Social Media Craze

Well, well, well. It seems as if social media has developed into an emotional rollercoaster network. Do you think the creators are in the dumps about that? Not at all. They love it. Why? They love it because they receive the attention and their pockets are filled with your emotional money. Oh yes. Facebook is a social media site that wants to ear. It’s business and if that means your emotional state being at risk then so be it. That’s right.

You can end up in the looney bin and they not care at all. They will still make their money. Their excuse will be that they don’t like getting involved in personal issues. What about bullying? They aren’t concerned or at least that’s what’s perceived. There’s way too much drama on Facebook. Lets face it some of us like a little if we didn’t we wouldn’t watch “Empire.” Too much of it can get us down and that’s something we can do without.

Facebook was used to create a movie. Of course this movie will have some happiness, sadness, drama and suspense. The movie involves my “Empire Family.” We’re created something “epic.” That’s right. So all the drama and emotions that we endured will be worth it. There will be a surprise. Some rebuilding taking place. You have to go through something in order to gain somethig. There’s no gain without pain. Not at all.

So, we;’re continuing to “Make Things Happen.” It’s a brand new day. What happened yesterday is gone. We can do great things if we put on mind to it. We’re creating and using our God given talents. Let’s go family. Look out for the “Empire Family.” Much love and care. “Put love in your work.” It’s time that we move up and move forward. Be creative and create your world.

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Sharing Information Helps Companies but not the Consumers

Companies make money sharing our information but sharing your personal information could be damaging. Are companies really caring and being considerate when it comes to  their customers? Sharing information could land in the wrong hands and you never know who’s waiting to mess you up. It’s important that companies as well as consumers protect themselves. There’s a lot of people who are desperately wanting your information for their personal gain. Companies are helping them do that. ( 2009) states; Your personal information—everything from your shopping habits to your health history—can be available to creditors, employers, landlords, insurers, law enforcement agencies, and, of course, criminals. All they need to do is tap into the public and private databases that gather, buy, and sell your vital statistics.

There’s more and more class action lawsuits popping up because companies are being careless. By allowing consumers information to land in the wrong hands, companies are setting themselves up to fall, they’re in the business to make money but should they do that risking consumers well being? They want to gather information about you and then sell that information. That’s why people should really try to avoid surveys.

How many of you have taken a survey that claimed to compensate you but when you complete their questions, they tell you that you didn’t qualify, that’s right?They already received the information they wanted and now they refuse to compensate you. It’s a rip off and a scam. They just needed that information. So they earned and you lost. You lost your information and they were the ones being compensated.

Technology and Privacy

We should be more aware. We should learn to be more proactive when it comes to our privacy. Using technology has opened the door to our privacy being exposed. People lurk about searching to gather what they can. Banks are tired of it and it seems that people are finding more ways to gather what they can on someone. We should protect our devices and our computers. There’s always some gimmick. Some way to scam members, and customers. We have to be careful there’s some jobs that will refuse to protect their workers information and sometimes they’re information is stolen.

People and companies are becoming desperate and they want your information. They want to share it, steal it, and use it against you. Protect yourselves. It’s not being paranoid when it comes to protecting your identity and your information. You won’t believe who’s willing to try to get your information for their personal gain. Be careful who you share your information with. Those close to you aren’t an exception to that rule.

Source: Consumer Report .Org 2009. “Big Brother is Watching”

“Your personal information—everything from your shopping habits to your health history—can be available to creditors, employers, landlords, insurers, law enforcement agencies, and, of course, criminals. All they need to do is tap into the public and private databases that gather, buy, and sell your vital statistics.”

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Don’t Stop Networking and Marketing

If you have a business or you have a brand then you should be aware that you must market and network.  Being still and allowing everyone else to network and you refuse to do it. Your business will suffer and your brand won’t receive the recognition it deserves. Why are so many people afraid to network? It could have something to do with fear of failure.

In the business world one has to remove the fear and “get cracking.” Network like a maniac, don’t act like one, just put fourth maximum effort. Use those tools. You’re familiar with the tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Google+ is a great network as well. Twitter has something special for business owners and business minded individuals. Why should we sit back and refuse to allow our money to grow.

If you want to get noticed, be friendly, and “tweet.” I don’t know why Twitter users are afraid to tweet but not tweeting won’t do you any good. What’s the use of being on Twitter if you refuse to interact and tweet? Of course you don’t have to tweet everything and you should use caution while tweeting but you shouldn’t just stand still.

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Social Media Networks are in place for us to use. They advertise so why shouldn’t you advertise your products and services? We can’t expect to get ahead if we refuse to make “big moves.” Use those social networks and stop being afraid of failure. You only fail when you refuse to try. We should want to be apart of “growth.” It’s time that we get what we deserve. We deserve to “prosper.”

We’ve been stuck for too long. It’s time that we take advantage of free advertising and free services. Those services can help our businesses and bank account grow. What’s wrong with that? Take the opportunity and go like the wind. “Make Things Happen.” We can and will become “financially secure.” What a blessing that will be.

