Silent, Quietness, and Gathering Thoughts

Sometimes we have to get into a quiet place so that we’re able to gather our thoughts. We can hear clearer when we’re silent. No noise, distractions, just meditation. We can hear what God has to say when we’re in silence.We’re able to concentrate on the good things that surround us. There’s times when the birds will stop chirping as if they’re aware that we need our quiet time. Setting aside some time to reflect is important. It removes us from the chaos and it offers us peace. Peace that so many of us need.

Turn off the lights if need be and close the door so that the sounds are shut off. Reflecting is needed so that we’re able to release some stress. We need to release some of our thoughts as well. Thinking too much can create problems for us but if we’re in a quiet space. We can hear the words from our Heavenly Father. Quietness can help us regroup. We can think of ways that will create better living for us. It’s hard to gather thoughts when there’s so much going on around us. We won’t be effective if our thoughts are running over and if we’re under tremendous stress.

Shutting our phones down and turning off the television will help keep things quiet. Setting aside some quiet time before the children arrive home from school is a great way to relax. When we’re relaxed we’re able to get a lot accomplished. When the quietness finds its way to us we need to grab a hold of it and utilize the time needed in order to uplift us. Not everyone is able to set aside quiet time because their lives are filled with so much chaos. Chaos can disrupt our lives in such a way that we become consumed with health issues.

If you’re in a position to be silent then that’s something one should try to do. Too much noise can make us irritable and that can create more issues for us. We certainly need time to relax and we also need time to ponder. We should set aside at least 15 minuets each day and think about something peaceful. Peacefulness is a blessing and we should cherish it. Remove all the those thoughts that will make us upset and replace them with thoughts or “prosperity.”

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Stay Uplifted and Allow Peace in

There’s all sorts of things we have to deal with but we shouldn’t allow those things to weigh us down. We should try to be uplifted. If no one tries to uplift us. We should find ways to “uplift” ourselves. There’s soothing music that will uplift us and keep us in a calmness state. We shouldn’t allow the pressures of the world to invade our peace. Sometimes we’re exposed to the negative energies that people project and if we don’t shut those energies out then they can become ours.

It’s important that we find ways to improve our well being and surrounding ourselves with positive people will help build us up. We need to be surrounded with people who are happy with themselves. If they’re happy with themselves then they will display happiness. Finding material that includes encouraging words is a great way to stay uplifted.

Our lives can change for the better if we allow peaceful and positive things in it. We can’t expect to be productive in a chaotic state. Our homes, workplace, and places we visit should generate calmness for us. There may be some stress on a job site but too much is bad for our health.

Smiling more will help us feel uplifted. Even if we practice smiling, we can generate a happier environment, peace should be apart of our lives. We should build friendships witb those who have no problem inspiring others. We should surround ourselves with people who are happy when others do well. If we are in a slump then we find a place or find friends that will help generate a positive rise out of us.

Being uplifted will make our living experience a great one. There’s no need for us to be consumed with unhappiness. Our lives should be filled with gratefulness and gratitude. We should love and enjoy our environments. Sometimes we find ourselves in a dysfunctional environment but there’s still ways for us to be at “peace.”

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It’s Important to Take Breaks

Sometimes we need breaks away from home, some people, and from our jobs. It’s Important to take breaks. Not doing so could leave us moody and fatigued. Setting sometime in the week or during the days to unwind will help us remain steady. Our bodies need to rest and if we place strain on our bodies then we need to allow recuperating to take place.

If we work too hard and too long then we will become drained. That can really put a strain on our health. Taking some time in the sun or just getting out for a bit can help us feel rejuvenated. Everyone needs to break away from something. Sometimes we become so consumed with taking care of things that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Imagine someone constantly working and obtaining very little rest. How would they function? Not so well. They would probably forget things due to lack of rest and they probably would be grumpy.

It was stated on a show that Donald Trump was probably moody because it didn’t obtain enough rest. In fact his butler cobfirmed it. He observed him not obtaining the rest that’s needed to function properly. No one is made of steal. We have to take breaks and that’s why vacations are so important. Even a mini vacation will make us feel better.

