The Bringing Back the House Calls

Some probably could remember the time when doctors would visit the patients home in order to examine or diagnose their patients. Imagine doctors coming to the home which would be of great benefit to their patients. With advanced “medical” technology their able to provide patients with superb medical treatment. EKG’s, X-ray machines and other medical equipment can be brought out to the homes.

Perhaps the will be some reinstating so that patients are able to experience a one on one with their doctors. Certainly would help to provide confidentiality and privacy, There are some patients unable to get to their doctors visits due to health decline. How would doctors feel about having to come out to the homes? There are “lawyers” continuing to come and speak with their clients. Doctors can do the same.

Confidentiality is extremely important and some patients are at risk. There are some rights violated some have violated the Hippa laws. “Patients have a right to meet with their doctors without the entire world listening to the visits.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m a victim and yes the invaders are very irritating. Doctors should be concerned about their patients rights and confidentiality. Amazing that so many are interested in every aspect of a person’s life. There are some doctors very concerned about their patients and are disturbed about the violations.

AAMC News stated, “Some teaching hospitals and medical schools are already involved in bringing such care to more of the homebound.” There are many patients living with immobility so therefore would need to see their doctors without having to incur the strain. There are facilities which offer home care but is different from when the doctors would come out to examine their patients. With the “comprehensive” machines they’ll be able to carefully examine and re-examine their patients.

Patients will receive appropriate care and will feel more comfortable without having to go back and fourth to their doctor’s offices. Nurses can also come when the doctor is unavailable. There are programs which provide some basic care but there are ways to implement advance care. There are many patients living with chronic conditions. Medicine has advanced and there will be more happier patients when they’re able to receive the care that patients deserve. ‘The coming of the advanced medical house calls could soon be in the immediate future.” by: Tanikka Paulk.

“Allowing patients to meet with their doctors in their homes would create better relationships between doctor and patient and would provide the confidentiality that patients truly deserve.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Article is Written by: Tanikka Paulk

Source: AAMC News by Robin Warshaw, February 06, 2018  “Some teaching hospitals and medical schools are already involved in bringing such care to more of the homebound.”

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A Time of Releasing is Necessary

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The Lessons are There and Sometimes There Needs to be a Closer Look

Life on earth is filled with all sorts of lessons. We’re continuously learning. There is something to learn each day. Some may not want to be in the learning process at all times. There’s so much to “discovery.” Keeping an open mind is necessary and there are times when we may not feel so over joyed about discovering the new. There are many reasons why we should try to learn more. There’s all sorts of cultures to be apart of and within the cultures there are lessons. God continues to teach all a lesson and a lesson doesn’t actually mean that there is trouble. Lessons can help create a better person and can also help build strength. Of course not all would like to learn certain lessons but learning is a good thing.

Sometimes we’ll need to look deeper in order to find what it is we need to find. To seek out and to take in what is necessary. Some areas of life may not be so clear. It’s not always easy “to understand” what is taking place at first. If there is a need to discover then the discoveries will occur. Some may choose to tune out the lesson because of not wanting to go through the trials. Going through the battles can be rough but we’re capable of getting through. There are hard lessons and lessons which will add value to our lives. There are some lessons which remain in our membranes for quite sometime.

The lessons which are learned could be a gateway to better living. Rising above the challenges and taking on situations which we may not have been prepared for earlier. There are some who may not be in any “position” to give a lesson. In a lot of cases what’s occurring is apart of some man made punishment. Yes, we’ll learn a lot in school, there are just somethings that school can not teach. Life lessons must be experienced. We’ll learn about life lessons outside of the classroom. “The world can be quite harsh and some of the lessons can cause a lot of heartache but in time the wounds will heal.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Every lesson is a way to grow. There should be a desire to grow and to become better in someway. Some are afraid of any growth at all. There are some lessons that we’ll like to forget. There are some people who we’ll like to avoid. They’re tactics may not be the best course of action. Not all should project the lesson. There are some taking on positions in which they’re not qualified for. There will be some lessons which are extremely “beneficial.” There are some we probably can do without.

