I’m Doing What I’m Doing and it Includes Proceeding

There are many needs and there are many benefits. Where will the along’s be headed to next? The direction the pathway has opened up more than one door actually. There will be all sorts of transformations. It may appear as though the travel is alone most of the time but there are others observing what is to come. To be, to the being, to the transformation. The opinions aren’t diverting my path the noisemakers haven’t caused the “confidence” to lower. There is building occurring. Most will have to travel alone when on their journey.

The adversities occur but there is learning while the challenges arise. I’ve observed how many react to the environments and some have perceived my niceness as a weakness. What many have though of me=Tanikka Paulk I’ve used as fuel to continue to be driven to the up scaling motion. There are many visions looking upon me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve misjudged, have dished out their opinionated ways, and have thought that their actions could cause my decline. There is a purpose. There’s the continued directions and I’m in positions whee there is authority.

There is no time to be concerned about what others have to say about

(youTanikka Paulk). The attention should be focused on creating a better society, country, and world. “There are some of the most captivating historical moments shared presently and in the future.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is the need to guide and the sometimes need to follow. “Leadership” will involve such actions. Although there are some disagreeing about the decisions there will and should be continuing of. My purpose is to be fulfilled. The attitudes aren’t by any means controlling my actions. What shall be decided just shall be.

There is the desire to incur the finalization. Along the way there have been some modifications but there is rejuvenating occurring. There should be gladness because there will be more “law abiding.” That’s what this country needs. Completeness seemed to be far away but really is near. What some have hoped for they’ve found that their perceptions were off base. “The ones who are suppose to be along are and the ones who’ve tried to dismiss the purpose have been returned.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

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“Key Word Cooperation”

Here I am continuing to move in the purposely direction. The “gold and the silver” connected in the most imaginable ways. Yes I’ve been chosen and although there are some who’ve disagreed with the decisions the “Government” has made they’re refusing to back off there should be the “reaching” to the furthered heights. “Movement, movement. continued movements I say.” (Tanikka Paulk). Analyzed, visioned, thought of the next steps to be incurred. What have they expected of me=Tanikka Paulk? Could the question be what have I expected from People? Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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Their Biggest Mistake Shall be Revealed


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We Should do What we can

There’s so many ways that we can help others and ourselves. There’s so many people who are down and out and they could use a friendly voice, smile, and words. We never know what someone is truly dealing with and we should show “kindness.” There’s so many people who are without the basic essentials and there’s people who have more than enough. We should care about ourselves but we should care about others as well. Even comforting words will go a long way. We never know. We could make someone’s day with a bright smile.

The world could use some more compassion and kindness. We should embrace one another, encourage one another, and care. Caring can make a difference in someone’s life. When we care. We can change the world. Change the world in a very positive way. There’s way too many people going without the very basics. There’s people with more than enough passing by those who could use a little help. Sometimes people are skeptical about giving but we should give whether one chooses to do right with their blessing or not.

Some may feel ashamed in asking for help so therefore they miss opportunities to receive it. If helping others in truly in our hearts then we will be lead to help those who really need the assistance. Sometimes we’re the ones in need and it may take sometime to receive help but God is always looking out. We can be a blessing to someone even if we have very little. “A poor man can assist a rich man.” (T. Paulk). We shouldn’t be fueled by greed. If we have some leftovers then we can share. Sharing is a great way to bond with our fellow brothers and sisters.

The world we live in could use our brightness. We can shine our light on some in some dark places. We can reach out to someone who is going through a tough time. Perhaps we should take sometime out and hug someone or tell someone that they’re cared for. We all know what it’s like to feel as if no one understands. We can make a big difference in someone’s life. Give with all your heart. It can produce change.

