The Unfairness and the People’s Rights Being Violated

It’s a lot of unfairness going on within society. There’s a lot of people who are unaware of their rights. Everyone has “rights” and although they’re sometimes violated. The rights are there. Some who are in positions to explain what the rights are may withhold the information. Doing so is an injustice. There’s a lot of injustices taking place and so many in positions to lead and protect all people are refusing to do so. There’s a certain group of people who have and continue to have their rights violated.

They’ve suffered injustices and continue to face discrimination. If the behaviors continue then we’ll continue to see a decline within society. Attention is needed on such matters. There has to be some defending going on. Some have lost their lives while their rights were being violated. Even the ones incarcerated have rights. Of course, they’re human beings who have made mistakes, and they too are being violated in despicable ways.

It’s important to become knowledgeable about rights. Knowing what the rights are can decrease certain situations from occurring. Some may become fearful to speak up and out. We shouldn’t be afraid of mankind. Of course for the ones who faced being questioned in a stern manner may feel intimidated. For instance: A teenage boy or girl being harassed by an authority figure such as a law enforcement officer.

The justice system needs a makeover and there needs to be some reviews on corruption. Not every authority figure abuses their power and violates citizens rights. There’s a lot of people who truly believe in “fair treatment” and there’s also a lot who refuse to supply fair treatment to others. There certainly needs to be some “improvements.”

Even if individuals are behaving disorderly. They’re rights should be given. Some may not be concerned about their rights until they face a situation where rights are violated. No child should have to face having their rights being violated and there’s a lot of proof of such incidents taking place. There needs to be some sensitivity courses supplied for the ones who hold authority positions. Perhaps then some of the injustices will be lowered.

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Reform Transform and ReBuild

Oh what can so many say about society? There’s a lot to say but there has to be more to it than speaking about the troubling society. Starting with the “social issues.” There’s plenty alright. Probably too many to even think about tackling. We often find ourselves going in circles. Dealing with a vicious cycle. The same old methods that don’t work being utilized. Well, will society get any better, not with the mentalitythat’s within society?

What can we do?

1. Change the way we Think.

2. Assist in Some way.

3. Use Compassion.

4. Display Empathy.

5. Encourage the Youth to Live Their Dreams.

6. Give.

7. Be More Supportive.

8. Stop Being Overly Competitive.

9. Remove the Crminal Mindset.

10. Add More Protection.

Society is riddled with crime. It’s not just in one state. There’s criminal activity within society and there’s plenty of online criminal activity. Cyber attacks are criminal. Perhaps adding more protection for citizems. Especially law abiding citizens. The ones who vote and are eligible to vote. It’s funny how citizens are mistreated. Prisoners may seem as if they have more rights.

Those methods create a harsher society. Society won’t get any better with all the corruption. Political corruption and the very ones who are suppose to assist are engaging in some of the abuse. How can citizens do right when the law is refusing to do so?

There’s all sorts of unethicsl practices going on. Racial divisions and religious wars. Cyber bullying and abuse within media circuits. No wonder society is in a fix. The whole United States needs a makeover. All of the dysfunctions in office. Perhaps the mentally disturbed can solve some of the social issues. It appears the ones appointed to do so are busy focusing on things that they shouldn’t be so focused on.

While the criminals are lurking about committing crimes. The law abiding citizens are being harassed and attacked. Well, perhaps one day society will get better, as long as the actions that are taking place now continue. We’ll continue to see a decline. No unification just continued disconnections. Just thinking about all of the issues within society can generate a headache. Prayer warriors need to pray continuously.

Here’s a Post About a Broken Society

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Deciding not to Watch the Democratic National Convention Tonight

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was confusing. What was so confusing? The things people were saying. Some were off topic and some saying things that were downright offensive. There seemed to be little disrespect for Bernie Sanders and to be Frank he seemed a bit confused. I’m not sure where the information that was written for the speeches presented came from. It’s as if someone was playing a prank.

There were the hecklers and the crowd seemed to be antsy. The best speaker was Cory Booker.  He nailed his speech and the speech sounded pretty Presidential. Perhaps he’ll run for President in the near future. Tonight it seemed best to not tune in. After watching the Republican National Convention, which was all over the place, it was best to not tune in. Hopefully things went well. I’m just stun about how many mishaps that took place on both sides.

As if the politics has gone down the drain. Oh what embarrassment that took place for both parties. How can they bounce back? There appears to be some very irate voters. Wondering for the next President will do to generate a stability. We simply don’t know. Perhaps tomorrow will be better and people will be calmer.

Some were dismayed with the chosen material that the Democratic party selected. Some interviewers addressed how unsure they were when it came to voting for Hilary Clinton. Some voters are claiming that this election may not see their vote. Seems quite disappointing. The views go down when people get tired of seeing antics after antics. Losing voters isn’t good for any candidate. I’ve never seen anything like what’s taking place now. Perhaps things will get better later on.