If we’re in a position to take naps then we need to take them. There’s nothing wrong with napping. Our bodies will be happy that we care enough to take necessary breaks. Even taking breaks from things will love will generate some relief. Anyone not willing to take breaks are putting their health at risk.

Even a 15 minuet break resting somewhere will help us bounce back. If one has a strenuous job then they certainly need to take breaks. Too much stress could cause a meltdown. We have to consider our wellbeing. We can’t care for others if we’re not looking after ourselves. So take breaks when you can. It will certainly make you feel better.

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Leave it There

All the hurt, pain, and feelings of despair ball it up and toss in a hideaway. No need for display. All the protection in the world wouldn’t prevent a soul from causing pain. A heart breaks. The mind can work overtime. Leave the anger the resentment in a dark closet. Lock it. It lives in the past. No need to drag with you everywhere you go. Close the door of heartache and pain.

Bring out the sunshine. Allow the joy to flow. Make the best of what’s to come. Brighter days ahead. Think about the good and the joyful times. Allow your mind to unwind. Leave whatever causes hurt somewhere else. No need to hold on to it. There’s more to life than heartache and pain. There’s fun and great things that awaits us.

Troubles come and go. Love, be kind, and express your care. Leave all that mess over there. Whatever caused you pain. Let it go and don’t pick it up back again. The hurt hurts and some can’t move away from it. No need to continue living in a pit. Leave it. Leave it. Leave in that locked away closet.

Laugh at the funny jokes exposed to you. Do the things you love to do. Make a way for a better life. Bo need to carry on the strife. Times will come when you want to go to that closet. Don’t dare. Leave all the pain and mess there.

Go ahead and love again. There’s always someone needing a friend. Someone who will appreciate what God created. Be joyful and smile from ear t o ear. There’s boos but there’s also cheers. Give from the heart and be filled with compassion. There’s so many feeling empty inside. They spend more time trying to hide away. Love yourself and give your heart away. Allow peace in and find genuine friends. Love grows sometimes in an unexpected way. Love, love, and throw the pain away.

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There’s Always a way to Find Peace

Sometimes we have to go through some storms and sometimes we’re in the middle of a chaotic experience. We have to find a way to generate some peace. Peace doesn’t always come easily and sometimes we’ll have to work extra hard to obtain it. Peace is a blessing of course there won’t be total peace but some peace is better than none. Some may perceive peace as being in “silent mode.” Being able to accomplish somethings require some peace. It’s extremely difficult to get anything done in a chaotic environment.

If we experience our moments of peace then we should be oh so thankful for it because there’s some who rarely experience peace. Some can obtain peace through music and that will help them feel calmness. There’s meditation music that helps soothe us. Writing is a great way to generate peace. It not only generates peace for us but it also helps get information to others.

Do you have consider how others feel when they’re unable to obtain peace. Just imagine if you were unable to experience a silent moment when life is filled with chaos. It  wouldn’t feel good and it would be a strain on one’s health. Some people work better in a chaotic environment. Those who live in fast paced neighborhoods may work well in chaos. No one should want to live chaotic lives.

Peace also is generated through prayer. Praying will help us feel peaceful. We should allow ourselves to experience some meditation moments. When we find ourselves filled with stress and chaos then we should pray. Of course not everyone will believe in the power or prayer but it truly works. It will help us release some of the stress. In fact it will put us in the peaceful zone. We have to allow ourselves to experience some solitude moments. We should adore it.

What are some of the ways that you obtain peace? We don’t have to go through some of the things we go through but of course some of it we may need to go through. Peace does come. It may not come as often for some but if we’re hopeful then it will make its way to our lives. We shouldn’t push it away. We should embrace it and be “thankful” for it.

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Find Peace by Limiting Your Time With Toxic People

We have to do what’s best for us. If that means removing some people out of our lives then that’s what we have to do.  If we spend lots of time with toxic people then we will end up feeling sick. We have to find our peace which means silence in a lot of cases. Have you ever been in a position where you hear someone’s voice and you go the other way because you don’t want to deal with the mess? Well, this will happen, yhat toxicity can make one want to run for the hills.

