Undermining the Voice

When there’s a voice trying to express what so many need to hear. There’s a great disruption. Some may not be aware of the consequences of disturbing those who are ” on assignment.” Some may use deceptiveness to disconnect the voice from communicating with the audience. These occurences happen when people become insecure. Some aren’t very fond with change and not fond to have to witness some “elevating.”

“The Voice on Assignment”

No matter how hard some may try, they’re unaware of how their efforts will cause grief for those who are disruptive, after awhilethey’ll realize that their deceptive deeds are useless. Being on assignment can attract some of the meaness people. For those who are chosen. They’ll have to be alert and understand that not everyone is compassionate. Some won’t be concerned with the consequences of disrupting one on assignment.

In an effort to tarnish the voice character. People become irritated by the fact that the very person they’re trying to hinder continues on. Stringer, wiser, and more alert. Each time one uses deceptive tactics. They’ve placed themselves in a position to receive harsh criticism. No hidding behind walls. They’ll be placed in front for the dissecting of their acts.

Those who are disrupting one’s assignment are doing a disservice to so many. If the assignment includes assisting a lot of people then some will become upset with the disruptiveness. Those who need and want the assistance won’t agree with the ones that are trying interrupt the voice. Although some receive signs that what they’re doing is wrong. They’ll continue on the path because they’re believing that somehow. They’ll make some headway.

Evil doesn’t win but people will do evil anyway. In hopes that some of their efforts will cause the one on assignment to give up. What’s destined for a person will be so.Anyone trying to do something that so many preceive as not being of the norm. They’ll be ridiculed. Although the negativity will try to make its way in. There’s so many ways to block the negatives.

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Patience is Certainly Needed

Sometimes people will push it to the limit and it’s necessary for us to set boundaries. Otherwise they will run all over us. Patience is either there or has to be developed. We’re human and of course sometimes that patiencd leaves us. If we find ourselves being distressed for whatever reason. We should find a place where we’re able to channel those emotions.

We want to stay mentally healthy and we need to find some space that will allow us to unwind. If we’re too anguish then we can lose sight of what we’re trying to accomplish. Our patience will be tested but we must take a deep breath in and out. We never know when we’ll be challenged and that’s why it’s important for us to think before we act.

It really takes a lot patience to deal with certainly people. Some people may be unaware of their actions and we may have to give it to them straight in a polite manner of course. We shouldn’t be pushovers but we shouldn’t be rude either. We can patiently tell others that we will not tolerate nonsense. We don’t have to and we shouldn’t.

Communicating to others what we will and will not tolerate is necessary. We can not avoid coming in contact with some difficult people but we can find ways to deal with them. Yes, it takes “patience,” and lots of it. If we feel all flustered then we need to remove ourselves from the room or ask if the difficult ones can give us some space. Without patiencd we would probably be all out of whack.

Our rights belong to us and we must let it be known. Some may not understand until we let them know just where we stand. Not everyone will know how to stand up for themselves and some have to be taught just how to do it. Once we’ve explained what we won’t tolerate. Those who want to sock it to us will think twice because we demostrated patience and supplied them with boundaries.

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The Truth is not Everyone Wants to see it

So you’re doing something out of the norm and you’ve noticed that some aren’t too pleased with it. Well, that’s alright, not everyone is happy for those trying to elevate. Some aren’t happy within so they may become irritated by those who are trying to make a difference. We’re all set out to do something. We have greatness within us but not all will choose to project it.

Some people have been down in the dumps because they’ve came in contact with others who are just miserable.  Every time they see you or others come up with some great idea. They become irritated. Why? Well, they didn’t come up with it, and they’re upset that you did. We can’t control what people will say or do but we can choose to move forward and do what’s best for us.

Sometimes people are so upset with themselves it surfuces on the outside. We can’t stop doing what we’re purposed to do just because people are irtitated by it. We can’t live for others and they can’t live for us.. The goal is to irritate others so much that they’ll quit. Don’t give up on your dreams because the crowd makes noise.

In fact is a good sign when they do. If it wasn’t big then no one would notice. Too many people turn back because they listen to what others have to say. Some advice can be accepted and others we should try to tune out. Not everyone will understand our “vision.” In fact it’s not for everyone to understand. For those who love it, great, and those who don’t that’s fine. We can’t stop achieving because people want us to.