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Leadership Requires Boldness

People are quick to judge and slow to understand. Imagine what leaders have to go through. Let’s take Obama for example. We should know that Presidents don’t have that much power. They have to take on the burden when things go wrong but a lot of the decisions aren’t made my the President. The Senate has more power and the President signs off on bills. When people are complaining and shouting at the President he shouldn’t feel bad because he didn’t make that decision. Although a lot of things are out of his hands. The President still takes on a lot of stress that comes with Presidency.

In order to be a leader one has to accept that they will receive insults, attacks, and bashing. Anytime one puts themselves on display. They will receive negative and positive attention. It’s funny how people will complain about how poorly someone is doing their job or point out their mistakes but won’t dare express what they’ve done or will do. When people talk it’s just that but if they’re unwilling to present problem solving when it comes to issues then they’re communications can be null and void.

No one can really know what leaders have to go through unless they’ve been a leader themselves. There’s lots of followers but how many are willing to be leaders? Leaders are called all sorts of names and they’re attacked more than anyone else. Of course there will be some good and bad leadership but one must give credit where it’s due. If a person is willing to be brave then they should receive a compliment of “bravery.” All leaders have flaws because they’re people.

Leaders are continue learn and grow. Perhaps we could use more caring leaders but we simply have to work with what we have. A great leader will love, care, and say what they feel they need to say whether people will get upset about it or not. People don’t always want to hear what they need to hear but if one is willing to tell them anyway then that’s awesome. We can’t expect leaders to be silent but some of them are. Should they be silent? There’s way too many issues in the world that needs to be addressed but unfortunately not everyone wants to address them.

For example: A leader brings up the issue about Black on Black crime and how it really needs to be addressed but the people don’t want to discuss it because it hits home. Anything that makes people feel uncomfortable they don’t want to discuss. A leader that stand up for important issues will go right ahead and say it anyway. That’s true leadership. We can’t live our lives being afraid of what people will throw at us just because they don’t want to hear something.

If you’re a leader. Don’t be afraid to speak up and out about important issues and it doesn’t matter how may groups of people try to come after you. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. would say what he felt he needed to say but of course I’m sure he prayed about first but he did what he needed to do. He received negative attention. He was attacked and criticized but anyone standing in front of a crowd or anyone who communications about issues will be criticized. The only ones that won’t receive the criticism are the ones who hide.

On had to put on their tough skin when it comes to leadership. Even Pastoral Leaders haven fallen by the waist side but that doesn’t mean that they’re incompetent leaders. They will be attacked for their mistakes, issues, or whatever they have going on in their lives because that’s how people think. They don’t choose to understand but they will be quick to assume. Our actions aren’t perfect and we have to accept that we will make mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a leader or not. Leaders must do what they can and remember that people will say and do whatever they feel they want to do but that doesn’t mean that you’re not a leader.

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Costly Education is it Worth it

Books, Supplies, Room and Board are some of the things that must be paid while attending college. Oh yes. College is expensive and the expense could generate stress for any college student and parents. More stress after graduation due to repayment of loans. That’s enough to detour prospective students.

If one decides to go to a private college then they will pay handsomely. The costs are outrageous and it just doesn’t seem worth it. Imagine paying over 25,000 and not being able to enjoy the off campus surroundings. That’s awful. Paying a lot of money to be subjected to violence doesn’t seem logical.

It’s so sad that they want all that money for a degree and it really doesn’t guarantee suitable employment. It depends on the major but that still holds no guarantee. A lot of Historically Black Schools are asking students to pay way too much money. It really puts a lot of pressure on the students as well as the parents.

I suppose that’s why so many are chosing to study online or choosing certifications. College can drain ones pockets. The costs are continuously rising. If a atudent doesn’t get a good job to quickly pay off their loans then to could end up paying a lot more due to interest and other fees.

Unless one is wealthy then they will have to incur the stress of trying to pay for college. It just doesn’t seem fair. Scholarship aren’t handed out. One has to apply and be chosen. There’s way too many qualified students not receiving the scholarships they deserve to have. Something needs to be done about that.

Students are finding themselves transferring from one College to another because of the excessive expenses. That’s unfortunate and it demonstrates that private colleges are geared towards money. Every school needs money but they shouldn’t wear students down to receive it. Education is important but that cost could drive students mad.

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He’s Going Back

It’s about that time. The teen/adult is going back to school. He’s trying to transfer but in the meantime he has to go back and hit the books in Daytona. It’s not easy because the cost of a college education could have one screaming to the top of their lungs. Yep!