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Are you Ready for Some Promotion

In order to gain exposure to your business, blog, or books. You need to “promote.” Without promotion, a business can fail, books may stay on the shelf. That’s no good. When you promote your work. Do so with a “smile.” Be a happy promoter. Sitting back and watching the tides came in won’t help with exposure. One has to be willing to find the best promotion tools.

How Should I Promote?

Promote aggressively at times and continue to use the most effective social networks. Use catchy phrases when promoting. Have fun promoting. It doesn’t have to be a tiring job. Some people choose to put lots of money in promoting. It doesn’t have to be that way. Some may choose to promote on two social media sies but if you want to gain more exposure you should use at least 4 effective sites.

If one decides to put money into promoting then they should set a budget. Without a budget, a business owner can over spend, and a author could lose more money than received. That would be uneffective. If you’re not sure where you should start promoting. You should do some research. What works for one. May not work for another but social media is a great way to promote your business and products.

You can also promote offline. Offline promotion works as well. Some businesses will allow you to promote your business, books, or blogs but of course there may be a catch. They may want you to do the same for them. Don’t get bent out of shape if you’re asked to do this. That’s how it is in business. Anyone working online or has a business, understands that they will need to be active, promoting involves communicating. Being silent won’t get the job done. When I say, “being silent,” I mean sitting back and expecting things to just happen. Do what works but promote.

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Small Incomes can Turn Into a Large Income

Ha,ha,ha. That’s people laughing when you’re working on sites that earn little amounts of money but what if you’re working on numerous sites and putting in more work than expected? You can end up grossing some good income and on top of that, you can use some of it to invest, and make much more. Don’t think small. “Think big.” Believe that your hard work will generate enough for you and your family to live comfortably. Don’t worry about those who don’t believe that you can do it. You simply have to believe.

People may say, “Working for Pennies?”, your reply could be a yes and no. Yes, you’re working for pennies that will turn into dollars, and then turn into tens and so on and so on. You’re a winner if you use small things and turn them into big things. The money doesn’t grow right away. It may take time but if you use the correct methods then that income will come faster than expected. In order to make a decent amount each month, you will need to put different income sources under your belt, “passive income.” You want your money to work for you. As you travel or as you lay in bed. Your money could grow. You don’t have to work on a website all day but you will have to put in some work.

In order for those small amounts to make a big difference. You will need to promote your work. Without promotion, you will stand still, and that’s not what you want. You want to put away something for the future and in order to do that, you will need to make money in order to save, it can be tiresome at times but it’s something you’ll need to do so that your family will be stable. Financial stability helps alleviate stress. You’re not working for nothing. You’re working towards something.

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Effective Marketing and the Best Strategies

How do you market your products? Marketing isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes years to figure out what works best. If you want to know what will work then you must be prepared to fail. You may not want to hear that word but if there’s no failures then there’s no rewards. You can’t learn from always getting it right. You can watch what everyone else is doing or you can start finding out what will get you on the map.

When you market your products and services make sure that you know who your audience is. You want to give them what they want. In order to do that. You must know what they want. Once you try one strategy and it doesn’t work out then you know to go to the next. As soon as that bell goes off, you’re in the game, make every “strategy” count.

Who should Your Target Audience be?

If you’re selling urban wear then your target audience would be African Americans within the youth to young adult age range. In some instances it will attract middle aged men and women. If you’re selling books then your audience will depend on the type of books you’re selling. You can easily figure out who you’ll be targeting.

What ever you do make sure that you do some research before stepping out there. You should compare the statistics and see which products sell and how they’re sold. Not saying that someone else’s strategy will work for you but at least you’ll have some idea. as for your services. The customers will come when you build their trust. If they believe in you then they will want your services.

You may not win them over at first and don’t fret when you don’t. Keep trying different methods and you’ll find your niche. In order to build something good, you must be patient, those good things take time. Allow the nurturing to begin. Don’t think that you’ll make things happen overnight. A business takes time to grow. It doesn’t flourish without some “shine.”

“If you’re constantly working at it then you’ll find out what works.”

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Views Rise During the Holidays

If you’re a blogger or writer then you already know how it goes. Working on websites can be unpredictable, one day there’s loads of traffic, and other days there’s barely any at all. That’s how online writing goes. It can be up one day and down the next. All in all it comes together but for many bloggers and writers the frustration can rise with downtimes.

This could have something to do with time zones and people working outside of their homes. Depending on the hours. a site could experience high traffic volumes, this seems to be the case aftet 6 p.m. After 6 is when people usually arrive home from work. After they’ve settled in a bit, they can sit back and navigate through sites, writers and bloggers have no control over this. There’s no need to get bent out of shape. Where there’s a slow day. There’s a high traffic day so we should be thankful for that.

Lets Talk About the Holiday Seasons

Writers and Bloggers should be smiling from ear to ear when the holidays roll around. Why? They should be “smiling” because the money really grows around this time. Yes, yes, yes. The traffic increases during the holidays because people are on vacation and they will want to make their rounds around the web. So writers and bloggers can look forward to some extra cash during the holidays.

