The Bringing Back the House Calls

Some probably could remember the time when doctors would visit the patients home in order to examine or diagnose their patients. Imagine doctors coming to the home which would be of great benefit to their patients. With advanced “medical” technology their able to provide patients with superb medical treatment. EKG’s, X-ray machines and other medical equipment can be brought out to the homes.

Perhaps the will be some reinstating so that patients are able to experience a one on one with their doctors. Certainly would help to provide confidentiality and privacy, There are some patients unable to get to their doctors visits due to health decline. How would doctors feel about having to come out to the homes? There are “lawyers” continuing to come and speak with their clients. Doctors can do the same.

Confidentiality is extremely important and some patients are at risk. There are some rights violated some have violated the Hippa laws. “Patients have a right to meet with their doctors without the entire world listening to the visits.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m a victim and yes the invaders are very irritating. Doctors should be concerned about their patients rights and confidentiality. Amazing that so many are interested in every aspect of a person’s life. There are some doctors very concerned about their patients and are disturbed about the violations.

AAMC News stated, “Some teaching hospitals and medical schools are already involved in bringing such care to more of the homebound.” There are many patients living with immobility so therefore would need to see their doctors without having to incur the strain. There are facilities which offer home care but is different from when the doctors would come out to examine their patients. With the “comprehensive” machines they’ll be able to carefully examine and re-examine their patients.

Patients will receive appropriate care and will feel more comfortable without having to go back and fourth to their doctor’s offices. Nurses can also come when the doctor is unavailable. There are programs which provide some basic care but there are ways to implement advance care. There are many patients living with chronic conditions. Medicine has advanced and there will be more happier patients when they’re able to receive the care that patients deserve. ‘The coming of the advanced medical house calls could soon be in the immediate future.” by: Tanikka Paulk.

“Allowing patients to meet with their doctors in their homes would create better relationships between doctor and patient and would provide the confidentiality that patients truly deserve.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Article is Written by: Tanikka Paulk

Source: AAMC News by Robin Warshaw, February 06, 2018  “Some teaching hospitals and medical schools are already involved in bringing such care to more of the homebound.”

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A Time of Releasing is Necessary

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Sweet Melodies Help Relieve Stress

We don’t have to live stressful lives. There’s so many ways to relieve stress. Some meditate and some listen to music. Having the ability to listen to music is truly a blessing. Once the tunes get going. Every problem seems to fade away. Imagine a world without music. Don’t want to think about it. There’s all sorts of genres to listen to. I’m a fan of gospel music but will listen to R&B, jazz, and pop. When it’s time to really unwind. The soothing sounds of the ocean or forest.

Music is so important and it should stay in schools. There’s music even when there’s shopping. That’s just how effective music is. Music is played so that a baby falls asleep. It’s played in day cares. Music is a big part of so many people’s lives. The days are filled with music and for some music is in their sleep. The melodies can make one rock from side to side. It’s amazing how music puts one in a good mood.

For some music helps when they’ve had a bad day. Even the instrumental music can generate a sense of calmness. Sitting in a room with music going is a great way to unwind. Even playing music can relieve the pressures of life. Music seems to project a glimmer of hope. Just letting the sounds flow about is a beautiful thing. Some listen to music while taking a warm bath. Another way to relax.

Everyone needs their time of peace. Sometimes just laying down and listening to the sound of a waterfall with soothe the mind. Sometimes those sounds are used to help one sleep. Peacefulness is something everyone should cherish. There has to be positive ways to unwind and listening to music is a great way to unwind. It’s also a great way to ponder.

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Obtaining Enough Rest so That There’s More Productivity

I must admit that I’m guilty of staying up very late working on assignments. It isn’t healthy to deprive ourselves of sleep. Obtaining the right amount of sleep will help us be more “productive.” Sometimes we think that we’ll be alright because one minuet we feel so energized and the next we’re feeling fatigued. Of course there’s more to it than just obtaining appropriate rest. We should move about and drink plenty of water to not only keep us hydrated but to keep us rejuvenated.

Sometimes we overwork ourselves and that could weigh on our health. We become sluggish and then we may become so fatigued that we oversleep which isn’t healthy. We should find ways to rest. It’s best that we rest and relax in a quiet place. It would be difficult to rest in a chaotic environment. Even power naps will help. They will give us enough energy to make it throughout the day. For those who work outside of the home, trying to obtain a power nap may not be realistic, but when a break occur one should try to take advantage of it and rest a bit.

Not obtaining enough rest could clutter our minds. We could forget important events because we’ve haven’t allowed our bodies to rest. Some people may think that they’re able to go about their day with very minimum sleep. That isn’t so. Our eyes can also become fatigued and they also need rest. If we try closing our eyes and laying back for even 15 minuets or so. We will notice a difference. It will certainly help. We’ve probably figured out how important rest is and we’ve probably suffered from the lack of sleep.

We can’t deprive ourselves so we must do what’s necessary to obtain appropriate rest. We could find ourselves drifting off to sleep while doing something important. That’s why sleep is so necessary. If there’s not enough of it then we won’t function properly. Whatever you do. Find times to rest. Even if that means away from home.