If you want to do something spectacular then you will have to learn to put somethings to the side. We can’t listen to everyone but we should listento sound advice. Constructive criticism. Not nonsense. If you love it then why not go for it? We never know how much of a difference we can make by doing what we love.

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Be Kind but Firm

People may take our kindness as a weakness. It’s far from that. Being kind doesn’t mean a person is a whimp. People seem to think that they can take advantage of people because they’re nice or some may seem them as being too nice. Well, a nice person can put their foot down, it’s like being a boss. No boss should allow their employees to walk all over them. If they allow that to happen then they’re not using “Effective Leadership Skills.”

People need to know where we stand. If we allow them to stomp on us then they will. We don’t have to go balistic but we should be firm. We should mean business. Being compassionate is a good thing. People shouldn’t perceive it as a weakness. A lot can be accomplished with compassion. Stand up for yourself and others. It’s sad that people aren’t displaying kindness but not everyone will display kindness.

Some may try to come off as tough. We can’t treat people any kind of way. We should try to assist one another and love seeing others do well. Every has right to live their lives as they see fit whether we agree or not. Stand form and refuse to be a victim of any sort of bullying.

No one should be taken advantage of. Every human being deserves respect. It doesn’t matter how tough a person thinks they are. They can not beat God. There’s way too much bullying because people think they have a right to treat others in disrespectful ways because they perceive them as sensative. Well, it’s time that we learn that it’s alright for us to stand up for ourselves, we do not have to accept mistreatment. Be kind but stop others from being pushy. No amount of bullying shoould be tolerated. Take up and speak up.

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The Noise Will be There put in Your ear Plugs

So you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve decided to go after those dreams. Oh, but wait, it won’t be easy. There will be lots of noise and a whole lot of  not so pleased people. Even when the crowd sounds off the continuous boo’s. One shouldn’t stop. It’s important to keep going no matter how many come after the “dreamer.” Follow those dreams no matter what. There will be attacks and sometimes the best thing to do is pretend as if noise down’t exist. People will hate on our talents and gifts. That happens to just about everyone doing something out of the ordinary.

Adversity is something we can’t get around and unfortunately people will create it for us as well. It doesn’t matter because if we’re meant to do something then we will succeed at it. Yes, stones will be thrown, and we’ll come in contact with all sorts of dysfunctional behaviors from others. We can not allow the noise to stop us from doing something that will help others. If your dreams are big then expect to receive a lot of flack from others.

Too many people stop dreaming because they become fearful. Fear hinders and we certainly can’t be productive if we focus on what others are trying to do to sabotage us. Going after your dreams requires a lot of courage and understanding. To lower the noise level we should surround ourselves with visionaries because they’ll understand exactly where we’re headed. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and just visualize peace. We can get to our destination but we can’t get there focusing on the noise makers.

Once the noise makers realize that we really want our dreams to come true. They will slow down and find something else to focus on. Anyone trying to make changes will receive resistance. We may not like it but it comes with the territory. Either we can proceed or we can give in. Giving in shouldn’t be an option. We shouldn’t allow no amount of noise push us away from our dreams.

Just Because They say it Doesn’t Make it True

Yes, when you try to chase those dreams, you’ll be chased. Be prepared to be unappreciated and come in contact with raging voices. That’s alright. No one accomplishing their dreams by listening to “naysayers.” When we first start out we may not understand this but as time goes on we become immune to the negativity. If we want to move ahead then we must block a whole lot of things out. There will be individuals that will try to make us feel as if we don’t deserve success.

If we work hard then we’ll receive those things that we work hard for. Trying to reach “greatness” comes with a lot of pain, disappointment, and setbacks but as time goes on. It gets easier. We can’t allow noise to stop us from succeeding. If we take steps each day then we will get ahead. No one should want to stay at the bottom. Yes, people will try to pull those who are trying to live their dreams down, but a strong individual will keep going even when a fall occurs.

No matter how rugged the road becomes. One should keep moving. Risks are apart of life and they’re certainly apart of the journey. It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand that with effort we all can get ahead. Everyone has talent and we should allow it to “shine.” If one doesn’t want to move forward then they shouldn’t try to stop those who are trying to do so. The higher one climbs the more they may come in contact with the irritated.

