The Increasing of Holiday Sales

Oh boy it’s that time of year once again! The holidays are coming up. There is so much to be thankful for and how many are geared up for the holiday festivities? Oh Thanksgiving will arrive soon and there will be plenty of eats for the families all over the world. Turkey, Dressing, and Mash Potatoes etc. Tables made with the festival decorations. Families gathering together connecting and reconnecting. That’s what holiday’s are for. After the great eats then the shopping can begin.

The shoppers will make their way to the malls and department stores. There will also be the online shopping let’s see if the sales will increase. There should be advertising so that shoppers are aware of the sales. Increasing sales will increase revenue which is needed. There’s the seasonal employment. Time to get ready to give and receive. Store hours will extend close to after “Thanksgiving.” Soon they’ll place Christmas decorations in and around the neighborhoods.

The malls will be filled with the decorations so that shoppers can enjoy their long hours of shopping. The holiday music plays in the background and the children are geared up to ride the little train as the parents wait until the train ride is over. They’ll be plenty of photo booths. Perhaps the jewelry sales will increase. The department stores will place their sales tickets on the racks. Oh what about the holiday sweaters? The airlines will be prepared to increase their ticket sales.

There will be flights from all over the world. There are so many animals in need, needing a special home, perhaps the pet sales will also increase. There has to be advertising so that the sales elevate. The “economy” can use escalating. The car dealerships will prepare for the holidays in order to increase the automobile sales. What about Pontiac? There’s also Nissan. Promotional sales will generate attractiveness because there are so many awaiting discounts.

The sales of electronics will get the attention of teenagers. Play Station, Remote control cars, Nintendo etc. Gamers will be geared to watch the sales so that they pick up their favorite games. Parents will listen to their children wanting a certain toy. Back in the day the Cabbage Patch dolls were on parents Christmas list. Online shoppers will be “awaiting” to see what sales will be on their favorite sites. There’s so much to choose from. Shoppers are ya’ll ready?

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Being Excited About the Brand

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We Have to Consider the Future

I don’t know how many people consider the future and while considering include the youth. Our children are “The Future” if we don’t make preparations for the children then we will be a fix. Their future could include, doctors, lawyers, athletes and perhaps entertainers. We must help ourselves and it’s important that we help them as well. If we’re not including them when we’re preparing for what’s ahead of us then we’re doing disservice.

People may turn away from anything that has to do with youth because of what they’ve been told or shown. The violence that surrounds them could detour people away from trying to assist them in anyway. It’s important that we get to core of why they’re so angry. If we find those solutions then we will see a brighter future for youth and for their elders. Parents will age, family members will age, the youth continue to grow but what will they grow into? If we disconnect from them then we will lose them and the future could be bleak.

We don’t need anymore hotheads. We need some kind, compassionate, and hardworking young men and women who will pave the way for others. Some may think that those on the wrong path can’t be turned around. Yes, they can but it will take some work, and a lot of times a whole lot of work. For one we must come up with recreational centers or mentoring programs that target the root problem. Why are so many of our youth becoming statistics. Dr. Narramore states; “You simply do not commit murder unless you are bitter, angry, and resentful. Children and teenagers who kill have been living with rage for years.” If our youth are angry then we need to find out why they’re so angry.

Prevention is a great way to head what could be a problem for society later. If we don’t consider this then our neighborhoods will be ravished with violence. In order for us to enjoy a brighter future we must tackle the issues that our youth are having. We won’t be able to live in comfort or invest when we’ll have to use the money to get them out of legal trouble. So many youth have lost their lives and so many of them had bright futures. We must make time for them and supply them with riveting information.

We have to try to prevent incidents like the three teens being charged as adults for killing a 17 year old teen in Florida. Not only did a teenager lose his life but the three teens involved no longer have a future. Their home will be in a prison. Could their actions been prevented? Possibly. There’s a big possibility that their actions could have been prevented. So this is why it’s so important that we find avenues that will make our children want to go in the right direction. For some it’s sports and for others it could be music. “The Youth are our Future and we Must Protect the Future.”

Source: Dr. Narramore B. Psychology in Living. “Why Turn to Violence.”

