Better Days Ahead of us

There’s a time to laugh, cry, and a time to transform. Sometimes we find ourselves in a mess and we have to do something to fix it or we’ll continue to be in a mess. Have you ever wondered about all the sadness in the world? Why are people so sad and depressed. It appears that being in harsh environments for long periods of time can make us feel sad and not feel good about ourselves. We don’t have to feel defeated. Our environments can either make us or break us. We have a choice whether we want to be happy or not.

Starting right now, if you want to be happy, then you should feel that way. Yes, listen to music that makes you happy, listen to people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with those who want to see you do better, feel better, and make a difference. We have to believe that our situations will get better. We’ll be freed from agony and despair. We don’t have to settle for less when more is offered to us.

A lot of times we give people power over our lives and we shouldn’t. God created us and Jesus died for our sins so why should we allow people to make us feel bad? The sad reality is, there will always be someone that can make us feel a strong emotion, but we must learn how to control them and yes that may take some time. Once we figure out that we don’t have to accept certain things and that we’re incapable of pleasing everyone then we’ll feel 100 percent better. We’ll enjoy life more and we’ll know who deserves to be in our lives and who doesn’t.

In order to have better days. We must wake up loving ourselves. Embrace ourselves and allow those people who mean us well in. If it makes us unhappy then it’s something we can do without. Now, not saying that if your spouse or friends make you unhappy about something that you should remove them, not everyone will make us happy all the time but if it’s constant unhappiness then we don’t need that. We should enjoy life and feel good about what we’re accomplishing and what’s ahead of us. It will get better but we must believe it will and accept that it will. Be thankful for those “better days ahead.”

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Limit Your Contact With Stressful Situations

Being exposed to stressful situations can get us down in the dumps. Sometimes those situations can’t be avoided and other times we place ourselves in them. Stress can occur at anytime and that’s why it’s important that we find positive ways to release them. There’s a lot of things that we have to deal with. Some have more pressure than others.

Vacations are encouraged so that people get opportunities to relax. Relaxation is necessary. Without it we could pass out. No one can endure long periods of stress and not experience a burnout. Sometimes we allow people to stress us out. We shouldn’t but lets face it, there’s some people that touch nerves, sad but true.

Obtaining those 8 hours of sleep will rejuvenate us. Not getting rest will make us feel stressed. We must find ways to relax. Even power naps will help. Bird watching is another way to relax. It just seems so peaceful. If we live in stressful neighborhoods then it may be difficult to relax. There’s always a way to deal with it. One could go outside their neighborhoods and catch a glimpse of unfamiliar scenery.

When we feel as if the pressure is too much. We can choose to talk to a friend, a pastor, or pray. Not everyone will want to choose those routes but ready “The Good Book” helps. Meditating is a great way to relieve stress. We can’t push ourselves to the point where we feel completely drained.

Just closing our eyes for a few minutes will help. You may want to try it with the lights dim or completely off. We all need an escape and some may not feel as if they have an escape. Spending some time away from home will help out tremendously. Taking a warm bath will relax our bodies and when that happens, we’re able to sleep, and sleeping is something we can’t do without.

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Being at Peace

As we get older we’re suppose to mature but this may not be the case for everyone. There’s a time for “play,” a time for meditation, and a time to get serious. Some may not know the difference or they may not care to know the difference. It can also be that they’re using playfulness as a coping mechanism. When one is constantly battling whether they should do this or that, behave this way or that way, or should they just be all over the place? Well, not feeling confident, and not knowing exactly who you are means that you are not “at peace.”

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want peace in their lives? Some don’t seem to care about it and others actually do want it but don’t know how to obtain it. You want to know what’s really peaceful? It’s peaceful when you’re no longer in an hostile environment. That’s “peace.” It’s so joyous when you don’t have to deal with a whole lot of negativity. Negativity is draining and it certainly does no justice for one’s health.

Some people may prefer to find their peace in a library or they may find it in a park. It’s a beautiful thing when peace finds you or you find it. We should all want it. It helps keep us calm, the frustrations go away when peace is within us, we begin to laugh and enjoy life. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So many aren’t finding peace. They may not have peaceful friends but because they don’t want to be without friends, they settle for the wars, and the drama.

When one builds self-esteem and confidence, they no longer want or need to be around anyone who isn’t peaceful, they want to development and which they should. No peacefulness is just wrong. God is peaceful. Jesus is peaceful and anything that isn’t, isn’t apart of them, and I want to be apart of them. I’ve found that looking in the mirror can also create a peaceful environment. Changing ourselves for the better will create better living.

How can one Generate Peace?

  1. One can generate peace by disconnecting with people who aren’t apart of it. If they’re drama filled then you will certainly be at war.
  2. Set aside times for “meditation” that will help renew your mind. That’s something we all can use.
  3. Go on a getaway vacation, vacations rejuvenate us, we feel better when we’ve spent some time away from home. Change of scenery is a plus.
  4. Read a good book or take a warm bath. It relaxes our bodies and we’ll feel refreshed.
  5. Go to your favorite restaurant and have a productive conversation. Find your favorite peaceful things and enjoy “peacefulness.”

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Is it Worth it

A lot of people are becoming well known through social media. I viewed a show called the Westbrooks and it made me think how social media affects people. Is it worth hanging around social media when it creates stress. One of the sisters on the show was weeping because of the comments she views from some of her Instagram fans or haters which ever one prefers.

Where does the social media career path lead? How did this whole think come about? Lets face it, people can be cruel, and it seems social media has no boundaries. I’ve read numerous articles where psychologists claim that too much social media exposure causes depression. Too much of a whole lot of things can cause a meltdown.

If social media is causing more heartache than happiness then one should consider limiting their time on social media or getting rid of it altogether. No social media site is worth risking one’s mental health. If it isn’t beneficial then social media needs to be on your keep away list. Of course not all social media sites are the same. Some sites will set “boundaries.”

Those social media sites that allow dysfunctional behaviors to persist are allowing it because they benefit from it. There’s a particular social media site that seems to have very little rules. Can you guess what site that is? Did you say, “Facebook,” you were right.

Not protecting members could lead to numerous lawsuits. I’m not sure if founders are concerned about that but they should be. The fact is, the anonymity allows people to use bullying tactics in order to intimidate members, sad but true. Should people be concerned when signing up to social media sites? Yes, the risk of private information being exposed is high, and there’s not enough safety measures.

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