Guess what? More cash means you will be in a position to buy extra gifts. Someone will be happy about that. Don’t fret when that traffic decreases before the holidays. Everything will balance out.Writing and Blogging are great careers and when it’s down, we tend to get nervous, but we have to understand that businesses experience fluctuations. Just think about the positives and everything will turn out alright.

Save What you can

Knowing that traffics slows down and that there will be periods where the money trickles in. That simply means that we will have some saving to do. If there’s some emergency cash then we will fair better. Slow traffic is something online workers have to deal with but there’s a lot of bright sides to the business.

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How to Build Traffic

We all know that working from home or working online isn’t easy. If you’re a writer or blogger then you know that you need traffic to your sites in order to make money. Many writers and bloggers worry about gaining exposure to their craft.

It’s not easy obtaining that traffic that will make you say, “wow!” There’s more to it than getting the traffic to your sites, you need them to click on adds, oh my. Lets be realistic here. Most people will probably scan through your work and head over to something else. Sigh.

What ever shall you do? Well, you could try to find some creative ways to make them want to come and “click,” that’s a great idea. The best way to get people to visit your sites are to “share.” Share what? Share your time and share interaction. If you’re not intetacting then you won’t get far. Interaction is very important. Don’t hesitate to interact.

Once people get familiar with you, they will be “excited” to see you pop in and see what you’re up to. After awhile they will find some of those ads interesting and want to click on them and sign up. “Hooray!” Isn’t that nice? Make sure you’re communicating on different sites.

Bloggers make money with those ads. Sites make more money when there’s more traffic because advertiers are willing to pay more with higher traffic. Makes sense. The more people click on ads, the more successful sites, writers, and bloggers will be.

Advertising Your Sites

You can’t expect to gain traffic without advertising. Advertise your links, the referral links, and advertise other writer’s work. The more exposure the better. Find creative ways to advertise. You can use a bit of humor in your advertisements. If there’s money to be made then why not make some of it? Find what works and have fun with it.

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Business Partners Making it Work

I’m so proud of my business partner. He’s a pretty smart guy, it continues to do research on the best investments, he’s in tuned with business. I’m so thankful that he continues to “prosper.” When choosing a business partner, one should choose someone who’s willing to put in the work, a person who’s focused will do well as a business partner.

If both of you are on the same page then things will most likely work out. Some partnerships go sour because one is more focused on the money then on the bright ideas. Of course we all have to survive but if a “business partner” doesn’t care about others then they would get kicked to the curb.

Who wants to work with a controller? One who won’t listen to your ideas but what all of their ideas put to use. That won’t help in the real world or in business. I rather stick with someone I know very well and I know will get the job done. This person is busy but won’t hesitate researching whatever needs to be researched.

Of course he’s not my only business partner but he’s one that’s working overtime right now. Good for me. Huh? It’s time to get extra serious because we have a lot of work to do. There’s so much planning and there’s a whole lot of “ideas” on the table. We will set up a business plan and continue to put together proposals. That’s something every business owner should learn, they should know how to put proposals together, of course Mr. Business Partner isn’t fond of that and I can understand that. So for now, he’s the researcher, I’m alright with.

My other business partner is the one who gives a few names to speak about. That’s not all, he also goes to some football games, and that works. If everyone does their part then things will certainly come together the way that we would like them to. We have to continue working together and “making things happen.”

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Be careful With Competitors

Competition is everywhere, it’s in the world, not everyone knows how to compete the right way. We shouldn’t be competing but everyone knows that people will do it anyway. If competitors are trying to do underhanded things then they should be avoided. If one doesn’t have the confidence in themselves and their business then they probably would try to sink their competition.

It’s not fair but some businesses and people will do that if there’s insecurity issues or if they’re evil. How can one get through to their competition? The best thing that a business can do is to keep ethical business practices and learn from their mistakes. Business is risky and sometimes business owners will take things to the extreme just because they want to win.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful but if you have to do so by harming others then things will go down hill. One can’t expect good things to come their way by doing evil things to others. It just won’t work. Wadhwa V. 2013 stated, “Corporate Executives and business owners need to realize that there could be no compromise when it comes to ethics and that there are no easy shortcuts to success. Their companies need ethics carefully sewn into their fabric.”

If the competition hurts others and it causes a lot of grief for their customers then the business should do all they can to make things right. If they’re unwilling to do so then they may experience failure. Not making sure your customers are satisfied and not caring about others will cause a business to suffer a demise.

Competing can cause all sorts of problems. People may not know how to compete without hurting others. If there’s absolutely no ethics, there’s no caring, and if there’s no caring people will move on to a business that truly “cares.” It’s important that business owners take care of business but it’s more important that they care about people.

It’s the “people” that will help their business grow. Focusing on winning may cause a failure to occur. That’s not what business owners want. When businesses use trickery they have set themselves up. They may think that they’re moving up the ladder but eventually they will come sliding down. Allowing corruption in your business is just bad business.


Wadhwa V. july 13, 2013. “Corruption in Business, and the Importance of Ethics”

“Corporate Executives and business owners need to realize that there could be no compromise when it comes to ethics and that there are no easy shortcuts to success. Their companies need ethics carefully sewn into their fabric.”

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