“You simply do not commit murder unless you are bitter, angry, and resentful. Children and teenagers who kill have been living with rage for years.”

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Invest in Something That Will Help in the Future

We want to find ways that will help not only ourselves but our families. Trying to obtain security for our children is important. They should be finding ways to make it easier for themselves but everyone should work together so that there’s comfort for all. Investing is a great way to build security. We all know how expensive things are and that trend will continue.

We have to make the necessary preparations for the future. Investing is one way to make sure that happens. It doesn’t matter if we have to start small. Small is a start and small grows larger. We will need to do some research and find the best investment avenues for our family. There’s no need to jump on the first thing that comes our way. If it’s something that incurs comfort then it may be a great fit.

Investing is an important decision and it should be rushed. The budget needs to be acquired and then the research needs to take place. What may work for one family may not work for another. So listening to the advice of others is great but one has to choose what’s appropriate for them. Don’t invest in anything. Invest in something that will grow.

It’s a great idea to teach the children about investing. They’re pretty smart anyway and would probably do well with investing. Some have chosen penny stocks as investing and it works for some. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for other families. It’s worth researching and if one feels comfortable with it then they should go with it.

Don’t be discouraged if an investment falls through. It happens but that doesn’t mean that we should stop investing. Finding the right fit may take time. We all should want to live comfortably and we have to make preparations to get there. Even if we start late. A late start is better than no start. Consider investing for your family. It can help get through the toughest of times.

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Sometimes it’s in the Home

Don’t be amazed that your competitors reside in the very place where you lay your head. Don’t be amazed who will try to knock you down. We have to understand that these things will occur. It even says it in the bible. Jeremiah 12:6 says’ “For even your brothers and the household of your father. Even they have dealt treacherously with you. Even they cried aloud you. Do not believe them although they may say nice things to you.”

When there’s something to compete with or against. People will do some crazy things. They will try their best to get next to you in some way. When we analyze closely we can find some wrong in each action that’s inside and outside the home. If a mother for instance is trying to separate a husband and wife then she is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many issues they have or if the daughter comes to her mother for advice. She is not in any position to dictate the marriage. A husband shouldn’t go against his mother in law and although differences will arise. Everyone should come to an agreement.

The whole house will shake and become dysfunctional when everyone is trying to compete for a position. If the husband is placed on the sidelines and the mother in law is placed in front then there will be chaos because that is out of order. Even if a husband is projecting unhealthy behaviors. He is not to be removed without ┬áremoving himself or the wife asking him to remove himself. Any family member that tries to step in front of the husband’s position are in the wrong no matter how right they think they are. People claim to know the word but will refuse to put it in action. Family should be there for one another but they shouldn’t try to create chaos with immediate family members. First it’s God, husband and wife, then it’s the children. All other relatives are after and not before.

Competition can be dangerous. People tend to lose themselves in it. They won’t care who they knock down to win. It’s not about winning. It’s about getting better or at least making attempts to get better. Can you imagine trying to excel in something and your relatives can’t handle it? They may try every avenue to make sure they’re in a position to receive something. What do you do in that case? The best thing to do is to allow them to wear themselves out. Yes, let them carry on trying to compete, and the one in the middle should continue doing what it takes to make progress.

The bible will speak greatly about husband and wife. It expresses that the husband shall leave both mother and father and cleave to thy wife. Life experience will teach us why God said what he said about husband and wife. Family members will get out of order and try to push the husband out as if they will help the wife when the husband is gone. They’re trying to find a way to make sure they’re not left out of the equation. We have to live our lives and we’ll be miserable when we allow others to dictate our lives.

If you’re not invited in then don’t make your way in. It create a wedge between everyone when there’s one or two people trying to make sure they have a position for themselves. We will find that some family members will pretend to give so that they can receive whatever is coming. You know what to do in that case? Allow them to run themselves ragged and soon enough they realize their actions are foolish and their behavior is only causing whatever relationship there is to come to an end.

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Just sit Back and Watch

People will do some amazing things. If you want ro know where people are coming fron then watch their actions. Imagine you or a family member on their way to coming into something big. I guarantee people will come out of the woods to try and butter you or that person up. For instance a mother who has talented sons and people are aware of this. They may become your best friend so that they’re remembered in the future.

