What is Known is Known and What Will be Will be

So they’re still playing games regarding Tupac huh? There was way too many clues and Tupac Shakur meant to leave the clues behind. Perhaps some are unwilling to accept that Tupac is alive because they don’t want to have to compete. That’s right. The competition continues to cause disruptions but what is Tupac saying about this? Perhaps he’s said plenty but how many recall what was said? “Tupac is alive and there’s lots of evidence of such.” (Tanikka Paulk). The competitors aren’t thrilled with having to deal with Tupac. Yes, he can be a handful when he’s highly upset. Just putting the words nicely.

“Tupac was and is one of the most accomplished rappers.” By: Tanikka Paulk. How many rappers want to compete with such a talented rapper, actor, and poet? Perhaps not too many. Tupac has faced the bullets and has overcome the targets which tried to cause his demise. Will Tupac officially reveal himself? Perhaps he will or maybe he’ll stay hidden. There’s a song called Ghost by Tupac Shakur. Does Tupac consider himself a ghost or does he consider himself an angel? Which? Some may disagree with Tupac being angelic. Hmm.

Tupac certainly is an interesting soul. Yes, I’ve communicated with Tupac Shakur and he’s certainly in depth. Tupac can be very compassionate perhaps some are unable to imagine. “So many refuse to accept that there’s communication and they’re unwilling to accept that I’m in the mood to move forward.” (Tanikka Paulk). My decision. How many are living my life? It appears as though there’s a whole lot of People trying to run my life=Tanikka Paulk. No matter what tehy’re saying I’m way too grown to take orders from the critics. Folks will do what they want to do so perhaps they should just zip their mouths.

Tupac will continue with making music until he feels it’s time to retire. So all the rappers feeling intimidated by Tupacs skills will have to deal with his talents until he decides to put the mic down. He’s also funny, yes comical, perhaps some aren’t sure how to approach 2Pac. He certainly made a presence when he create “Smile for me.” Is Tupac smiling now? Shouldn’t his fans hope so? There’s so much competition and they’ve gone way too far. How long will the hoopla continue? The good thing is Tupac is ALIVE! Claps for “The Rapper.”

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What Should we Ignore

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but when it becomes a bit much then we should put it to the side. If something will delay us and it isn’t beneficial then we don’t need to deal with it. There’s things we should ignore. We can choose to ignore those things that aren’t important. If we have work to do then we certainly need to put play away.

Certain people should be on our “do not disturb” list. Some people get a kick out of wanting to pull our leg. Well, it’s up to us if we want to entertain it or not, of we decide we don’t then we can ignore their requests. Sometimes people need to take care of business and when it’s time to take care of business then we should. Not everything can be ignored.

Sometimes we’ll need to stop and deal with a few things but if something can wait then we may want to attend to it later. Sometimes some people may want to interrupt us for whatever reason. If we know that they just want some kicks they we can “ignore.” That’s what we have to do sometimes. There’s a time to be serious and when it’s that time. There’s no room for jiggling about.

It’s alright to tune some things out. If we need to concentrate on certain tasks then we don’t need any outside distractions. We certainly don’t need if we have deadlines to adhere to. When we have some free time then we can play around if we choose to do so. Ignoring something doesn’t mean that we won’t pick it up latet but if it can wait then let it wait. Sometimes we have to let people know that we need to complete our tasks. They should understand and if not then that’s too bad.

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Be careful When Entering


There’s nothing wrong with trying to help others but if one evades people’s lives. They better know what they’re doing. They could find themselves in a mess. Time is continuously wasted and perhaps on the wrong things. If we spend our lives concerned with what others are doing then we will miss out the things that will help us develop.

People seem to be more concerned with what goes on in other people’s lives and they’re missing our. Sometimes when we look for things we may Not find what we expected. People may dig up false information and run with it.It’s like the paparazzi working overtime but the paparazzi get paid.

There has to be more entertaining activities then people’s lives. Of course some may be amused about what is and what isn’t. I suppose that’s why celebrities go in hiding. Once the so call paparazzi is called. They never leave. They wait for something to happen, make it up, or perceive things that aren’t so. I suppose they feel that it’s their job.

Investigators are trained to seek information but people who have no clue who they’re seeking information on aren’t living. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my life trying to find out what or what isn’t going on in someone else’s life. We only live on earth once and there’s better things to do.

The fact is we can’t control what people do. They will do what they’re trained to do. The irritating thing is when they bring court information. It can be totally false. Sometimes people feed off of drama and a little of it may bot be harmful. Too much of it can cause havoc in our lives.

For those of us who have difficulties staying out of the spotlight. Oh well there’s not much one can do but let them do what they feel they do best. Sometimes they can be quite helpful. Sometimes not so much.

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A Little too Much Don’t you Think?

It’s amazing how much time and effort people would put into other people’s lives. Who does that? Well, lots and lots of people, they may monitor one’s online activities and more. Well. I suppose it’s like the paparazzi but they get paid to do it. Not complaining,maybe a little, it can get a bit annoying when one has maneuver about so that they can get things done. What’s wrong with people? They would rather try to hinder people from accomplishing things that could beneficial to so many.

