You Talk a lot you Speak There’s Proof

Brain power. To have the ability to think and use the mind. If a person is speaking and another person is quiet then how can the quiet person claim to be the person speaking? Wonder? There are some thinking that they can become another. No. Impossible. Chuckles. Funny! To actually think that there are persons thinking that they can be “you” knocks me right off my feet. Indeed. I’ve observed the abnormal behaviors and some really need to find the help they need.

I’m talking, speaking, videos. My name is Tanikka Paulk imagine a man name Tanikka. Funny! Is his cycle on now? I’m residing in Miami Florida and yet most of the individuals are long distances away but they’re still trying to be you. Praying for the folks. Gosh. I’ve said I’ve asked what school did the individuals graduate from? Doesn’t require a lot of brain power to figure out that no person can become another. I’ve placed information to alert when the individuals tamper with “information” within messages. They failed.

Proof that the individuals aren’t thinkers. If a man thinks he can become a woman then he isn’t thinking. Yes there are procedures which supply the female parts but the man will be unable to give birth so therefore he wouldn’t be woman. If he wants to become a woman then he would be considered homosexual. Men are to be what God created the men to be. Woman is to be woman. Women are to be women. Wouldn’t a virtuous woman know that she can’t become another woman?

If a woman wants to become another woman is the woman saying that she’s tired of her husband? Are they thinking? No. obviously. Insanity is within the environments. “To think” that the talkative person can become the quiet person demonstrates that there is insanity. There are many tricks there’s the deceptions. Tanikka Paulk wants man. My sons are here because of God, their father, and their mother. I don’t want to become a man. I’ve used you be the athlete an the other to demonstrate that there was tampering. How did they know?

“She was and is herself.” (Tanikka Paulk)

You speak, you read “scripture,” you have videos. You posted Jesus words which are in red. Good. Goodness. You you didn’t create or aren’t apart of a breach. You’re able to speak to the world. The entire world can view and hear you speaking. Talking to the world. She her will minister and preach to the world. She her is female. How can the man become her?


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Attracted to Peacefulness on the Real

There are so many ways to experience peacefulness. Yes there could be the havoc but there is also the solitude. The best thing to do is to find where (donde)? the peace occurs. Although there’s exposure to harsh environments there are also ways to limit the time spent in such environments. Does one really need to accept what the others are trying to project? No. There are the troublemakers and what can one do about the ones trying to cause trouble? Allow the peace to enter.

Training the mind to become connected to positive thinking. Smiling is an awesome way to experience “the peace.” Being surrounded by peacefulness and allowing peaceful friends to be apart of our lives helps. “Yes I’d rather be apart of peace and enjoy the creations in which God has made so therefore there will be moments of enjoyment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve discovered that listening to soft music and the birds will help generate calmness.

There’s certainly lots to discover and what so many could be missing is the best ways to enjoy the solitude. Seeking and “have seek” to find the joyfulness in which so many aren’t trying to allow in. Reading also allows the stress to decrease. Less stress could incur better experiences. To experience such things is absolutely a blessing. How many are selecting to do so? It seems as though there are more wanting to cause disruptions when there should be more trying to build up.

What will tomorrow hold? Perhaps that’s “a question” so many have asked. One may never know what tomorrow will hold but should at least enjoy what today makes. I’ve made my way to such a place. To transform my mind to think on levels in which so many have refrained to think. Just consider the puzzle and how to finish putting the pieces together. Positivity will help one advance to levels in which they’re working to achieve. “I’d rather be positive but there will be times when there is less positivity at least there are the efforts to generate positivity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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My Decision to Choose is my Decision Isn’t it?

They’re having difficulties adjusting to my decisions but whatever I’m deciding isn’t everyone’s business. I’ve heard the opinions and decided to continue to make my own decisions. There’s no slave papers on Tanikka Paulk. I’m trying to focus on further develops and although there will be disruptions there is still a decision to continue. What’s been said hasn’t caused the lowering. There are many who’ve tried to alter my “perception” but they haven’t. I’m choosing to continue, choosing to think positively, choosing to keep what I’ve decided under wraps.

There are some wanting to control my every move. Nope! they can’t have me=Tanikka Paulk. They seem as though they can’t function without me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be more decision making. I’m making and have made. I’ve elevated and yes they’ve tried to caused a cease. “I’m still viewing.” (Tanikka Paulk). Perhaps they’ve tried to view what could possibly come to Tiki=Tanikka Paulk. Really? There will be the receiving and my decision is to welcome the receiving.