The school my second oldest attends is quite expensive because it’s “private.” Every time we turn our heads there’s an added fee. It’s an investment but a costly one. He’s doing pretty well. Thank God for that. I hope the transfer goes through. The cost will be lower and the it’s in the MIA. Education should be encouraged but one doesn’t always have to attend college in order to be successful.

Obtaining a certification works just as well. In fact those who decide to go the certification route can make more than degree holders. Not everyone is built for college. I’m glad he’s attending and my oldest is attending Culinary School. Their future looks bright and I hope they stay on the “right path.” Soon the second oldest will be headed out.

The sad thing about where he attends is the violence that occurs near the school. There’s shootings quite often and that can make anyone nervous. I pray that all the students stay safe. They lost two students in a domestic shooting late 2015. I pray that no one else perishes. That’s the world we live in. Constant prayer is needed. We never know what tomorrow will bring.

I would like to “encourage” the youth to keep on the right path and “believe in yourself.” You’ re the future and we count on you. The road won’t always be easy but it’s worth it. There’s a lot of potential out there but there needs to be some nurturing and if you have that ability then you should “nurture.” The children need it and a lot of adults as well. Keep believing that you can overcome what’s been plaguing you.

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He’s Coming Home

On the way. It’s his break from school and it’s time to get more business done. He will relax but he has a lot of things to take care. Soon there will be another in college. Time sure flies. I was so excited to see my second oldest. He certainly transformed. He has more hair on his head and more facial.

He deserves to have a break. All of that studying and being trapped in a dorm. He needs a change of scenery. I wonder how long it will take for him to meet up with his friends.? There should be those downtimes. He has a pretty long break. We will see what other business venture we can get a hold of.

I wonder how his brothers will react when they see him. I just can’t believe how much he’s matured. They can’t stay small forever but I must admit that it’s nice seeing him blossom more and more. The ride up was quick and we’re doing a bit of sightseeing. It makes a difference to hash out differences with a loved one and continue to get things done.

I think so many of us are under stress and we haven’t handled it very well. That happens but once we get back on track. It’s all good. It feels good when we hear that our children are making a difference or trying to improve. Of course not all of them will give their best but they still have time to improve. I pray that my younger ones will get back on task.

Hopefully another “breakthrough” will occur. I pray it will. We can use all the “hope” we can get. We shouldn’t feel hopeless but there will be times that we just want to scream. That’s another story.

It’s a rewarding feeling seeing so many young African American men going to college and trying to get ahead. We need more trying to pave the way. There’s so many out there feeling lost. We need to find effective ways to bring them to where they need to be.

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We can Learn on our own

There’s so much to learn and each day we can learn something. None of us knows everything. Some have more knowledge than others. A degree doesn’t make us smarter but it helps when trying to obtain certain jobs. College won’t teach us about life experiences. Only living will do that.

We all have something to learn. Some may have to learn how to “love.” There’s people who are so lost that they are unable to love themselves and others. It’s important that we learn to love and we become more knowledgeable. Without knowledge we lack understanding. When there’s no understanding, there’s no “movement,” without movement there’s no growth. We stand still.

There’s more to life than going off to school and earning a degree. We need real life experiences. We must be challenged. Finding something that moves us will help us gain the things we need to create “change.” We shouldn’t go through life not wanting to grow. Expanding our minds keeps our minds healthy. It’s hard to understand why some people refuse to learn more. We don’t have to sit in a classroom to do that.

We can pick up books on our own. Read articles, read the newspaper, have conversations with wise men and women. There’s many ways to learn. Sometimes we need to learn more about ourselves. Even if we learn one thing a day. We’ve made tremendous progress. Some may feel that there’s no need to learn more after they’ve finished school. School can only take us so far.

We don’t have to be the sharpest but we should want to experience wisdom. We’ve all been stupid at some point. Refused to use our brains because we wanted to do something. We should want to be apart of “growth.” Picking up a good book can do us some justice. There’s no reason we shouldn’t want to have better understanding.

What have you learned today? We should be happy about making progress. Sharing our experiences. You never know who needs some of our knowledgeable experiences. So, learning what we can should be important to us, we should want better. We can even learn through movies. Books aren’t the only way to gain knowledge.

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