How to Find the Peace you Need

Being calm is important, it helps keep us healthy, the more we’re exposed to stress. The more likely we’ll develop health issues. We won’t be able to avoid stressful situations completely but we can sure lower our stress levels. One way to do this is to remove toxic people out of our lives. if they’re unable to offer some “peace” then they don’t need to be apart of our lives. It’s important that we allow ourselves to experience peaceful moments. We shouldn’t constantly be exposed to chaos.

If we find ourselves being riddled with stress then we need to break away from those areas and anyone who refuses to offer us peacefulness. A little stress will come but too much of it can create other issues for us. When we’re stressed we’re unable to function properly. That can lead to making mistakes that could’ve been avoided if we were in the land of peace. Those who want to keep us stressed should receive an in depth communication from us and if they refuse to stop producing stress for us then we need to do what’s best for us.

No one should want us to be filled with stress, our friends shouldn’t want it, and if they do then they don’t deserve that title. Being able to experience peacefulness is a blessing. There’s some people who rarely get the opportunities to experience peace because they’ve placed so much on themselves. We’ll do that. Sometimes we’ll produce stress for ourselves, worrying about that out of our control. Stress and worry are enemies and they can cause us to be broken and that’s something we don’t need.

We have to find things that offer us peace. Soothing music can produce some peace, meditation, and reading and also help. We shouldn’t be exposed to chaotic environments too long. If we allow the chaos to enter our minds then we’ll start demonstrating dysfunctional behavior. There’s a lot of major issues going on in this world but that doesn’t mean that we have to be all wrapped up in it. We have to relax our minds and we must allow our bodies to have rest. No rest, no peace, no peace means we’re experiencing some chaos and that can be avoided.

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Avoid the Negative Ones

Some people will refuse to be positive and we have a choice whether we want to deal with them or not. If all they can offer is negativity then it’s best to avoid them or at least limit any contact with them. People who are constantly negative are either seeking attention or unhappy with something. We may have some bad days but most of us will try to be positive and peaceful but there’s some who just hand out bad vibes. It’s up to us whether we want to be positive or not but all that negativity is draining and who needs?

Sometimes you have to shut everything off. Technology can help in so many ways but it can also be used to spill darkness. Some may use it to get all of their frustrations out and others may use it to “inspire.” We can delete those unwanted communications and surround ourselves with inspirational people. We will be exposed to negativity at some point but we don’t have to deal with it all the time. We should face challenges but too much negativity can wear on the body and mind.

There’s a lot of positive people in this world, people who really care about others, and those who have filled with love. Those are the people we should try to connect with. Sometimes we will have to remove some people from our circle so that we can enjoy what life has to offer. If someone doesn’t want to project peace then they can hit the road. No need for anyone to be constantly bombarded with nonsense. If you’re a visionary then it may be wise to surround yourself with other visionaries. They’re more than likely willing to be positive and “spread some love.

We need to keep our minds healthy and exposing ourselves to positive situations will assist with that. Some environments are filled with confusion and we should find away to project peace and if not then we should find environments that will offer us some nurturing. Sometimes we’re unaware how negatively negativity can affect us. It’s best that we find healthy environments to be apart of.

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It’s Just About That Time

I’m ready for a little R&R. Yes indeed. I can use it. Sometimes things pile on top of one another and it can generate some stress. That’s why it’s important that we take vacations. Everybody needs to relieve stress. Vacationing is a great way to get away from the same old same old and take it easy.

Even if we take mini vacations that should help. Too much stress is unhealthy. We should learn to enjoy ourselves. We don’t have to work all of the time. Allowing ourselves to view different scenery will help us feel better. There’s so many ways that we can vacation. We can go by car, bus, train and airplane. Some may choose to take cruises to vacation.

I haven’t traveled by cruise and I’m not sure when that will happen but hopefully I will get that opportunity soon. Any time away should be appreciated. Some vacation out of the country and that’s something I haven’t done yet. Not sure win but I have been out of state. Perhaps more traveling will take place in a couple of years from now.

For now, I will enjoy the mini vacations, better than none at all. The thing is, we should take time to allow our bodies, and minds to relax. There’s so much that goes in our brains and allow relaxation to occur. Some may choose to vacation not far from home and others may choose to go a bit far from home.

It really doesn’t matter what one chooses to do but not vacationing could be a mistake. We all need that downtime. A lot of people may feel that they can’t afford to vacation but there’s so many low cost offers so that people are able to enjoy some time away from home. If only for a weekend every year, that helps, it’s better than having nothing at all. Of course we try to take more than one weekend out the year but sometimes things come up.

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Lets be “Peacemakers”

Sometimes people will come into our lives and try to shake things up a bit. Remember that Satan is real and he will use the ones closest to you. If you put on the armor and fight with God’s word then he will cease. Rebuke him and pray for those who try to come up against you. We don’t have to be consumed with stress. Sometimes we place ourselves in stressful situations, they could’ve been avoided if we would only avoid them, we shouldn’t always avoid because we’re called to be “Peacemakers.”

I won’t say that it’s easy going through trials here and there but with “faith” we can overcome anything. We have to believe that our situations will change, our troubles will leave, and peace will find us. Why should we live in poverty? We can do something about it, for one we must find the best paths to take. That special person in your life can change and help you encounter your peace. We have to stop fighting against one another and how do we do that? Prayer, worshipping, believing. We must believe that our environments will become peaceful.

