The Bringing Back the House Calls

Some probably could remember the time when doctors would visit the patients home in order to examine or diagnose their patients. Imagine doctors coming to the home which would be of great benefit to their patients. With advanced “medical” technology their able to provide patients with superb medical treatment. EKG’s, X-ray machines and other medical equipment can be brought out to the homes.

Perhaps the will be some reinstating so that patients are able to experience a one on one with their doctors. Certainly would help to provide confidentiality and privacy, There are some patients unable to get to their doctors visits due to health decline. How would doctors feel about having to come out to the homes? There are “lawyers” continuing to come and speak with their clients. Doctors can do the same.

Confidentiality is extremely important and some patients are at risk. There are some rights violated some have violated the Hippa laws. “Patients have a right to meet with their doctors without the entire world listening to the visits.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m a victim and yes the invaders are very irritating. Doctors should be concerned about their patients rights and confidentiality. Amazing that so many are interested in every aspect of a person’s life. There are some doctors very concerned about their patients and are disturbed about the violations.

AAMC News stated, “Some teaching hospitals and medical schools are already involved in bringing such care to more of the homebound.” There are many patients living with immobility so therefore would need to see their doctors without having to incur the strain. There are facilities which offer home care but is different from when the doctors would come out to examine their patients. With the “comprehensive” machines they’ll be able to carefully examine and re-examine their patients.

Patients will receive appropriate care and will feel more comfortable without having to go back and fourth to their doctor’s offices. Nurses can also come when the doctor is unavailable. There are programs which provide some basic care but there are ways to implement advance care. There are many patients living with chronic conditions. Medicine has advanced and there will be more happier patients when they’re able to receive the care that patients deserve. ‘The coming of the advanced medical house calls could soon be in the immediate future.” by: Tanikka Paulk.

“Allowing patients to meet with their doctors in their homes would create better relationships between doctor and patient and would provide the confidentiality that patients truly deserve.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Article is Written by: Tanikka Paulk

Source: AAMC News by Robin Warshaw, February 06, 2018  “Some teaching hospitals and medical schools are already involved in bringing such care to more of the homebound.”

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A Time of Releasing is Necessary

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There Shall be the Conquering With Jesus

“To conquer will involve love, love the emotion, there are ways to conquer but there has to be the everlasting love.” by: Tanikka Paulk. In order to build a closer relationship with God there has to be the connection with Jesus Christ. There should be observations as to just how much God loves His children and just how much Jesus loves his brothers and sisters. There seems to be some confusion as to what it really means to “have a spiritual connection.” by: Tanikka Paulk. When it seems as though the world if filled with destruction there can be peace because there is the ability to meditate on the “Lord.” Lord is God the Father of Jesus Christ.

Yes there are some claiming to be Gods but there is only one God the spirit the Father who sent His only son to die for mankind’s sins. What an honor to be able to talk with Jesus. In order to build a relationship with both there will need to be prayer and the opening of the heart. One has to decide to allow both into their heart and life. The is glory when there is the connection. A person can experience many trials but yet overcome because of their spiritual connections.

Mankind is unable to defeat God and no matter how many times they try to cause havoc God has “the ability to” send out the wrath. What is the wrath some may say? “The Wrath of God.” When mankind is destruction God can discipline mankind in ways no man (meaning mankind) can discipline. God has all power. Although there are some chosen to be in certain positions only God can discipline His children. God’s discipline isn’t like mankind’s. God has the ability to send mankind to Heaven or hell.

God knows all things and sees all things. He’s aware of every action taken He’s aware of what each person will do before they’ve committed the act. There is power but there is also the power in which mankind can never reach. “I’ve been through many storms and can continue to praise God because I’m aware of what God has done for me-Tanikka Paulk and what God will continue to do for me=Tanikka Paulk. Yes, I’ve been criticized but what can man do to me=Tanikka Paulk? The attacks “demonstrate” how intimidated they are but no matter how many attacks are projected I’m going to continue to praise God. Amen!

I’m still here because of God. When my enemies have tried to defeat me=Tanikka Paulk God has brought me=Tanikka Paulk out of their destruction. Jesus has saved (Tanikka Paulk). My sins were forgiven and although mankind may continue to try to pull down my “purpose.” God continues to allow my journey to continue. There is a glorious smile on my face because God continues to favor me=Tanikka Paulk. Yes, they’ve tried to dim my light, their actions haven’t gone unnoticed. God can see when mankind commits evil acts. Evildoers won’t win but their weapons can form but won’t prosper. Glory be to God. “Walk with Jesus and be saved.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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I’m Loving my=Tanikka Paulk Affection

Here I am

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What do They Know About Advocating?

