The Uphill Battle as a Writer and Blogger etc.

There are many challenges that come along with Writing and Blogging. The greatest challenges is the competition. So many are so in tuned with competing it’s as if they’ve lost their minds. No matter how troublesome the career path can be. There is no stopping until the time is right. There is rewards with the career path but getting to the greater rewards may take sometime. There may be setbacks but through “continuous action” a writer and blogger can become quite successful. There’s a writer who received lots of wealth but not without going through many challenges. The writer touched based on how so many refuse to tell others about the difficulties that come along with writing.

Some may perceive writing as an easy career but for so many the career path is quite stressful and the reasons they’re hanging in is because they’re in love with the “career path.” Not every person will be able to deal with all of the adversity which will come along with traveling on a writing journey. There’s a lot of successful bloggers and some are highly successful because of the way they’ve chose to blog. The celebrity bloggers are the ones who will make a hefty sum because so many are addicted to drama. Wanting to know what’s occurring in celebrities lives.

There has to be passion for the career. A lot of patience as well. Some may become fatigued while trying to accomplish certain goals and that’s why rest is so important. Is quite difficult to become success when there is little rest being achieved. There’s nothing wrong with taking rest. Rest is advised by doctors and is also discussed in the Bible. That’s just how important rest is. Even writers who work online need their rest. Trying to accomplish too much at one time can incur a burnout. Being passionate about any craft will produce “some form of success.” Loving the work being created is a plus.

Although it’s difficult to be challenged often. The thoughts of the rewards generate a smile. Eventually all of the efforts put in will pay off. The key is to continue going even when there’s doubt from others. Not everyone will appreciate the gifts which were supplied before birth. Some will be criticized for their gift. Writing is a gift and some may think they’re incapable of being a great writer but writing is not only a gift but acquired. There are courses in which a lot of writers or persons who want to be writers can take. A lot of writers choose to take creative writing courses. “Don’t Give up on any Craft Because of What the Critics Will say. Continue to aim Higher.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m a Passionate Writer, Blogger, Founder. Advocate etc. Who Continues to Make Progress.” I’m Going Somewhere.” By: Tanikka Paulk   Apr 7, 2017 – … is Written by: Tanikka Paulk Pen Names Include: Tiki33, Teep11, ShaPaulk. … …

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Is all of the Hoopla Necessary?

Really? Some people just don’t know their place and it’s quite obvious. Always causing some chaos huh? Well what shall a person do about all of the hoopla that’s continuing to go on? Smile through all of the mess. It’s going to be a long journey but at least there’s some lessons in all of the drama. There’s way too many people who want to be in charge of my business using every “representation” of the sista below.

Tanikka Paulk

There’s always something going on isn’t there? Have to keep the moves on the hush, hush, and some hush. Eyes seem to be everywhere always up in a person’s business. Ever wonder why some are always so challenging? No matter what’s said, revealed, or “proven” there will always be some who just don’t understand. Perhaps in denial but that’s their business. Everyday challenges at least take a break from misbehaving but there’s a lot a children at play.

It appears there’s no privacy these days. Absolutely none. Some are so in tuned with knowing a person’s every move. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Who’s business is it anyway? There’s all sorts of debates. There will be war and one must know how to battle. Some aren’t “aware” of what tactics to use whether in business or on a personal basis. There are some waiting to just destroy whatever one has going on. Continuing to cause trouble but there are some ways to deal with the problematic events which seem to be continuous.

Some are pranksters and some are really serious about trying to take over the world. There are a lot of people who are power “driven” and if they’ve placed their eyes on something that appears to be worth making attempts to grab then they will. Of course anyone who has an idea that seems to be awesome then there will be a lot of people trying to take the idea away from the one who came up with the idea.

There will be a lot of what some may call haters. Always watching to see who or what they can hate on. Having haters hanging around isn’t always a bad thing. Some can be quite annoying and there are some who are just miserable and wanting to see if they’re able “to obtain” a reaction. One can choose to react or just go about their way. There’s a lot of situations to attend to and if what’s going on isn’t beneficial in some way then there’s no need to bother with the drama.

There will be times when expressing self needs to occur. There will be some who continue to push and push. Ignoring the troublemakers help and there are some who refuse to stop what they’re doing. if there’s enough determination then no matter what’s being said won’t “make a difference.” In order to continue being productive there will need to be some tuning out.