You may that relatives come around trying to make sure they get a piece of the pie. Consider athletes and entertainers. They have to deal with people trying to get next to them because of their status. We live in the “What can you Offer us” kind of world. There’s givers and takers. Some may take more than they give. It’s always someone looking to get over on someone else.

Family should look out for one another but if there’s a husband, a wife, and children then they will coke first and everyone else comes after. People should be considerate and not look at others as a way out. We have to find our own way. There’s no handouts. Mothers have to protect their children. Unfortunately there’s people who are looking to take advantage of not just our children but others.

If they weren’t riding with you when you had very little then it’s best to surround yourself with those who were there through thick and then. If they have their hand out and aren’t considering others then they don’t need to be apart of the family circle. We should be looking out for others but we shouldn’t allow people to take advantage of us.

Sometimes our close relatives won’t stand with us until they need us. We shouls considerate those who stick with us through thick and thin. Those who were there when things were in shambles. They should be considered first. That means a husband, a wife, and the children. Everyone else should be secondary.

Watch what happens when a person wins the lottery. They will be surrounded by people who they haven’t seen in ages. The money seems to be calling their name. There’s a lot of selfishness and less selfless. We have to look out for ourselves and immediate family and for those who we’re ro help after that then we can choose ro do so. Sometimes people are just trying to make sure they have their name on the list.

1. How many people will come around when you’re in need ?

2. How many people will stick around when they think there’s something to gain?

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We Have a Long way to go

Change is something we can’t do anything about. Whether could or bad. change will occur. We’ve been through many changes and we fought our way through many issues. How far our we? It seems we still have a lot of work to do. A lot of growing and appreciating where we are now. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked very hard to make sure that we have the rights that we currently have today. Do we appreciate them? Well, if you watch the news or go out in your neighborhoods. You may say, “yes and no.”

Those who were marching with Dr. King may appreciate it more but it appears that there’s way too many of us that don’t. We may take for granted those rights Dr. King, Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X died for. They wanted unity and not all civil rights leaders have the same views but all of them have the same agenda. We’ve read the history books and watched movies about how difficult it was for African Americans and the difficulties still exist.

A lot of the difficulties we generate ourselves and others come form a different source but in order to see a better change. We must be willing to change ourselves. Change our way of thinking. There’s a lot of anger and it’s directly at one another. We should want better for our communities, for the youth, and for ourselves. Yes, we know we’re aware about police brutality but there’s a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

Discrimination within our own culture exist and we should be embracing one another but that is rarely seen today. How would we feel if our rights were taken away? Would we be more appreciative then? Maybe or maybe not. If we want better results then we have to demonstrate that we deserve to have them. Fighting one another just won’t do. Loving one another will allow others to see the correct way to treat us. “If we don’t demonstrate love then others won’t demonstrate it either.”

Hate kills but love will help us heal. If we don’t stop killing one another then we will see a greater decline in professional careers such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders. Our children are dying in front of their homes. Shouldn’t we be concerned about that? Change starts with us.

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Family Events and More

It’s a blessing to be able to have a grand old time with the family. We really enjoyed dinner at the Golden Corral. The food was about a 7 out of 10. The service was excellent and the wait wasn’t long at all. Mom, Dad, and kids enjoyed hanging out with one another. Of course my second oldest was intuned with his phone conversation.

There was plenty to choose from and the atmosphere was a pleasant one. It felt great to have all the kids there and doung family things. They were a didn’t want to take pictures at first but then quickly pepped up. We had to get it right and I’m glad they were patient. I suppose they wanted to make me happy and it brought a “smile” to my face. We spent a good amount of time in the restaurant.

We should try our best to be with our loved ones. We never know what tomorrow holds. We may go through ups and downs but there’s lots of “love” there. It felt good for all of us to get out and see the Christmas decorations in so many areas. There’s not too many homes around here with the Christmas setup. I think it’s because the neighbors are older and it would be difficult for them to put up the decorations.

We just have to keep praying and be hopeful. If yesterday was filled with pain. We must make today better. We will go through the storm but if we believe then a “breakthrough” will occur. Love one another and shed some tears. Crying doesn’t make us weak in fact, some of the strongest people let it all out, crying is a release. Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your family and don’t forget to tell them that you love them. Everybody needs love no matter how they put on. Have a blessed Christmas.

