How Many are Continuing to Compete?

What are so many competing for? It seems as though some could be competing to rise higher or to keep their freedom. Whatever the reasons are they’re competing strongly. That’s right. There are some continuing to be overly competitive. Would some need therapy because of their overly competitiveness? Anyway I’m continuing and really can’t afford to be focused on what the competitors are doing. There is so much to accomplish and the groups aren’t there yet. Oh where will that destination be?

There’s the wait and see. My purpose was already designed and it appears as though some haven’t figured out how to “understand.” I’ve climbed higher and I’m so thrilled that there will be the abundance. Shouldn’t individuals claim their abundance? Yes indeed. I’m aware of what my path is suppose to be and there are some thinking that they can disconnect my pathway.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many times will they try to prevent what has already been declared? They’re still trying.

It’s important that the proceeding continues. The said objectives haven”t been met as of yet. Yes it appears as though the processes are time consuming but will be worth the pain and tears. There is no way of getting around the adversity but one thing is for sure there “will be the abundance” yes there will be. I’m keeping the faith. I’m a believer and I’m aware of what God can do. He’s continued to try and protect me=Tanikka Paulk. The journey is for you=Tanikka Paulk. It’s my journey. There seems to be way to be many wanting to overpower my journey.

I’m an advocate and I’m fighting to keep what belongs to “Tanikka Paulk.” Wow! They’re so determined to try and rid of what I’ve worked for. “Papers said so, the Good Books says so, The “confirmation” agreed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve made my decisions with my own mind. I’m continuing to discover and have explored my options. What are the rest so focused on? Should they be focused on my journey or should they focus on their own gifts? Yes they should focus on their gifts and try to create a better world. There should be more togetherness.

Soon enough there will be the breakthroughs in which I’ve been waiting for. I’m satisfied with my progress and although there were setbacks there seems to be some acceleration now. How wonderful! I’ve been pushed and certainly didn’t think they pushed too far. Perhaps some have gone too far but what are the consequences? There should be further developments. Standing in the way won’t help it’s better to allow the journey to proceed and that’s what God is allowing. I’m certainly grateful.

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Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

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Experience is the Greatest Teacher Of my Life

There are many experiences. The best develops include becoming experienced. I Tanikka Paulk have trained employees was a former Team Leader and remember training one employee named Melanie. Melanie was having some difficulties because there were cruel individuals teasing her and mocking her about her weight. Melanie ending up becoming a very good employee. My work ethic included working double shifts and working with police officers. There was one officer very friendly and he continues to work for the City of Coral Gables Police Department.

Throughout the years I Tanikka Paulk gained lots of experience in varies sectors. Have trained and received enormous training. Yes, I’ve had to prove myself many times, challenged and it appears as though I’m still challenged. “There are Instances where trying to gain the experience is quite complex but there is still hop.” (Tanikka Paulk). There are some refusing to gain the necessary experience so that there’s advancement. In order to become a leader one has to be willing to demonstrate leadership qualities. How many are willing to do so?

Leaders develop other leaders. “I’ve been surrounded by visionaries, leaders, some with prestigious leader qualities.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve been selected to step into leadership positions and some are very surprised because they’ve judged based on the outer instead of the inner. There was a Principal suggesting that I Tanikka Paulk obtain the education to become an effective leader. Leadership was and is with me=Tanikka Paulk all of my life. Was the line leader, patrol, and organized talent shows.

An Effective Leader

There will be individuals unwilling to accept the decision to choose a certain leader because perhaps they may want to be in the said position. Every leader will be tested some are tested more than others. In order to remain composed there will need to be the ability to block. “Some individuals are unwilling to understand why a person is chosen for a leadership position but the are many reasons why.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s no need to worry when not being accepted because the selection demonstrates that there are some “observing” the reasons why the person should be chosen to become the leader.