We shouldn’t have to dim our lights just because it irritates others. We may lose friends and some supporters but those who truly want to be with us will. We shouldn’t stop accomplishing our goals because we face adversity. We have to develop so we will come in contact with some difficulties. As long as we desire to get better then we will. We must ponder on good thoughts and spend time with people who support us.

Trying to follow our dreams will require that we work extra hard. We’ll learn to be great problem solvers. No one can stop us from elevating but ourselves. There’s so much that we can accomplish is we tune certain things out. It’s important that we find those things that will help us stay motivated.

“Shine Your Light”

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Negative Environments and Negative People Don’t mix

Sometimes we find ourselves in a negative environment and although we may be trying to come out of it, we’re still in it, and it can be damaging to our health. Negative environments can cause of to feel horrible. If we’re in a negative environment for too long then we will become negative. Negativity is a destroyer. It’s important that we find positive surroundings and positive people to be around. Some people may not understand just how draining negativity is.

Sometimes it’s in our homes. For some they may have to deal with negativity everyday because it’s in the workplace and even in church. It doesn’t matter where negativity lands. We don’t have to deal with it. It’s possible to shut negativity out. Some environments will always have negativity in it and that’s unfortunate but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t visit these environments. We can offer some positivity and if the negativity is weighing us down then we should limit our time there or remove ourselves altogether.

Dealing With Negative People

Some may wonder how they’ll be able to deal with negative people. You know, those people who are headed your way, but you end up going the other way. Some people don’t realize how negative they are. In fact we’ve all been negative in some ways. When we’re exposed to excessive negativity. We become adapted to it. We shouldn’t be exposed to negativity all of the time. It generates stress and it creates chaos. The best way to deal with negative people is to allow project some positivity. If they become overly negative then we may want to avoid them altogether. Sometimes we’re unable to do something about someone’s negative communications or negative thinking.

Negative people are that way for a number of reasons. They could be having a bad day or something isn’t going right in their lives. We may not take time out to find out why some people are so negative and sometimes it create more issues trying to figure it out. We should try to embrace them and if that doesn’t work then we may need to distance ourselves from them. Negative people don’t have to be apart of our lives but sometimes it can’t be helped. We should try to be positive and that can be difficult at times but as long as we’re making an effort that’s better than not making one.

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It Comes With the Territory

It’s something we have to get use to. What’s that? Get use to people’s frustrations being blowed our way. People being upset because we’ve accomplished something. It doesn’t matter who you are. There’s always someone or groups of people who will frown upon you. That’s how the world is but their actions shouldn’t prevent anyone from doing what they love or what they’re good at.

People can be cruel and sometimes it has nothing to do with us. A lot of times it’s because they’re unhappy in their lives and they think that being cruel makes them feel better. Anytime we try to do something that is considered beyond the norm. People will judge and not be happy about it. What we have to understand is that we can not make everyone happy. No matter what we do. It’s impossible to make everyone like us.

So many become unsettled by the thoughts of others. Their information could be totally false but it’s alright because people can’t define us. If people are wasting their time trying to weigh us down then that’s their issue not ours. We can’t control what people say or do but we can do something about how we deal with it. If they can’t add value to our lives then we don’t have to deal with them period.

No, we shouldn’t tolerate being disrespected, but we don’t have to battle with them because they will have their opinions anyway. Some people are opinionated and that’s that. We can work on ourselves and try to get better. If negativity is coming our way then we can try to be positive. If they’re judging then let them. It means that we’ve hit a nerve. When we have flare or our  talents are shining. People will become irritated by it.

Not everyone is pleased with the abilities of others. If we’re exposed to the negative comments and judgements then we can totally ignore them. People that are cruel and cruel to others don’t deserve our time. No matter how many people hate or dislike us or what we’re doing. Don’t stop because it will be something that’s regretted. People may want others to give up so they may dish out cruel tactics.

Never give up on your dreams or trying to make your community and world a better place. Keep striving for excellence. The people that have love in their hearts will display it and the miserables ones will project it. Don’t be discouraged if people aren’t supportive with your decisions and paths. We aren’t here to please everyone but if we can help at least one person then we’ve done something great.

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