Do they want to choose my path? Perhaps they do. “Yes folks should stay out of my business but I’m sure they can’t resist.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s love within and there will be love flowing about. Continuing to seek. My eyes have viewed so much and will continue to see the pathway ahead. My decisions shouldn’t be everyone’s decisions. They continue to want to control my every move. That’s why some of the moves need to be hidden.

How many have allowed others to make their decisions? I’m a thinker and will continue to think about moving ahead. No matter what is said, I’m already aware what should come my way, sometimes there will have to be traveling alone. Here I Tanikka Paulk am. Here in Miami thinking about all the moves needing to occur. The should, could, and the for sure. My “progress” has been on many minds obviously. They are unable to resist trying to hinder my pathway. Change.

“Already have it Right Here and I’m Going to have it When the Movements.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

Flip it Around and it was flipped. Tanikka Paulk “it”

You you YOU YoU you!YOU!

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Proceeding is of Great Importance

No matter how many times persons try to disrupt what has already been declared. The person or persons chosen will continue. The ones continuing to try to distract and cause ceases will discover that their actions have no meaning. That’s right. What some try to do will only incur more problems for the persons projecting the attacks. No visionary should be worried about their vision because what they’re doing has already been destined. There will be a lot of envy but the “determination” will keep the vision going and the visionary on the right track.

So many have discovered that the adversities can be overwhelming however the adversities are also lessons. We’ll learn more and more on the journey. The problem is that so many believe that they’re suppose to travel on the journey when they’re actually not. Not all persons should be coming along. There will come a time when we’ll “need” to remove some from the journey. There will be distractions and there will be a lot of noisemakers hoping that the visionary becomes disconnected.

There should be lots of focus on what’s important. No matter what’s communicated the vision should continue. Of course there will be a lot of opinionated individuals wanting to cause a decline. The key is to remove the doubt and keep believing. Even “relatives” will try to cause discouragement. So many refused to put fourth their ideas or vision and may not welcome others visions. “Be Encouraged the Adversities Will Leave and There Will be Joy After Completion.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The frustration may enter due to so many wanting to travel along or because they’re constantly attacking. “I’m Experiencing the Attacks. My Devices Were Breached and There’s Continuous Harassment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka Paulk is a victim of such. The experiences are like no other. Of course I’ve heard of so many experiencing bullying but nothing like what’s taking place now. It’s amazing that the motivation hasn’t left. I’m continuing on despite what has occurred and probably will continue. I’m remaining confident and certainly not discouraged.

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I Tanikka Paulk Continue to Excel Despite What has Been Placed Before me=Tanikka Paulk. You, you, YOU. YOU! you! Etc. By: Tanikka Paulk

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There has to be Seriousness at Some Point on the Business tip

There are a lot of people who believe that playing around all of the times is the way to go. “There has to be some seriousness” at some point especially when conducting business. Imagine going to a board meeting or business meeting and the meeting is conducted by a bunch of clowns. How can anyone take the business seriously? We’re unable to take persons serious when they’re always being pranksters. It’s alright to joke around but doing so when there’s business or other serious affairs can be costly.

Some have to find out the hard way in order to change their prankster ways. There are some who constantly laugh because of nervousness. For some no matter what’s occurring they’ll be horse playing around. Businesses can fail when there’s individuals constantly refraining from being serious and there’s the ones who are claimed to be too serious. Any “Leader” of Businessman or “a Businesswoman” should know when it’s appropriate to joke around and when it’s not.

Some may not take their business or businesses serious and will constantly laugh or play some kind of prank. For some they’re not serious until they’ve suffered a loss. Losing lots of revenue can certainly wake up most but there are still some who will continue to not be serious at all. There’s some who really need to see in order to believe. There’s consequences for not taking “situations” serious. There are some who may refrain from being serious because of what they’ve had to deal with or are dealing with. There has to be a decision to take matters seriously.

Conducting business whether the business involves investing, decision making, or transactions, the fact remains that serious business owners will go a lot further than the ones who are always horse playing, business is business. Some take their businesses too lightly can find that the business fails rather quickly. No person should have to be told how “to conduct” their business. If they’re not going to be serious at anytime then they’ll might as well hand their business over to the ones who want see a business flourish.

