The Bahama Breeze is an Awesome Restaurant

The Bahama Breeze is a great restaurant down in Kendall Florida. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the server was excellent. The areas are as if you’re under a moonlight. One can chose to dine in or outside. We choose to dine inside and the food came promptly and everything was fresh. We enjoyed the seafood and chicken wings. Bahama Breeze has a selection of awesome sauces to go with the shrimp, chicken, conch fritters and lobster quesadillas.

We made our way to this fantastic restaurant on December 1st my birthday and Anniversary and I must say that I really enjoyed every moment. The server was very attentive and so was the hubby. I was so proud of him. I simply couldn’t believe it. December 1st was a good day. Of course something occurred that day but everything turned out alright. Thanking God for that. Things change and although there will be some stormy days. They’ll be some awesome days.

I was so impressed with the restaurant and of course I would recommend it. If you’re ever in Florida then check it out. I’m sure customers are happier when their food comes to their table hot and fresh. My husband was a gentleman and that made me “smile.” I had to laugh because he’s in character. Another moving going on and soon the audience will get to view it.

Back to the Bahama Breeze. There’s a Kendall location in Miami and if you ever head out that way. Here’s the address to the Kendall location. 12395 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33186. It’s a place I wouldn’t mind going again and again. Not all restaurants will offer a comfortable atmosphere and great dining but the Bahama Breeze certainly offers that.

Another year and I’m thankful. He didn’t have to do it but He did. Where there’s darkness, there’s light, where there’s sadness. There will be happiness. There will be those good days and we should appreciate them. There’s “hope.” We simply have to believe that and live each day to its fullest. We never know what tomorrow will bring but thank God we’re here today to tell our story. Enjoy the days. We’re “blessed.”

Featured Image belongs to Tiki33 T. Paulk