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It Shouldn’t be Difficult

Why is it so hard for everyone to come together? I’ll answer that. It’s difficult for people to want to come together because of egos, what they’ve bern taught, or because they’re bitter for some reason. In today’s world we should be passed segregation. We should be “uniting” and wanted better for everyone. There’s discrimination within the same race. We should want to see one another excel but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

We can’t expect to grow if we’re holding one another down. We don’t have to hold hands but we can at least try to encourage one another. There should be no hate, we succeed through love, and respect. Unification will help us in so many ways. Eaxh culture has something to offer but we will never know that if we’re refusing to assist one another and try to be understanding.

Some cultures get along so well and others may try to reap one another apart. A lot can be accomplished if we work together instead of against one another. As long as we pull ibstead of push we will not progress. We expect better if we refuse to do better. Some will go out of tgeir way to help one another and then there’s some that won’t help no matter what. Growth can’t occur with a don’t care mindset. We can do great things but we can’t do that with pulling one another down.

We’ve seen what racism can do. It causes hurt, anger, and it oppress. We shouldn’t want that. Everyone has equal opportunity to move up tge ladder but we make it difficult by pulling our brothers and sisters down. Our economy wil flourish if we assisted one another. Our minds wil advance if we just took the time to get to know others and appreciate what they can offer to society. Tearing one another down just won’t do.

Never Allow Anyone to Take Your Dreams Away

Come up with some ideas and have a vision and see how many people try to claim them as their own. Be creative and see how many people dislike you for it. Do amazing things and see how many people encourage you. Well, this is the world we live in, a vicious and cruel world. A place where selfisness seems to be the norm. Be careful who you trust with your dreams.

Unfortunately not everyone is genuine. As soon as you supply them with the information.  They will take it as their own. That’s why proof is needed. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your vision but what’s upsetting about it, is that some will pretend as if they’ve worked towards the vision, pretty sad. Sometimes we try to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t try to take our vision away. Visionaries have difficulties trying to put together their vision ar times. There’s always someone waiting to tear it down.

Register your vision somewhere so if anyone claims it. You will have proof that it belongs to you. Instead of peoppe assisting others. They rather make it difficult for those who are trying to make a positive difference. It isn’t fair but it’s something we have to deal with. Imagine going through heartache and pain to make a vision come true and going through more because of envious people.

People have every right to dream and no one knows exactly what a person goes througj to get to where they are. Instead of giving people a hard time perhaps try to make this world a better place. Never allow anyone to stop you from dreaming. Never allow anyone to take your “vision” from you. Protect it and the people involved in the vision. Visions opens up doors. They’re blessings and no one had a right to destroy or at least try to destroy them. Our gifts belong to us and God has given each one of us a gift.

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Stand up for Yourself and Others

Some may become fearful when it’s time to take a stand. Speaking out and up for yourself and others is nothing one should feel ashamed of. There’s way too many people who will ne silent when trouble arises and people are being attacked. People will turn their heads when others are being bullied. Is that fair? Would you want someone to stand up for you?

Compassion is something we should be thankful to have. Having enough compassion to speak out when someone is being attacked. People are so afraid that the atttacks will land their way so they remain silent. What if your child or children were being bullied? Would you remain silent? Some of the bullying would leave if everyone took a stand against it.

We need more “leadership” and less fearful people. People are condemned for every mistake they’ve made but yet people won’t call others out when they’re being abusive and bullying others. Violence continues when there’s not enough people standing agaibst it. People will encourage others to be attacked and bullied but will refrain from encouraging “peace.” Sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? More leaders need to develop. Don’t hide, speak up, stand a stand.

There’s a time to be silent and there’s a time to speak. Speak loudly if you have to but don’t sit back and watch children and others be attacked. Some will even stand around while a child is being beaten by a group of people. Having evidence is great but don5video tape and not call for help. What’s wrong with our way of thinking? We criticize people for this or that but won’t say a,word when people are being attacked. In fact a lot of people will encourage it.

