Go Through the Storms

We can’t expect to move towards our destination without going through some storms. We have to go through the pain, lessons, and experiences. Of course it won’t be easy but with “Faith” we can excel. The resistance from others will occur. Either we make our way through it or we give up. Giving up should never be an option.

The more we go through the more experience we’ll obtain. Anytime we stand out. It will irtitate someone somewhere. We can’t do anything about what others will do or say but we have control over how we will handle it. When we understand that the difficulties will be there. We’ll know how to deal better. When we hit a road block. We should quickly think of a solution. How will we get through this?

We’re capable of overcoming. Our minds have to be trained to think of overcoming. We have solutions but we have to find the best ones. No one who lived their dreams avoided storms. If they really want them to come true then they will work at it. They will do what it takes to reach their goals. It doesn’t matter how many people want to squash them.

When we experience complexities we develop. Developing should occur while on your journey. We should learn what to do or not do. Of course we won’t know that at first but we will learn. Life is filled with all sorts of challenges. Some may not know how to deal with them effectively. When we find ourselves in a storm. We should take a step back and think of ways to move forward. Move in a direction that will allow us to make the progress needed.

We shouldn’t become consumed with stress. There’s a way and if we’re unable to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves then we will need to regroup. There’s nothing wrong with regrouping. If setbacks occur, that doesn’t mean that failure occured, it means we needed to redirect those actions.

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How to get Ahead

Anyone who’s ever tried to do something out of the norm knows the difficulties that can enter into their life goals. We can find ourselves feeling a bit worn out due to resistance from those who aren’t too pleased with the path we’ve chosen to take. We simply have to find ways that will work for us. If we don’t then we won’t be able to accomplish any goals.

The resistance will come. It doesn’t matter who you are. We have to go around it. If one way didn’t work then try the other way. The best way to get ahead is to remove toxicity. Toxins will create havoc and will slow one down tremendously. Blocking out the negatives is necessary. Our productivity will be lowered if we’re focused on the negatives.

We have to put in maximum effort and avoid those things that won’t help us elevate. If we stick to those things then we will make some headway. It really doesn’t matter who wants us to stop what we’re doing. We shouldn’t give in to it. We can’t expect growth to occur when we listen to naysayers. We will be challenged and we have the capability to “overcome” those challenges.

Our mindsets have to change. Thinking about positive events will help us stay focused so that we can elevate. Sometimes we’ll need to shut off everything but the lights and whatever source we’re using to work with. There will be times where we are extremely productive and there will be other times when we’re not as productive.

The key is to keep moving as some may say, “grinding.” We can’t allow the worldly things to prevent us from creating a future for our families. Getting ahead means putting somethings aside or away. We will have to let some people off the train. For those who are willing to assist us. We should keep them aboard. Whatever we decide. We should make sure that it’s something that will offer us “growth.”

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Transformation is a Complete Change

When we set out to “transform” into a better person, we see things differently, and we become excited about the growth. It’s not easy when going through the process. There will be some pain and there will be disappointments but that’s apart of life. Change is something that we all have to deal with. When people notice a positive change in us then they will probably be more inclined to change themselves. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight but if we work hard. The transformation will occur.

Some may not want to accept change but whether they want to accept it or not. Change will occur and it’s something that everyone experiences. A complete transformation can take longer or it can happen rapidly but if one really wants to transform. Then they have to be willing to accept the hurdles that come along with it. The best transformation includes getting close to God. Making room for a heavenly home when it’s time.

There’s so many reasons why we should try to get better. Every rising day allows us to make improvements and when we feel comfortable with where we are. We can relax and enjoy the “new me.” Making changes within ourselves allow us to make a positive difference in this world and boy this world can use some more positivity. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad about becoming a better person. “Transformation includes transforming the mind.”

Not everyone we want to see us grow so we have to be prepared when attacks from those who refuse to understand our growth comes along. Remember, not everyone wants to see change, they may not want to hear others talk about change. Change is inevitable so when it comes we simply have to embrace it. It will come if not today then tomorrow. We won’t have to tell others how much we’ve changed. They will notice the glow around us. Positive changes generates a “smile.” Have a prosperous New Year. Much Love!

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