Don’t go With What you Don’t Know

They will tell you to research. Investigators are told to investigate but a lot of times people will just go with what they here. If someone says something, especially negative, they automatically assume it’s so. The words in the Bible are filled with truth but people’s words may not always be so. Sonetimes people will say things just to make trouble for others.

We have to be cautious and not accept everything. People have lost their lives because someone chose to believe what they heard and not what is so. When we find that people will go with anything then we need to keep our guard up regarding them. A lot of the believing anything occurs when we don’t mind our own business.

If we spend too much time minding other people’s business then we won’t have time to attend our own. The trouble comes when we focus on the wrong things. So many of us fall into the trap of focusing on things that will add no value to our lives. It’s important that we keep our focus on our duties.

We can’t adcance if we’re busy attending to other people’s lives. We will forget about our homes and become addicted to someone’s else’s life. That’s why it’s important that we engage in positive activities. There’s so much joy in life and although we may suffer through things. There’s still joy. If we can try our best to enhance our lives and the lives of others.

Of course we may want a little action in our lives but if that action makes us enter homes uninvited then problems will arise. Perhaps we should start giving out more hugs and less criticisms. We shouldn’t criticize on word of mouth. If we didn’t see it happen then how do we know? Let’s love and grow together. Allow people to live their lives. Life is short and we should enjoy it while we can.

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Just Hold on and it Shall Pass

One of my sons received a message from one of his friends stating how he wanted to commit suicide. I was shocked as well as my son. He received the message late but was able to speak with a school official and help arrived for the young man. Thank God. We never know what someone is going through and it doesn’t help when people come in contact with cruel people. We should consider others. No matter what we go through. It will pass but we must have “faith” that it will.

Everyone goes through something. The days won’t always be filled with sunshine. It gets tough but we must remain hopeful. We’ll shed tears, we’ll become upset, with all the emotions that may plague us. We’re able to pass through it. At some point we will need someone yo hold our hand. We may need some embracing but we can heal from whatever troubles us.

Day by day and hour by hour the unsettling situations can cease. As long as we’re here we will face adversity. As we grow we will learn how to deal with it better. If you’re in a position to listen, to assist, and to give then do so. Someone needs to hear our comforting words. Someone may need a hug. We will want someone to be there for us so we should be there for others.

There’s hurt, pain, and despair and someone is feeling one of those emotions right now. We can reach out our hand and help someone in need. Someone somewhere is suffering deeply and needs to hear some kind words. We have so much going on and we also need some comfort. There’s the pressures in the world that may enter our minds and our homes. We need an embrace and care. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and loved. Love yourself and love others.

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They Don’t Believe Until it’s Complete

It doesn’t matter what one says. If people can’t see it then they won’t believe it. People may not have confidence in you but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have confidence. You’ll be judged for what you do and what you don’t or won’t do. As long as they can see you accomplishing something then you may be on their good side but if you fail. They will boo you all the way to Texas. Yep!

It’s unfortunate that people refuse to support others until the very end. When they complete the task that’s when they’ll want to get on board. That’s why we should appreciate those who support us and encourage us to strive for our “greatness.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a former B=Ball Player. If they believe in you then they deserve to be recognized for it. We should be more supportive and cheer others on. If they’re trying to do something that will help others and inprove themselves then why shouldn’t they receive some ssupport? Allow people to make a difference within their communities and within themselves.

Don’t knock people down. Encourage them to “rise.” Everyone could use some support. It’s amazing that people will wait until someone has achieved sonething and then want to jump in the boat. Perhaps it may be too late then. If you can’t be there through the steuggle then there’s no need to be there when the rewards arrive.

When you have little to nothing you will one or teo friends, maybe, become successful, and they’ll start rolling in. A true friend will see the greatness in you and ride with you when it’s slow. A pretend friend will want to be there when there’s something to gain. That’s the way of the world. Perhaps if people had more support then perhaps they would be more inclined to do more. No support could cause people to think that they’re not good enough. We should feel that way but it can happen. Those who inspire deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

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Even if you Love Them From a far

W should love one another and sometimes it’s not so easy, especially when some people make attempts to weigh you down, but we should love anyway. Even if we become upset with others that doesn’t mean that we’ve removed the love. Sometimes it’s best that we lovd people from afar because it gives us protection. Protection of the mind. We don’t have to be in the same room with someone that doesn’t understand how to stop trying to create uneasiness in other people’s lives.

We should be trying to help others grow but unfortunately not everyone thinks that way. When we find that some people are unwilling to remove their insecurities and they’re focused on trying to compete then we may have to keep our distance. Not everyone wants or can be helped. Some refuse to accept that they have issues. Even if they’re unwilling to accept it. We should still love them but we don’t have to accept their behavior.

There’s no need to carry around hate. Hate will get us no where. We have some races hating their own race and some hating others. We’re all created equal and we should “love.” Where’s the love? We can disagree but we don’t have to knock one another down. Loving self is the first step to loving. A lot of people don’t love themselves and they’re incapable of loving others.