When you’re trying to keep the peace. It’s best to think about positive things because people will try to test you. Our well being is important and that’s why we should surround ourselves with positivity. Sometimes taking a walk or reading a book will help us tune out the noise. We can’t control other people’s behavior but we can control how we react towards the behavior of others.

Sometimes people want to see if they can push our buttons and they will wait for a response. If a response is given then they will continue the behavior. If they’re persistent then they may not care that silence was given but one should embrace their peace.

We should be sociable but unfortunately we’re unable to be sociable with everyone. There’s all sorts of people in this world and we will have to deal with them at some point. The toxic ones don’t deserve to take up a lot of our time. Sometimes people are being toxic out of fear or anger. In time those emotions will fade.

If we find ourselves feeling irritated when coming in contact with people who try to get under our skin then we should remove ourselves from the situation. Unfortunately some people are miserable and they feel the need to make others that way.

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Build a Positive World

Realistically speaking we will be negative sometimes but if we can be positive for the most part then we can live better. Positivity allows us to be healthier. For example if we become ill and believe that we will get better then most likely that’s what will occur. A positive mind creates a positive environment. If our words are positive then our surrounding will be filled with more positivity.

Positive thinking is a great way for us to feel better. If we think about the good then we won’t be so focused on the bad things that occur. There’s some good in every situation and although we may experience negative things we should allow ourselves to think about the positive things. That’s why we should try to be apart of positive situations. Being surrounded by positive people will allow our thoughts to be positive. Negativity generates negative thinking,

If we may spend lots of thinking about what can go wrong instead of what can go right in our lives. If we think that way then we will become negative. A lot of times our moods are created by our thinking. If we think that something isn’t right then we our moods will be lowered. Even if some negativity comes our way. We should find a way to generate some positivity. There’s a lot of ways that we can build positivity. One way is to engage in positive friendships and relationships.

Sometimes we hear what we want to hear and that could lead to our negativity. If we listen carefully to what’s communicated to us then we will have a better understanding. We seem to do better when there’s understanding and our minds are at ease when we understand. Thinking positive will allow us to be happier. We’re able to live our lives in comfort when we’re positive. Could you imagine this world without positivity? We would really be in trouble.

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Difficulties Build Strength

We may want to be apart of the easy road but easiness is far and between in life. We will have to go through some trials in order to get us to where we need to be. Sometimes we may not understand how to solve this problem or that problem but through faith we learn how to do this. There’s days where we would avoid difficulties.


Difficult it may be  but I can overcome

Things may not be the way I expect to but with Faith God will do what He will do

Time offers all of us a chance to get better

Some of us have to go through some stormy weather

The difficulties in life sometimes weigh on us

If we get on our knees and pray

God will certainly make a way

He knows exactly what we need

He loves us

Yes indeed

No problem is to large for our Father

He will bring us through

Thoughts Flowing

Ponder away ponder today

Letting the good things in

Relaxing and meditating

Creating a peaceful space

Passing clouds loving nature

Putting words together so that flow

Thinking of the next place where one shall go

Thoughts flow about

Letting in and letting them out

Focus on within

Loving self and thinking again again

Cozy Night’s air

The wind seeping through the window pane

Bundling up in the warm blankets

Feeling a little free

It’s cozy and comfy so lovely

Cool breezes against my skin

Being thankful for tonight’s air

I’m so glad this cozy feeling has met with me

Love, love, love the coolness

Sometimes we need to settle somewhere and think about somethings that will create peace. Life comes with all sorts of struggles and being able to meditate on good things is a blessing. Pondering while the weather is cool is truly a blessing. We’re so blessed with so many things. Even when we go through the storms. We should be thankful because those trials will make us stronger.

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Distance Yourself From the Negativity

Sometimes we have to learn how to remove ourselves from negative environments and keep our distance when it comes to negative people. Negativity drains our energy and if we’re constantly surrounding ourselves around it then that negativity could rub off on us. If a negative person is trying to invade your space then they should be aware of it. Perhaps they may not realize that they’re being negative but then again there’s people who want to throw negativity at you.