My experience hasn’t be shown to every person but there is experience and skills. I’ve attended many training’s and have taught students grouped and in the classroom setting. “There are some envious of the position or positions so therefore there will be some dealing with the complexities. They’ve tried to prevent the climbing of the ladder but there are some willing to assist with the rise. “I’m continuing to gain more knowledge and although there are some still being giving me=Tanikka Paulk difficulties with my advancing. I’ve been purposed.” (Tanikka Paulk)

“Full of Light, I’m Glowed, I’m Confident and Selected.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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To Discover the Importance of Promoting

It’s extremely important to promoter the business, brand, products and whatever needs promoting. There are some shying away from promoting or perhaps are just waiting for “free business promotions.” Promoting online is highly effective there are many users online. The “potential” customers will check out the brands and perhaps make their selection and that’s how more revenue is generated. Too many just sit back and aste time instead of finding ways to promote their business or brand.

Get Ready to Promote

There are many ways to promote and one sure way is to place the ads on social media. That’s right. Social Media can help a company build traffic and gain customers. what platforms to use? Facebook seems to be a great platform to use when advertising. There’s also other platforms such as Google+. There has to be a decision to choose which platform will be the most effective. Oh yes, lets not forget about Instagram. Yes indeed Instagram is an awesome avenue to use. There are many users on Instagram and therefore there are many waiting to see what to purchase.

Lots of celebrities are using Instagram and they’ll shop if the brands are what they’re looking for and attractive. In fact there are more People using the internet than there are watching television however that doesn’t mean that the advertising on television should be discontinued. There should be advertising on both platforms. There needs to be more work put into building traffic and gaining consumers. There are some behaving lazy. They’re not promoting the way that they should.

Free advertising doesn’t mean that individuals shouldn’t promote. There has to be unity when promoting. There are way too many People refraining from promoting properly. Too many take advantage of the person or persons offering the services and end up losing. Some ‘promote’ very little for whatever reasons. There doesn’t need to be long hours put into promoting but there certainly needs to be more promoting occurring. There are websites which allow brand owners as well as business owners to promote on their sites. Just put in a little research and find out which sites offer the space. “Promoting should be occurring and there are way too many lacking the ability to promote.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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I’m Qualified for That Mission

There’s too many People failing to understand that all persons aren’t equipped to travel on the journey. No matter how many times it’s explained there seems to be some refusing to accept that there will be no invitation. There’s certainly difficulties if there are many uncooperative People. There should be at least some consideration to understand. The focus is to accomplish the set goals in order to create stability. The economy certainly can use a boost. There are invaders and the ones trying to sabotage shouldn’t receive an invitation. “The ability” to understand seems to be far between some of the membranes.

The mission is to incur higher revenue. Imagine if budgets continue to dip then there could be individuals being laid off and suffering economical distress. How many are willing to assist how many really are concerned about growth? When there are achievements to accomplish then there should be cooperative People. Are they concerned about increases or are they simply focused on causing decreases. The mission shouldn’t be every person’s mission because there are some refusing to become “qualified”. There must be “visionaries” on such mission. That is right.

When there’s growth then there will be more stability. There could be less homelessness but so many are so focused on their selfishness that they’re unable to visualize. There is more than dreaming occurring. There is no time to waste on babysitting the insecurities in which so many seem to project. The ones believing in the abundance are the ones qualified to travel on the journey. A visionary should consider and observe the qualified. Most of the time the person will have to travel alone. Having too many hanging on could result in delays. “To consider the most effective ways to assist the economy is what is needed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve encountered persons continuing to cause havoc because they’re really afraid of prosperity. The challenges and adversities could create greater strength but too much pulling and there could be broken bridges. They’re not looking ahead there seems to be some continuing to look backwards. There should be further developments. There should be positive thinking and sights on what will help the entire world. Some have confused themselves by refusing to see what is in front of People. Look closer and there could be “connections” beyond imagined. “There will be accomplishments in which some could be taken back by. It’s the wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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“The ray of hope begins with developing a positive mindset.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The Writer Faces Difficulties