Love one another, we all know that Satan wants us to attack one another, he doesn’t want peace. If people are unwilling to be peaceful then we should project it. Soon they will get tired of projecting hate and they will want peace. We don’t have to put up with a lot of the things that we put up with. We’ve allowed people to get away with too much. We’ve forgotten to “pray.” We’ve put down our armor and we should’ve have. We should be prepared for battle. We should be prepared for spiritual warfare. We’re in those times.

God isn’t pleased at the way we’ve been behaving and the things that are happening in the world but He’s a “forgiving” God. He gives us an opportunity to fix it. Perhaps those issues that keep knocking at our door keep coming because He wants our attention. We can’t fight evil with evil and we’ve been going about it the wrong way. Unless we get it together, we’ll keep going through war, we’ll keep feeling depression and anger. Rebuke it. We don’t need those things in our lives. If we ask God to remove those things He will. Continue to prayer for healing and protection.

“Go in Peace and allow the Peacemakers to do Their Jobs.”

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Pretending to be Supporters

Wow! Really? When some people pretend to be supportive just “smile.” We’re born to face challenges and just because we go through them that doesn’t mean we have to allow them to hinder us. Some people are challenging in their own way but when we understand who they are we’re able to deal with it better. Why pretend? People have their own motives. For some it’s because they want money and so they decide to be underhanded. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from people who we know mean us no good and sometimes we just have to play the fool.

When they say they’re your ally but they’ve showed you different. Back away slowly and keep your “Moves private.” Talk about the sunshine or whatever they’re not interested in. Simply keep going with your real allies and be happy about it. It amazes me how people can stare you right in your face and pretend to be on your side but working against you. It will reveal itself or someone will get mad and tell. Whatever. Throw some good on them.

When they go left, go right, when they say no. Say, “yes,” and so on and so on. When they ask you what your plans are. Say, “I don’t know”, let them think that you trust them but you really don’t. Every time you try to make that move, they say, “I’ll see about that,” wow! Does that sound like an ally? Nope! Some people are so miserable and I feel sorry for them because they’ll always be alone and single.

Don’t pretend to be an ally when you’ve demonstrated enemy behavior. Don’t pretend say and you’re a “Priest, Evangelist, Minister and Woman of God” when you’re trying to hold your daughter back. I believe that this shall pass. No man can stop “God’s Plan.” Oh they can try but God intervenes. Know who your allies and enemies are. Stop thinking that you have more power than God. No one does. He will set the record straight and if you think you’re lonely now. You’ll be alone and wondering where everyone went. We’re suppose to love everyone. Love our enemies and those who come up against us.

“A mother can carry a child in the womb and have absolutely no connection with their child.”

“Keep your enemies close so that you can watch them slip up.”

“Don’t vent to the ones that claim that you can trust them.” They just want the information so that they can reveal it.”

“If you want to know where the snake is. Look in the backyard. It’s either in the backyard or they live under the same roof.”

“Some doors should stay shut.”

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Bye Bye Social Media

People are deciding to take a hike when it comes to social media. There was a time when social media was a hang out for teens. The teens have migrated to other sites like Kik, Instagram, and Vine. They’re no longer interested in Facebook. I know this because I have teenagers. They think Social Media has gone to the dogs. Well, they at least think this about Facebook, they’re curious about adult behavior. Although some of them are young adults, they’re puzzled about adult attraction to some of these Social Media sites, I can understand their views.

Social Media seems to have no rules. Some add more protection than others. Of course we could use some moderating on Social Media. It seems no one really cares what goes on in the Social Media scene. Maybe some do but either are afraid to show it or just don’t want to get involved. Social Media can be a great place, a loving atmosphere, and a real way to connect.

Some adults have admitted to taking long breaks from Social Media. They either became bored or annoyed. It seems family connections and frienships have suffered through Social Media use. Being exposed to anything for long periods of time can be damaging, especially if the environment is chaotic. Those environments are unhealthy.

Cyber bullying seems to make it’s way on every Social Media site. Some sites are set up in a way that some may not attempt to be aggressive. Some users have felt disrespected when it comes to Social Media. It’s not the sites but the users. If compassion floated all around these sites then there would be less issues. Until founders jump in and stop the chaos, it’s possible it could continue, hopefully people will want to get along because they’re tired of the battles. What does Social Media offer you?

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When You’re at Peace no one can Disturb it

People will try to steal your inner peace, the only way they can do that is if you allow it, life is precious and it should be enjoyed. When you’re confident and secure. You won’t feed into negativity. You’ll be at peace with yourself and even with those who try ro come up against you.

If it doesn’t help you grow, make you smile, then it’s something you can do without. Surround yourself with people who want to see you “prosper.” If they don’t want the best for you then they don’t deserve to be in your life. We often find ourselves questioning our past when we should be looking towards our future. No one. Absolutely ┬áno one can stop us from “succeeding.” If we allow people to get the best of us then they will.

Sometimes we have to go away and ponder a bit. We should develop positive friendships. People who do nothing for you have no right to tell you a thing. We have to learn to enjoy those who touch our lives. Those who make us complete. Those who love us “unconditionally.”

Life isn’t easy but we’re built for toughness. There’s people willing to uplift us. Those who want to see us achieve will push us. There’s no progress what so ever without struggles. If we don’t go through storms then we won’t develop strength. We need lots of strength to deal with the adversities of this world.

If the people around us doesn’t push us then they should be around us. We can’t expect things to be handed to us. We have to fight and work for them. Believe that you deserve to make it through every hurdle in life. Let no one tell you that you’re no good enough. There’s always hope in every situation. Failure should live in your heart, mind, and soul.

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