“Keep Pushing on no Matter how Many Critics or Cynics Come Through. Create the Opportunities.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

“Who’s Light? A Good Question.” By:

Tanikka Paulk 

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Throw up the Prayer Hands When the Harassment Comes

Harassment is something so many may have to deal with. Do something remarkable and watch and see how many haters some running out to harass. In order to avoid being harassed one would need to go into a cave. That’s right! Why should any gift go unnoticed? Some may not be happy with what’s taking place in their lives and feel the need to harass others. There’s some who act as if they’re getting paid to harass God’s children. Whatever shall one do? If the harassment is continuous then contacting lawyers as well “authorities” is necessary and especially if there are threats involved. Take the names and information and supply the information to appropriate agencies.

There are some who will become envious of what others are trying to accomplish and will begin projecting insults and perhaps some will try harassing a person or persons by phone. There are “many reasons” why some choose to harass others. If they’re angry for some reason then they may start harassing a person. Some are mentally unstable and will harass because they’re not seeking professional help. No one should tolerate harassment. No matter where the harassment is coming from. A lot of celebrities are continuing to be harassed and targeted. Individuals who are trying to rise in some way may be harassed. Once authorities get involved they’ll be able to monitor who the individuals are who are harassing others.

Some may decide to harass others because they’re in need of something and instead of asking properly they’ll start harassing to get their way. Harassment is a way to cause problems for others. To either get a person to stop or start something. Some may do so in hope that individuals stop making any progress. The harassment could come from an ex., a stalker, or someone who is mentally ill. No matter what the reasons are the authorities should be aware of such harassment. They’re in positions to legally stop the individuals from harassing the victim of victims. When some are envious then they’ll do just about anything to make sure they’re “efforts” work.

Some have received numerous threats and there will be some who are too afraid to speak out about the harassment. A lot of advocates are harassed and some activists have been assassinated after the harassment. There are a lot of unstable people in the world and there should be precautions taken. Some may not stop until there’s some sentencing. Jail time. There are some people who will continue on with their antics until there’s some sort of severe consequences projected.

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“Proceed and Watch and see the Blessings and Breakthroughs Make Their way in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

Everyone has a Right to Pursue

We’re all in pursuit. Whether it’s happiness, wealth, or relationship. Some are in pursuit of dreams and visions. Trying to pursue can be made difficult but never consider pursuing as being impossible. Not at all. Of course one may have to endure some setbacks but they’re still in pursuit. Never become dismayed when others are doubtful. That’s the way human nature operates. The doubters are there and the skeptics will be skeptical but no matter what’s said or done. “Try to stay on course.”

There will lots of disruptions and a lot of people trying to create distractions. Some yelling how much a failure the ones who are trying to move up are. Shake the haters off. They’re doing their job some too well. Continue on even if it appears as if the whole world is after the “dream.” Some will have it easier than others but the more one goes through the more strength they’ll gain. Accept the good with the bad. The bitter with the sweet but never lose hope.

As long as the determination and drive stays. There will be “positive results.” Of course one may have to come in contact with a lot of negativity before reaching the finish line. Having to deal with the most difficult people. Quite challenging but there’s always a way to get through the mob. Saying mob because a lot behave like a mob. Just trying to make things even more difficult for others. Most of the time it’s the ones who were too fearful to live their dreams.

They either didn’t chase or tried and had setbacks so they became discouraged. A lot of people can’t tolerate others “trying to improve.” That’s their own insecurities they’re dealing with. So they’ll become angry. Trying to get others to stop dreaming, stop pursuing, to stop being hopeful. Very unfortunate because everyone needs encouragement. The trying to pull down. There will be lot of people pulling.

Instead individuals encouraging others. They’ll try to nag the persons to death so they’ll just give up give in. The mentality of some is very distorted. Some aren’t even equipped to understand that everyone has a “gift and talent.” Although some refuse to use their talents the only persons they can hold accountable are themselves. Never feel bad about being in pursuit.

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The Lack of Understanding is an Injustice

So many refuse to try and understand certain circumstances or people. They’ll base their opinions on what they’ve heard and not what they’ve seek. Some may not care to understand others but if not why do they continue to “judge” others based on what they perceive? Some are afraid to know who what other people are really like due to “insecurities.” If they view others as they see fit then for some strange reason their line of thinking makes the individuals feel better about themselves.