There’s more bullies then there’s “peacemakers.” Kind of sad. We have a long way to go when it comes to bullying, racism, and hate. Hate seems to be one of the causes people encourage violence. If we remove hate and project love then there would be a lot of positive changes. Remove envy and encourage people to excel, do better, and make positive differences within society.

“Remove the Hate and Allow the Peace in” (T. Paulk)

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Make it Better Somehow

One kind act can go a long way. Your kindness and giving attitude could create a better world. Even consoling someone when they’re down and out can make a difference. We never know what others are going through and yet people will be so cruel. We never know why someone reacted or didn’t react, we never know what pain lays beneath, we should at least make attempts to display kindness. We can live in a more productive world if we just reached out and showed that we truly care. Projecting a smile won’t cost us anything and it can make us and others feel better.

We could use more positivity and more understanding. People are quick to condemn others but aren’t quick to help others. Someone somewhere could use some kind words and could use a hand. We all go through something and yes, we would want someone to show that they cared, a kind act is all it takes. We miss out on so much because we’re so consumed with our issues but if we reached out to someone that can help us heal from whatever we’re going through. We can do some things to make it better for ourselves and others.

Displaying that we care isn’t a sign of weakness. Some may feel that showing compassion and care will make them look weak. It doesn’t. There’s a whole lot of hate going around when there should be love and peace. We should want to see people “prosper.” We should want to see others doing well. We should be encouraging others and not trying to knock them down. We can uplift someone, even when troubles come our way, uplifting someone can make our day brighter. We certainly can use some more love. Hate flows in the air and grabs hold of so many. It’s unfortunate when people aren’t able to display that they truly care.

We can’t be totally selfish. Helping others will help create a more positive world. We never know when we’ll need a helping hand so we should be considerate. No need to be disgruntle and to be filled with anger. Extend your hand and help someone. Help a friend, help your brother, help your sister. Someone needs to hear that they’re loved and appreciated.

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Where’s the Compassion is it Lost

There’s countries, cities, and states that are filled with people who need assistance. There’s the under privileged and the poor who really need help. No one person can do it all. Each day it seems the world is becoming crueler. No one cares to stop and lend a helping hand to their fellow brother or sister. The compassion seems to have faded away.

If more felt the joy of giving then perhaps we would see the positive effects of such a gracious act. A giving heart is a blessing and we should all have it but that’s not always the case. Some may not have to desire to reach out their hand to help someone to help anyone. Should we have the homelessness problem that we have? There’s even hard working people who have fallen on hard times trying to battle homelessness. There seems to be more cruelty than compassion.

Where’s the love for one another. Is this world consumed with hate? It appears so at least most of the time. When we come across helping hands we may be stunned because it appears compassion has ran off somewhere. Everyone can use some help at some point and wouldn’t we want to receive the help that’s needed?

Some have  big hearts and feel empathy for others and Empathizing isn’t a bad thing is a good thing. No one should be ashamed to feel it. We should be cheerful givers. We love one another. There’s a lot of malice and hate which won’t solve one problem but create a whole lot more.

Removing compassion does a adds no value to our lives. There’s great suffering all over the world and we have to feel something. We have to care about more than ourselves. Of course all won’t have the same heart but at least a,little compassion may make a large difference. We won’t have the same causes and we won’t act on the same assignments but if we just add some more love then this place we live in would be better.

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Giving and Positive Living

We should all want to live a positive life. We should love and help others when we can. Surrounding ourselves around positive people will create happier living. We can’t expect to be productive when we’re surrounded by negative people. That will make us feel depressed. Being positive produces positive living. It helps us to be more productive.

If will filled with positivity and we’re happy then we’ll feel good about giving so that others can have a better. We should try to be happy and have good thoughts. This doesn’t always happen but we should at least try. Being upset and disconnected won’t make us feel satisfied. We can’t be our best in such conditions. It’s a great feeling when we’re able to lend a helping hand. Our days can be better with positive thoughts and we can feel better with a small.