We have to do better and we must respect others right to be who they are. If we don’t agree with what they’re doing then we have s right to tell tgem but we should avoid bullying to get them to be what we want them to be. That’s not love. Anyone wothout love doesn’t know God. God is love. He loves us enough to forgive us and yet human beings can be so unforgiving. Love generates peace. Hate creates division. Love should be here.

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Put Your Business Hats on

We can’t expect to excel without getting our elbows greasy. We can’t our businesses to flourish without promoting. If we want to “elevate” then we must put in the work. I’m not saying that we should work ourselves to being bedridden but we should put lots of efforts in our businesses and in our brands.

How can we Succeed Without Adversity?

Adversity keeps us grounded. It makes us better. Every business owner will face some sort of adversity. Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have the funding and all the tools necessary for a prosperous business. Most of us will have to work extra hard. Nothing wrong with that but we don’t have to go overboard. There will be some room for dancing.

Put on that top hat and find a way to make not only your business grow but others. We will have to study, read, and even re-education ourselves. It’s time that we progress and “grow.” A lot of businesses aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve because they’re not ultilizing the proper promotional tools.

Social Media is a great tool but some aren’t familiar with how social media should be used for business. There’s so many ways that a business owner can promote their business. Promoting online is very effective but word of mouth works as well. Flyers are still being used for business promotion but it’s not as popular as social media.

Businesses would do better if they helped other businesses and business owners. We should want others to prosper so that we’ll have a stronger economy. Large businesses can help small ones. We’re stronger if we work together and understand that all families need financial stability. We’re unable to grow our business on our own.

Reaching out to others will help with prosperity. It would help to learn more about business and to learn how to use social media effectively. We don’t have to hide behind our computers waiting for someone to assist. Business owners need help and setting aside pride is helpful. Asking for help doesn’t make a business owner weak so ask for help and find effective ways to “promote” your business.

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Don’t Forgo Compassion

This world could use more compassion. There’s a lot of destruction and devastation. Children are going through more than ever and certain groups of people are suffering from discrimination. In some ways things have gotten better in other ways it’s gotten worse. People will pass by someone helplessly asking for assistance. Those who can actually help may refuse to do so because of selfishness or because they may feel as if the person or persons are undeserving.

Being compassionate is a blessing. It proves that we’re humanitarians and not bad beings. Where’s the compassion? Why isn’t it more relevant today? There’s enough to deal with as it is but yet people are being outright hateful. That could be a result of issues they’re having to deal with but we must think about how we would feel if we we’re treated with the lack of compassion. It wouldn’t feel could.

Imagine yourself stranded somewhere and your phone’s battery is dead and you’re injured. Wouldn’t you want someone to come by and save the day? At the very least you would want someone to call for help. What if every car passed by and no one stopped and you’re unable to help yourself? Sounds pretty horrific doesn’t it? I wonder if those who lack compassion ever consider something like that.

It appears that compassion has gone out the window. The lack of it is apparent online and off. People are being mean to one another for whatever reason. We’re refraining from embracing one another due to pain that we’re feeling or other issues. There’s people in need and there’s a lot of people who are in positions to assist them and refuse to do so. Where’s the love? We’re suppose to love one another but of course not everyone feels that way.

Although compassion isn’t always demonstrated, there’s a lot of people who show it, we may not always hear about them but they do exist. A lot of law enforcement officers are going beyond their duties and embracing people within their communities. There’s strangers who are willing to give families food for their nourishment. Compassion exist. It often seems as if it’s far away. We have to do better and that includes each and everyone of us.

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Don’t act as if it Hurts to Help Others

Some people may not want or some are just don’t in the position to help others. Even if you don’t have much. There’s a way to help. Remember that kind words help people. Just try it and see how much of an impact you’ll have on someone. Helping others creates a more positive community. As you have probably heard on the news, a lot of communities suffer from compassion, and they need to see compassion in action.

Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven.”

John 15:12 says.”This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”

Those scriptures tell us that we should demonstrate good works and love one another. God doesn’t honor hate and neither should we. We should try to help others when we can. Even if there’s not much to give that’s alright. Even a morsel will help in someway. It’s alright to have a little selfishness but givers are selfless. Our world could use more givers.

Let’s continue to demonstrate love and try our best to “inspire” others to not only give but to live their dreams. Sometimes people need a few words to inspire them to do what they’re capable of doing. Love can bring communities together.Love can remove segregation and discrimination. We need more love don’t you think? There’s people in positions to give but refuse to do so. What people do with whatever you give them is up to them. You’re not responsible for how or what they use it for. You’re job is to “give” to someone somewhere.

Perhaps finding a homeless person and buying them a meal. What about buying an underprivileged child or children a pair of shoes. You can even take some time to speak to the youth about getting back on track. There’s a lot of ways that we help others. Helping others blessing them and will bless you as well.

My great grandmother use to hand out money like candy but she also received envelopes full of money. She believed in blessing others and she lived to be 101 years old. There’s no need for us to hate one another. Although we may not agree all the time but we should still love and embrace one another. Continue to demonstrate love.

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