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It’s Important to Take Breaks

Sometimes we need breaks away from home, some people, and from our jobs. It’s Important to take breaks. Not doing so could leave us moody and fatigued. Setting sometime in the week or during the days to unwind will help us remain steady. Our bodies need to rest and if we place strain on our bodies then we need to allow recuperating to take place.

If we work too hard and too long then we will become drained. That can really put a strain on our health. Taking some time in the sun or just getting out for a bit can help us feel rejuvenated. Everyone needs to break away from something. Sometimes we become so consumed with taking care of things that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Imagine someone constantly working and obtaining very little rest. How would they function? Not so well. They would probably forget things due to lack of rest and they probably would be grumpy.

It was stated on a show that Donald Trump was probably moody because it didn’t obtain enough rest. In fact his butler cobfirmed it. He observed him not obtaining the rest that’s needed to function properly. No one is made of steal. We have to take breaks and that’s why vacations are so important. Even a mini vacation will make us feel better.

If we’re in a position to take naps then we need to take them. There’s nothing wrong with napping. Our bodies will be happy that we care enough to take necessary breaks. Even taking breaks from things will love will generate some relief. Anyone not willing to take breaks are putting their health at risk.

Even a 15 minuet break resting somewhere will help us bounce back. If one has a strenuous job then they certainly need to take breaks. Too much stress could cause a meltdown. We have to consider our wellbeing. We can’t care for others if we’re not looking after ourselves. So take breaks when you can. It will certainly make you feel better.

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Stay Away From Those Negative Environments

Negative environments and people can drain you. It’s best to stay away from them or choose to spend less time in them. Trying to make peace or bring peace won’t always work because people can choose to do what they want. If you feel yourself being pulled down then it’s time to move towards positive environments.

Some people will constantly be negative because of things occuring in their lives and it doesn’t matter what you do or say. They may continue to give off negative vibes. If you believe in prayer then you may want to send some prayers their way and keep moving. If there’s nothing but trouble in an environment then find “peace.” Of course we won’t always experience peace but if it’s a way to obtain it then do so.

Too much negativity can create health issues for you. Not everyone appreciates projecting peace. There’s so many ways to obtain peace. We can meditate on those things that offers us peace. Reading is a great way to obtain peace. The world is filled with tormoil but that doesn’t mean that our minds should be filled with it as well.

When you find that people are unwilling to be peaceful no matter what is said or done then you move where there’s people willing to uplift and be “peacemakers.” War starts with anger and hate. If love isn’t accepted in one environment then it must be accepted in another. We won’t be without war or trouble but we can create peace.

We don’t have to accept being dragged down. We need more uplifting people. We never know what others are exposed to so offering a bit of peace could help them tremendously. Taking that long deep breath in and releasing will help release some of the pressures. Sometimes people will spill negativity into the atmosphere because they feed off of reactions. We don’t have to accept it. It’s better to choose to hang out in positive environments.

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What Does it Take

Have you ever wondered what it would take for a change to occur? There’s all sorts of situations that can “transform” our lives. I’ve experienced many challenges in my life and I thank God for all of them. Sometimes we have to go through those storms in order to get us to where we need to be. Not everyone sees it that way but there has to be something that will produce improvement. It seems as if there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hear about some tragedy.

More bad news. Another gunmen decides to take people’s lives. If things like that don’t make us want a better world then I don’t know what to say. I believe in the power of prayer and having “faith.” We will face tragedies, unpredictables, and we’ll suffer losses but those occurrences should move us. Through bad experiences there’s good experiences. Through those bad experiences growth should take place. Not everyone will experience that. Some may think that bad experiences are a way to lash out.

Our world is filled with good and bad. There’s a lot of heartache but through pain, there’s hope, pain has brought people together. It has changed things around. Sometimes we get down on ourselves because we’ll experienced challenge after challenge. Well, life is challenging, there’s no way of getting around that. If it’s too easy then we won’t learn from it and life is filled with all sorts of lessons.

Dealing With the Stress

Going through certain situations could help us deal with stress better. Having too much stress in our lives could ruin our health and mind. We should become wiser and stronger. If we don’t then we will experience regression. It’s not easy putting on a brave face when the going gets tough. Somedays we may not feel like smiling but a smile feels better than a sad face. We just have to remind ourselves that we’ll go through something but that doesn’t mean that we should give in.

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Occupy Your Mind With Good Thoughts

When we fill our minds with thoughts that are unhealthy, we start to do unhealthy things, our minds are like a temple. We should take care of it. Thoughts that generate stress for us should be avoided. We should spend limited time with people who try to get inside our heads. This happens a lot on social media. Instead of people following God’s plan. They want to follow “their own plan.”

Be careful who you spend time around, listen to people’s words, if they’re negative or if they seem as if they’re coming against you, stay clear of these people or at least keep your eyes open. Not everyone wants to see us strong and healthy. Some want to invade our minds and want us to miserable. Unfortunately we will come in contact with these people but we shouldn’t allow it to bring us down.