How many writers have faced the difficulties but have overcame the challenges? There are many writers facing the difficulties but there is one writer in particular facing the most difficult People. “Writers should have pleasant experiences there should be joyfulness along the journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s still hopefulness and there are moments when the thoughts of writing are like the best flavored ice=cream. The competition is the reason why some writers have difficulties. ?The constant picking, disagreements, and wasted time trying to dismantle my journey can generate a frown.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are stories where writers express how they’ve been challenged. There are so many competitors and yes they’ll use disruption in order to make their competition believe that they’re not worthy. Every writer should believe that they’re worthy. There are many ways to be expressive and there are ways to deal with the challenging People. I’m the “you”=Tanikka Paulk writer and hold many titles in which so many refuse to accept. Although there will be the ones refusing to accept “my purpose,” I’m  grateful, and appreciate the ones who have accepted it.

My grandmother use to enjoy writing and producing poetry. There should be joy when writing but there will be some thoughts of how silly some are. They’re refusing to accept what is given. I’ve placed the words here and there. There will be a word which will hold more valued. “I’m so thankful for the person which I’ve considered to be more than a friend.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will always be support to writers even if there is just one other.

Some have chosen to cease their journey due to having to deal with the cynics and critics. There are some worn out because of what they’ve had to face. I’ve been talked about, criticized, and received threats but yet I’m still continuing. There will be a conclusion to the journey when the timing is right. For now there needs to be “productivity” within the journey. The poetic pieces which are dear and the writings which I’ve produced. My ability to continue even when they project war is a blessing.

Here I am so determined to proceed. There is hopefulness within and there are many thoughts of how blessed I am. They’ve tried to take away what God has ordained but God refuses to turn away. God hasn’t forsaken me=Tanikka Paulk and neither has Jesus. My hopes and dreams is certainly to make a difference and to make positive differences. I’ve achieved but there is more to achieve. There is greatness within this body=Tanikka Paulk. There is the belief that I’m deserving of the blessings God has stored.

“Need the Soil at the set Foundation.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Taking Advantage of Who?

Alright there’s nothing wrong with being “nice” (tanikka paulk). but some seem to think that I’m under some obligation order. Oh no they didn’t. What’s their malfunction? It seems as though they’re convinced that working for free is best. Every person trying to make a living should be allowed however persons causing a decline in their careers should consider early retirement. “I’ve tried to be very patient but they’re running the free into the ground.” (Tanikka Paulk). Offering free services is one thing but working on sites should incur compensation.

Even slaves where paid working in the cotton fields. Who do they think I am? They’ve went too far and I’m going to stand up. I’m not going to tolerate the abuse. That’s what I Tanikka Paulk meant about changing. There will be more changes to come. No person should tolerate such mistreatment. They’re going to see the meaning “of advocating.” There are some continuing to think that I’m their personal slave. No way! They’ve caused their own problems and now I’m going to find the best solutions to create increases. How many have thought about what they’ve done?

There are many lessons and what some have perceived they were and are currently wrong. Mankind will make many mistakes and what has occurred some of the acts were intentional. The punishments in which every person must face if they’ve acted disorderly but some are punishing based on what they’ve perceived. Yes, there are a lot of People unwilling to admit when they’re wrong. The game playing and shady behaviors cause annoyances. My mind is focused on making improvements. “I’m going to be focused on the areas in which will gather the necessary foundations to build a better society.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

There so many tricks, What will the groups come up with next? Everyday there seems to be some form of disruption. No matter what individuals think of a person it’s what the person perceives of self. There is no way that I’m going to settle for being pushed to the side. The acts committed were foul. There is the ability to create positive changes but how many are willing to assist? It appears as though there are more willing to rip connections apart instead of building. Yes, they’ll want to place the blame on one person, but will they win?”