We will have not so good days and it’s not always easy not to feel a little grumpiness but it shouldn’t be that way all of the time. There has to be some time for positive thinking and communications. Sometimes we’re caught up in trying to make peace and which we should make peace but we shouldn’t allow anyone to fill our minds with negative thoughts. We can also be peacemakers by leaving the scene of a negative environment. If one refuses to be positive then they may be dealing with misery. They have to be willing to conquer that.

Sometimes no matter what one does or says, some people will want others to feel bad, they want others to feel exactly how they’re feeling. They will make cynical comments and even taunt their targets. That’s way too much negativity to deal with and although it can be difficult to turn the other cheek. It’s best to do so because you don’t want to follow their negative trail. Sometimes negative people try to test others just to see if they’re able to get a response.

Yes, one may want to respond, but the negativity will continue when that happens. Not everyone wants to be positive. Some may feel that being positive won’t get them what they want. Positivity comes with a smile. It feels better and one looks better when projecting it. Positivty can go a long way. No one knows just how much one may need some positive words to get them through their day.

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The Importance of a Spiritual Connection With God and Jesus

Are you waiting for a “breakthrough?” Just because we pray and we meditate on the Lord that doesn’t mean that we won’t go through those trials and tribulations but it does mean that we will be better equipped to deal with them. We live in a troubled world. Death was introduced through sin. No one is without sin. The Lord sent his only son to die for our sins and for that we should be thankful. John 6:40 says, “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.” Some may claim that this world is like hell on earth.

It may be hot and chaotic but this world isn’t like hell and if there’s no repenting and there’s no relationship with God and Jesus then we won’t see what heaven looks like, feels like, and sounds like. If you haven’t decided to give God your time. You can do so right now. As long as there’s breath in the body. You can give your life to Jesus. John 14:6 says, “Jesus answered. I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” If it wasn’t for God sending His Son to die for our sins. We would be lost, undelivered, unprotected. God may allow us to go through those storms but He loved us enough to send His only Son to die for us and He wants us to have eternal life.

We won’t always do good because there will come a time that we may slip and fall but thank God and Jesus that our mistakes can be washed away. Our past can be wiped clean. When we spend time with God and Jesus. We’re making them glad. We become renewed and freed. We need the closeness to go into those battles that will confront us. Have you ever been through a battle? In a battle you may come up against some wickedness so therefore you will need to go in constant prayer and keep your armor on. You may say, “what armor?” The Armor of God.

As we get closer to God and walk with Jesus.We will build greater faith and that pleases God. We must have faith and works. They go hand and hand. When you start spending time with the Lord. You will notice something different about yourself. The beginning of “transformation” will take place. The more you pray and worship. The greater your faith.The greater your faith. The better you will feel.

You can spend time with God and Jesus anywhere and going to church will allow us to worship and fellowship but we don’t have to sit in church every Sunday in order to build a relationship with God. There’s a misconception that one must go to church from sun up to sun down in order to build a relationship or make it to heaven. Some may think that their church going is the only thing that will get them in heaven. Oh no, Satan can go to church, it takes a personal relationship with the Father and the Son. It takes repenting and living righteously. Even a God’s Word Deliverer will stumble but that doesn’t mean that they will stay down. Asking for forgiveness is important and having that in our hearts is very important. God loves us too much to not give us the tools we need to make a life after this one.

We’re made in God’s image so therefore we’re perfect but our actions may not always align with that. Even if they don’t. We have an opportunity to ask God for forgiveness and continue on the path of righteousness. Some may not agree with what’s supplied here because they may not believe that God and Jesus exist but for those who do. It’s time that we stand up and stand firm. We can’t allow Satan to swallow us up. That’s why it’s so important that we pray and ask God for guidance. If there’s weeping now. The weeps may disappear tomorrow. You never know what tomorrow will bring so be hopeful that what ever you’re going through will pass. “Stay blessed!”

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