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Tactics Which Serve no Purpose

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At That Point now

There comes a time when what people say isn’t a priority. Not all of the gibber should be embedded with in my mind. Nope! There will be a lot said especially when there’s “accomplishments.” Not every Person will be on their best behavior and someday’s there could be some who run their mouths like the runs. Like a soar stomach which need to be emptied. In order to keep sane there will need to be a decision to not listen to every word that is expressed. There are some who look for reactions but most of the time they’re looking for a response or attention. Every person wants attention there isn’t a person alive who isn’t seeking some form of attention.

In order to avoid altercations turning the other cheek is necessary but not always easy to do. There are times when saying what one feels is necessary. There are some who will continue to try and push a person’s buttons. For so many they’re really seeking information in which may not be easily obtained. If the info. isn’t easy to obtain then perhaps it’s not meant for folks to know. Of course so many will try to take jabs because they’re seeking drama which can incur lots of views for writers and a giant audience for networks. “Covering” the ears can help to generate peace. A little drama o.k. but too much can be quite annoying.

If a person is unwilling to supply the information then it’s better to not push it. Too many people end up being in situations which can be avoided if they just mind their own business. If we’re not minding our business then there can be more problems then we’re “prepared to handle.” Just there are times when simply tuning out the noisemakers generates so much peace. Not being  bothered with their antics can allow one to be more productive. It’s pretty annoying when so many are after certain individuals.Wanting to know where some are headed and what they’re up to.

Imagine being watched every minute. Being placed up under a microscope. Yes, the paparazzi can watch for long periods and it appears as if some never stop going after certain individuals. If one expects to have some form of privacy then they’ll have to reveal what is wanted and hide the rest. They’re always on the job trying to seek some juicey gossip. Trying to find out what certain persons are doing and when they’re doing their business. “All Eyes on the Gifts.”(Tanikka Paulk).

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Progress can be Made After the Mind is Renewed

There are so many reasons why some aren’t prospering. What one thinks is extremely important. It’s very “important” to free the mind from all of the negatives. To change a line of thinking. Add more positive experiences into one’s life. To become renewed and free from all of the toxins which can surely make their way in when being surrounded by toxic individuals. What we believe can become embedded within the mind. It’s better to spend less time surrounded by negative people than to take in their negative ways.

The way we think can alter perceptions. Thinking that there’s no hope or thinking that what every person is saying is correct can stop or prevent excelling from occurring. Not every spoken word is held with truth. There are some who have a motive can will try to alter a person’s perception in order to gain in someway. In order to avoid such tragedies from occurring. There has to be a decision to think differently. Perhaps limit “communications” with individuals who are mind controllers. The ones who try to send words in order to brainwash others.

If there’s no thinking or positive thinking entering the mind then there will be no renewing. Words are used for good and to cause individuals to become doubtful. The ones who try to introduce doubt have an agenda and in order to keep the mind from becoming ill. There will to be some blocking out. To avoid being interrupted by what others are doing and saying. Shut off the means of communication in order to “obtain rest.” Some choose certain words \to cause individuals to doubt their reality.

If there are people who are trying to cause insanity then they’re the ones to keep an eye on. There’s no need to spend lots of time trying to figure what will be their next evil plan. Reading motivational material and listening to soothing music can help keep persons up beat. There are some who will always be deceptive and continue to alter the mind. Trying to stop “positive thoughts” from flowing. Some are simply distorted and will do whatever it is their minds lead the individuals to do in order to prevent whatever it is they’re trying prevent. “Keep Sane by Removals, Avoidance, and Blocking out Certain Individuals.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Have to Keep my Mind. Yes Indeed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Sounds of God’s Creations

To have a day where there’s just peace and joy floating about is truly a blessing. Appreciate the days but especially “the peaceful ones.” Some days we may come in contact with some difficult people and need some down time. Indeed. The sound of cars passing by and birds chirping. Oh wow, wow and another wow! When there’s a lot of chaos about finding a way to experience some peace is necessary. Complete ignoring the same foolishness day in and day out.

How many people really want to live a drama filled life? Everyday filled with drama. No way. So when there’s a day with some serenity then it’s like winning a million dollars. For real. Some people would disturb the dead. That’s how some are and always find a way to get a person down. The technology can wreck some havoc. Of course it’s not really the technology but the users.

Live a life filled with some joy. Just imagine living a life where there is no joy at all. Where nothing but madness and control. Sit and enjoy the quietness. Sounds crickets early but they’re ready for something. Place two hands together and bow in prayer. For some they may not understand what I’m talking about. Just deal with some of the toxins and they’ll figure out why there’s a hooray for a peaceful day.