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Focusing on What can Offer Growth

If any person continues to focus on what others are saying then they’ll find that they’re unable to meet the goals. There will be lots of People trying to cause disruptions and how many are willing to join in? It seems as though there are more individuals focused on decreases instead of increases. There should be gladness when it comes to “growth.” The ability “to grow” in anyway is truly a blessing. It’s better to proceed with confidence and determination and refuse to be pushed to the side. I’ve had to face so many continuing to cause a cease with the purpose in which God has instilled. They’re quite confused and really need to check themselves.

What I’ve already accomplished can not be taking away. They’ll try over and over to create setbacks but one must “be determined” enough to make continuous progress. Yes, trying to live any dream isn’t easy. the critics will have their say. Some will become aggressive and they’ll use the meanest words in order to cause a decrease in bravery. There must be a winning attitude presented. What’s said shouldn’t force any person to move backwards there should be upward motions and elevation occurring. No person will be without adversities. There will be many trials to face. How persons deal with the trials truly matter.

The words spoken aren’t going to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop moving towards “my designed purpose.” They’ve already said a lot. Some can’t keep their mouths closed. Distractions are what so many continue to try to project. There are many reasons why the persons will try to do so. For some they’re not wanting to see rises occur. Some may not want to see certain groups get ahead. The main reason why some are having difficulties is because they’re unwilling to accept. My purpose was given to me=Tanikka Paulk by God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve been challenged many many times.

The time is now when there should be focus on providing the best avenues in order to create further “achievements.” What about the younger generation? Is there no concern about what they’re going to do? What was and is designed for persons is. “They don’t seem to understand that it was and it is.”(Tanikka Paulk). They’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk) out of my purpose. It’s a wonderful thing that I’ve found the best ways to deal with the critics and others. There should be movement occurring. How about that=Tanikka Paulk? Yes, what so many have done has caused some sort of delay but what God has declared they’re unable to prevent. Alright!

The lies told probably will continue but what will they offer me=Tanikka Paulk? They’re offering very little by projecting such actions. I’m going to accomplish what I’ve set out “to accomplish.” There will be goals met. The distractions haven;t added the necessary value. “I’m still believing in self and I’m determined enough to proceed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes, the competitors will continue to display their silly antics, what will they gain? I’m moving forward and so should the others. There should be more willing to take the necessary steps in order to incur the breakthroughs. Determination is it.

Oh it was good and it is. Oh yes that it was “good” and it is good. Oh yes indeed it was Tanikka me=Tanikka Paulk and it is Tanikka me=Tanikka Paulk.

There was and is Light. Light is continuing to Shine Amen! (Tanikka Paulk)

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I’m you and so what!

So there’s a problem with me=Tanikka Paulk being you? Oh I’m so determined so whatever the thoughts are about my journey I’m still moving ahead. There shouldn’t be any beefing but it’s obvious that there’s some misunderstandings and so many are unwilling to accept. “I’m more concerned about society the economy then the persons chatting nonsense about this chick.” (Tanikka Paulk). What are they saying? They’ve said a lot but that chick is continuing anyway this and that is the same and it’s me=Tanikka Paulk.

No need to be in the feelings. To feel badly about the movements. There should be progress and why are so many so down about this chick’s journey? Cheer up guys. There should be smiles about what’s to occur. “There watching every move keep the moves hidden alright!” (Tanikka Paulk). The you will continue making what needs to occur happen. It’s alright and I’m ok with some of the hating. Are they really hating they could be inspired.

Trying to check me=Tanikka Paulk can be quite difficult. So many continue to hang on to my purpose and what’s to come. There should be more cooperation but unfortunately there will be some disagreeing. No matter what’s expressed there will be more and more developments. Alright! So perhaps there should be more cooperating but if they’re unwilling then that’s their problem. It’s supplied some facts and a whole lot of inspiration. Just wait and see what will occur there will be a lot of surprises. Perhaps some aren’t enjoying surprises.