Advocating can be tough there are so many afraid to advocate because they’re afraid of the backlash. There has to be some willing to stand up for causes. There’s way too many injustices here is ‘Justice.” To fight for rights my right to live freely and to be protected. There seems to be crimes which may appear to go unnoticed. The laws can and should be enforced. “I’m an advocate and called The Mommy Advocate and no Matter how Many Attack I’m Going to Continue to Advocate.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are some insisting on harassing advocates but I’m firm enough to give the individuals a does of justice. They’re tried to prevent my purpose but there is way too much determination and there is faith that there will be “solutions.” No matter how many ways I’m attacked I’m going to face the enemies and will continue to fight so that there will be peacefulness. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemakers and there should be more peacemakers. There are some wanting to initiate war but I’m in tuned to peacefulness.

Persons can manage dealing with individuals trying to cause havoc within society or within their own communities. There’s the policing and there certainly needs to be strength when dealing with such nuisances. Perhaps there are some troubled and need proper attention. Whether the individuals need to be incarcerated or may need intervention but there won’t be any less advocating from “The Mommy Advocate”=Tanikka Paulk.

There is continuations because there really needs to be enforcement. There needs to be compassion but there should also be the boundaries set. There seems to be a disconnection surrounded by the races. There are many displacements. I’ve been challenged numerous times and there are so many in tuned with my every move. No matter how they’ve directed their insults and threats I’m continuing in the direction which will incur the necessaries. “There are way too many afraid to stand up but Tanikka Paulk isn’t afraid I’m continuing my advocacy.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk a writer, blogger, advocate ‘Mommy Advocate.
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I’m Qualified for That Mission

There’s too many People failing to understand that all persons aren’t equipped to travel on the journey. No matter how many times it’s explained there seems to be some refusing to accept that there will be no invitation. There’s certainly difficulties if there are many uncooperative People. There should be at least some consideration to understand. The focus is to accomplish the set goals in order to create stability. The economy certainly can use a boost. There are invaders and the ones trying to sabotage shouldn’t receive an invitation. “The ability” to understand seems to be far between some of the membranes.

The mission is to incur higher revenue. Imagine if budgets continue to dip then there could be individuals being laid off and suffering economical distress. How many are willing to assist how many really are concerned about growth? When there are achievements to accomplish then there should be cooperative People. Are they concerned about increases or are they simply focused on causing decreases. The mission shouldn’t be every person’s mission because there are some refusing to become “qualified”. There must be “visionaries” on such mission. That is right.

When there’s growth then there will be more stability. There could be less homelessness but so many are so focused on their selfishness that they’re unable to visualize. There is more than dreaming occurring. There is no time to waste on babysitting the insecurities in which so many seem to project. The ones believing in the abundance are the ones qualified to travel on the journey. A visionary should consider and observe the qualified. Most of the time the person will have to travel alone. Having too many hanging on could result in delays. “To consider the most effective ways to assist the economy is what is needed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve encountered persons continuing to cause havoc because they’re really afraid of prosperity. The challenges and adversities could create greater strength but too much pulling and there could be broken bridges. They’re not looking ahead there seems to be some continuing to look backwards. There should be further developments. There should be positive thinking and sights on what will help the entire world. Some have confused themselves by refusing to see what is in front of People. Look closer and there could be “connections” beyond imagined. “There will be accomplishments in which some could be taken back by. It’s the wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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“The ray of hope begins with developing a positive mindset.” (Tanikka Paulk)

One Becoming so Many Isn’t Logical

If a nation believes that trying to make one person become so many then the nation will find that their efforts will result in problems. There isn’t any logic in trying to make a person become others. No person will be the same although there may be some “similarities.” Any person thinking that they’re able to become another isn’t mentally in tact. We should make attempts to be self. The individuals who insist on making a person become another won’t receive what they’re looking for. In fact what they’re trying to do can result in being incarcerated.

The Desire for so many to revenge has lead the individuals in situations which is proven to be difficult to come out of. “Logical thinking” can be achieved but some are so power driven that they’re unable to reason and think logically. The desire to invade in areas in which there should be no invasion will result in severe consequences. There should be no need to try and make any person become another. What is just is. What they’re perceived isn’t so. To think that any person can be one person today and another tomorrow demonstrates insanity.