Society can be filled with some goodness but a lot of wickedness is within society. Closing my eyes and thinking about something good. There has to be some good even when it appears darkness sets in. Nothing wrong with setting aside some time to just listen to the “sounds of nature.” Enjoy the brightness which comes through the window pane. There shouldn’t be continuous stress. Experiencing stressful events everyday can certainly cause fatigue.

Enjoy some time in peacefulness. If there’s toxicity around then find a quiet space and read or just meditate. It’s better to” find ways to relax” then to allow the stress to weigh the body down. We all need some quiet time. Of course some may like a lot a noise around but there has to be a time where there’s no drama going on.

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Wonder why Some Never Want to Leave

The projects, the hood, the confinement. A place where there’s despair and troubled beings. In a blink of an eye anger can fill the whole residential area. The wonders continue. The wonder of how so many people can believe there’s nothing else. That they’re not “deserving of better.” Gunshots the yellow tape and police scratching their heads. Crimes unsolved and mothers weeping for their children. The violence and the arguments. Some believing in no greater rewards just accepting crumbs.

Being closed off and in state of isolation. A place so many may try to hurry on by. Where? The Hood what some may call The Projects. Where mostly low income African Americans reside. Some Hispanics. Some claiming they’ll leave the hood. Being loyal to violence. “The mentality” stems from many years of abuse. Brainwashing. Some thinking there’s no survival outside of the hood. Believing they’ll be unable to adapt to any other location. Some hoods are worse than others. More crime and more police presence.

Murders blocks away and threats to cause harm if they’re not getting their way. The behavior fueled by anger. Anger of being mistreated like runaway slaves. Not being accepted and misjudged. Frustrated because of thoughts of being hated. So the same race turns on one another. Trying to get the frustration out. When many nights it appeared as if only the stars offered some “glimmer of hope.” Watching so many just fade away. Thinking the streets was where loyalty laid. Giving up on their own people.

Violence is something one is born with. Violence is learned behavior. So many turning against one another creating havoc in neighborhoods which continue to suffer. Run down buildings needing a makeover. The best reward for young men were the basketball court. A place where so many went to witness the skills of some very talented young men. Because of the hood mentality they’re hopes and dreams just faded. Some refuse to settle for less and carried on. Making a better way. Some are still there today. “No Situation is Ever Hopeless and Everyone Deserves a Chance to Prosper.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The Trap

Trapped in a mind of despair

Thinking the world doesn’t care

The feelings of hopelessness

So many views being dismissed

The cries for some just to sleep at night

The continued gun fights

The war seems to never end

Oh really Oh really who really wins?

Controlled thoughts continue on

Doesn’t mean they’re not strong

Just trapped that’s all

Poetic Piece Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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A Response to a Song: “Who do You Believe in?”

First off. “I’m a believer of God and Jesus Christ.” The Heavenly Father who loves everyone of His children unconditionally and His Son Jesus who died for our sins. A believer in Adam and Even meaning a man and a woman union. A believer in self and in confident individuals. Believe there should be more compassion and understanding. I’m also in a believer in the rights of all people. Believe African Americans should be treated fair.

Believe street violence should be controlled. Every child deserves to obtain a good education. There should be more mentor-ship. Believe there should be more leadership. The schools should be tougher when it comes to bullying. There should be more rules to prevent suicides related to bullying on and offline. African American History should be apart of the curriculum in schools. There should be more teachings related to “civil rights activists.” The world should be more peaceful.

Believe there should be “more kindness.” More giving individuals. More protection for citizens. Instead of building more prisons perhaps more educational facilities. I’m believer in encouragement. Allowing others to make their own decisions and allow some privacy. Believe more people should be supportive. There should be an increase in protection in at risk neighborhoods.

More time should be spent reading in class. I’m a “believer” in the heart of even the most stern individuals. Everyone has heart and although some may pretend to not care. There’s care. There should be more communication. Effective communication. Women shouldn’t have to beg men to take care of their children. College education should be more affordable. There should be more recreational facilities for the youth.

The bullying laws should be enforced. Social Media platforms should protect their members better. “Citizens have a right to be free from harassment.” Qualified candidates for jobs should be hired and not discriminated upon. The testing in school should be minimized. There should be more forgiveness and a lot more love.

Author’s Notes: I’m a Writer, Blogger, and Visionary. Advocate Founder of The Remarkable Person Project and Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose).

“There’s Hope Even When Others Claim Otherwise.” By: Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk)

“If There’s Some Good Then That’s a Start.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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