We’ve all been ignorant at some point but some stay in the state of ignorance. Not trying to seek anything positive. Just conspiring to get others down. Using false information which is slander and not trying to understand anyone at all. Opinions are what others perceive. We simply can’t get all bent out of shape because of opinions. There will always be opinionated individuals. Some will become aggressive. Instead of trying to find out what is so and what’s not. They’ll keep the mind set of “lack of understanding.” Lack of understanding can be dangerous.

So many create confusion because they’re without understanding. Saying things they know is untrue but stating the information anyway. For some is to create difficulties for others. Their line of thinking also includes trying to alter one’s perception. Trying to create confusion. When others are so in tuned with trying to use slanderous “information” to create a cease. They’re actually doing a injustice to themselves.

Knowledge exist so we’re able to learn more and “grow.” Some refuse to be apart of growth and also refuse to allow others to grow. Insecurities will keep some people down. Their line of thinking won’t allow the individuals to be happy when others are trying to excel. No different than the crab mentality. The same line of thinking. Some will try to understand just a little while others may not want to understand at all. If they’re always in a state of confusion then no amount of trying to convince such people to seek understanding will work. They must be willing to do so. (They meaning any group of people.)

Here’s a Post About Dealing With Difficult People.

“Difficult people are ones who refuse to understand and are insecure as well as the ones who display crab mentality.” Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk)

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We’ll Have to Come in Contact With the Difficult and the Toxic

Oh yes indeed we’ll have to face some very difficult people and the more we try to ignore the behavior at times. The more madness the individuals may come up with. Who wants to be bothered with trouble makers all of the time? Gosh. Read? Perhaps shutting everything down will at least help generate some peace. Not receiving a message or responding to some silly questions.

Difficult and Toxic oh my

Some people will be difficult no matter what. Do something and difficult. Don’t do anything and still difficult. Sometimes it’seems best to bite our tongue because the wrong words could just spill out and there’s no return. So many choose to remain silent when dealing with difficult people. Some will tell the individuals where to go. The best thing to do is find something positive to engage in. However Sometimes the behavior needs to be addressed.

Some are difficult because they’re trying to gain something. They will try to irritate the dickens out of a person. Oh my “word.” Just ridiculous. Try shutting down devices and someway and Somehow they’ve found  a way to bother a person or persons.

What’should wrong with some people? Sometimes it appears as if humanity is lost. Some are throwing out toxins because they’re trying to stop a vision. Yes, there will be some who will go out of their way to make things difficult for others, yes they will. The person could be going about their way but some could care less. Never allow toxic and difficult people to cause a meltdown. They’ll try.

Trying to wear out their competition in order to take control. Don’t allow the difficult ones to do so. Some are exposed to the toxicity everyday. Find ways to generate peace. No one should get down and out because some are so ridiculous. Try putting some ideas out there and see how many try to create a disconnection. Just being difficult.

Some people will ignore difficult people continuously and never offer a response. When some try to “Make Things Happen.” There will be some resistance. Yes. Toxic people can be draining. Day in and day out spilling their toxicity. Trying to drive others mad. While trying to do so. They may just end up with the insanity.

Here’s an Interesting Post About Dealing With Difficult People. By: Tanikka Paulk

“Difficult People are Like Crabs in a Bucket. The Poor Crab is Just Trying to Escape.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk). by: Tiki33

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The Journey is Filled With Challenges

Don’t be dismayed when faced with many challenges while on the journey. The challenges build growth and that’s where we gain experience. The best way to cope with challenges is to feel confident that we’re overcome the adversity. Life can be quite challenging. There’s always hope. Doesn’t matter how many people try to hinder progress on the journey. “Visionaries” excel anyway.

Not everyone will understand a visionaries vision and sometimes many challenges arise because of it. Not everyone is meant to understand. No amount of challenges should discourage a dreamer. In fact we all should push harder. Refusing to give up. Continue to be confident. Never be afraid of the adversity. The adversity creates “development.” There will always be at least one person who provides encouragement. The first to encourage should be self.

