It’s a Waste of Time

There has to come a time when we refuse to give in to foolishness. There’s nothing wrong with trying to do something positive or bettering ourselves but if we’re surrounded by people who only consider competing as their way of life. They could lose out on a friendship or lose connection. When we’re trying to get some work done, it seems that’s when some people really try their best to get us off focus, once we learn to block out the noise then we’ll be able to work better.

Sometimes we have to tell people that we don’t appreciate what they’re doing but in a respectful manner. Some people will keep going and going but once they realize that their efforts are no longer effective then they may stop altogether or at least slow down. If we’re trying to accomplish something then we may have to block some people out until we complete our tasks.

That includes powering our phones down and closing our doors. There will be noise and we have to figure away to block the noise out. Some people aren’t capable of accepting that there’s some that are determined to be apart of growth. We can’t grow in strenuous environments. It’s so important that we surround ourselves with people who have the same or similar interests. Those who will try to uplift us and would want to see us progress.

We can lose focus if we pay attention to things that add no value to our journey. It doesn’t matter who’s trying to get us off focus. We should keep going and think about making it to our destination. Those who feel that we’re heading in a progressive direction will try all sorts of tactics to get us off our path. We should stay on the right path and accomplish as much as we can.

The noise will be there and we simply have to accept that. We should keep going no matter what. If we want to be successful then we’ll have to find techniques that will help us be apart of success. Not everyone that comes in contact with us will be happy about what we’re trying to accomplish. Some won’t allow their egos to settle down. We simply have to find away to get around it.

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The Adversity Will Occur but are you Prepared for Much More

We all must face adversity and some more than others. Sometimes we run right into it and other times it’s in our homes. We will have to deal with people who aren’t equipped to handle other people’s voyage. Then we have to face that added adversity. Some of it is expected and others aren’t expected. Sometimes things hit us at once and we may not be prepared for it. It takes time to get use to some adversity. It can be difficult for anyone having to deal with people trying to stop them from doing what they’re passionate about. It’s especially challenging when the people who are suppose to be behind us try to discourage us from utilizing our gifts.

They may not want to see us excel because they haven’t experienced anything similar. We will have to deal with it the best way that we can.It’s not easy at all.There will be times when we become irritated with those who refuse to allow others to succeed. If one is unable to help in some way they should at least try not hinder others from progressing. Unfortunately life is filled with all sorts of nicks and knacks. There will be people who are envious of our journey and are simply seeing how far they can go with us.

The best thing that to do is to “keep making progress” and limit our time with those who don’t have our best interest at heart. If they don’t want to see others excel then they won’t support us in anyway. Sometimes we have to be extra patient with some and stern with others. Sometimes we have to put our foot down and let our loved ones know that they have no control over our lives. When we have to deal with all sorts of personalities we will have to find what works with dealing with one of them.

We should want see others move forward in life and allow their passion to grow. No talent should be silenced. People must find their own way and decide what they want to do in life. If one is unable to find which road they should travel then they may need to meditate on it. We all should receive a fair chance. It’s unfortunate that we have to deal with resistance but that’s apart of life. Our trials can be long or short and we’re unable to control people. We have to do what’s best and refuse to allow people to stop us from achieving our “greatness.”

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