want others to feel the same and we’ll do more.

If we’re not unable to be surrounded by positive people then we should engage in positive and healthy activities. Life can be so enjoyable if we think about things that will offer us peace. Peacefulness within us will lead us to make this world a better place even if it’s just one step at a time. Positivity helps in so many ways.

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They Won’t get to Know you First

tNo one wants to get to know anyone anymore. They will immediately judge based on untruths. Facts please?. Perhaps there’s way too many uncaring people. Kind of sad isn’t it? Well, that’s the world we live in. It is what it is. Even if people have doubted or judge you. Don’t be discouraged. In good or bad. God loves us. That’s what truly matters. If we don’t really know someone then we can’t act as if we do. Everton has been judged upon and everyone has judged someone at some point in their lives. Is it right? Not at all but it’s something that will happen.

It’s unfortunate that people refuse to get to know people before they come to a conclusion about a person. This happens often to just ordinary people and celebrities. How can one truly know someone they’ve never met, had a discussion with, or be around even once? We should be more compassionate and stop being so judgmental.

Even if people are a little rough on the edges. We don’t know why that is so we should at least try to understand. Give the benefit of the doubt. We never know. The person we’ve frowned upon could turn out to be a genuine person. A good friend or assist us in some way.

There’s a lot of angry and disgruntle people. Perhaps a little chilling out will help direct the mind to a positive level. If you don’t know someone’s story then it’s best not pretend as if you do. Everyone has a story and if we’re not willing to he’s the story then don’t judge the story.

If only people would embrace more. Our world would be a better place. We need to “Spread Some Love.” Everyone deserves respect. We may not understand some but we shouldn’t display hate towards them.

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Think Possibilities

Transform those thoughts so that accomplishments take place. We don’t have to be super busy but we should accomplish something each day. Make some headway and get those things done that will create “better living” for you and others. Allow your thoughts to go beyond limits. No limitations in the mind. We can certainly accomplish son great things if we start thinking that way.

Tune out and block out those things that will hinder your growth. If it doesn’t add value then it doesn’t need to be in your thoughts or in your life. Our thoughts can either keep us moving in the right direction or not. Thinking about the possibilities and believing that your goals, hopes, and dreams are possible will allow those things to be possible. We should listen to positive communications and read positive material so that our minds become calm. A calm mind will get more work done than one that’s consumed with stressful events.

We may need to distance ourselves from people who won’t help us think about the positivity’s. Allow good thoughts into your daily lives. More can be accomplished if we think about what we’re passionate about. Having positive thoughts are important and when the positive thinking leaves us we start to our motivation. Don’t allow that to happen.

If changes are needed then by all means change them. No one should want to stay in the same position. One that won’t offer growth. Think that you can’t and prevent thinking about what can not be done.  We can do some awesome things just by changing our mindset. Our minds are powerful and if we allow trash in it then we may do sluggish work. That can create a setback for us.

Even when we hear negative things. We should try to allow something positive in. That way we will focus on the positive and we’ll feel more energized when it comes to accomplishing. What we think we believe so if we believe that we’re capable then we’re capable. Those thoughts can make or break us. They can certainly offer value to our lives or they can offer tormoil. We have a choice whether we want good or bad thoughts to enter into our minds.

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