There could be some running and some skipping. There certainly will be movements no matter how many try to prevent movement from occurring. There is so much focus on the getting ahead. That’s right! So many are focused on what will occur next. Perhaps there shouldn’t be any revealing as to what will occur later on. “I’m still here and forwarding my purpose. Still smiling.” Tanikka Paulk is still here oh yeah!” (Tanikka Paulk).

It’s the you

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Setting a Tone at This Time

Glorious and Victories of the Day!

What wonders will this journey become of? There’s so many experiences and a lot to explore. The trials will fade and there will continue to be progress. No person can avoid the adversities but it’s important to know how to deal with the many adversities. To be a winner there must be thoughts of positivity. To think clearly, be brave, and to remain confident. So many seem to demonstrate their lack of confidence. How are they demonstrating lack of confidence? The actions and the behaviors.

There is so much joyfulness in knowing that there will be abundance. What God has stored up for persons will be. “I’m encouraged even when the storms roll in.” (Tanikka Paulk). “The ones who continue to try and take away what God has declared for “Tanikka Paulk” will see just what God can do.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions haven’t altered the journey. The noise being shouted throughout the travel hasn’t caused a cease. There is so much to be grateful for. My eyes continue to focus on the prize and the rewards in which so many will be blessed. “I’m Tanikka Paulk and I’m Continuing to be Apart of the Life Experiences.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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So many have been discouraged by the hecklers. To think about stopping the vision, dreams, the ideas would be unsettling. There should be thoughts about making continuous progress. The movements shall continue and no matter how often folks try to remove the purpose in which God has already declared there will be movements. What was set before birth is so. I’ve received the confirmation and confirmations. There’s persons willing to continue to discover so that there will be more abundance. So many have fallen and haven’t had the opportunity to get up again.

I’m so grateful to the helping hands. The ones who continue to demonstrate that they’re willing to succeed further. The economy can certainly use a boost. What more are they looking for? Some would rather place another in my position. The understanding of what God has already designed seems to continue to be misunderstood. My breakthroughs will surely come. The hope is here and although there were so many wanting to cause discouragement. God is here right by my side. He’s kept me=Tanikka Paulk and continues to travel with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey.

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Accepting What is

“To Understand can Produce More Than so Many can Imagine.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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There are Options Regarding

How many review their options? There are so many options, choices, and discoveries. There’s so many refusing to look at the bright views. To be able to have a choice within matters is certainly awesome. What will one choose? There could be choices in which some may become surprised. I’m being and I’m becoming. I’m so grateful to have the options available. “My choices shouldn’t bother others but it appears as though what I’m deciding seems to rub so many wrongly.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Shouldn’t every person be allowed to choose? Of course there are some unable to choose due to disabilities. There shouldn’t be disruptions regarding what the choices will be. Perhaps some refuse to under their place. where will I Tanikka Paulk stand? I’m standing firm that’s for sure. The choice made can either add value or cause ffurther problems. What’s perceived? Some continue to use misjudge. There is way too much focus on what a person chooses to do.

What I’m deciding shouldn’t be their concern. If persons want to change their personal lives then why shouldn’t the persons do so. There are options choices in which aren’t so fitting. God gave every person choice. The choice to choose what’s desired but there could be consequences. There are way too many involved in what others are doing. There should be focus on their own pathways. “Why are so many in tuned with my choices?” (Tanikka Paulk).

My life means that my life belongs to Tanikka Paulk. I’m life and it’s proven. No person shall own me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m not a slave to anyone. I’m a human being and I’ve been treated unfairly. There are so many continuing to try to live through me=Tanikka Paulk. My choice shall be uncovered until the appropriate timing.   It’s my business to do what I Tanikka Paulk want to do.

The communications being communicated between myself and others doesn’t need approval. I’m certainly an adult but I’ve discovered that so many refuse to mind their own business. They’re constantly trying to keep up with what I’m doing. There has to be importance because individuals can’t seem to stop minding my business. They’re way too in tuned with where I’m headed and perhaps they should be more focused on their own dreams. That’s Right!

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