Not allowing positivity in can really put a damper on our day. Of course bad days will come our way but we can feel better when we think about things that offer joy. Our friends can help us feel better by offering some of their positive communications and calming energy. It’s important we live lives that aren’t always riddled with stress.

When we’re stressed we’re unable to think clearly so it’s important that we surround ourselves in peaceful environments. Living a better life can occur through joy filled actions. If we’re consumed with negativity. We won’t flourish and we won’t prosper. When we’re feeling good. We want others to feel the same and we’ll do more.

If we’re not unable to be surrounded by positive people then we should engage in positive and healthy activities. Life can be so enjoyable if we think about things that will offer us peace. Peacefulness within us will lead us to make this world a better place even if it’s just one step at a time. Positivity helps in so many ways.

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Proceed and be Grateful

Don’t fret when troubles arise. They’ll add not subtract from what’s needed for your journey. A lot of people give up and in because they feel the pressure of opinionated people. People can not define you and they certainly can’t take away what is God given. Yes, envy will come knocking at your door, we can shut it out. If we allow people to stop us from achieving then we will surely fail. We should be building one another up but unfortunately not everyone feels that way. That’s why it’s so important that we guard our minds. Fill it with positivity.

If you want to succeed then you’ll have to tune the crowd out. Have faith that you will male it. Although it may be difficult. Determination equals achieving. One can’t be over in with fear and expect to conquer. Bravery must be apart of the journey. Without it one will be restricted. We have to stop allowing people to tell us what we can and can not do.

Complexities will come but if we take some time to figure out how to get around then we’ll get to where we need to be. Anyone that’s able to start on their journey should be “grateful” for it. So many continue to hold themselves back because they fear not having a support system. Being supported is great but most of the time journeys are traveled alone.

No matter how much the crowd boo’s and throws insults. Proceed, add more toughness, and more determination. Create a stronger mind and fill it with positivity. Don’t allow negative thoughts to travel with you. Those who didn’t or were afraid to follow their dreams will probably be apart of the naysayers crowd. That’s alright. We will never be able to please everyone. Don’t even try.

When people are dissatisfied they may become irate about anything that someone does. If people aren’t pleased with what you’re trying to accomplish then that’s too bad. We can’t stop or start something just because people like or dislike it. If your cause is going to help others then that’s something to be “thankful” for. Proceed no matter how complex it is.

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Unification and Getting to Know People

War exist because of hate. Rages with races and insecurities create segregation. Dr. King wanted all to unite. Every group embracing one another. Usually people are afraid of people they don’t understand. Instead of being fearful, perhaps try to understand different races, don’t shun them. Embrace them. Embrace different cultures. Get to know people before passing judgement. Don’t come to conclusions because you’ve heard something. Get to know people.

Your view of certain groups could be wrong. One never knows until they’ve learned. We can’t determine something without facts. Different races are misunderstood and of course there’s some bad apples in every race. Just because one has a bad experience with a certain group of people that doesn’t mean that they should give up on them.

We should unite and stop hating on one another. No group is better than the other. We can all “rise” should want the best for everyone? Racism is still a major problem. Here’s the thing, we all want to help people that look like us to become prosperious, but we should also want others to become prosperious as well. All of us are created by God. We didn’t get here by chance.

Unification is important. We don’t need to growl at one another. We should be uplifting ourselves and others. If we remove love then we will suffer. Why generate those problems? We have enough to deal with. We don’t have to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” but we should at least respect one another. Stop bashing people you know nothing about. Get to know people for who they are and not what’s perceived. If some decide that they rather not join harmony with certain groups then that’s their decision. Try not to demonstrate hate and try not to isolate others.

We all have a choice whether we want to “unite.” We should at least be open minded about culures and differences. It’s not fair to be resentful towards people you have never came in contact with. Gaining knowledge will help us understand a whole lot better. Removing love out of the equation is a mistake because love conquers all. Hate never generates anything positive.

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