Losing minority votes isn’t good for any candidate and it appears that the nominees aren’t saying very much. People are lost and not knowing who to vote for. What a mess. There’s two more days of speeches. At least the audience was treated by a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Paul Simon. He did a fantastic job.

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Laugh, be Amused, but Don’t be a Pushover

While being here we will come across some kind people, amusing people, and some cynical people. We’re all different and we’ll come across some people who either don’t understand where we’re coming from or won’t care to understand. That’s alright. Here’s the thing if you’re passionate about something then continue and it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it or not. We shouldn’t be here for popularity contests. So if you need to say it, feel the need to stand up, then do so.

Everything isn’t funny to everyone so some may perceive things the wrong way and that’s how it is sometimes. There’s no surprise that cynics will come out of the woods. Look at the Presidential Race. Some perceived it as a circus. Could be right but we can not change how people will preceive things. Sometimes we go overboard with playing around and it can get a bit messy. Those things happen.

Sometimes we observe who we should keep our distance from and then that’s what we’ll do. No matter what people think we can speak our mind as long as it doesn’t become threatening. If we allow people to run all over us then that’s what they’ll do. There has to be a line drawn. Martin Luther King Jr.  was a well spoken and straight to the point man. He was passionate about equality and loving people ofcall races.

He received threats and his family was attacked but he believed in his vision and his “purpose.” Anyone having sonething to say runs the risk of being attacked in some way but that shouldn’t divert the passion. We can stand up for ourselves. We can be bold, brave, and courageous. Where there’s cynics. There’s kindness. Everyone won’t think the same or behave the same but we can be vocal when we feel the need to do so.

We live in a world filled with envy and it’s something that we have to deal with or go on an Island and not deal with it. President Obama received hate messages, comments, and people have disapproved of him not only for his Presidential position but because of where he came from. We shouldn’t be surprised about how so many behave. Anyone standing up for something is in a position to be attacked in sone way.

One can run and hide or continue living their passion. We have to remembet that anyone having to be antagonist then find those who really are filled with love and focus on them. We can’t live our lives to please everyone but we can stand up for someone or take a stand on what we feel is right. Even Jesus was attacked and he is tge son of God. That clearly shows that the flesh can be something else.

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Political Debates and Foolish Hate

Politics play a very big role in all sorts of arenas. It consist of radical, insulting, and degrading communications. How does that make the people feel comfortable? All we can do m vote for the most experienced candidate. Interesting. Well, the mess continues, some presidential candidates will say anything. They may rarely speak on a spiritual level. Sounds as if they need to put Jesus in their debates.

Besides the politics. People seem to be going mad about people’s non political views. Let me be frank. People seem to be dipping in other people’s business which can generate political terms and views. It seems it’s a continuous thing. The uproars and all. Perhaps people should consider staying out of people’s business. Just a suggestion.

Back to the whole political hoopla. It seems like this political journey is like a bad joke. I mean,what’s going on, the bashing is insane? What are we to make of this? Don’t know. A very wealthy man may be our next President and for some that is concerning. He’s a business man but can he do what’s best for the US? Once again. Interesting. We have to wait and see what happens.

The Political candidates aren’t quite setting a good example for us but it is what it is. Sometimes we just have to work with some who neef some tweaking. Perhaps things will get better down the road. Pray it will. It’s so unsettling watching them attack one another. It’s as if they’re on social media. Debates happen on social media and politics live there as well.

The back and fourth and rolling of the eyes. Talking about political candidates standing at the podium. Some grunting their teeth. Of course they want to win but gosh. Why stoop so low? What is this world coming to? It’s a mess and hopefully political candidates will get it together or at least remove the ridiculous bashing.

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Leadership Isn’t What you say it is

Leadership is bold and moving. Anyone can claim leadership but can they display it? There’s different levels of leadership. In order to lead. One has to be willing to learn. No one knows everything. We’re continuously learning. We may need more leadership. The youth can use more of it and dedicated mentorship.

Some people may not want to take on leadership roles. It’s not an easy position but it’s a rewarding one. Leaders have to go through the pain. They have to get tougher. If a leader weeps. They may think that they’re not built for leadership but that’s not true at all. Strong people cry. A lot of relief can occur that way.

Every leader has experienced some bad. It won’t all be good. Leaders put themselves on the battlefield. They fight for people’s rights. They face wars and some were close to destruction. Leaders don’t give up but they may take a step back to regroup. Leadership involves “action.” It requires one to be aggressive at times but filled with compassion.

The compassion should be there. One should understand what leadership consist of. It will require lots of work but in time the position will become easier. Although it will be easier. Those rough days will still come streaming in but one will be better equipped to deal with them. Some may enjoy hearing the title but there’s more to it than that.

Leadership shows. It produces what a community or city needs. It involves the will to “grow.” Without growth there’s no progress. We can’t be apart of a movement without a leader. We need more and there’s no denying that. We really need leaders who aren’t afraid of stepping on some toes. Every leader has said something that someone didn’t agree with it. That can’t be prevented.