Some slipped into fantasy and have difficulties adjusting to reality. There are some who won’t reason because they’re afraid of being wrong. I’m “myself” and for some they’ll come back and say, “yourself.” If there is one then to make the one become more isn’t logical at all. Persons wanting to rule over persons in order to generated what they desire won’t generate what’s desired but will cause further damage. “Allowing Persons to be Will Demonstrate More Effectiveness and Cause More Stability but if There’s Continuous Efforts to Make a Person be Another Then the Results Will be Won’t Isn’t Desired at all.’ By: (Tanikka Paulk)

The lies told and the misguided information lurking about could bring a person down but if their position is whole then the persons looking to cause a removal will not prosper. So many can not accept what has been destined. Some are simply in denial not willing to listen to any “reasoning.” A lot of folks want to lead the person they’ve perceived to be a pushover to areas which will add no value. Some unfortunately desire to see certain persons fail instead of achieving further. Can’t change a person into another. Nope!

“What was and is Chosen Shall not be Removed It’s Destined to be.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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There has to be Seriousness at Some Point on the Business tip

There are a lot of people who believe that playing around all of the times is the way to go. “There has to be some seriousness” at some point especially when conducting business. Imagine going to a board meeting or business meeting and the meeting is conducted by a bunch of clowns. How can anyone take the business seriously? We’re unable to take persons serious when they’re always being pranksters. It’s alright to joke around but doing so when there’s business or other serious affairs can be costly.

Some have to find out the hard way in order to change their prankster ways. There are some who constantly laugh because of nervousness. For some no matter what’s occurring they’ll be horse playing around. Businesses can fail when there’s individuals constantly refraining from being serious and there’s the ones who are claimed to be too serious. Any “Leader” of Businessman or “a Businesswoman” should know when it’s appropriate to joke around and when it’s not.

Some may not take their business or businesses serious and will constantly laugh or play some kind of prank. For some they’re not serious until they’ve suffered a loss. Losing lots of revenue can certainly wake up most but there are still some who will continue to not be serious at all. There’s some who really need to see in order to believe. There’s consequences for not taking “situations” serious. There are some who may refrain from being serious because of what they’ve had to deal with or are dealing with. There has to be a decision to take matters seriously.

Conducting business whether the business involves investing, decision making, or transactions, the fact remains that serious business owners will go a lot further than the ones who are always horse playing, business is business. Some take their businesses too lightly can find that the business fails rather quickly. No person should have to be told how “to conduct” their business. If they’re not going to be serious at anytime then they’ll might as well hand their business over to the ones who want see a business flourish.

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Tactics Which Serve no Purpose

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Be Kind but Firm

People may take our kindness as a weakness. It’s far from that. Being kind doesn’t mean a person is a whimp. People seem to think that they can take advantage of people because they’re nice or some may seem them as being too nice. Well, a nice person can put their foot down, it’s like being a boss. No boss should allow their employees to walk all over them. If they allow that to happen then they’re not using “Effective Leadership Skills.”

People need to know where we stand. If we allow them to stomp on us then they will. We don’t have to go balistic but we should be firm. We should mean business. Being compassionate is a good thing. People shouldn’t perceive it as a weakness. A lot can be accomplished with compassion. Stand up for yourself and others. It’s sad that people aren’t displaying kindness but not everyone will display kindness.

Some may try to come off as tough. We can’t treat people any kind of way. We should try to assist one another and love seeing others do well. Every has right to live their lives as they see fit whether we agree or not. Stand form and refuse to be a victim of any sort of bullying.

No one should be taken advantage of. Every human being deserves respect. It doesn’t matter how tough a person thinks they are. They can not beat God. There’s way too much bullying because people think they have a right to treat others in disrespectful ways because they perceive them as sensative. Well, it’s time that we learn that it’s alright for us to stand up for ourselves, we do not have to accept mistreatment. Be kind but stop others from being pushy. No amount of bullying shoould be tolerated. Take up and speak up.

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Fighting Difficult Battles

Some will go through battles some of the toughest battles and others will have it easier. Life can be unpredictable and we may not understand why we have to go through certain things at first but in time we will realize why we went through so much. Preparing for battle requires that we put on the armor. Sometimes we’ll go through battle after battle. It may seem as if we barely have time to breathe.

We develop strength and we’re molded when we battle. It’s a process and training period. We may not be happy with the process but it will only make us stronger. Sometimes we try to avoid going through certain processes because we don’t want to feel pain. Sometimes we suffer through more pain depending on the situation. Battles will be painful and life is sometimes painful. We may come in contact with enemies who want to see us torn to pieces.

