The Last run

We never know where life will take us. That’s why we should act, take charge, and go for it. Allow that talent to “shine.” Well, one of the largest shows on Fox will be making its last run, American Idol. It certainly incurred lots of success but things must come to an end. American Odol placed a lot of people in awesome positions. Singing careers flourished.

We shouldn’t be afraid to take that risk. We never kbow where our dreams will take us. It can take us further than we’ve ever imagined. There’s plenty of opportunities out there but we must know which ones are for us. Once we find that suitable opportunity. We should embrace and keep moving. We never know exactly where an opportunity will show up.

It could happen at any moment. Ot hapoen today, tomorrow, or the day after. We’ve clearly seen how many opportunities American Idol has goven so many people. Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and more. Although Jennifer Hudson went 7th. She became a “success.” Sometimes a loss is actually a hidden win. Yes, what we may view as a mishap, may actually be a blessing in disguise.

We shouldn’t feel bad when something didn’t go as planned because something better could come along. That’s right. A closed door doesn’t mean a thing. There’s an open door that’s just for us. So, don’t despair when you’re directed elsewhere, that different direction can be the right direction. So many people give up because they feel as if things have taken a turn for the worse. That doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

A setback can actually be a push up. Sometimes we have to move back in order to move forward. That’s how it is sometimes. One last go at it doesn’t mean greater things aren’t ahead. We must remain hopeful go after those things that will help us grow.

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Just Hold on God Will Reveal it

When people come up against you and try to discredit you. Don’t despair because God knows and He will make sure you’re bot swollowed up and Jesus will lead us to God. There’s no way that we can get to God without going through Jesus. The flesh will attack your character, try to bring you down, try to convince you that you have no worth. God doesn’t make mistakes and He would never create a worthless being. We all have worth in good and bad and in every season.

No one has the right to tell us that we can’t do something. If God said it then He meant it. God and Jesus never forsakes us. Never ever so the ugly words that come from our mouths can be rebuked in the name of Jesus. No man or woman can pull us my the hand and drag us to hell. We have every right to live in a peaceful dwelling. Never allow anyone to take your God given talent and bring you down.

We should feel confident within and give when we can. Help ourselves but help others as well. If we allow on minds to focus on everything thing bad someone has to say about us then we will become ill. That can be avoided if we replace the bad with good. Flesh can say anything but God and Jesus can transform us into heavenly beings. We may not always behave right, speak right, but we can do right.

Be confident and believe that you can overcome what people say you are and who they say you are. It’s what God says that truly matters. We should be happy with ourselves and others who try to help others in anyway that they can, we should be “cheerful givers.” Stop allowing people to dictate what we should be doing and not doing. If you took it to God and Jesus tgen there’s nothing to worry about. Be blessed.

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Hold Your Head up High

We live in a very competitive world. People doing whatever it takes to win. Winning is alright but what about succeeding? If people are trying to stop others from succeeding then they’re doing a disservice to themselves. Of course they may not view it that way but they are. If we don’t accomplish something that can create a brightet future then that can hinder those who come behind us. The ones who try to hinder those who are trying to succeed could be holding their children back. Those who are trying to accomplish great things could be the ones who open up doors for the ones who try to hinder children.

People probably aren’t thinking that way but they should. It doesn’t benefit us to stop others from excelling. It only creates more problems. Bigger problems actually. If people are trying to weigh others down for whatever reason then they will have to figure all to get around it. There’s always ways. We shouldn’t ferl bad about trying to achieve and trying to set up things for the future. Anyone trying to make us feel bad about that is a helper. They hinder. They ferl bad when they see others trying to accomplish their goals or “live their dreams.”

It doesn’t seem fair that people rather try and sabotage one’s goals but this happens when competitiveness is in the works. No mattet what comes up against us. We can overcome. We should hold our heads up high and feel good about where we’re headed. No need to keep looking backwards when good things are in front of us. If we give in to those who want us to stop prospering then we will suffer a defeat.

Some may give up because they feel it’s difficult but difficulties are apart of the “process. ” We either accept or we simply give up. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. We have to push ourselves and block out what needs to be blocked out. Never allow anyone to stop you from creating a better future. We should all want better and we can have it. No mattet how tough it gets. Keep going, keep believing, and feel confident.

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Persistence and a Whole lot of Determination

If we really want it then we’ll take those tears, pain, and fatigue. It won’t come easy but with determination we can accomplish some great things. Sometimes we kind of play with ideas and dreams but those dreams that really touch our heart will be the ones we go the extra mile with. We must remain motivated and dedicated to whatever we’re trying to seek. Some days will be rougher than others but we can get through it. It takes a whole lot of courage and a tough mindset to go after certain dreams. They all take courage but the ones that require us to be on the front line will take some extra toughness.

No matter how hard it gets stay driven and passionate about your work. No matter how many people try to get you to turn around. “Be determined” and dedicated to your craft. Some aren’t driven enough to keep going or they’ve allowed a setback or two to stop them from continuing on. We should take the risks necessary to advance because we only come this way once and we should do things that keeps us going. A craft that helps others and puts a smile on our faces is a craft worth holding on to.

People will try to tell you to stop what you’re doing simply because they’re not brave enough to do it themselves. If you really want it then you will go get it. You’ll take the falls, the pain, and the headaches. Yes, pain will be included when trying to pursue your goals and dreams. The pain is worth it because the end result will make our lives better. Be persistent and don’t allow what others say detour you from “Making Things Happen.”

When the tears flow, wipe them away, keep moving. There’s always someone watching and wanting to experience the same courage a dreamer experiences. There will be times when it’s extra tough but all that toughness is certainly worth it. Don’t despair when things seem a bit slow. Go harder, stronger, and be driven like a mad scientist. Even if there’s long hours. When you reach your destination. You’ll feel the joy and be so grateful that you started and completed.

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