Leadership involves an increase. Increase in knowledge. Increase in time and increase when it comes to giving. Leaders have to take a lot of flack. They will have to go through storms and be prepared to be yelled at. One has to be willing to take the good with the bad.

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What’s Going on?

Things are continuously changing. Bill Cosby brought in for alledged sexual assault claims. What is the world coming to? I can’t speak on his innocence or quilt but it seems a bit strange that he would face these allegatuons at this time and at his age. Bull Cosby has given to various charities and organizarions and he’s an outspoken fella. I don’t know if anyone else notices a pattern when it comes to African Americans.

It appears that when one reaches a certain status the dogs are sent out to retrieve them. African American men have to deal with a lot and it appears that every move they make or won’t make is eyeballed. I don’t know if anyone else feels compassion for some of the celebrities or anyone facing scrunity that may not deserve it but I do. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much good one projects. People will throw stones at any mistake that they’ve made. There’s athletes, Entertainers, and Public Figures who face scrunity everyday.

People may not forgive others for what they’ve done but thank God, God forgives, if not I don’t know how some would deal with that. There’s entertainers and leaders who have to constantly “speak out.” When I see these things taking place. I often think about Michael Jackson. Although Jackson was a Humanitarian. People didn’t allow him to live peacefully. He faced being accussed of so many things. I can’t imagine what he went through but hearing about it and witnessing it on television was enough.

Stones will be thrown at anyone trying to reach heights but it seems those stones are thrown more often with a certain group of people. Clearly this is through observation. History and watching various media outlets. We won’t always witness fairness but it would be nice if people would stop trying to bring others down. We don’t know what happened with Bill Cosby and the women who are accussung him of drugging them and other unspeakable acts but we should give one the benefit of the doubt until sufficient evidence is presented.

I pray that those who speak out and believe in the rights of the people don’t stop their “movement.” Everyone has a voice and they have a right to use it. We should be helping one another not trying to create havoc. We need more leadership. Strong leadership. We could use leaders who aren’t afraid to speak the truth and who aren’t afraid to stand up for the people.

Authors: This article comes from observation and hearing about cases through media outlets.

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Stand up for Others but Protect Yourself

We should stand up for others. Try to encourage others to have the courage to speak out and up. Some people are so afraid of being verbally attacked that it causes them to pretend as if things are happening. The person who chooses to stand up may receive punches for doing so but it’s better to say how you feel then to allow certain things to keep taking place.

We live in a time where people will try to punish others because they didn’t like something they said or did. That’s not what speaking out is about. It leans towards trying to solve issues. For example, a kid being attacked because people didn’t like their choices, that happened on a particular social media site.

If you want to say it on social media but you won’t say it when you look a person in the eyes then that’s being a coward. Even when people verbally attack us. We must forgive them. Whatever we do. We will receive chastising for it. It may not be today but it will be at some point. We know adult bullying occurs and it’s sad but it’s especially sad when children are being harassed and attacked. Could you imagine how many adults would sit back and say nothing at all?

Some people are afraid to speak out about social issues. You never know what people will say or do. It reminds me of the man who received donations when he was walking to work every single day. He was harassed, threatened, and verbally attacked. The man was a hard working man and he’s a nice guy but that didn’t stop people from trying to harm him. It’s amazing. If people don’t like you, are envious of what you’re accomplishing, or just want to be entertained in a devious way. They will try to bring you down but that shouldn’t stop us from standing up.

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Political Shyness

Not everyone wants to answer political questions. Those who avoid it may do so because they want to be politically correct. They may not want to deal with critics and bashers. We all know that people will criticize anything. Politics can create chaos so therefore lots of people shy away from it.

There’s a pastor by the name of T.D. Jakes, he seems to avoid those political questions, nothing wrong with it but of course it makes a lot of people uncomfortable. People have a right to choose whether they want to discuss politics or not. If they decide not to then they’re condemned and if they decide to dicuss politocs then they’ll be condemned. It’s best that people choose to go with what makes them comfortable.

Politics us tricky and it can rub people the wrong way so a lot of people feel it’s best to shy away from it. They may not want to discuss politics in spiritual settings and that’s undetstood. Politics can produce heated arguments and arguments should be avoided. They will occur at some point.

If you’re uncomfortable discussing politics then don’t bother discussing them. Your views could be tossed out because of disagreements. Don’t fret if people are asking you to give your views on things that seem controversial. What comes out of your mouth could be distorted and that could cause friction. I can understand why pastors or anyone else would shy away from politics.

Shying away from politics won’t stop people from asking you to supply your thoughts. It’s simply a subject that isn’t for everyone. Sometimes people want to hear what you have to say so they can dissect it. No one, absolutely no one should get involved with political debates that generate discomfort, more then the discomfort could take place. Not good.

Politics can be avoided in conversations. If they come up and you”d rather dismiss them then switch to a different subject or excuse yourself. Don’t get involved with politics if you’re not ready. People may not understand your views and turn them all around. Those who feel confident with political communications should speak on it but those who feel that talking about politics will do more harm than good. Should shy away from it.

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