It’sounds important to have patience. Success takes time and although the journey may be filled with lots of adversity. There should be times of joy and continued growth. There’should no need to be overwhelmed but if stress occurs. Taking brings is necessary. It’s very  difficult to work while being overwhelmed. Some meditation will help and regrouping.

There’s a lot of unpredictable situations while on the journey. May not know exactly how to deal with the situations at first. That’s why  it’s important to take some time out. Anyone who has traveled the journey realizes just how challenging the journey can become. Some days will be filled with fatigue but when the “determination” kicks in there’somewhere no stopping the visionary.

If we’re expecting to get ahead then we’ll have to find creative ways to do so. Sometimes we’ll have to be very secretive in order to make it to the next stage of the journey. There will be all sorts of road blocks. The hecklers will heckle about. The critics will shout out their extreme criticism. Don’t be discouraged. No amount of heckling or criticism should stop the shine.

Don’t allow others to dim the light. So many will try. Apart of the whole process. If we’re able to get through the most difficult patches on the journey then we’re on the right track. “Rise up!” No time for thoughts of failure. If there’s attempts then failure has surely occurred. Keep believing and continue to enjoy the experiences all the journey. The journey won’t totally complex.

“The Storm Will Pass Over. Be Patient, Confident, and Full of Faith.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk)

Here’s a Post About the Difficulties on a Journey.

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Deciding not to Watch the Democratic National Convention Tonight

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was confusing. What was so confusing? The things people were saying. Some were off topic and some saying things that were downright offensive. There seemed to be little disrespect for Bernie Sanders and to be Frank he seemed a bit confused. I’m not sure where the information that was written for the speeches presented came from. It’s as if someone was playing a prank.

There were the hecklers and the crowd seemed to be antsy. The best speaker was Cory Booker.  He nailed his speech and the speech sounded pretty Presidential. Perhaps he’ll run for President in the near future. Tonight it seemed best to not tune in. After watching the Republican National Convention, which was all over the place, it was best to not tune in. Hopefully things went well. I’m just stun about how many mishaps that took place on both sides.

As if the politics has gone down the drain. Oh what embarrassment that took place for both parties. How can they bounce back? There appears to be some very irate voters. Wondering for the next President will do to generate a stability. We simply don’t know. Perhaps tomorrow will be better and people will be calmer.

Some were dismayed with the chosen material that the Democratic party selected. Some interviewers addressed how unsure they were when it came to voting for Hilary Clinton. Some voters are claiming that this election may not see their vote. Seems quite disappointing. The views go down when people get tired of seeing antics after antics. Losing voters isn’t good for any candidate. I’ve never seen anything like what’s taking place now. Perhaps things will get better later on.

Losing minority votes isn’t good for any candidate and it appears that the nominees aren’t saying very much. People are lost and not knowing who to vote for. What a mess. There’s two more days of speeches. At least the audience was treated by a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Paul Simon. He did a fantastic job.

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Sometimes one has to lay low

With all the competition it’s pretty tough moving the way one would like to. People really take competitiveness serious. They may not care about knocking others down or sabotaging one’s journey. Even when we’re being pushed in another direction we shouldn’t stop trying to achieve. There will always be someone who will want to give us a difficult time.

There’s nothing we can do about competition. A little competition is necessary but too much of it can create destruction. If we find ourselves being overly competitive then we need to step back and give ourselves a pep talk. Once the pep talk is over. We should continue on our way. Anytime we want to do something extraordinary, we better be prepared for friction, there will definitely be some. That’s just how it is.

Some competitors should be avoided. There’s some who go insane when it comes to any competition. Some battles aren’t worth fighting. If we don’t have to deal with the mess then we shouldn’t deal with it. There’s some competitors who dream about destroying their competition. They may create the most treacherous tactics. It really sums up to insecurity.

If one is confident with their craft and gifts then they will feel no need to bully their competitors. Confidence doesn’t try to hinder. It builds. Even if we xome across those who want to see us fail. We shouldn’t allow their feelings and actions to get us down. We can overcome the mess but we have to be strong willed. Without the strength. We would be swollowed whole.

Having some competition in our lives isn’t bad. If the competition causes us to become iritable then we may need to break away for a bit and then come back to whatever it is that we’re trying to accomplish. We can do great things but we can’t get them done if we’re not equipped. Competitors seek out weaknesses and they will try to chop away at their competition. Be careful with competitiveness.

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