There’s things we can do to make our minds healthier. We should be some time reading an informative book or information. Spen time with like minded people. Listen to music that uplifts us. Walk around and be one with nature. Take mini trips and het more involved with hobbies that you enjoy.

Find Your Inner Peace

Spend time with yourself and enjoy it. There’s some soothing music on YouTube, meditation, and mind relaxation music. That will help us experience peace. Try some dance steps that will make one feel better and this is also soothing.Sitting in your backyard will help soak up some sunshine and help us stay connected with the outdoors. Not too much sunshine but enough to generate energy. If we feel drained. We should sit, lay down, or take a warm bath. Crossword puzzles helps our minds stay engaged. It not only keeps our minds active but it helps keep dysfunction thoughts out. Watching informative and educational shows on television will fill our minds with knowledge and it will help keep our minds connected.

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Limit Your Contact With Stressful Situations

Being exposed to stressful situations can get us down in the dumps. Sometimes those situations can’t be avoided and other times we place ourselves in them. Stress can occur at anytime and that’s why it’s important that we find positive ways to release them. There’s a lot of things that we have to deal with. Some have more pressure than others.

Vacations are encouraged so that people get opportunities to relax. Relaxation is necessary. Without it we could pass out. No one can endure long periods of stress and not experience a burnout. Sometimes we allow people to stress us out. We shouldn’t but lets face it, there’s some people that touch nerves, sad but true.

Obtaining those 8 hours of sleep will rejuvenate us. Not getting rest will make us feel stressed. We must find ways to relax. Even power naps will help. Bird watching is another way to relax. It just seems so peaceful. If we live in stressful neighborhoods then it may be difficult to relax. There’s always a way to deal with it. One could go outside their neighborhoods and catch a glimpse of unfamiliar scenery.

When we feel as if the pressure is too much. We can choose to talk to a friend, a pastor, or pray. Not everyone will want to choose those routes but ready “The Good Book” helps. Meditating is a great way to relieve stress. We can’t push ourselves to the point where we feel completely drained.

Just closing our eyes for a few minutes will help. You may want to try it with the lights dim or completely off. We all need an escape and some may not feel as if they have an escape. Spending some time away from home will help out tremendously. Taking a warm bath will relax our bodies and when that happens, we’re able to sleep, and sleeping is something we can’t do without.

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Relax and Live

Life can be complicated sometimes. We’ll face challenges and if we allow those challenges to get the best of us Although we shouldn’t, it happens, we have to learn to take things easy. Our bodies and minds can’t handle long periods of stress. Sometimes we have to put those problems aside and find something positive to be apart of.

There’s so many ways to relax. We can take a vacation, go to the movies, or we can read a good book. Some may choose relaxing in a hot tub. That sounds nice. I will get a chance to relax in a jacuzzi next month. Boy, oh boy. jacuzzis are #1. Make your relaxation events positive. Sometimes you will need to power down the phone.

We should enjoy life. There’s no sense in being consumed with troubles. Of course troubles are in the world but we don’t have to think of them every minuet of the day. Setting aside some peaceful time helps. You’ll feel more relaxed and your overall health will approve. If we allow positive thoughts to enter our minds then we will feel a whole lot better.

Sometimes we over do it. We allow issues in our lives that could be avoided. We can’t solve every issue. We have to learn to say, “no.” There’s no way that we can help everyone. If we try to do so then we will become fatigued and restless. That won’t create “relaxation.” Everyone needs to settle down from “hard work.” We can’t work all of the time. We must rest.

Some of us have a hard time relaxing because we’re always trying to do something for someone else. We have to learn to look out for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with being helpful but trying to save the world will wear anyone out.

Take some time to relax. Go somewhere nice and enjoy yourself. Feel good about life. Love the good and bad days. Don’t be consumed with stress. I know it’s sometimes easier said than done but stress will cause our health to decline. That will produce more problems.

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Breaks are Necessary

Work, work, work. That can really take a toll on you. Yes, there’s times when we have to work extra hard, but we shouldn’t risk our health to do so. Working long hours can weigh on anyone and that’s why breaks are necessary. We can relax at home or relax away from home. You don’t have to work everyday. It’s a choice and if you work everyday for too long then your body will show signs of deteriorating.

Taking some time off isn’t a bad thing. When we’re overworked, we’re not functional, we can make numerous mistakes that way. If you need a nap and you’re in a position to take one then do so. Having a nap or a power nap doesn’t make you lazy. Our bodies can only do so much, our minds can only do so much, we need to obtain proper sleep and we need to refrain from stressful situations.

There’s nothing wrong with accomplishing goals but if you intend to do too much at one time then you may fall. That can be avoided if we make attempts to relax in a quiet setting. No one can do it all. It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you’re human, and humans aren’t meant to refrain from getting rest. 8 hours of sleep is appropriate. Trying to sleep less than 6 hours can put your health at risk.

That’s why vacations are a necessity. Not everyone can afford to vacation but there’s a way around that. you can find places not too far from where you live or you can search around for some inexpensive vacation packages. There’s vacations for people who are on a budget. What ever you decide to do, remember how important it is for our bodies to relax, if you feel fatigued and stressed then it’s time to settle down in a peaceful space.

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