We must remain strong and keep fighting. Sometimes it may seem as if we’re battling alone. We’re never alone. God is with us at every moment. He allows us to go through somethings so that we will develop. If we didn’t experience some of what life has to offer then we wouldn’t grow. It’s not easy having to fight but it will teach us what we need to learn. It will cause us to rise above.

We will have to find a way to defend ourselves against the attacks. The attacks in our home, on our jobs, and a lot of time in the Lord’s House. We will find out that even the one’s closest to us will end up trying to battle against us. That’s when we stay in constant prayer and meditate so that we’re able to get through it. It won’t be easy and there will be times when we become very upset but in time we’ll learn how to deal better.

As long as we’re in training. We’re learning so we shouldn’t expect to have it all together but we should be getting better. We’ll be challenged often and we must understand that. We should be discouraged when enemies and those who we thought were with us come up against us. This happens and we have to find the best ways to deal with it. Are you facing a battle or battles?

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Leadership Isn’t What you say it is

Leadership is bold and moving. Anyone can claim leadership but can they display it? There’s different levels of leadership. In order to lead. One has to be willing to learn. No one knows everything. We’re continuously learning. We may need more leadership. The youth can use more of it and dedicated mentorship.

Some people may not want to take on leadership roles. It’s not an easy position but it’s a rewarding one. Leaders have to go through the pain. They have to get tougher. If a leader weeps. They may think that they’re not built for leadership but that’s not true at all. Strong people cry. A lot of relief can occur that way.

Every leader has experienced some bad. It won’t all be good. Leaders put themselves on the battlefield. They fight for people’s rights. They face wars and some were close to destruction. Leaders don’t give up but they may take a step back to regroup. Leadership involves “action.” It requires one to be aggressive at times but filled with compassion.

The compassion should be there. One should understand what leadership consist of. It will require lots of work but in time the position will become easier. Although it will be easier. Those rough days will still come streaming in but one will be better equipped to deal with them. Some may enjoy hearing the title but there’s more to it than that.

Leadership shows. It produces what a community or city needs. It involves the will to “grow.” Without growth there’s no progress. We can’t be apart of a movement without a leader. We need more and there’s no denying that. We really need leaders who aren’t afraid of stepping on some toes. Every leader has said something that someone didn’t agree with it. That can’t be prevented.

Leadership involves an increase. Increase in knowledge. Increase in time and increase when it comes to giving. Leaders have to take a lot of flack. They will have to go through storms and be prepared to be yelled at. One has to be willing to take the good with the bad.

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What’s Going on?

Things are continuously changing. Bill Cosby brought in for alledged sexual assault claims. What is the world coming to? I can’t speak on his innocence or quilt but it seems a bit strange that he would face these allegatuons at this time and at his age. Bull Cosby has given to various charities and organizarions and he’s an outspoken fella. I don’t know if anyone else notices a pattern when it comes to African Americans.

It appears that when one reaches a certain status the dogs are sent out to retrieve them. African American men have to deal with a lot and it appears that every move they make or won’t make is eyeballed. I don’t know if anyone else feels compassion for some of the celebrities or anyone facing scrunity that may not deserve it but I do. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much good one projects. People will throw stones at any mistake that they’ve made. There’s athletes, Entertainers, and Public Figures who face scrunity everyday.

People may not forgive others for what they’ve done but thank God, God forgives, if not I don’t know how some would deal with that. There’s entertainers and leaders who have to constantly “speak out.” When I see these things taking place. I often think about Michael Jackson. Although Jackson was a Humanitarian. People didn’t allow him to live peacefully. He faced being accussed of so many things. I can’t imagine what he went through but hearing about it and witnessing it on television was enough.

Stones will be thrown at anyone trying to reach heights but it seems those stones are thrown more often with a certain group of people. Clearly this is through observation. History and watching various media outlets. We won’t always witness fairness but it would be nice if people would stop trying to bring others down. We don’t know what happened with Bill Cosby and the women who are accussung him of drugging them and other unspeakable acts but we should give one the benefit of the doubt until sufficient evidence is presented.

I pray that those who speak out and believe in the rights of the people don’t stop their “movement.” Everyone has a voice and they have a right to use it. We should be helping one another not trying to create havoc. We need more leadership. Strong leadership. We could use leaders who aren’t afraid to speak the truth and who aren’t afraid to stand up for the people.

Authors: This article comes from observation and hearing about cases through media outlets.

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