That’s how that goes but we shouldn’t let that detour us from our goals. Not everyone is pleased with “movement.” Some waste way too much time trying to find out what’s really happening in people’s lives. Some people are more inclined to believe anything. I suppose that’s why celebrities are always trying to duck and dodge. You never know what they’ll come up with next. If you arrive online then they’re waiting to see what you’re up to. How many people would be annoyed with that?

It comes with the territory. If you’re doing anything that isn’t the norm or seems to get under people’s skin then they will come surfing in like sharks at mating season. It’s like having followers but not all of them are the nice friendly followers some are like sharks. It kind of makes one more motivated and determined to “make things happen.” We have to focus on the travel and not the noise. Of course there will be hecklers, spectators, and instigators but even they shouldn’t have the power to stop us from accomplishing our goals and dreams.

Something we simply have to deal with and eventually we’ll get used to it. It can be annoying having people try to track your every move but if that’s what they want to do with their time so be it. As long as we help others and make some positive changes then everything is peachy. The curiosity does kick in because one may want to know exactly who’s eyes on constantly on them. Life goes on and there’s tasks to complete and dreams that need to come to life. Be blessed everyone. 🙂

Laugh Because Sometimes it Really is Funny

Laughter is a joy. We may shed some tears but laughter fixes things. There’s so many funny things going on. Sometimes the laughter keeps going like the enigizer bunny. There’s a lot of comedians out and although not all are professional. They’re still funny. I mean funny. Those tear jerkers keep coming.

It’s a joy to laugh.  What would we do without laughter? Some people may have difficulties laughing. Some may have difficulties smiling. For those who choose not to smile or laugh. They just don’t know what they’re missing. When the laughters produce tears that’s when you know something is truly funny. Oh boy, there’s some funny stuff going on, the laughs keep coming.

Some people are too funny. It’s almost like people unintentionally produce laughter. Laughter is laughter. We should be thankful for being able to laugh. It helps us stay happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Sometimes we’re the butt of the joke but it’s still funny. Have you ever laughed so hard that makes your side hurt. There’s where I am right now.

There’s some jokers and some comical material floating around. We never know when something funny will head our way. It can happen in our home. It can happen on our jobs or it can happen online. It doesn’t matter what day the laughs come rolling in. Those laughs will make us feel better.

It’s so entertaing. My goodness. Some people are so talented. All they have to do is open their mouths and the laughs come rolling in. There’s people out there that are just that funny. Comedy can be seen or heard anywhere. Once one gets a dose of it. They may not stop laughing. “Still laughing.”

Laughing can make someone’s day. It surely makes my day. All of the comical junk moving about. Who can deny laughter? I don’t see why anyone would want to. Some of this stuff is funny. Too funny. Ha, he, he.

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Laughter and More

There’s something to smile about and there will be something to laugh about. Laughter is good. It helps generate calmness in us. The nest laughter is the ones that keep going and going. It can make someone say, “I can’t stop laughing.” A good comedy show or reading some funny material may be a good way to generate laughter.

Have you ever laughed so loud and received a strange look? How about laughing about something that happened awhile ago? We should be able to laugh. It makes life more interesting. We should have fun. We don’t need to be consumed with stress and laughing can release some stress.

Some people may have a hard time laughing. They may be going through somethings and find it difficult to laugh. It’s unfortunate when that happens. It’s quite sad when laughter can’t be generated. Life would be so bland if we didn’t have something to laugh about.

Watching comedians perform is another great way to burst out some chuckles. Life can be so difficult at times and we need a way to release some of the pressure. Sometimes it can seem as if we forget how to laugh and how to enjoy life. Life shouldn’t be all serious we have to have a bit of fun.

It doesn’t appear that too many people are enjoying what life has to offer. There’s lots of work and minimum turn down. We can’t consume ourselves with heavy work loads and not find some sort of entertainment or “relaxation.” We may take things we shouldn’t take seriously and that can create stress.

When we laugh. The stress leaves us. We have to find ways to channel the stress and laughter can assist with that. With all the tragedies in the world. We have ro find a way to let the frustrations of such traumatic events go. A big “smile” and a long laugh can go a long way.

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Ever Experienced Long Lasting Laughter

When one takes a look at somethings they may find some funny in it. There’s always something to laugh about. Everything isn’t funny but somethings are real funny. If you take a look around you can find something to harty ha, ha, ha about.

Could you imagine life without laughter? Laughter relieves stress and we can sure us that. I love watching comedies they’re quite entertaining. Watching comedians put on a performance amazes me. It takes a lot of talent to do what they do. Take Kevin Hart for instance. He’s a funny guy. Those expressions he makes really are the kicker.

Another funny comedian is Earthquake. Although Earthquake doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. That doesn’t take away his comedic humor. It’s a joy when we receive that side jerking laughter. It’s as if the laughter will never end. When life tries to kick us in the rear. We should find something to laugh about.

Laugh after an argument. One of the parties more than likely said something funny. Oh but it’s not funny when the argument is taking place but something probably would be funny afterwards. Anyway, we can find something funny every single day. Even when we think about the comedic side of a loved one who passed on.