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Enjoy the Quiet Time

When you’ve heard so much noise. You will want to appreciate the quietness. It’s good to enjoy what life offers. There’s so much to see and so many things to do. It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy that “family time.” Having the second oldest home and hanging out with his brothers is such a “joy” to witness. They’re happy he’s home on break. We all our. He’s trying to relax a bit and he certainly deserves it. Taking the time to breath in and out. Sometimes you have to go in “silent mode.” It can be a bit irritating having to deal with chaos and noise.

We’re chilling out for now. Perhaps watch a good movie later and see what happens after that. We did get to laugh a play around a bit. Spent time with the “King.” The road may be rough but when there’s a whole lot of time invested. It’s best to see what kinks can be eliminated. There will be those days when you don’t feel like saying too much but that doesn’t mean that one is in a bad mood. It’s just that we all need some downtime. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that “quiet time?” I certainly can appreciate and I thank God for it.

This would’ve been a good day for a movie but watching one on television will do. I’m thankful for the communication that took place and decisions to try to improve things a but. A little reading later on. Getting some of that word in me. That will help bring things to where they need to be. There’s nothing wrong with sharing our “testimonies” but sometimes we just want stand on the other side of the crowd. We’ll especially feel that way when there’s been a whole lot of head banging.

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He’s Coming Home

On the way. It’s his break from school and it’s time to get more business done. He will relax but he has a lot of things to take care. Soon there will be another in college. Time sure flies. I was so excited to see my second oldest. He certainly transformed. He has more hair on his head and more facial.

He deserves to have a break. All of that studying and being trapped in a dorm. He needs a change of scenery. I wonder how long it will take for him to meet up with his friends.? There should be those downtimes. He has a pretty long break. We will see what other business venture we can get a hold of.

I wonder how his brothers will react when they see him. I just can’t believe how much he’s matured. They can’t stay small forever but I must admit that it’s nice seeing him blossom more and more. The ride up was quick and we’re doing a bit of sightseeing. It makes a difference to hash out differences with a loved one and continue to get things done.

I think so many of us are under stress and we haven’t handled it very well. That happens but once we get back on track. It’s all good. It feels good when we hear that our children are making a difference or trying to improve. Of course not all of them will give their best but they still have time to improve. I pray that my younger ones will get back on task.

Hopefully another “breakthrough” will occur. I pray it will. We can use all the “hope” we can get. We shouldn’t feel hopeless but there will be times that we just want to scream. That’s another story.

It’s a rewarding feeling seeing so many young African American men going to college and trying to get ahead. We need more trying to pave the way. There’s so many out there feeling lost. We need to find effective ways to bring them to where they need to be.

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It’s a Brand New day Filled With Thankfulness

Thank God for this day and those to come. It’s a blessing to be able to get out of bed. Not everyone is able to do so. The moments are to be enjoyed but there’s nothing wrong with looking towards the future. I wonder what it will be filled with? Well, I won’t focused too much on it, I have to enjoy the now. I’ll be a year older tomorrow and I’m thankful for that as well. I’m still alive and I’m so grateful.

“Everytime I think of it. It Makes me Smile.” It also made me cry. The memories are so strong. “Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, a season, and sometimes they come to shake things up.” Those who offer value to our lives should be cherished. The protectors, caregivers, and inspirationalist. I’ll enjoy my days. There was a time that I felt nothing but stress. Some people are something to deal with but that’s another story.

I know God has something great for me. He will send “greatness” my way. What I’m very appreciative of is “love.” It feels good to be loved and you never know who really loves you. One doesn’t have to be in the same town, city, or state in order to feel love from a person. Love can travel near or far. It’s a blessing to experience it. God will send the right people in our lives and he’ll remove those who won’t do right by us.

The sun is shining once again. It doesn’t seem as if any coolness will head this way but I’m still “thankful.” I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas and New Years with the children. Those guys really keep me going and of course God does. I have to keep smiling so that the tears won’t fall. Sometimes we hold on to pain and the more we try to hold it in, the more those tears flow, I simply want to “smile.” Have a blessed day.

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