I remember one of my uncles would love to make people laugh. He was super funny. Everyone would gather around to hear his jokes. Life is short and sometimes we waste it on being upset about things we can’t change while we could use that time to laugh.

No matter how challenging life gets. A few laughs can ease the pain. We will feel sorrow but we should thank God for the joy. Laughing is a joy. Sometimes we’ll think about something and laugh out loud. This will happen. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to laugh. Those are the days when we feel a bit sorrowful but the laughter will pep us back up.

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Soothing Sounds Help With Relaxation

We live busy lives. Taking care of our families, work, and other events in our lives that need our attention. We all need relaxation. A time to unwind and ease our minds. I’ve found that meditation music can relieve a lot of stress. We shouldn’t have to deal with stress everyday of our lives. There’s plenty of soothing and meditation music on Youtube. I sometimes listen to it during the day or at night.

It’s a great way to relax at bedtime. A warm bath and soothing music certainly hits the spot. There’s musical waves, animal sounds, forest sounds and much more.I really enjoy soothing music. It helps me to escape. That’s something that will help generate peacefulness. Music does so much for us. It helps calm a crying baby and I’m sure that’s something that all mothers love.

If you haven’t listened to soothing music then perhaps you should consider listening. I can sleep peacefully when meditation music is playing. I can lay it right by my bedside and sleep comes easy. Stress will enter our lives but we must find a way to relieve it. Not finding positive ways to relieve stress can create deeper problems for us.

I love listening to the ocean sounds. My goodness they’re so peaceful. I can imagine being on an Island for a bit and not having to deal with the wonders of the world for some time. An escape, a getaway, peacefulness. Just thinking about it relaxes me. Being able to meditate is something we be thankful for. Too much stress is so unhealthy and we need to take some time out and think about things that will be helpful to us.

Below is a couple of soothing sounds and videos. I’m sure you would enjoy them. If you need to get some sleep then you should try listening to these sounds and see how it goes. You can get plenty of sleep this way. It works better than warm milk.

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Need a Little Laughter

Can we get some laughs or at least some chuckles? Sometimes life is too serious. Some days are are, are, I’ll leave that alone. We need some laughter. A few jokes won’t hurt. Clean ones that is. There’s the mean comments, the sarcastic comments, and the way out there comments. We need some comedic comments.

Hey, a little funny along with some marketing, may help generate the necessary attention foe those brands. Oh yes, if you’re trying to “elevate,” then you will need to be “creative.” Add a little spice to thiis so called social media. Enough with the meaness. That’s played out. Remove the bullying and sell those products. Increase those album sells. Come on guys.

Listen, listen, we can do some epic things. Put some smiles on people’s faces. We should be uniting not fighting. Lets see how creative we are. What can we do? Perhaps the “comedians” will come out. Huh? Well even if they don’t. We can do some big things. Marketing and Promoting go hand to hand. If you want to progress. You have to come up with sonething catchy. Be extraordinary. Yes, yes, yes. We can do a lot with a little but we must put our minds to it.

You can try putting some funny lines alongside your product or products. The key is to grab people’s attention. People want something different. Something “BOLD.” Sometimes it takes sitting in a room with silence. You can ponder on some ideas. We should be encouraging and helping one another out. There will be those who want to forget about the laughter because they want to compete. There’s room for all of us.

Ate ready to “rise?” I am. We want ro move forward not backwards. Think outside of the box. Run with it. We all have talent and we have every right to let it “shine.”

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It’s That Time Again!

All work and no “play” is no fun. I mean, we should have some “fun,” don’t you think? Life should be enjoyed. Why should we should loosen up. We don’t have to take things seriously all of the time. There should be some downtime. Right? Hmmm. What shall we do to have some fun.

Don’t know but I hope everyone enjoy today and the days after. We should smile and laugh and a little skipping won’t hurt. Let the festivities begin. It’s close to the holidays and we should have some “cheer.” Hooray! All of that good stuff. How about some old school music? Where are all the old school entertainers? “Rise & Shine.”

Lets take it back a bit. Lets see what the “originators” have up their sleeves. Don’t pretend as if you guys are unaware of the liveliness “Old School Music” generates. Hold on. That music will never die. “Who can dig it?” Are you ready? We’re going to have a good time.

We need to have some enjoyment. There’s the ups and downs in our lives and a little music will make things better. Oh yeah! Come on guys. Listen to a few old school jams. I know you miss some of that music. We’re take it back right now. We’ll get to the new school after awhile. Hang on.

Listen to the “Playlist” and see if it takes you back. I must say, “Old School Music, “Made Things Happen.” I remember those 80’s and 90’s. How many of you still listen to this music? It makes me smile today. There’s something special about music you can “connect” with. Here we go. Lets get it going. We’re about to do something “epic.” Yep!

When there’s something going on. Music seems to get my mind off of it. I’m a fan of music with meaning. Understandable lyrics mean a lot. Good song writing is a gem. There a lot of talented artists out there and they deserve recognition. They work, everyone one may not see it that way, but they do.

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